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what's up sass masters my name is george,and today i want to show you peer board,this one lets you create a community,forum so the idea is to create your own,community,outside of facebook twitter instagram,and all that because,basically they own those social medias,you are not the owner and you're subject,to their terms and conditions and many,other conditions,that they put so this gives you another,option,so right now peer board seems uh really,simple,in my opinion and we're gonna see that,in this video,now who would i recommend this to i,would recommend it to people who have,a very specific niche of people,who are interested in a certain topic,what do i mean by that well let's just,say that someone's interested in for,example i don't know,cars right and they don't want to go,through all the,other hassle of going into the facebook,and watching a bunch of ads,watching a bunch of other posts and just,a lot of mess over there,when you can just have a simple forum,where everyone's just gonna talk about,cars,so you have to consider if someone is,gonna actually use this,or not before you actually jump into,this deal,now right now there's a lifetime deal,and i'm gonna show you that first and,then we're gonna jump over to the peer,board dashboard,to check it out and see if it's actually,something that you might like,or not so let's jump over there,all right guys this is the deal that's,going on right now and it's 59,for a lifetime deal and if you guys,would like to support me that link will,be in the description,now what does 59 dollars get you let me,take you to the plan right here,and the most important parts are these,unlimited admins,so no limit on that custom domain you,can add your own custom domain,you can host it with them use their own,link or you can host your own custom,domain you got wordpress plugin,and sdk for integrations direct support,you can use,api with this and the other thing,that's interesting is this you get one,custom domain 100 gigabytes of content,so that is fairly enough unless you plan,on just uploading a bunch of images,every single day then that might,reach really quickly right the limit,might reach really quickly,1 000 active members so 1 000 members,is quite a lot unless you're planning to,go really serious with this and grow,in the future or you have a bunch of,users already then 1000 is not enough i,would suggest jumping to the double code,which is the suggestible plan because,you get unlimited active members and you,get,to remove the peer board branding now in,the footer there's a little branding,there that you can remove it with a,double code,and that's only 118 so not a bad price,for unlimited users,now the downside about this and that's,the main part about it is that,the dashboard is pretty simple right,it's it's playing there's not a lot,going on which could be a good thing or,a bad thing if you're looking for a,really flashy nice looking modern um,fan play right here theme then this knot,might be for you,let me sh

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The Basics of Using PeerBoard | The Modern Online Community Software

The Basics of Using PeerBoard | The Modern Online Community Software

hi and welcome to peerboard my name is,tarek and i work with the customer,success team,we're so excited that you've decided to,build your online community using,peerboard so i've put together this,video to help show you where everything,is so you can get started right away,peer board's layout is simple and easy,to navigate the whole community is built,around a central news feed where posts,from the community are listed,the news feed shows the most recent and,most popular posts first,pinned posts are always listed right,above the news feed,to the right of the news feed there are,three sections in the navigation panel,at the very top there are the profile,and notification menus below that you'll,find your admin panel where you can,control every aspect of your community,finally at the bottom of the navigation,panel you'll see your community spaces,which is how all the posts in your,community will be organized,the customization menu is where you can,change the look and feel of your,community,here you can customize everything from,the upvote icon the page favicon as well,as your community's name logo colors and,fonts,you can also customize the greetings,that new page visitors see and the,various prompts and emails that the,platform presents to guide your new,members,uses spaces to organize discussions,we've included a few default spaces in,your community but you can organize your,community however you want from the,spaces menu,adding a space is as simple as typing in,the space name and clicking the add,button then you can change its position,add a description and it's ready to,receive posts,you can also delete or archive spaces by,clicking the drop down menu to the right,of each space,once you're happy with your spaces click,save and you can start posting content,directly into them,posting in peer board is incredibly,simple,first click write a post,then select space that you want to post,into give your post a title and start,writing,peer board's rich editor enables you to,format text upload images embed files or,media from other web sources quote text,or enter code snippets,when you're done with your post all you,have to do is click publish and you're,good to go,from the drop down menu near the post,title you can edit pin or remove the,post and at the bottom of the post,you'll find your social sharing options,and the comments section,the settings menu is where you'll be,able to control the more technical,aspects of your community,from the general settings you can set,the global privacy levels of your,community and determine what types of,logins or id requirements your members,need to provide,from the hosting settings you can change,your community's url depending on how,you want members to access your,community,for example you can assign the community,to an alias like,,or select a custom domain that you'd,like to use instead,if you need any help with setting up,your community on a custom domain please,contact our support team

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6 WordPress Plugins Your Ecommerce Site Needs [2020]

