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Francesco Borghi - The Story of ShippyPro - How a pain point can be transformed into a business

so good morning everyone and thank you,for the opportunity of having us here,today,I want to share with you a little bit of,my background I got here and I started,my shipping story I found from this,beautiful city in Florence we have a lot,of beautiful things the city is amazing,a lot of beautiful museums cathedrals,art but one of the things that is really,important and beautiful in Florence is,letter there's a lot of artisans,trafficking the leather goods they make,amazing leather jackets leather bags,belt and a lot of people from the US and,Europe they come to Florence just to get,their jackets just to get that leather,goods here and the problem with these,people when they come to Florence,it's do like buy more so they come too,far as they drink about the leather,jackets but they do like to buy for the,families for the friends but they have,these two problems here the first one is,they don't have blue meth in their,luggage so they come to design designs,and they say I would like to buy for,leather jackets and this is jackets our,own tailor made most of the times so,artisans needs time to make these,leather jackets and then Europeans,especially of Americans they come to,Florence to see a few days that because,various lumps of Amsterdam and they,don't have time to wait for the artisan,to draft the kids,so a design in Florence of losing,States and this is back in 2015 when a,guy came to me and said this this big,problem in the city and I worked the,logistics side so we can really do,something for these artisans and the,solution we found was pretty,straightforward we went to each artisans,in Florence and we said we will help you,shipping your Leatherby's worldwide so,you can sell more you can just welcome,people to get shops you can just say bye,here and select as many leather jackets,is it one and then we will ship it to,your place so you can travel around,Europe go back to the US and then the,carrier is coming to your place and in,order to do that I went to every shop in,Florence artisans by office and I spent,three months just going there and asking,questions how do you do it how would you,like to have the service and then I come,up with this solution toolkit and the,solution toolkit was quite simple so,what we did is we prepared this banner,with meeting we ship worldwide and the,artisans would put in the bundle next to,each leather jacket so two is they come,and say okay I can just order my jacket,here travel around and then he's gonna,ship it to my Twitter gonna buy four,then because artisans they don't have,any tools in the shop see don't have a,printer didn't have a scheme didn't have,a computer we met two things the first,one was we were supplying three title,boxes for box one two and three so the,jackets of the artisans know if I sell,one jacket and including box one two in,box two and three box three so I know,how much I have to charge so I don't,have to worry about scaling and measures,and the third thing there is a,revolution that is a

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How do I set or update carrier rates?

How do I set or update carrier rates?

Let's see how to update carrier  rates in ShippyPro. First of all,  ,click on Carrier and then on Connections.  Link your Carrier to the ShippyPro platform  ,by selecting it from the list and remember that  certain Carriers do not require rates updates  ,as they're imported automatically during the  connection. Visit the carrier comparison map to  ,see which Carriers support the libraries option.  After you have completed the connection process,  ,click on edit prices and access the dedicated  page. Start by defining the zones you can ship  ,to. Click on add Zone to open the page and  give an easy-to-recognize name to your Zone.,After that, click on Globe to select  all the countries in the world in  ,one go and then choose to exclude certain  countries if not present in your contract.,You can also choose to insert multiple  countries or a single state as a whole.,Moreover, define your custom zones by importing  a zip code list or by manually inserting your zip  ,codes to do so select a country of Interest Italy  for example and then choose which postcodes to add  ,you can either add them one by one or add them  in bulk the postcards that are not included will  ,be considered as areas to avoid you can choose  to write the whole postcode or you can also add  ,its initials and flag the "Starts with" field. In  the second case, all areas whose postcode starts  ,with the inserted initials will be included in  the zone when you're done click on the add Zone  ,button to save your Zone. You can now add the  weight ranges and relative prices for the zones  ,you created, you can do so by either importing  an Excel file or by adding the rates manually.,Once you've added all the weights move on to  the Carrier options and insert the surcharges  ,for each extra service you're contracted for. You  can choose to add extra costs for floor delivery  ,or drop-off locker delivery for example. Do the  same with the more general options like fuel  ,surcharge or cash on delivery surcharge which  you can set either as a definite price or as a  ,percentage of the whole shipment. Finally, define  how you want to deal with the possibility of the  ,package being overweight. First of all, establish  a maximum weight as stipulated in the contract;  ,at that point, add the gradual price increase  which will be added to the original price,Thank you very much for following this  demo. If you still have doubts don't  ,hesitate to contact our Support Team or check  out our help center articles. Happy shipping!

