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How To Bulk Edit Metafields In Shopify Online Store 2.0 (2022)

if you're watching this video then i'm,assuming you have a large store with,lots of products,and also that you're already using,metafields or at least you're quite,familiar with metafields if you're not,very comfortable with metafields i've,actually already created a video,introducing metafields and you'll find,the link for that in the top left of,this video right now,the problem you might be having if you,do have a large store,is that you have lots of matter fields,to fill out,and it's very very time consuming to go,into every product page scroll down to,the bottom fill out the meta field and,then go to the next product and do the,same thing,it's ridiculous to do that for say 500,products normally when you need to edit,your products in bulk you can go to this,all products page click this check box,and select all products in your store,then click on edit products and it will,show you fields that you can edit in,bulk and you can add fields to this page,with this drop down but as you can see,our meta fields don't show up here these,are only default shopify fields luckily,there is a way to get around this,limitation,remember my fabric metal field that i'm,using on this product,well here it is in the bulk editor,so it is possible to access metafields,in the bulk editor and this is done by,paying attention to the url let's go,back to the bulk editor that i opened,which is just showing the standard price,field,so let's have a look at this url,it says admin bulk okay and then we have,resource name is product okay so we're,editing products and that says edit and,that says variance dot price,okay that's because it's showing the,price,so how about we try to change this,we're going to type meta fields okay,and then we need the name space and key,of our meta field that we want to edit,okay and you can find this,on the metafield definitions page which,you can access by going to settings,and then meta fields so you can see my,meta fields here i have like length and,fabric,so my fabric matter field is,metafields.specs.fabric this is called,the namespace and this is the key,but basically,you're going to copy and paste or type,this in,and we don't need the product part so,just metafields.specs.fabric,that's going to go,i lost it but that's going to go,right after edit equals,right and we go meta fields dot specs,dot fabric,okay and hit enter,and there we go there's my fabric meta,field,now you can actually edit more than one,meta field at a time so we can have just,as we can add fields like the title,or,like tags,we can also,add extra meta fields,and the way you can do that is to,separate all your meta fields,with,percent to c okay so after our meta,field,after our fabric matter field we're,gonna type percentage sign 2,and capital c,and then we're going to write meta,fields,again those specs,dot length this time okay because this,is the name space and key of my length,meta field,okay,and the url's just jumped again,but here we are matter field specs,fabric then p

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Metafields Shopify without using an App

Metafields Shopify without using an App

hey guys so I had another video that was,planned for this week but I had came,across something earlier in the week,that just completely blew my mind and I,had to share it with you guys so a,couple of months ago I made a video that,explained meta fields and exactly how to,go and edit them without an app now the,technique that I use unfortunately was,using on Google Chrome plug-in and that,google chrome plug-in no longer worked,with the react development framework,that Shopify was switching to so,sometimes you'd click on it sometimes it,would load sometimes it wouldn't load,I've learned up a technique that you can,use which allows you to edit meta fields,directly in the Shopify bulk editor,dashboard so that you don't actually,have to purchase another app like you,normally would with like meta fields -,or something like that to edit the meta,fields you can edit them directly,through the dashboard and I'm gonna show,you how to do that ok so now once we've,got our page up here I'm actually going,to do the explanation of how this all,works through a text editor because it's,a little easier to understand how,everything comes together instead of,trying to do it up in the URL toolbar at,the top so let me pull up my atom text,editor here and I'll walk you through,what we have going on so if we look at,the URL that we're going to be plugging,in to Shopify the first component of it,is going to be our Shopify URL this is,pretty standard this is the Shopify URL,for your store so that's the first thing,that you're gonna need so I'm gonna copy,that down here so we can see me build,this out as we go so the first thing is,our Shopify URL the second thing is,we're gonna be working in the min,section so we want to have admin in the,URL as well then the next piece is we're,going to be using the bulk editor tool,so the bulk editor tool allows us to,edit multiple things on many products at,the same time makes working within sub,Shopify for doing mass updates much,easier copy and paste all this really,cool stuff so we're gonna put in bulk,the next thing we need to do is we need,to put a question mark now in web,development when you put in a question,mark that means your goal it's going to,be followed with some variables that the,page is going to look for and,you laid out there I could populate out,the Dom so the first thing we're gonna,need to put in here is the resource name,so now if you're gonna be doing this,normally I mean I've gotten a sample,here so I can show you what it looks,like before we build it out so if we go,and we copy and paste this into one of,our windows here we can see when it,pulls it up it's going to show us two,columns of the the previous meta fields,that we created when we went did the SEO,adding keywords as well as adding,shipping to our pages so we can see the,meta fields in here now if we want and,wanted to add two day free shipping to,multiple items we could just copy and,paste them down and would update all the,meta feels super powerful you

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