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connect shopify with xero and automate the data  entry for sales cost of goods sold and more  ,each day the integration syncs an invoice to  summarize the shopify transactions giving you  ,complete visibility of your total sales and the  payments you receive from various payment methods,reconciling shopify deposits has  been made easy with payout details  ,also synced to match the deposits,start the integration setup via  ,you can create a new account log in to  an existing account or log in with xero,enter the selections accordingly  for country and business type  ,create a new integration and  from the list select shopify xero,authorize the requested permissions  by connecting your shopify account,and connect your xero account select the file  you would like to use then save and continue  ,proceed with express setup for  free and the integration will  ,automatically create default  accounts and preset mapping  ,upgrade to a premium subscription to access  the full customization options and features  ,the premium subscription allows you to enable  multiple locations create up to 10 integrations  ,and access business trackers other features  include selecting an invoice format grouping sales  ,by product or location and applying customized  mapping for accounts payment types and tax types,we recommend proceeding with the express setup  so that the integration will create all necessary  ,accounts and apply preset mapping here's the  preset mapping for the shopify transaction times,with premium you can customize the mapping and  use existing accounts in xero you also have the  ,option to change the invoice format to categorize  and group the sales by product or by location,you can map a revenue account for each product  otherwise the integration will use the sales  ,mapping as fullback accounts if you wish  to track sales for each location or product  ,using tracking categories you may create the  tracking categories and tracking options in xero  ,activate the tracking category  option and proceed with the mapping  ,map your payment types to the corresponding  clearing accounts in xero so that when you  ,reconcile your bank account you can then allocate  the deposits to the relevant clearing account  ,shopify deposits will automatically match  to bank transfer transactions and you only  ,have to click ok to accept the matches if you  enable the synchronization of cost of goods  ,sold module in features you need to map the cost  of goods sold account and the inventory account  ,the integration will then automatically  create a journal entry for the product sold,set the scheduler from the date when you  would like your transactions to feed into xero  ,by default the sync covers the sales from 3 am  to 3 am the next day scheduling the sync after  ,trading hours allows the integration to capture  all sales transactions from the previous trading  ,day backdating the sync allows the integration  to start syncing the data within a few minute

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Wix Tutorial Backend

Wix Tutorial Backend

hey what is up guys it is harrison,barron from growth generators now in,this video i'm going to be covering the,back end of wix now if you haven't seen,already there's a whole video just,before this one,it's about 45 minutes to an hour long,and it covers everything you want to,know about the front end of wix so that,means everything that the customer can,see,but the back end is really what you get,to see and where you get to,either make better judgment calls or,honestly there's a whole slew of,different things add more products,shipping,seo all that kind of stuff now i'm going,to be covering as much as i possibly can,figure about an hour long for me to go,through all this kind of stuff now there,is a ton of information in here,there's no way i'm going to be able to,cover all of it but subscribe to the,channel because we are going to be,making videos,about every little thing in here so that,way you can be a wix expert as well,we are a legend wix partner which means,we're the highest here we've built about,150 websites,in the last year or so so we we know,what we're doing all right we happen to,be pretty good at it and we take a lot,of pride in that so let's jump into the,website here,and once again this is part number two,uh if you haven't seen the front end,definitely go watch that but if you need,to brush up on the back end,this is the video for you so let's jump,into the computer here,now we have the exact same website that,we used last time,and if you guys want to take a look,really quick we will just do a quick,preview of the website so i just use the,template i just covered how to edit,things and stuff like that now i'm not,changing anything i'm not,fully building out the website and the,reason why is because if you're building,your first website,it's not worth you trying to start from,scratch use something that pre-exists so,this happens to be the template that,we're using and stuff like,that and i just i added this in here,just to show in the last video but this,is the template we're going to be,modifying,and you'll have a bunch of stuff in here,you have a blog in here you have expert,reviews support,newsletter all that kind of stuff all,came preloaded into this,so pretty cool stuff if you ask me and,then you have your buy now button right,so this is going to be,your store right you have your speakers,and all that kind of stuff but i really,want to show you guys,what's involved in this also these are i,don't know if this is an actual product,you can buy so before anybody asks i'm,not 100 sure this is just the template,from wix and this is going to be your,back end you probably won't have the,growth generators logo,on here but this is going to be your,back end and right when you fire up a,website it's going to be pretty empty so,it's going to be adding your first,product setting up payment methods set,up your business,publish your website connect to domain,get found on google so,these are essentially their six steps on,how to launch your we

