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Launch a Loyalty & Rewards Program on Shopify in Minutes |

hi I'm Paige from smile and in this,video I'm going to show you how you can,launch a smile loyalty program on your,Shopify store in minutes if you're,looking to build a powerful loyalty,points or referral program boost repeat,purchases and build a brand community,that keeps customers coming back and,spending more than keep watching ok,let's get started we're going to be able,to add a real-time rewards program right,to our Shopify store first let's head on,over to the Shopify app store and we're,going to search for the app smile and,we're going to add the app to our store,next we're going to create a customer,account so add your email and make a,password,and now it's time to name our rewards,program so our stores called maple rose,home quality goods so we'll name our,program Rose rewards make sure to get,creative with this and you can choose a,brand color so I'm going to pick a nice,rose color and you can also change your,text to black or white but we'll stick,with white because it contrasts nice on,the background now it's time to choose,our average order value so because we're,a home good sword the orders are a,little bit higher so we'll choose 150 -,350,you can either start with points or,referrals to get started and whichever,one you don't choose you can always add,later so we'll stick with points to,start you can see the customer journey,here that they'll experience with your,points program and here are the,different ways to earn and redeem so far,and we can add more later so currently,if a customer places in order they'll,get five points for every dollar spent,and a hundred points is equal to one,dollar you can also preview the email,notifications that your customers will,receive like points earned and reward,redeemed now let's launch our points,program,awesome so at this point our loyalty,program is now live on the store so,let's go take a look and see and there,it is right on the right-hand side,before I dive into the panel I want to,quickly show you around the dashboard,and then I'll dive into what the panel,looks like on our store so let's head on,over to the branding section in the,branding section you can edit the look,and feel of your loyalty program so you,can come in and edit colors you can edit,the policeman of your panel and the,visibility currently we are on the free,plan so once you upgrade to a paid smile,plan you'll get a ton of new features in,this section you'll be able to add a,banner image and more colors now let's,head over to the program section so as,you can see our points program is,enabled and you can actually add more,ways to earn in this section these are,all of the different ways you can add,your customer to earn points and you can,also add more ways to redeem,another great feature is you can name,your points currency so because our,programs flower themes let's name our,points petal points now let's head over,to the referral section as you can see,referral programs disabled right now so,let's add this to our loyalty

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Best Loyalty Program In Shopify - How To Use | Tutorial Shopify

Best Loyalty Program In Shopify - How To Use | Tutorial Shopify

hey there guys my name is marcus and in,this video i'm going to teach you how,you can easily use smile eo or just,smile for rewards and loyalty,as application in shopify so the first,thing what i'm going to do i'll just,click here add application,when i'm going to click add application,i'll just install it,and let's go,so when it's going to load i created a,fake store,so as you can see i will just guide you,through it all,i'm just going to click get start here,enter your email,like this password,create account tell your customer,experience to your brand let's start by,giving your program a name,let's say let's just write here copy,x,and then you just select a language your,customers will see,english click next,let's choose your uh brand color i'm,going to leave it,as it is like let's say widow is this,blue color,no it's not,maybe it was i don't know but let's go,with this color i like it,now select a color for your icon and,text,i'm going with the white and let's click,next,what kind of product do you sell and you,just select an industry here,so let's go with i will go with the food,and drink,click next you just choose your what is,your average order volume,let's go from 15 to 25 and you just,choose yours here,and just wait and now preview your,points program,so customer journey creates a store,account earns points on every order,redeem at points for discount at your,store,uses the discount on their next order,and now ways to earn,place an order free points for every one,euro spent,ways to redeem orders discounts 100,points,of one euro and now what he can do,so a ways to earn you can edit then so,points amount for every one year spent,it's going to be,let's say five then waste to redeem or,the discount click edit,custom redeems increment of 100 points,customer gets one euro okay we can have,it you can edit it by yourself,then communication email,reward redeemed you can preview it,you will unlock reward congratulations,you're under the reward reward name,and this will be the reward code and,they can use it,and then points earned,you've earned this would be his name or,her name,nice work you got and earn,let's say 50 points,then we can click here launch points,and let's say that i like how it is,okay and here we go so when you would,enter,a welcome to your smart home page this,insight into program participation,show your progress towards a happier,model lower customer base,new members with a smile points program,member can earn points with every,purchase,rewards given understandable brand,advocate traffic is a count of visitors,sends your website view,through referrals this is an indicator,that you are growing your community,but at almost no cost,done so how it actually works uh when,you're gonna,have a referral uh you will just give a,link or something,10 off and they'll refer to,someone else so first thing first let's,enable it,and that's how we're going to start with,our referral,customer journey advocates your referral,url with a friend,friend