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How it is like working in the ShippyPro Marketing Team

How it is like working in the ShippyPro Marketing Team

how it really love us lately also move,in with different backgrounds and they,all bring us inside our knowledge and me,personally I can ecommerce sites in the,past and I was able to move a lot of,that knowledge and actually apply it to,a real world situation especially using,the search engine optimization and stuff,like that but I was also surprised how,much I didn't know especially the,problem because that's what there's a,lot but I've been missing out on so,I would say to create a content that,really enhances your product in your,business what you do create content that,your customer base is going to be,interested in something that they're,looking for then we're really tight like,what it is that you do and what you're,trying to say that's the message the,best way to really know wishing offers,no much ignition is no what you're able,to have a full understanding of what you,can offer business as the threat that's,the order that you're really able to,tailor it to where your customer by,beating how that's about them,once you're going to understand that to,its fullest extent to you know who your,customers are and from there I think,that it's your relationship with new,customer and in the end is what makes,people come back and so being able to do,as possible no matter who they are is,Bellator Park keeping a consistent tone,is really important and along with that,it's important to really have very eyes,and ears open to what your customers are,saying because ultimately your customers,are going to be who is consuming your,content so as long as you're putting out,similar content I know a lot of times,research we might vary some more things,our competitor sites so being,differentiate yourself and stand out of,the crowd it's definitely the biggest,out really understanding what my readers,are really interested in and what their,interests are and I think that,communicating having one,communication with them to kind of,understand what their issues are you're,going to help me to kind of

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hi everyone welcome on board so today um,we're welcoming mark we're here at gpu,pro so shippy purposes with don't know,us,is a leading provider it's an only one,shipping management software for global,e-commerce mansions our mission is,indeed to create a universal shipping,technology that could be used by any,company in the e-commerce space,and today we're glad and delighted to,welcome mark from mumbai today with us,uh it's our new partner so mark would,you like to introduce yourself,yes uh my name is mark lister i am the,chief commercial officer at ombae,i recently joined um just 10 weeks ago,so fairly fresh,to the role,but um what attracted me to uh to wombai,was the fact that cass who's the sort of,the entrepreneur and the the ceo and had,a vision to sort of essentially deliver,the best choice for everyone everywhere,and that's how we're building out um the,marketplace and trying to differentiate,differentiate ourselves from the others,that are in the market and,we've seen enormous growth over the last,year or so that's actually positioned us,as the fourth largest uk marketplace um,for e-commerce so i'm very happy to be,here and and thank you for the invite,great great thanks a lot to you uh for,being with us today so i'm gonna start,uh with some questions for you so of,course you're you're a uk expert you're,a huge uk provider for,euk sellers and uh and consumers uh so,my first question would be for our,missions why selling in the uk what are,the opportunity of the uk market,i think,clearly because of the recent times and,things that have happened over the last,18 months you know all markets have,grown without a shadow of a doubt so,that's created opportunity on a global,scale however if we look at the uk the,growth here has been particularly,accelerated over that that past 18,months and we've really skipped probably,five or six years in terms of growth and,so if we look at 2000 2020,there was actually one third more new,shoppers online,than have previously ever been witnessed,even in in the latest,2019 and those those people those new,shoppers actually spent two and a half,times as much as new shop has had in,previous years,not only did we accelerate,and grow a new audience,yeah but actually what they did was was,vastly different from ever before and,you know that situational behavior,because it was it was there's a,situation you're not allowed out and so,on and so forth,the the the beauty of it is we're,gradually seeing that situational,behavior become more normal yeah and um,i think one of the biggest things that,possibly was a bit of a game changer was,that people began to buy items blind so,non-essential items it's all very well,buying food and essentials blind because,you know what you're getting a tin of,beans is a tin of beans but i think when,you're buying,other items other household goods,perhaps dishwasher washing machine or,bed or etc there was very much before,you know must touch must feel i want to,understand what this product i

