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Spently: Training & Best Practices Webinar

today we're going to be going over um,basic spently training and some best,practices to help you guys drive,that repeat purchases,a little introduct introduction my name,is don i'm um one of the customer,support specialists here um specializing,in the spently app,um and yeah i'll be your host for today,um so before we start i want to give you,a little bit a little bit of info about,spently um,the spently app is a shopify app that,thousands of direct to consumer brands,use to increase their repeat purchase or,repeat customers by optimizing their,valuable emails um these emails are the,shopify email notifications these emails,include order confirmation shipping,confirmation should be delivered,customer welcome invite,so these are the emails that are sent,via shopify to your customers um,whenever a trigger is,triggered,um,just a little bit of information about,the,um,sorry just a little information about,what our spently customers see on,average um on average they see a 14,increase in sales,they also receive a six times return on,their investment and they also,receive about a 11 repeat purchase rate,um and again i'm gonna go be going over,some best practices to help you guys,try to achieve those numbers,so here's a little overview of the,agenda that we'll be going over today,first we'll to give you an overview of,the builder it's bentley app where to,find things,then we'll be going on to the components,then the email set styles,we'll go over some best practices for um,using the app and finally at the end,we'll have time to,answer any questions and,um this is a good time to bring up i,will ask that you hold questions until,the end of the presentation just so we,can keep,keep on time and um at the end i'll be,able to go back in and answer questions,and share my screen accordingly,so also let's go ahead and jump in,so,first,in order to log into the spently app,you'll navigate to your uh the app,section of your,shopify,partners dashboard and then you click,this bentley app,and this should uh log you right in,um,so to start we're going to jump right,over to the notification section uh,which is the basically the meat of the,the app,and this is where you'll create your,spently,email templates now when you click the,plus button and create your first,template you'll be brought on to our,onboarding,little module this is where you kind of,this is where the customization starts,you'll be able to add in a logo change,the background color the header font,color the body font color and the button,color,note that these will reflect on all of,your templates and this is kind of the,start of the email set styles is which,is what we'll talk about more in depth a,little bit later so just to start,go ahead and upload your logo here i'll,be adding our fantastic logo,um here you can change the background,color of your email,i'm going to do a solid white,i can change the header font color here,i'm going to be using,a navy color,keeping with the branding of our,fantastic,stor

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Best Shopify Apps To Improve Your Customer Retention Rate [Most are FREE]

Best Shopify Apps To Improve Your Customer Retention Rate [Most are FREE]

today we're going to be talking about,the top apps that you're going to want,to have in your store if you want to,improve your retention rate did you know,that over half of your entire revenue,comes from the top 20 of your customer,base if you think about it you want to,make sure that you're retaining these,top spending customers just a five,percent increase in customer retention,can boost your company's revenue by a,minimum of 25 when you look up customer,retention in the shopify app store you,notice that there are hundreds of,solutions that are available,and it's a lot of effort to go through,all of them and see which one is right,for your store that's why we created,this top seven list so that you know,which ones are going to help you boost,your customer retention rate before we,get started let's talk about the,customer retention rate formula,the formula is pretty simple it's your,ending customers at the time period,minus your new customers during the time,period and then you're starting,customers at the time period so let's go,through an example,let's say you have 45 ending customers,and you acquire 10 new customers then at,the start of the period you have 40,customers that means that your retention,rate is 87.5,so it's pretty simple and now you can,track it year over year and you can see,if there's any improvement from the last,year so let's get to the list and you,can see which apps are going to be best,for your store first up on the list is,fair product reviews now the nice thing,about fair product reviews is that you,can retain your customers by giving them,some incentives to leave a review so,when you give an incentive like a,discount code or loyalty points on their,next purchase they are more likely to,come back the other thing is that you,can sync your email marketing app to,create flows based on the review of,customer left so you can start to,section off customers based on their,behaviors and market to them better so,there's a free plan you get up to 10,review submissions and you can get a,thousand review submissions with the 29,a month plan so it's really great value,now let's talk about smile loyalty and,rewards this is a really great way to,get customers to continue to come back,with loyalty points so you can customize,your whole program and make it,appropriate to your business goals with,smile and you can also send emails to,your shoppers to encourage them to use,their rewards now let's talk about,pricing you can use the free plan for up,to 200 monthly orders so this is really,great for new stores and then they have,a growth package which gives you,unlimited orders and two app,integrations at number three we have,recharge subscriptions this app offers,your customers the ability to manage,their online based subscription payments,directly from the site and you can enjoy,the recurring revenue each month so you,can easily set up subscription programs,gain the advantage of a lot of app,integrations that they have and they do,have a fre

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