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How to Brand & Customize Your Smile Loyalty Program like a Pro |

How to Brand & Customize Your Smile Loyalty Program like a Pro |

hey there it's patron smile and in this,video I'm going to show you how you can,brand your smile loyalty program like a,pro smiles eye-catching rewards panel is,super easy to customize and by doing so,you're gonna give your customers a,beautifully branded rewards experience,from the first time they visit your,website all the way to checkout let's,dive into some ways that we can level up,our loyalty program design so let's head,on over to the smile dashboard and we're,gonna pop into the branding section if,you're in a free smile plan your panel,might look something like this but as,soon as you upgrade to any paid plan you,will get access to all of the different,branding features that Smile offers,let's start out in the colors section,and upgrade some of our colors here you,can either choose a light or a dark,theme but we're gonna stick with light,you can choose a primary and secondary,color which I'm going to edit now I have,my beautiful branding kit so I'm just,going to take the hex code from here and,pop it into smile,we're gonna keep our banner as the light,pink but we're actually going to upload,an image so we don't have to focus too,much here and we're gonna change the,text to black so it stands out we also,want to change the header bar font to,black so that would be this part here,our buttons will change to the secondary,color as well as our links so they,contrast against the white background,and our icons we also want those to,stand out so we will change that to our,secondary color and the launcher will,keep as this beautiful light pink and,change the text to black and make sure,you save all of your changes once you're,done editing the colors you can head,over to the shape section and this will,change the corner radius of your panel,and your launcher so we're gonna keep it,the same but we're gonna change our,launcher to square no we'll change it to,shaped heading into the wallpaper,section you can add a fun pattern to the,background of your panel so we are gonna,go with crosshatch you can also edit the,placement of your panel if you want it,to show on the left hand side of your,store or the right hand side and the,spacing personally I'm a big fan of the,default spacing of 20 pixels I think,it's the perfect amount you can also,edit the placement on mobile if you,prefer under the visibility section you,can decide where you want the launcher,to display and we definitely recommend,keeping it visible on both desktop and,mobile so it's seen by the most number,of people and visitors let's add a,banner image to our panel here,and we definitely recommend cropping the,image ahead of time to 1080 by 600,pixels to get the best fit and let's,also add a custom brand icon so if your,brand has a secondary mark or a,secondary logo this would be a great,place to use that lastly in the themes,section we're going to remove the smile,branding so we get the fully branded,experience so we have our smile badge,down here and if we click none that will,disappear let

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hey guys my name is andrew from become,expert on you and welcome to another,Shopify app review video so thanks first,of all for all your support from last,week for do just you know pop up the PAP,review really love that got some great,comments out of it some great about some,great feedback and this week we're,looking at smile walk BIOS and behind,the scenes so you don't have to install,it what I really knowing was going to,happen smile that IO is one of the,world's largest reward program providers,they have like I think it was something,like 50 million participants they're,really huge and having a reward program,we saw this with a couple of our clients,can really change your overall business,it can change your average order value,it can change your customer lifetime,values to really have some positive,impacts so let's not waste too much of,your time and let's dive just right in,just one last thing if you liked it make,sure to LIKE comment subscribe basically,tell Google that this is good content,that you like so you really helped us,reaching more people so thanks for that,and let's just dive straight into smile,at i/o and Cheers,so as soon as you add and install the,smile dot IO app to your Shopify or,Shopify Plus account the app will,automatically take you to the main,dashboard where you're greeted with this,star guide and here you can convert,customers to members customize display,review program recommendations select a,plan and launcher program on the top,right corner of the Start Guide you can,see the steps you went through so,overall nice and clean design on the,menu to the left we are presented with,this simple navigation home customers,display notification analytics,integrations and finally of course the,rewards programs so let's start making,our own,program let's click on the home button,here and then enable customer accounts,when you enable customer accounts,Shopify stores password-protected,information about customers identity,order history and current order status,after we enabled the customer accounts,it is time to start customizing the,rewards panel so here you can play with,different elements such as colors shapes,and wallpapers until you're happy with,the design basically we're just going to,stick with the existing one just for the,sake of time and this is interesting,smile lets you choose different,positions and spacing for both desktop,and mobile this really has an added,value in our opinion we will leave it,like this again for now but just know,that this is a possibility next we have,visibility we will keep it at this as,well and then banner image and a small,branding you know those are available on,paid plants so we're just going to skip,that as well let's jump into the panel,in the Left menu here we can customize,the panels different headers for both,visitors and members so if you are a,paid member you can make your own design,of account creation referrals and points,tabs next we have the launcher we will,leave it as icon with