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How "Email Templates" works

How "Email Templates" works

Learn to customize your tracking emails and  keep your customers in the loop. First of all,  ,define which part of the shipping journey you want  your customers to be part of by clicking on Track  ,and Trace and then on Email Conditions. This  page will allow you to select which emails you  ,want to send to your customer based on the status  updates. You'll find that all emails are selected  ,by default so make sure you check out those that  you don't want to be sent. You can also choose to  ,send the same emails to yourself, first of all,  to see what the customer will see and to keep  ,track of the emails that are automatically sent  at the same time. Pick which Marketplace or  ,Carrier the above rules apply to and check out  the stats to always be aware of the open rate.  ,Move on to the email template section:  ,select the language you want to customize  first and note that all email templates are  ,already translated in 8 languages. Language is  automatically assigned according to your package  ,country of destination which is identified by  its alpha code. You can choose the marketplace  ,and carrier by selecting them from the  drop-down menu or you can simply remove  ,the tick to make sure that all changes apply for  every Marketplace and Carrier present in the list.  ,Every tab corresponds to the status update;  ,select the first one you would like to customize  and start by inserting the content of the email  ,click on the status you like to update and  change the subject of the email so it's clear  ,and understandable by your customers. Insert  the company name and an easy-to-catch title.,Finally, use the message box to  add all the information you want  ,your customers to know concerning the order  use placeholders to make it more personal  ,now that you're done with the content move  on to the next Tab and customize the Design  ,Within the section you can choose to add  the order number to the email by ticking  ,the box once you have decided if you want  to modify the design move on to the next  ,section and customize your order summary  choose which kind of details you want to  ,show in relation to the order summary itself  the shipping details or the shipping address,the bonus section is extremely important if  you want to explore the marketing potential  ,of this tool tracking emails  boasts a 90 open rate which  ,you can take advantage of to upsell  products and increase your attention  ,insert the image URL and Link it to the  page you want your customer to visit,once you're happy with the result move  on to the filter and Link all of your  ,social media accounts to promote  your social presence and increase  ,your online engagement by prioritizing  your customers loyalty for the brand,now that you've finished setting up your  email you can see the final result on the  ,preview column or you can send the test email  to yourself by clicking on the relative button,we hope that this demo has been useful  so far don't hesitate to che

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Webinar: ShippyPro + FedEx: E-logistics & Sustainability

Webinar: ShippyPro + FedEx: E-logistics & Sustainability

we are hosting uh with our partner,fedworth uh with this special event,since we would you know uh how uh,increasingly important is uh,sustainability sustainability is front,of mind for our customers,as well as for us,players in the illogistic,industry,so,here our common goal is to,reduce the environmental impact of our,activities and companies,like fedex are leading the way as i said,today have the pleasure uh to discuss um,about detection the action that we are,actually uh taking um together with uh,jost from fedex e-commerce,team,and,uh welcome again,and,specifically in the next 30 minutes uh,we are going to explore how shipy pro,is working to empower the shipping,process in the illogistic industry how,relevant are the partnership that this,webinar,so,let's start and,see how shippy pro is empowering,the shipping process in the e-commerce,industry let's uh as i said uh cprpro is,actually,a shipping automation software,optimizing,the,order,management for,merchants of all sizes both smes and,enterprise,offering the best,delivery experience to their customers,since we do know,delivery is,key in the consumer experience,our mission is to,make shipping simple,fast,and,reliable,how we do so,we would like to explain uh,which is actually uh the process for a,merchant people using shippy pro a,merchant should actually uh,sign up um to the sms to the cms,um,that has been actually used uh for,creating the e-commerce store as well,the marketplace,where,merchants are currently selling their,products,then the merchant will need to,manually import,data and,update the,marketplace and cms once the order is,fulfilled,with shipypro,merchant are giving an all-in-one,shipping,solution,which will enable them,to automatically,import and update,data to their,cms and marketplaces and,in this way,merchant will be able to,save time minimize errors and increase,the number of shipments,that can actually,be,can be handled,our aim is,to help then merchants to implement,their e-commerce,uh omnichannel e-commerce strategy um as,well um as extending uh their business,internationally uh this is thanks to,our library of integrations uh,that we are increasing every week,and allow us to uh to be actually,a really useful tool for,merchants in,more than 30 countries worldwide and be,trusted by the most innovative business,uh in the world,then uh what we are currently doing uh,to move forward um and to move forward,uh a more sustainable uh,industry uh we are currently studying a,project for,the co2 calculation,this um,this calculation actually,helps,will help,merchants to understand the,environmental footprint for,its shipment and uh this,can,this will be actually a useful tool,because it will uh will not be based on,estimation uh instead of a real,calculation,that we will be able um to,provide our merchants thanks to,our carriers in integration and our,track and trace,project in this way shippingpro will be,able to support um,our merchant's sustainable strategy with,a data-driven,decis

