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Shopify Shipping Settings | How To Setup Shipping Rates In Your Store

all right what's going on guys this is,jake and in this video i'm going to be,showing you how you can go ahead and set,up your,shopify shipping rates within your store,getting right into it the first thing,you want to go ahead and do here is go,into the back end of your store click,settings and then come over here to,shipping and delivery and once we open,this up here,we're gonna see that we have an error,page right here,because we have no actual shipping rate,set up so we're gonna go ahead and set,up,some now so all we have to do is come,over here,under shipping and the first thing we're,going to do here is manage rates,now we can also create custom shipping,rates with different shipping profiles,but i'll go ahead and show you how to do,that later,so the first thing we're going to do,here is just click on manage rates and,we're going to go ahead and open this up,and then we'll see a list of all of our,products in our store right here and,we'll see that all these products,are added to this profile so this,general profile right here includes all,of the products in our store so these,shipping rates will apply,to our entire store so we can see down,here we have two sections here we have,domestic,shipping so this is to your home country,so in this case for me it's the united,states,and then we have the rest of the world,so we're gonna go ahead and start,off with domestic shipping rates first,so we're gonna go ahead and click on add,rate,so there's two different ways that we,can add rates here so we can set up our,own rates or we can use a carrier to,calculate rates,so first let me show you how you can set,up your own and then we'll go through,the calculated rates,next so as far as setting up our own,rate goes first thing we can go ahead,and do here is select,a shipping speed right here so we can,choose,the estimated shipping speed here that,we're going to be sending our packages,out with or we could go ahead and choose,custom flat rate with no shipping time,but i would recommend go ahead and,choosing the,shipping speed that's going to closely,match that,service in which you are going to be,using,and then right here we can go ahead and,edit the actual price,of this shipping rate so let's say we,just wanted to have,a flat 10 shipping fee,on all orders for shipping to the us we,could go ahead and do that,and we'd be done but let's say we wanted,to go ahead and add some conditions to,this,we go ahead and click add conditions,here and then we can go ahead and see,here that we can go ahead and edit,our shipping prices based on the actual,item weight,or based on the order price so let's say,we wanted to go ahead,and have 10 shipping rate for orders,that are,all 10 pounds and below i could go ahead,and click done,and now we can see right here that all,orders the total 10 pounds and below,will be 10 to ship now let's go ahead,and add another one here so if i went,ahead and added another one,another standard rate here now let's say,in this case it's 20,and the

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Create an Online Rental Store Using Shopify | Shopify Experts

Create an Online Rental Store Using Shopify | Shopify Experts

hey guys my wagon here Mike Walden calm,and in this video I will show you how to,create an online rental store with,Shopify the more comprehensive guide is,available at Mike Walden com,it will also be linked down below in the,description so let's jump right into it,it is no doubt that Shopify is a very,versatile becomes platform in ads and,it's been formed into sites that are not,exclusively selling physical or digital,items online some companies have used it,specifically just to showcase their,products some even use it as an,alternative to WordPress as a content,management system others have used it to,set up paid appointments to speakers and,consultants and so something that I've,recently been asked to create is a,Shopify rental store,so what are the basic functions that a,rental store should have that is not yet,default in the Shopify setup first is,picking a date,for renting the product second is asking,more information about the product,requesting a code for customized pricing,fourth is generating invoices fifth and,is customizing the shipping rates then,sixth is customized product options so,some some rental stores might need,different functions but in general these,are the main ones at a rental business,order needs on their website we'll take,a look at each function in detail and,how to implement them in to a Shopify,store through any available apps so,picking the date or date range for,renting a product,customers need a way to set a date or a,date range where they will be the item,that will be rented one of the most,recommended Shopify app for this is,booked that app so it is linked on my,article hopefully you will check it out,it lets customers reserve time on your,business calendar right on your Shopify,site so you can offer appointments,classes product rent those tickets and,more in all all in one place so,customers stay in your shop and your,third party hassles are over they also,have a demo site that you can check out,it will be linked in the article below,customers also need a way to ask more,information about any of the products,that is being offered most of the time,customers cannot tell or cannot get all,the information they need just from,looking at the website this is where we,need to implement easy customer contact,methods for the customer so here are,some of the options for this is getting,a phone number a Skype online number or,use grasshopper so this is a service for,customer support with online number,another option is facebook chat so more,and more people prefer messaging,platforms like facebook messenger over,email for phone or online chat when it,comes to communicating with brands so,you can definitely check out this a,facebook chat app there's a more,detailed explanation on it on my article,as well but let's go through the,as quickly as possible the next chat app,that I recommend is Zendesk this is a,similar to what I have on my website,contact us form right and you will be,able to send in message them directly to,cust