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How to Set Up Omni Channel Loyalty with Shopify | How to set up with Shopify POS

How to Set Up Omni Channel Loyalty with Shopify | How to set up with Shopify POS

Using eCommerce technology is becoming more,important than ever for your in-store,and online brand,and you need a loyalty program  that can work seamlessly for both,so today we're taking a look at Shopify POS,and,Hi I'm Mack from,and is a loyalty,provider that gives customers,points for certain actions,and then they can redeem those points for,rewards incentivizing a,repeat purchase behavior,it's the perfect solution with Shopify POS,for omni-channel sales because,the Shopify ecosystem has one customer database,that allows to easily track a customer,whether it's in person or online,what this means is a customer  could make some purchases,on the website and then redeem a reward,in person and vice versa,a customer could make a couple purchases in person,and then redeem a coupon online,it really is the perfect  solution because you can market,these incentives to all of your customers equally,opening up that program and  allowing for more engagement,to get started head to the  Shopify app store and install,Smile: Rewards and Loyalty to your store,you'll be taken through onboarding,to set up the initial rules for your program,then you'll be at Admin,in order to set up the POS settings,you need to first complete  the points program setup,there's a card in the corner with  a full tutorial on how to do that,check it out now and then come back,now the first thing we want to do is make sure,your in-store customers are earning points,for the money they spend now,to make sure that setting is correct,we'll go to "Settings" in the bottom left corner,and then to "Platform",down here under "Order settings" we can hit "Edit",and make sure we reward customers for shopping,online and in-store,that's how it's set by default  but we just want to make sure that,that is selected for POS to work right,next we'll hit "Done",and now we're going to set up  rewards for in-store shoppers,and that's because all of the  rewards that you set up for,the points program only work on your website,first we click "Add ways to earn",and you'll see the two options we have down here,POS amount discount and POS percentage off,so that's these two,obviously free shipping isn't a problem,but the Free Product reward  is not available for POS,to start we're going to  click on POS amount discount,and we're going to set up a  five-dollar discount value,now following our guidelines from  that previous points program video,that's going to be worth about  500 points and we'll hit "Create",then we'll go back to "Rewards",and we can see here that we  have that POS reward set up,compared to the regular website reward,next I want to copy and do,recreate all of the POS rewards,to match my website rewards  as well so we have a uniform,offering for the customer,so next thing we're going to  do is set up a percentage off,by clicking "Add ways to redeem",percentage off,1500 points for 15 percent and hit "Create",we'll hit "Create" and go back,now I'm going to ta

