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How to Add a Sticky Add to Cart Button or Bar With Free Apps

hello guys today's videos i will show,you how to add a sticky add to chat,button with a free apps,okay if you see,lots of website using these uh features,if you see yeah when it's called drawn a,page it's a product page,this sticky section comes,it helps you to grow your sales,uh when customers come say site,uh he just scroll down for more,information about product he can see,here is sticky section,you can also add,product,by click add to chart there is two add,to chart here one then one if you scroll,down,it comes how we do that today i will,show you uh how we do that okay for,these types of uh,feature i added,apps okay we need to go store have some,customized uh your restore apps okay,so we need to search,add to chat,add to chat,you can search also sdkr2 chat,here you can see lots of uh,lots of apps comes,you need to choose one,so i will show you how we use this,feature,free,there is also lots of,uh paid apps if you see here,okay i have lots of,apps we need to go this one is also free,there is also a free plan available,so i will show,this one,okay,okay we need to add apps,here you can see free plan available 19,reviews,okay install apps,okay you can when you click install apps,you can see dashboard of this apps,okay here you can see,some option is to get to chat sticky,card quick buy and film setting,so,we need to add a sticky add to chart so,we need to click,a sdk add to chat bar,then you can see,you need to,enable it,if you enable it the showing layout you,can see from there,okay,here you can see button action on click,when you click on add to chat where,uh goes,then device setting,button takes add to chart okay,there are two option desktop mobile,for this,for this design is for desktop and this,is super mobile,okay here is the option desktop bar,position bottom and top you can use it,on top you can use it on bottom,okay you can select,product image if you see here is no,product image,on sdk chart,when you click it product image is,coming okay product name also if you,click it product name comes,okay you can change compare price,then show quantity,other things,okay then you can bar color you can,change bar color,if you see,okay you can change but text color,button color okay,if you see button color,okay,so after,uh,show after person discord,so if you see when we click one two,we click on five okay bottom padding if,you give bottom padding,you can see here some changes,okay we just keep zero no problem,no need this one okay,here this one it,animation,you can give animation from here,okay out of this stock then you can see,it's also an avalon home page,okay we need to check we just save it,then go our store product page,okay here,two products i click on one products,then if you see,here is sticky and to chart comes,okay,you can see here also a sticky chat,then,here also one it gives you more sales to,make more sales when customers scroll,down,they saw it,that's it,okay,bye

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