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so thanks a lot for giving us some,background on the uk itself now i would,like just to emphasize a little bit on,the marketplace uh type of channel let's,say because merchants have a choice,between different sales channels,naturally you know you consumers flocked,convenience so if you've created these,marketplaces where people have selection,where people can make considered,purchases it's a lot easier for the,consumer to to,sort of make that exp you know shopping,for some people to chore for some people,it's super enjoyable but if you can make,it an easy experience then then you know,your consumers are going to come more,readily to the solution that you provide,um so it really comes down to sort of,defining a strategy that you're looking,to achieve as a seller and,you know the way i would look at it is,you need diversity i.e the ability to,reach out to different markets and then,equally scale that reach the bigger,reach and you're never going to be able,to provide that on your own and so,to do that you really need somewhere,that you can actually position yourself,as a as a safe and trusted trader within,a safe and trusted marketplace because,people will naturally gravitate towards,there we have six million unique users,per month and so if you think about it,which individual retailer can can,actually boast an audience as big as,that and equally more importantly that,they will if you're especially if you're,more of a vertical um you know you're,only appealing to people,when a certain given category is of of,interest to them whereas you know we all,know we're shopping that you have,impulse purchases you have serendipity,where you're you know you're looking for,an item and you're not sure what you're,looking for and so on and so forth and,that's probably not going to happen so,much when it's just your own store,and that's where the marketplace can,really support that shopping behavior,because it can take people along the,route,show them different items and if you're,if you're if you present them in such a,way then clearly,um having that choice it makes it easier,for for that for that buyer and i think,the other piece as well um a marketplace,can take away a lot of the complexity,because it's not easy selling online,right you know you need potentially,technology,and you know when you think that i think,it's around about 70 percent of all,online purchases start a search engine,right now we probably all know which is,the main search engine but when you,think of that that in itself,presents a whole world of complexity how,to make sure that you're in the mix,when i think again um don't quote me on,these numbers but you know i i think,around 85 percent of people actually,don't go past page one on the search,results,so how do you make sure not only do you,get found but you're on that that first,page and that's where a marketplace can,help because we have a much more,collective power of our ability to,attract the user and therefore you know,you can be part

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we cannot talk about let's say scaling,up without talking about the pain points,right because we have been experiencing,a difficult year a special year which,was really good to give us a lesson also,on the pain points and how to overcome,them so um would you have also some,insights coming from,your own sellers on the pain point they,have been experiencing and how we can,improve always improve their journey and,their efficiency,yeah i think the the challenge um with,any sort of growth market is,that,it it creates,you know some more,less discerning um,people out there it creates,opportunistic moments to take advantage,of growth,and so,when someone sees you know a marketplace,uh in terms of the the internet itself,boom so much you get people thinking how,can i make money out of this um in,unscrupulous ways so i think,some of the things is just be conscious,of that that fraud and it's going to,protect you as a seller it also protects,the buyers as well so from our side we,have to protect both parties but,um it's equally important that we,protect the seller um,because people will take advantage of,both sides of the coin and so it's it's,very sort of it's it's worth noting that,you know that should not be dismissed,and one of the things that we've done to,to make sure that we um provide some,safety for the the sellers and the,buyers is we work with paypal,and because it then provides that seller,protection,um should there be an unscrupulous buyer,and also for for the um for the buyer,should there be an unscrupulous seller i,mean obviously we take precautions to,make sure we don't have,uh bad sellers but obviously it's very,difficult to control more on the,consumer side so we take steps,for seller protection and safety,yeah um i think some of the other things,uh,is as,we expand because we provide,the ability for people to transact on,marketplace on on a marketplace people,don't necessarily need to have some of,the technology that you might normally,have to have as well um and so that,makes it easier for people,to react quickly to the market and to,the demand um,and so,our ability to sort of do work with them,and even manually upload some of their,some of their listings and make sure,that they're they're all represented on,the site in a meaningful way all helps,towards um enabling people um in in such,times of growth,to to sort of,work with the growth and then you know,gradually figure things out for,themselves as you ultimately have to,figure out how do you cope with it on a,long term basis um,but,those would be some of the the key,things that we do um,and and you know the the other piece is,is that that sort of that safety in the,knowledge that we're not there to,compete with them right which i think is,is equally important that as a seller,you know you want to go somewhere and,you want to know that,you know that somewhere you're on is has,equal interest which is your success,right and and and making sure that um,they're aligned and at the end of the,d

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Francesco Borghi, CEO of ShippyPro on How Retailers can go Omnichannel - 15 Minutes Webinar

Francesco Borghi, CEO of ShippyPro on How Retailers can go Omnichannel - 15 Minutes Webinar