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hi guys this is Andrea from email,marketing and I see and today I will,show you how to connect smile io lose,your crabby account and how they work,together so let's login first to smile,io so when you look into your smile AOL,account go to click on the apps on the,left side and click add an app and we,are looking for Claudia and they is,right there so just click on that click,install and now you're it's asking you,for ipi key from Clio so what what we do,next we go to class you click login and,we are logging into your account IV,accounts or your customers account and,when we look at the end to your account,you click on your username click,accounts and we are when going to,settings and IP IP s and here we are,looking for create an API key because we,want to have a new one and we can wait,smile but yeah so it's easier for,everybody to understand we copy this key,let's go back to smile and click connect,clavo st. customer data those are so,basically those are things you will be,see in the club inside of crab your,smile points referral state we appear,and name so basically you can use that,data to segment your customers and also,send the personalized messages for,example I need them dinner to send,States statements to my customers who,pay point month monthly so I can say a,such-and-such your rewards balance as,like 200 points and that 200 points will,be dynamic for each person so sync,customer Deana,sync,and it might take a while so as you can,see it's in the progress and it take a,while so current losers 200 people,subscriber 200 customers to 100 contacts,sing with Clio,so how many contacts you have my take,look I wanted to do so let's go back to,Clyde your site and see how you can see,that information so now we are back to,Clive you let's go to listen segments,and click create segments so click click,on segment sorry I might be too fast so,close like three words points one what's,I just want to create assignment or,people while at least one point so what,do properties smile point balance these,but these Cravens and it's not surprised,because I like I don't want to email,trust people actually you cannot do that,side of climate if they subscribe,suppressed it means you're not not even,to send them working emails,sorry might take a while okay the,segment was updated and we have 12,people so let's go and see so let's go,to this person and on the right side the,bottom you can see ctrl F goes to smile,points and you can see all smile smile,coil point balance is 350 smiler for all,URL smiles state member so basically you,can use the test information to,personalize your emails or you can use,that information to track our specific,flows have please let me know if you,have any questions about this,integration or any questions about smile,io one thing was kind of your or maybe,you have,you want to integrate something but it's,not available online on youtube or on,Google and you have trouble integrating,please let me know in the comments below,and I will do my

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✅ Nueva APP de RECOMPENSAS para tus Clientes (SMILE) Shopify 2022 *Nuevo Marketing* | Tienda Online

✅ Nueva APP de RECOMPENSAS para tus Clientes (SMILE) Shopify 2022 *Nuevo Marketing* | Tienda Online

en este vídeo vamos a ver una aplicación,que va a permitir que tus clientes sean,parte del marketing de tu negocio,recomendando tu tienda online esto es,algo brutal es algo que viene con,incentivos que obviamente tus clientes,van a estar ganando algo mientras va,recomendando es algo que se integra,directamente dentro del choque así que,vamos a ver,y comprende dores empezamos con el vídeo,y para instalar esta aplicación como,siempre tenemos que irnos al shop y file,no vamos aquí a la sección de,aplicaciones donde dice aplicación,recomendada o configuración de,aplicaciones cualquiera luego sirve y,que le vamos a personalizar tu tienda,apenas cargue y entremos a la app store,de shopping file debemos que dar clic,acá y buscar la aplicación que se llama,smile este era una aplicación que ya yo,había hablado en un vídeo que lo que dar,por acá en de nombró las 10 nuevas,aplicaciones de chop y faith es un vídeo,que bueno que gravedad hace bastante,tiempo pero nombre esta aplicación y les,dije en ese momento que era una,aplicación muy buena que estaba,empezando a probar que te da bastante,intenso incentivos y que puede ayudar,que tus clientes sean afiliados de tu,negocio es algo brutal como pueden ver,es una aplicación que crece un montón y,tiene 4700 reviews o podemos utilizar de,forma gratuita y empezar a probar ver,cómo funciona y en tal caso si les va,bien pueden incrementar al plan de 49,dólares al mes que obviamente dejar,mucho más beneficios sus cliente y,muchas más cosas para que su negocio,siga avanzando y además si le damos clic,a esta sección de acá donde dice ver,tienda demostración no va a salir esta,paz en donde obviamente nosotros podemos,probar cómo es que funciona este tema de,small aquí podemos ver en los words como,nosotros podemos reclamarlo y cómo,podemos cambiarlos ya yo me crea la,cuenta y personales que tengo 1200,como que te cause que sería la moneda de,esta tienda online al final de esto como,una moneda que nosotros vamos a estar,dando a nuestros clientes y vamos a,poder cancelar por diferentes cosas como,pueden ganar estas monedas en el caso de,esta tienda vamos a ver esto como,ustedes lo pueden configurar y qué otras,cosas pueden agregar pero por ejemplo si,ellos no siguen esta grande a dar 50,metal point si comparte este post o esta,página web o algún producto en facebook,ganar 50 p tapones y poco a poco te van,a dar está que van a estar dando mucho,más por ejemplo si ellos nos dan su,fecha de cumpleaños no van a dar 200 pre,tapones y así nosotros podemos empezar a,agarrar estos datos nuestros clientes,que son valiosos para después por,ejemplo enviarle un email en su día de,cumpleaños con un descuento para que,termina comprando nuestra tienda o,aprovechar que por ejemplo ellos vayan y,post en algún producto o nuestra página,web para que obviamente sus familiares,también conozcan nuestra tienda y aquí,atrás si le damos donde dice ways to,read in aquí nosotros podemos ver las,diferentes formas de nosotros canjear,esos pe tal como