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Setting up Local Delivery- Advanced - Video 2

Setting up Local Delivery- Advanced - Video 2

hello everyone welcome back again my,name is Keegan with liquid we're proud,to be a chef i expert and here to help,us get set up with store pick up and,delivery app so today we're going to,talk about and setting up delivery for,your store and this is part of a video,that's a series so if you're just,joining in it making sense watch a few,of the videos that we did beforehand and,it should help get you caught up with,how you want this to work so in today's,video we're going to get a little bit,more advanced with our delivery and,include how to set up different rates we,initially did this video we had it set,up so that if somebody was on our store,they could check out unless they head,for delivery unless they had ordered,over 60 dollars worth so again we're,over $60 so I have the delivery as an,option but if I reduce my cart to just,one item ten dollars you'll see that I,no longer have the option for local,delivery I only have the option to check,out with store pickup now a lot of the,stores will have options where if,something is a certain price so let's,just say ten dollars they'll deliver it,to me but there will be a five dollar,delivery charge and then if the rate is,over $50 or over $49 there's a little,break for free so we're going to explore,how to get that set up because that's a,really common one so right now my store,set up so I can check out for delivery,for under $49 so that's why I don't even,have it as an option so the first thing,I need to do is go back to the settings,portion of my app and go to the delivery,settings and you'll see if order price,is more than $49 and enable deliveries,first I need to change that to $0 so if,it's more than $0 somebody can check out,of my store save that and now once that,saved I'll go back and refresh my page,and you'll see might need to refresh it,twice here,that now I have the local delivery and,the store pickup options so how do I get,this to charge me irate for checking out,the less than 10 for less than $50 so,I'm going to go back here to the app,settings and I need to go out of the app,and I need to go to the settings portion,and to the shipping settings,specifically and in the shipping,settings I'm going to go to the US zone,and I'm going to edit that,I'm going to do is add price baits,Christ price based rates so I'll add,those and they're both going to be,called local delivery the first one will,be local delivery no minimum order price,and it'll be that five dollar rate that,I'm going to charge for people so I'm an,uncheck that's free shipping and you'll,see we have a five dollar rate so I,click done and I'm going to save that,so there we go we have for anybody who,is ordering local delivery zero dollars,and up it's five dollars so just go back,to my site I'll refresh it,and I've got a $10 here I'm going to,select local delivery put in a zip code,this within this 20 mile radius checkout,and I'm going to put in a address near,the location Marty you,continue to deliver,and we'll see local delive

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Opportunities for Your Next Shopify App (Shopify Unite 2017)

Opportunities for Your Next Shopify App (Shopify Unite 2017)

hi everyone hope you enjoyed the talk so,far I'm Sara and I'm the data analyst,lead with Shopify partners hi my name is,Todd I'm a data analyst on the apps team,and today we are here to talk about the,opportunities we see on the horizon in,the Shopify app store to do this we're,going to be diving deeper into Shopify's,data to provide insight which will or,may help for some direction inspire some,ideas and also make sure that all of you,are ready to capture all the,opportunities coming down the pipe to,the near future so since we're on the,data team get ready for a bunch of,charts so this pair is actually one of,my favorite charts because it really,shows that interest in apps are growing,and as Cal has indicated already in the,previous presentation shops have stuck,around for a year on average installed,for app or more and in 2017,things are moving even faster so it's,great to see that the app store is,growing but how do you find success on,the App Store here's a list of some,really successful app last year and when,we took a deeper dive into these apps,the common denominator amongst all the,successful apps it's a fact that they're,able to address shaft challenges to,really successful apps that come to mind,are over low and rewind so what over lo,was able to unsend was that shop -,challenging to source products and,fulfill products so they created an app,to help address just add the help shops,easily source put products on the,website and fulfill the products,directly from China freeing up time for,shop to do other things to help me to,shops even more successful,rewind was able to address some shop,worries about losing the shops data so,they create an app to address just that,to help shop back up their shop data,so it's great for us from previous year,was able to address our shops main,challenges but what are the challenges,this year based on merchants survey the,top three challenges we're seeing across,many shops across in 2017 if one,customizing a store understand the,impact of the marketing effort and what,I mean by this is which source of web,traffic is driving the highest,conversions to their shop and where,should they be investing the hard-earned,money to get the most out of the most,return on their investment these are,things that shops really need to,understand to succeed on the platform,and also of course for most new shops,coming onto the platform to getting,their first sale now that we've looked,at some challenges I want to talk,briefly about growth currents in three,shop segments and how we'll be diving,deeper into it later on in the,presentation first industry majority of,our shopper shop are actually in the,fashion imperil industry and is followed,by health and beauty home and furniture,and food and drink this has been the,trend for the last couple of years but,in 2015 we are definitely seeing a shift,in growing trends such as music and pets,coming on to the scene it's going in,2016 and we're seeing bigger growth in,2017 as well in t