Today we're really happy to have Amber here.,Amber is coming all the way from the US to Florence.,Today we had the opportunity to talk about our,amazing partnership with building with Teamwork Commerce.,Amber, do you want to explain what teamwork Commerce is doing,and what values is provided for our common customers,Sure, Teamwork Commerce was traditionally,a point-of-sale company. We are very strong in technology and development and,have grown from only point-of-sale to a large order management system. We have a,built in CRM as well as our mobile point-of-sale and everything that we,offer is cloud-based for specialty retailers that are lower mid market all,the way to enterprise level. We are trying to create unified commerce where,there's not the friction points between all the different retail systems, there's,not friction between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar and we're trying to,just unify the entire experience for streamlined operations and better,business decisions as well as our customer experience.,Good! So Omni-Channel is the keyword here,Yes!,Good, so what are the biggest difficulties when it comes to Omni-Channel especially in the US?,One of the largest challenges in the US is the segregation between the e-commerce,business and the brick-and-mortar business. They almost seem to operate,as to different entities instead of having a unified view and because they're so separated,,it makes decision-making as a company very hard, it leads to poor customer,experience, they may buy online and they can't return in-store or they're in a,store that doesn't offer that product that they want and they lose the sale,because the customer leaves and they may not get back online to find the same,product online. That's very fragmented and very hard to see all your data ballistically.,What is the priority for you on this point?,Do you think all companies are moving towards that,direction or there are some companies that would like to be omni-channel but really they don't.,I think that as technology advances and people are moving more,toward the web, it's very important for us to not lose the customer experience,in-store and to help title together you must be omni-channel. I think that,it's difficult because omni-channel means so many different things to each,retailer so in order to simplify it, you have to have the right partners.,ShippyPro and Teamwork working together, we have to have great partners,involved to create a retail ecosystem and help simplify it because retailers,aren't experts in all the different software's or how they connect together,and many companies claim to be omni-channel when they're not and they,don't really understand what the retailer is looking for. I think it's,important that retailers do focus on moving to omni-channel and that they,pick great partners yeah because we have you have a really strong us vision of,Since you have a strong US vision of that,,it would be really good for our customers that are more in Europe,to have

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Come funziona Deliver Beta

Come funziona Deliver Beta

benvenuto su deliverba sono Alessia,discipy pro e sono qui per mostrarti,Come funziona la nuova interfaccia,cliccando su prova dell'imper Beta,accederà la piattaforma se la nuova,pagina A questo punto viene precisare,che la piattaforma sostituisce le parti,di ordini da spedire e ordini spediti,delle create il che significa che sarà,in grado di spedire i tuoi ordini e,stampare le tue etichette,Ok come puoi vedere la piattaforma ha un,nuovo look ed è stata progettata proprio,per essere più performante con meno,click per iniziare a lavorare sui tuoi,ordini poi usufruire della nuova,funzionalità di tasto destro e ti,permette di scegliere delle azioni da,compiere sull'ordine selezionato o della,modalità di quickview per vedere quali,prodotti sono stati scelti dal cliente,se ti servono maggiori informazioni puoi,direttamente cliccare sull'ordine che ti,interessa per aprire il drawer che,dimostrerà appunto tutti i dettagli,relativi all'ordine selezionato,tutti gli ordini provenienti da i vari,canali di vendita saranno inclusi,all'interno di questa lista per,permetterti di avere una panoramica più,generale delle tue vendite proprio per,semplificare Appunto una la visione,delle vendite puoi creare una spedizione,manuale oppure importando i tuoi ordini,e se ti serve fare azioni di massa lo,puoi fare cliccando il link o,selezionando gli ordini che ti,interessano e compiere delle azioni come,ad esempio creare un nuovo documento,scegliendo quale documento serve dalla,Dal menu a tendina o spedendo tutti gli,ordini,che hai selezionato Una volta aperto il,drawer puoi selezionare la tariffa il,Corriere di riferimento è Sei pronto per,spedire una volta che gli ordini sono,partiti possiamo usufruire della,Navigazione,orizzontale per accedere alla parte di,ogni appunto,verificarne lo Stato e controllare che,le etichette siano state stampate nel,caso in cui ci sia ancora da stampare,appunto l'etichetta si può usufruire o,del pulsante destro,o eventualmente si può cliccare,sull'ordine e mandare in stampa,l'etichetta con il pulsante dedicato,se volessi potrai filtrare gli ordini,per data prezzo Store di riferimento o,appunto per ordini che ancora,necessitano della stampa delle etichetta,nel caso in cui volessimo Maggiore,informazione In riferimento all'ordine,posso decidere di cliccare su Idea,ordine e aprire tutti i dettagli su una,nuova pagina qui posso vedere i dettagli,di prodotto e di spedizione di cliente e,aggiungere delle note che poi posso,consultare eventualmente in futuro,a questo punto abbiamo fatto tutto il,giro della piattaforma Speriamo che vi,sia stata utile non esitate a,contattarci Se avete dei feedback e vi,auguriamo un buon lavoro

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