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Shopify Add Ons? Shopify to Xero or QuickBooks Online

Shopify Add Ons? Shopify to Xero or QuickBooks Online

hey it's patti scharf CPA and co-founder of catching clouds the leader in,e-commerce accounting and today we're going to talk about Shopify it seems,like every single day I see on some kind of forum or something where somebody is,asking me hey what is the best integration to use with Shopify and Xero,or QuickBooks Online and I always kind of cringe because I want to make sure,that everybody understands what the potential problems are with there,because there are like seven different issues and I never know which one,somebody's gonna have so let's go through this pretty quickly if you log,in as Shopify and you go to the payout screen you'll see this total here and,this total is the amount that actually lands in your bank account this is the,amount that you want to make sure that you got because these are the orders,that were made and this is the amount that landed in your bank people who are,less familiar with accounting they will just see these deposits in their bank,account and just go sales sale sale sale sale sales done and that's actually not,right as you can see it's broken out between your the gross sales and their,refunds in there there are adjustments for the refunds there are fees,associated with this and all of that needs to be recorded separately in your,accounting so that it makes sense so then people are like okay then I'll just,record these boom boom boom boom boom it's also not quite that easy because if,you look at any one of these payout dates so let's say April 10th you will,look and see that there are like a gazillion orders in here and some of,them were made yesterday and some are on Sunday and some were on Saturday and you,really need to record those in the right period and the the gross charges that,they have here there might be shipping income that you want to keep track of,that's in addition to the cost of the product or something like that so you,you really want to break these out into more detail okay,but I don't care how much you love accounting nobody wants to go in and,record these one-by-one I mean that is just too much brain damage for anybody's,let's say you're really simple you're just starting out you have maybe one,sale a day or a few sales a week it's really easy to stay on top of you would,just go into your payout screen you you click on your specific order and in your,quickbooks online file or your Xero file you can setup let's say for quickbooks,online you would set up a recurring sales receipt that has the basic,information that you typically are selling and then you just have to update,the amounts and the date you have the the payee go to Shopify and you're done,boom in Xero you would set up a repeating invoice same thing have your,customer be Shopify and just record the details of your sale the way you want it,done if you want to keep track of your inventory in there great if you don't,don't it does it it doesn't really matter but let's say you are now up to,ten transactions a day and it's kind of startin

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Simplest & Easiest way to connect WooCommerce with XERO