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3 Ways Your Loyalty Program can be Used as an Event Based Marketing Tool

3 Ways Your Loyalty Program can be Used as an Event Based Marketing Tool

loyalty programs are great for getting,repeat purchases from your existing,customers they're sort of designed as a,set and forget model and this definitely,works but with smile you can get some,extra value if you use it as an event,based marketing tool as well today we're,going to take a look at bonus Point,events limited collection rewards and,how to drive traffic to specific areas,of your site,your loyalty program can be used to fill,in gaps in between sales periods during,the year it can be used to also hype up,upcoming events let's take a look at a,calendar and see if there are areas that,would benefit from a boost,so here I have a calendar with some,Sample Sales data I have days that,generally do good in green here and the,peak of that sales period in dark green,here and this gives us a visual,understanding of how our products,generally sell throughout the year we,release a new collection in the spring,and that carries over with some good,sales in April and May,for the 4th of July there's a sale and,that does well in the middle of the,summer and then with Black Friday and,holiday shopping that carries over,pretty well for the end of the year what,this means is that we have a couple,months here at the beginning of the year,and this section here where there's an,opportunity to put more events in this,will help maintain sales throughout,those months that are typically dead so,when using Smile as an event-based,marketing tool what we can do is we can,look to put some loyalty events in these,areas here and here to boost engagement,and boost interest in your products and,in your store we can use a variety of,different events located strategically,to help promote sales,let's start with bonus Point weekends,this is where you will temporarily,increase the amount of points a customer,earns when they spend money in your,store and then decrease it at the end of,the event back to normal,we recommend like a weekend or two or,three day period this encourages,customers to come into your store make,purchases get a bunch of points that,they can use on future rewards this,works great in dead months with no major,events before or after,in order to set up a bonus points,weekend we're going to start in small,admin and we're going to go to program,points and then we're going to look at,view all ways to earn,next we're going to find our place and,Order earning rule,we can change this,to whatever we want I'm going to do a,double points weekend so I'm just going,to double what was previously there,then we hit save,now 15 minutes after you make this,change it's going to be reflected live,on your site so we're going to do this,on the day that your event starts,now because I have a VIP tier here I'm,going to have to do this for every VIP,earning rule because I have specific,earning rules for specific VIP tiers so,every time we have a place an order rule,I'm just going to do the same thing,back to actions and you can see I have,one two and three here for all of my,differ

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5 Best Shopify Loyalty Apps Compared [With Pricing]