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Best Shopify Apps To Boost Your Store's Sales Fast! Get Ahead w/Shopify Apps This Fall! July 2017!

Best Shopify Apps To Boost Your Store's Sales Fast! Get Ahead w/Shopify Apps This Fall! July 2017!

hello guys so today I'm going to show,you how to basically add certain apps,and which apps to add to your Shopify,store alright um well actually I'm going,to use this find so I have a Shopify,store here that's fairly new I just,started a couple days ago,let's go on here right here where you,have your themes so forth you also have,apps you're going to go to that you're,going to click it and boom wallah so any,of the apps that you've already,installed will be there what I already,have on this one I just started this,list of I'll go ahead and go through,them a couple that I don't have on here,I'll also add on this video so one of,them's klaviyo that's an email marketing,app but it's for Shopify exclusively,essentially it's just like MailChimp,that's another one that you could add if,you like to build and grow your email,list I think they have up to 250 for,free on that up to 250 contacts that is,I'm another one on here school shopping,too in the time I'm you know Google,merchants link that up to where your,stuff appears on the Google feed because,everybody wants that so you would link,that as well I've already linked all,these on another store alright so,another one is crush pick pick and that,is one that will compress your images I,believe it only does about 5 megabytes,for free but there are different,packages and what that will do is,refresh your website quicker and it will,speed up that rate as well so that your,customers can get to your website a lot,quicker so another one's math McCafe,sorry secure which is a antivirus it,does that on your website so any third,party yeah stuff that you know may be on,there malware with this than the other,it will protect that it's really cool,too because it'll tell you what things,um you may not have done on your website,and what is activated and what is not so,it's really neat and like your name your,just anything that could disrupt on a,complete you know checkout and,successful sales funnel so another one,overlay this is definitely one of the,most preferred probably at ways to add,products um in bulk to your store so,right here you would see your list you,could go to search products very simple,through quick little demonstration you,see your products on there right here,also you would see my products these of,the amount of products that I have in my,store available right now on this,particular one from them I'm condensing,it down right now,because I just started this and I added,a bunch and then I've edited all of them,you know it's a lot you want to,definitely make sure you have these,applications in place so things like the,image alt tags because you want to,generate good SEO from each image alt,tag as well so I'll show you that,further in this video but anyways you,would go to your import list so as soon,as I would add one of these to the ad to,import list boom I wanted to sell that,right there and dropship it check my,import list let's see,well lots right there I could edit this,stuff briefly right there

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Shopify Japan COMMERCE DAY 2021