6 WordPress Plugins Your Ecommerce Site Needs [2020]

this is alex and mike with sage insights,thanks for joining us for another,episode,today we're going to talk about six,must-have plug-ins for e-commerce on,wordpress,mike how are you i'm i'm well how are,you,good good i'm looking forward to hearing,your list i've certainly got a couple,i'd like to add in but uh very excited,to hear yours,uh i thought i might start with with one,of my favorites,uh i'm going to by the way we're going,to assume that,these are woocommerce related because we,are big advocates for woocommerce do you,agree mike,i do agree and we're not going to,include woocommerce as a plug-in,correct we are we're uh it is,established that you are already using,woocommerce,so let's talk about automate woo i think,that this thing is just,magnificent in its ability to extend the,uh opportunities available to somebody,via woocommerce,i love it i have used it on a number of,client sites,and it's it really just supercharges the,ability to,obviously to automate but to be in touch,and uh create a number of if then,scenarios,where you are continuing to reach out to,clients whether it be the creation of,coupons based on certain actions,uh email abandonment for abandoned carts,following up on emails to see how the,purchase experience went,uh ways to win back inactive customers,that haven't been on your site for some,time,you can integrate text you can do,reviews and then reward your customers,for that,uh there's wish list marketing there's,so many opportunities available but i,think it's just,magnificent what do you think mike all,right,i think automate wu is a solid plug-in,for any woocommerce store,when they're getting started i think,it has several features like you,mentioned,all of which are good many of which are,needed,on almost any e-commerce site,however i think there comes a point that,as,the store scales there are,better plugins that have,feature specific whether it's or email,marketing,or card abandonment it has feature,specific,uh plugins that you can get in the wooca,in the wordpress marketplace that would,be better,than automate will however mean to say,yeah as a full,uh as a full spectrum uh solution for uh,for an e-commerce platform there is good,but yes there are specific ones that,will perform,one of the many variations or uh,benefits of automate woo in a better way,sure i do like the packaging that,they package so many essential features,that,stores need especially if you're just,getting started or if it's proof of,concept,or you're starting a site you don't know,exactly what direction you you want to,go in,not that the plugins are very expensive,individually,but when you start adding them up you,can start paying a few hundred dollars,several hundred dollars very easily for,uh,plugins and you don't necessarily know,if you're gonna use them sure for,example,uh a wish list you might think that,people will use it,but why would you want to pay for a,wishlist plug-in and then come to find,out no one actually uses it,yeah so to be ab

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Wie kann ich einen Onlineshop erstellen? shopify Shop erstellen

Wie kann ich einen Onlineshop erstellen? shopify Shop erstellen

ich werde oft von händlern gefragt wie,erstelle ich einen eigenen online-shop,wie kann ich meinen online-shop eröffnen,mache ich lieber eine webseite oder,brauche ich einen techniker damit ich,einen online-shop erstelle ich möchte,dir heute schritt für schritt erklären,wie du mit einfachen mitteln und,wirklich ohne vorkenntnisse einen,eigenen online shops und dies wirklich,innerhalb von einem tag,hallo und herzlich willkommen zu diesem,neuen video mein name ist betriebszeiten,auf meinem kanal erfährst du wie du,erfolgreichen ecommerce sein kann,heute geht es um online shop ich werde,der von a bis z zeigen wie du einen,eigenen online-shop erstellte und ja,legen wir direkt los sehr unter diese,mit you einen link wie du einfach ja das,shopsystem von shoppic 14 tage kostenlos,testen kannst du klickst einfach drauf,dann gelangt auf diese seite dann musst,du eine e mail adresse angeben unter der,du dieses konto anlegen möchte ist das,gibt seine e mail adresse von mir ein,dann fragt er mich nach einem passwort,schnell mal ein passwort und dann fragt,er mich nach einem shop namen ich mach,mal einen kleiderständer shop und dann,höflich ob überhaupt ein kleiderständer,shop vorhanden ist ist ja sogar stellen,kleiderständer so ist frank kann ich ein,kleiner shop im workshop ev erstellt,das heißt ich versuche jetzt ein kleiner,shop in shop mit der schritt für schritt,da einzugehen und 1 oder schwere tier,einfach aufzeigen worauf du achten,sollen dass das auch keine abmahnungen,bekommen denn dieses wichtig und ja,super jetzt ist dein job startklar so,einfach conti meldung ja das heißt du,hast die möglichkeit das ganze 14 tage,kostenlos zu testen und ich zeige dir,welche möglichkeiten du dann wählen,kannst gleich legen einfach direkt los,das heißt ich probiere herum ich,verkaufe noch keine produkte ich,verkaufe vielleicht nicht online das,heißt ich bin jetzt offline handel,händler und habe jetzt festgestellt okay,ich habe nur noch im laden verkauft oder,online ich möchte jetzt online verkauf,von online oder im laden zum beispiel,das kannst du angeben du hast auf,märkten verkauft das sind fragen die du,auswärtigen kann zum auswählen kannst,und hier kannst du zum beispiel angeben,wie hoch der umsatz ist ich gebe einfach,hier zwischen 55.000 und dann nehme ich,mal die kategorie beauty das ist wobei,das ist ja keine beauty das bei mir,bekleidung und ich designer entwickler,keine shop für meine kunden das ist im,endeffekt jetzt sagen die dual fliegen,kannst kannst du dein der daten angeben,max mustermann dann fragt er glaube ich,schaue einfach ob ich hier mal sachen,eintragen,max,mustermann so 30 dann verlangte eine,postleitzahl,nehmen wir mal steinbach so soll,und jetzt schauen wir einfach ob er das,annimmt,ok jetzt haben wir mal einen online-shop,bestellt ja so schnell ist der online,shop das heißt ich will hier drauf kann,ich mir den online-shop mal anschauen so,sieht jetzt mein job aus kleiderständer,shop und ich möchte jetzt diesen job,kann schnell und einfach

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