Simplest & Easiest way to connect WooCommerce with XERO

by everyone in this video tutorial today,I'm going to explain to you how to set,up your WooCommerce shop and 0 to,communicate with each other for anyone,who doesn't know 0 is a very popular,accounting system and this plugin really,really helps because when you get a lot,of orders through your WooCommerce shop,and then you have to reconcile all your,orders with your accounting system at,the end of the month that can be a bit,painful this plug-in automatically,creates the invoices as you get the,orders on your website so let's get,started I'll try and make it as easy as,possible for you as well because this,plugin is a bit harder to set up than,most so obviously the first thing to do,is you need to buy the plug-in off the,WooCommerce website once you buy the,plug-in obviously go on to your website,and install the plug-in so let's go add,new plug-in and let's install it so,upload plug-in install now and once it's,installed we'll just activate it so I'm,using will comma 0 one point seven point,three and just to make things neat and,tidy I'm going to delete all the orders,or the only order that's there my system,there and okay so we've got our shop,ready to go and if we click on we're,commerce and go to 0 you'll notice,there's a section here which we need to,fill out now this section is a bit,tricky the first thing we need to do is,go to the Xero website to the developers,section and we need to create an API,consumer key and consumer secret key now,to do that we just go to a new browser,and we type in a app dot 0 com,and if you're already logged in to your,Xero account you already have the,ability to log in if not you'll just,need to login with your Xero details and,then what you need to do when you're in,this section go to my apps at the top,and we want to set up an application now,it's going to be a private application,because you are only going to use it on,your website and let's just call it,testing and it asks you to select the,company that you're going to be,integrating your website with and I've,only got one company which is called,test proprietary limited so leave it,there and then we have to upload a,public key certificate now this is where,it gets a bit confusing we have to,generate a public key and it's basically,a way for 0 and your website to,communicate with each other in I guess,in an encrypted way but this is how 0,want it to be done so let's do it,the easiest way to do it is to go to a,website called self signed certificate,com now I know it sounds a bit dodgy but,this will actually generate a unique,self signed certificate which we can,then use for this plug-in so the first,thing we need to do is type in our,server name so my website is dev mr.,digital comm delay you so I will go,there and type dev mr. digital comm,delay you there and click on generate,and what this is going to do now is,generate a key and a certificate now,what we need to do is we need to,download the key and download the,certificate and as you'll see at the,bottom

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Shopify and QuickBooks Online integration review

Shopify and QuickBooks Online integration review

hey everyone this is Veronica was--like,with 5-minute bookkeeping and in this,video I'm going to talk about Shopify -,QuickBooks Online integrations and do a,brief review Shopify - QuickBooks Online,integrations there's a lot to think,about and this is an area where I see,most of my ecommerce clients struggle,with because they're trying to find an,integration at least something that's,easy to bring data over from Shopify,into QuickBooks but unfortunately in,many cases it just causes more problems,so let's go ahead and take a look first,at some of the things that you need to,think about in integrating Shopify with,QuickBooks Online and then we'll talk,about some integration apps in a,previous video I had talked to you about,reconciling Shopify sales and QuickBooks,Online and the main point I was making,was that on the Shopify side you have,income you have other components and,additions and deductions to income,whether it's returns and refunds sales,and taxes but on the QuickBooks side,what we see is amounts being received,net of fees and they are listed and,shown by payment process or a payment,gateway so you might see payments,received from Shopify payments PayPal,Amazon as well as any fees that are,deducted from those those deposits and,also any other payments and you receive,from your payment processors so it does,make things tricky in being able to,reconcile that so when we're looking at,then Shopify integrations with,QuickBooks Online there's some,complexities that we have to keep in,mind and here are the things that I,don't recommend and the things that I do,recommend so let's go ahead and take a,look at that and you might use this in,making a decision as to which app is the,best fit for you,so number one for the features that I,don't recommend is bringing over,detailed transactions into QuickBooks,Online if you're a high-volume seller,bringing over the details into qbo is,just not necessary,that's just a lot of data that's,cluttering up your database it will slow,things down eventually so there's no,need to do that so if you're a low,volume seller then you might do that in,the beginning but as you grow and as you,have more volume you need to be looking,for an app that brings over summarized,transactions into QuickBooks,next is the fees and deductions are not,broken out so if you have an app that is,not breaking out sales refunds returns,sales taxes and any other deductions,then it's not a good integration next,there's no reconciliation of amounts,received as I said before you have,amounts that you have your sales amounts,in Shopify but then you have the amounts,received coming into QuickBooks by,payment processor and if there's no,reconciliation between the amounts in,Shopify and the amounts that you receive,then it's just going to add more work,next is what I call a bad account,mapping so basically even though you can,bring in those transactions from Shopify,you have to be able to tell that app,where is it going into QuickBooks and,you hav

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