Shopify Japan COMMERCE DAY 2021

持ったええええええ3ん,うん,ん,ムー,品,みなさんこんにちは,本日はショッピ回ジャパン主催ショップ,ふぁいコマースで2021にご参加,いただき誠にありがとうございます,司会を務めさせていただきます,コミュニティエンドパートナー,マーケティング担当の石田光栄と申します,コンテンツマーケティング担当の内川恵み,と申します,どうぞよろしくお願い致します,火炎に先立ちまして視聴に関するご案内を,申し上げます,本日はすべての内容オンラインでお届け,いたします皆さまからのご意見ご質問を,画面内のチャット欄または twitter,で受け付けております twitter の,公式ハッシュタグはご覧の通りたしたぐこ,万寿台2021ハッシュタグ所ふぁい,コマースで2021です,お時間の許す限りスタッフがご回答致し,ますのでお気軽にコメントください,また最後にご案内するアンケートにご回答,いただいた方を対象にしょっぱいグッズを,先着でプレゼントいたしますので是非最後,までお付き合いください,こうへいさんグッズ何がもらえるんですか,過去にしょっぱいにトートバッグやノート,マスクなどをプレゼントしたことはあり,ますが今回イベントのために新たに作った,グッズをご用意いたします,何がもらえるのか楽しみですねちょっと,今風のものだって聞きました,先着順ですのでどうか最後までお付き合い,頂けると幸いです,さてコマースデーは私たちショッピふぁい,ジャパンのメンバーと授業者様パートナー,様が交流し新たなコミュニティを作る機会,を創出するために開催いたしました,第一部はプレゼンテーション形式で,ショップふぁい japan からの最新,のアップデートをお届けしますが第2部で,はブレーカーとルーム形式で情報発信交流,する機会をご提供します,本日のスケジュールです,まず最初にカントリーマネージャー田原に,よるオープニング,続きましてシニアテクニカルパートナー,マネージャー岡村による日本に特化した,アプリとエコシステムに関する,アップデート,次にパートナーマネージャー平田による,パートナー様の表彰式となりまして徳光に,袋を地元があります,パートナー開発者マーチャント,コミュニティがありご用意したバーチャル,のスペースに入っていただきます,詳細は第1部の最後にご案内いたします,それでは早速始めていきましょう5月に,ショッピふぁいジャパンのカントリー,マネージャーに就任いたしました田原をご,紹介しますは拡散よろしくお願い致します,こうへいさんめぐみさんありがとうござい,ます,か,ありジャパンへ,星ステム外科あで今一度皆さんとつながり,さらにコミュニティを一緒にに作り上げて,行きたいと思い今回のイベントを開催させ,ていただきます,すでに発表させていただいている内容も,含めてしょっぱいの状況を共有させて,ください,まずは世界中のしょっぱいを利用している,事業者数,6月のいないとイベントでは170万,マーチャントと発表しました,そのマーチャントの購入者も,急成長しています,2020年には85000万人のお客様が,食材を使っているお店で購入をしています,これは2019年に比べて1.5倍,2015年に比べて8倍に購入者が増えて,います,この成長を支えるために,ショップファイでは毎年新機能やサービス,を追加してきました,今年はフェイスブックショップ,ティックトック,アリペイの連携をしてすべての,マーチャントに最先端の販売環境を提供し,ています,しょっぱいの成長は北米とカナダだけでは,ありません,今では175ヶ国で初期会のサービスが,提供されており,直近では米国とカナダ買いの成長率が北米,の成長率を上回っています,この世界プリズンスを利用して,ネットフリックスはしょっぱいで今年オン,ラインストアを開設しました,この人はから世界中のお客さんが,ネットフリックス最新作の以下ゲームの,ロゴ入り t シャツや beams と,コラボ商品が簡単に買えます,世界中から集中するアクセスにも耐え得る,システムを利用しています,それは皆さんが利用されているものと同じ,です,さてしょっぱいの日本の情景を共有させて,ください,日本ではショップ fine の,プレゼンスが急成長しており,流通総額は4倍以上,新規店舗数が3倍以上,食彩パートナー数が4倍以上,しょっぱいアプリが2倍以上増えています,日本では新型コロナウイルスによって,われわれが予想していたより e コマース,シフトが加速しました,2020年では74%の日本人がオン,ラインで購入を経験しました,100年以上続いている企業から,d 2 c ブランド大手メーカーの,さまざまな事業者とゾムに成長するために,日本市場への新機能やサービスを次々に,増やしていきます,今年だけでも今井ととコマース+で,オンラインストアー2.0がすでに日本の,マーチャント全てに提供を開始しています,そして10月にしょっぱい+専用の,オートメーションツールのしょっぱい,プローが+以外のプランに影響を開始され,ました,最後に2週間前に erp ソリューション,との接続もリリースしてをよりしょっぱい,を既存のシステムに組み込みやすくしまし,た,今後も新機能やサービスを追加してまー,ちゃんと全員がより簡単に人は運営できる,ようにしていきます,また今年はしょっぱいマーケットをロンチ,しました,越境のマーケットは毎年拡大しています,日本のマーチャントも乗り遅れないように,ショップふぁいマーケットで簡単に越境,販売を始められるようにしました,これによりすべてのしょっぱい,マーチャントが海外販売のチャンスをより,つかみやすくなりました,最後にしょっぱい+を通じて方てショップ,やブランドもしょっぱいを活用できる環境,を日本で作ります,大手ショップやブランドの既存のインフラ,につなぎ込み打ちやすくしてシームレスに,しょっぱいへ乗り換え可能にしていきます,小さく始めて大きく成長することが,ショップファイのメーカームスペル4 ab,1に込められています,事業規模にかかわらずすべての,マーチャントやブランドの成長をサポート,するため専用の日本語サポート窓口も今年,から開設しました,日本のまーちゃんぽ全てをサポートできる,体制をつくって今後マーチャントと,パートナーと共に日本でしょっぱいを成長,させていきます,本日はお時間ありがとうございました,こうへいさんめぐみさんに戻します,誠さんありがとうございました,ショップファインジャパンの2020年度,総流通額,新規出店数が前年比3から4倍と顕著な,伸びを記録しているんですね,めぐみさん日々仕事していらして時間は,ありますか,はいそうですね,私はショッピふぁいジャパンの公式サイド,の訪問データを毎日見てるんですがやはり,昨年度からいろんな同期でサイトを訪れる,方が激増しています,それはたとえバス停ホーム習慣の影響で,既存ビジネスのオンライン化を急いでる方,だったり,在宅で可能なオンラインビジネスを始め,たい方だったりきっかけは多岐にわたり,ます,いろんなニーズに応える必要があるなぁと,感じます,そうなんですよねそのような多様なニ

