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Sophronia | Ka Hao Learnings - Week 5, 2nd Video

Over the next couple of weeks ,so our the program I'm doing is ,two months long. And we have ,about five weeks left. So over ,the next 5 weeks every Thursday ,nine to ten I will be sharing ,my learnings from the Ecommerce ,program. Which is supported by ,a social enterprise who has the ,vision to improve the lives of ,$10 million indigenous people ,through education and I just ,want to do a shout out to ,Travis O'Keefe and his team. Um ,Travis is the mastermind of and ,is an entrepreneur in Ecommerce ,Guru and from here in ,Travis to all of the team. ,Before I out. I'm just going to ,plug a few water or health and ,the first one is that this ,Saturday, we have Bush Vax ,Clinic. So, it's going to be at ,the Memorial Park in Masterton, ,twelve to five free to get in, ,free Kai and Homegrown tickets. ,Um so, homegrown is a a concert ,and but there's homegrown ,tickets to be won. So, come ,down the our from or our ,clinical staff from Tekoma Iwa, ,the clinic will be there as ,well as the from the ,departmental building. That's ,Marina and her team and and the ,and is plays a key role ,advocating and supporting our ,Pacifica here in the just also ,want to plug that we have our ,three clinics. the clinic one ,nine five five Chapel Street ,open Friday and Saturdays 930 ,to 430. Walk in. Just walk in. ,Uh we also have departmental ,building which is behind the ,Masterton Library. And that is ,open Monday to Saturday and ,they open I think it's 1030 and ,then for our in South Wadarapa ,at the Featherston Community ,Centre. They are open Tuesday ,to Saturdays. Okay. So we've ,got that out of the way. I'm ,just going to do a recap of ,what we talked about last week. ,Excuse me. And last week we ,talked about this thing called ,a office stack. And a a stick. ,Simply put is an irresistible ,offer. So, you know how you you ,you're wanting to buy a phone ,and like me, I'm always going ,to do some research and I go ,onto Google and I'm going to ,look at all of the phone ,providers or those that are ,selling them and I'm going to ,look for the best deal and the ,best deal for me is that I am ,going to I'll have a budget and ,I'm going to see what can I get ,for maybe it's $500. What can I ,get for $500? And I'm going to ,compare of the the the sellers ,of phones and I'm looking for ,the best deal. The best offer. ,And and the best offers ,generally it's a combining of ,products. So last week I talked ,about this is my work phone. My ,Oppo work phone. When I got it ,my contract my the people I I ,have I'm doing the contract for ,which is the there were the ,phone, this case, a a what is ,it? Protection for the screen, ,accord, and all of those ,things. But there was a bundle ,of things. And and if you as ,the a seller or an ,entrepreneur, an online ,business owner have stacks or ,office stacks where you're ,offering things. You're ,offering things and it's ,increasing the perceived and ,actual value then generally ,people well well what I know ,for myself I want t

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