STTM: Dropshipping & Sourcing

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morning ryan good morning you're here,early yeah i couldn't wait to ask you 15,questions about shipped to the moon yeah,it sounds great,let's start the list off with the first,question what makes ship to the moon,standard from its competitors in the,industry oh i'm glad you asked so one of,the things that we're most proud of is,our customer support services because,they're always there if you need them,i see but how long does it take to,process and ship an order so shipping,varies from country to country but if,your product is already in our warehouse,it takes about less than 24 hours to,process i see so what shipping companies,do you work with,so we actually work with several major,shipping companies from dhl to fedex to,ups so anything you can think of we work,with them nice so you have your own,warehouse right yes we do where's your,warehouse located yeah we're actually,located all over the world from china to,europe to the us,you want something drink like water tea,or coffee i'll take a coffee thanks sure,do you take creamer sugar without coffee,no i'll leave them both out no problem,but speaking of coffee,i just saw the latest video that you got,splashed with coffee ooh,i'm not giving this coffee so you can,splash on me you know that right all,right all right but in the video you did,talk about the heat transfer labels do,you offer that service to everyone yeah,so that's a new service that we're,offering to our clients so it adds a,little personal touch to your product,let us know and we can do that for you,besides the customized labels do you,offer any other type of product branding,so we have several different type of,branding,from kickstarter product design to,custom patching design we're pretty,flexible so we can definitely work with,you cool but ryan what if i need product,photos for my store can you also do that,for me oh yeah definitely we're actually,having a product photo shoot going on,right now you wanna check it out of,course sure let's go,hello,i'm doing good,so how do guys work here,so for a photo shoot we have several,different types that we offer one of it,is like a lifestyle photo or we can even,pair your product with one of our models,it's fairly nice,i was also wondering how much does it,cost to use the shift to demon system,from my online store i'm glad you asked,registering and using our sort is,actually completely free,does your system work with different,e-commerce platforms,we certainly do if you look over here we,work with several different major,e-commerce platforms from shopify to,woocommerce,so once you register with us we can,easily integrate it with these platforms,how fast does it take to set up an,account and begin to send out orders,it's quite fast actually probably just a,couple hours,but all that thought,i'm gonna put this on my boss's table,but you can come with me and keep asking,your questions all right okay,um if i run into difficulties will there,be someone on board to assist me,definitely so when you'

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