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15 - Cómo Configurar Envíos en Shopify

15 - Cómo Configurar Envíos en Shopify

en esta clase vamos a revisar cómo se,realizan los cobros por los envíos y,también vamos a configurar diferentes,zonas de envío te recomiendo negociar,con tus paqueterías locales para que te,ofrezcan precios por volumen entonces,vamos a dirigirnos hacia la parte de,configuración da clic en la sección,envíos,podemos observar que tenemos un perfil,general que es el que estamos utilizando,tenemos la tarifa doméstica que es la,que se refiere a méxico y por otro lado,tenemos la del resto del mundo estos,títulos son para nosotros no los ve el,cliente vamos a gestionar estos perfiles,vamos a dar clic en gestionar tarifas,por ejemplo para el resto del mundo lo,tenemos con un costo de demostración de,20 pesos si quisiéramos nosotros,editarlo damos clic en editar tarifa el,nombre de la tarifa también lo puedes,asignar lo tenemos como estándar y vamos,a hacer un cálculo que el envío para el,resto del mundo desde mil pesos por,ejemplo podemos agregar condiciones a,cada una de las tarifas por ejemplo,basada según el precio o basada según el,peso por ejemplo si tenemos un peso de,un kilo,hasta,50 kilos por ejemplo,vamos a estar pagando mil pesos,vamos a crear otra tarifa en donde la,condición sea,de 51 kilos,a 100 kilos estos son pesos,demostrativos el nombre de la taza vamos,a ponerle,de 51 a 100 kilogramos,y que desee envío,de 3,entonces aquí el costo le vamos a poner,que lo doble,y vamos a dar clic en realizar entonces,ya tenemos dos condiciones si nuestro,producto pesa de un kilo hasta 50 le va,a costar mil pesos si pesa de 51 a 100,kilos le va a costar 2 mil pesos ustedes,pueden generar sus propias reglas en,caso de querer las eliminar damos clic,en borrar estas pero las tarifas de todo,el mundo en caso de que no quieran,enviar para todo el mundo le damos clic,en estos tres puntos y borramos la zona,ya con esto no abre ningún problema en,este caso como esta tienda la vamos a,utilizar para méxico vamos a eliminar,esta zona,ahora ya tenemos envíos a todo méxico,vamos a editar entonces nuestra zona,bios méxico vamos a cambiarle el nombre,también vamos a colocarle aquí de 3 a 5,días,le damos clic en hecho y ahora lo que,vamos a hacer es agregar las tarifas,por ejemplo,el nombre de la taza vamos a ponerle que,también es latas de estándar y los,envíos para toda la república mexicana,la tenemos en 150 pesos de la misma,manera puedes agregar ciertas,condiciones entonces ya tenemos nuestra,tasa estándar para los envíos para todo,méxico vamos a darle clic en guardar,ahora vamos a crear una regla que,también la pueden aplicar y que es un,gancho muy atractivo para incrementar,las ventas vamos a dar clic en agregar,una nueva tarifa y vamos a ponerle a,este nombre gratis en pedidos,arriba de 200 pesos por ejemplo entonces,vamos a ponerle aquí que el costo va a,ser gratuito pero la condición va a ser,según el precio del pedido entonces el,precio mínimo debe de ser de 200 pesos,para arriba es decir que no tenga límite,entonces en este caso sería en pedidos,igual,o mayor

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