5 Best Shopify Loyalty Apps Compared [With Pricing]

customers that have an emotional,connection with your brand,offer a 300 higher customer lifetime,value,that's 300 percent create connection,and loyalty and you're in for big,profits and tasty dividends,in this video you'll learn about the top,5 shopify loyalty apps and which one to,use,the best part as well as making your,brand more valuable,in your customers eyes loyalty programs,also make you,a lot more money everybody knows that,it's cheaper to get past customers to,buy again,than it is to get new customers my name,is rory hughes and i am from acquire,convert,the place where entrepreneurs go to,learn shopify growth,and if you want to choose the right,shopify loyalty app and sell more,then keep on watching,referral candy the pricing starts from,49 us dollars,per month this is a dedicated referrals,management app,for businesses looking to track,referrals and sales,and reward referrers without added,loyalty features,it also offers fully customizable,branding options for emails,offer cash coupons or special gift,rewards,for referrers the all-in-one dashboard,allows tracking of key metrics,such as referral results revenue and,number of social media shares,smile dot io the pricing at smile dot io,starts at 49 us dollars per month,smile dot io offers you just what it,says,a rewards program without many bells,whistles,or extras a point-based reward program,and a referral program,are available on all plans and a vip,program is available,on the paid plans is unusual,among the apps we surveyed,and the pricing is based exclusively on,features and not on the number of,customers,orders or rewards for example,you could have 100k customers making 50k,orders and earning 70k in revenue,and as long as you're satisfied with the,basic features your plan would remain,free,marcelo the pricing starts at 49 us,dollars,per month marcelo combines a loyalty,program with email marketing,and marketing automation components,behind the scenes,the program creates customer segments,and automatically sends,emails to retain engage and encourage,purchases,the reward system is point point-based,granting customers rewards for purchases,on-site actions or referrals, the pricing starts from 12 us,dollars,and 49 cents per month,aims to bring simplicity to the world of,reward programs,instead of complicated point-based,systems that can create confusion, enables you to offer rewards,in the currency your customers,appreciate your store's currency,any customer participating in the,program receives a stored value,digital loyalty card which can be topped,up and used by the customer to purchase,as well as used by your store to reward,through automated rules,and workflows you can set up rules based,on,order value customer lifetime value and,other segmentations,special occasions such as holidays and,birthdays,vip status and more while discount and,coupon codes,can sometimes cheapen your stores or,products image,the ryze ai rewards are free credit,perceived as fre

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i want to quickly talk to you about,e-commerce loyalty and rewards programs,and i have uh four,very good players,to uh compare and contrast so i'll be,comparing and contrasting smile io yatpo,swell referral candy and grow with don't,go anywhere you're going to love to this,conversation i guarantee,so,welcome back folks to another edition of,the awesome city kiwi show how are you,today i hope you all doing fantastic i'm,doing marvelous if you ever ask me if,you are doing as great as i am go grab a,cup of coffee rt or,vodka and let's roll,in today's conversation i want to,compare and contrast smile,yappo,referral candy and grow wave of course,we're talking about loyalty and rewards,programs in e-commerce right what is a,customer loyalty program very very,simple is you know customer loyalty,refers to a customer's willingness to,work with or buy from a brand repeatedly,as a result of positive customer,experience satisfaction and the value of,the value of the whole uh the whole,shopping experience okay and,a customer loyalty program helped push,customer loyalty by providing rewards to,customers that frequently patronize the,business products and services this is,very simple so when we talk about,loyalty program whether we're talking,about e-commerce or in everyday commerce,you have to think about discounts and,rebates,rewards free merchandise coupons access,to unreleased products you name it,whatever you can do to make your,customer feel happy that's what you need,to think about okay and uh every,e-commerce uh every every e-commerce uh,seller or every uh entrepreneur for that,matter every business for that matter,every brand for that matter needs a,customer loyalty program okay and you,need a an e-commerce loyalty program,especially if you are selling online,because of something called retention we,are talking about a global marketplace,where you are selling to gazillions of,individuals who are located in places as,diverse as,california as uh germany as nigeria as,uh australia as that as brazil so you,gotta have a strategy to differentiate,yourself and you gotta have a strategy,to re to have retention higher retention,so what are the components of a loyalty,program you need to be very clear about,what actions will cause what customers,will be rewarded for,you need to specify don't try to confuse,people you got to say specifically what,actions will customers be rewarded for,it you need to explain how the customers,redeem and use their rewards right this,is very important what kind of what,kinds of rewards would you offer i was,speaking earlier about uh the fact that,there are several kinds of rewards right,from free shipping to percentage off to,store credit you name it,and you and the fourth thing is you need,to uh be very clear about the rules of,your customer loyalty program and i'm,not even talking about the legality of,it of course it has to be legal right,but you got to be very clear and you,have to make sure that your e-commerce,loyalty program

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