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In the Kno: Optimizing Your Subscription Strategies

wanted to welcome everybody to today's,webinar and i always like to take a,quick moment to introduce myself,i'm jamie from the marketing team here,at no and we are back for another,webinar uh in these in the no webinars,we hope to help e-commerce brands learn,best practices and explore new,strategies and concepts and so we're so,glad you're here and tuning in um a,couple of things before we do get,started if you haven't had a chance to,check out our previous webinars they are,up on our youtube channel so be sure to,watch them there,and i always do send out a follow-up,email where you can catch the replay of,today's recorded webinar uh we will be,doing a q a session at the end of,today's presentation so if you do have,any questions you can send those in,through the q a box and,if you have any questions regarding your,no account or if you're looking to sign,up you can always reach out to us at,hello at we are always,happy to help,so today i'm so excited because we have,gina pirelli gina is the co-founder and,ceo of retection and today gina is going,to be uh diving into some subscription,economy and best practices for unlocking,the full potential of your subscription,strategy,and uh with that gina i'm going to go,ahead and pass it over to you and uh it,looks like your slides are up and we can,jump right to it,awesome thanks jimmy,hey guys i'm excited to chat through,this today uh we'll be walking through a,couple different ways to optimize uh,your subscription program i always like,call it a subscription program people,are like oh we just turned subscription,on our site but like you really have to,treat it like a performance channel um,if you want to get the most out of it so,we're going to go through everything,from looking at how to acquire new,subscribers how to retain them bump up,aov um and then also um what's how to,deal with churn subscribers preventing,churn and then once they eventually or,once they do churn um how to win them,back,cool,um so brief overview of what we'll be,walking through today and we'll start,with acquisition,so um how to acquire subscribers first,off reason to subscribe why would,someone decide to subscribe to your,business instead of just you know buying,one off um the most common thing is,subscribe and save so giving some type,of discount so you'll see it in the buy,boxes they'll be the option subscribe,and save 15,one of the common questions we always,get from people is like well what,percentage should we offer we've seen,everything from five to even 30 percent,off um i'm sure their brands even go,higher than 30 i think like the most,common is probably 10 to 15. it really,depends on you your brand your margins,are you also going to do free shipping,um what other types of promos are going,to come with that you really want to,kind of make it look like this is a true,like subscription program so some other,things you can try is like early access,to new flavors um and discounts uh on,additional add-on items

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Product Update: Sell Subscriptions On the Repeat Cart

Product Update: Sell Subscriptions On the Repeat Cart

hey this is Mark Johnson from repeat,we're super excited to announce this,latest update to repeat's personalized,cart,the repeat cart has long been the best,conversion point for returning customers,when customers are ready to buy again it,outperforms on-site pdps with 15 more,conversions and 30 percent higher aov,and now Brands can use repeats High,performing cart to upsell customers to,subscriptions,enabling subscriptions in the cart means,your customers can seamlessly move from,buying one-off products to becoming,subscribers and it couldn't be easier,let's talk a little about why,subscriptions are such a critical part,of the direct consumer cpg business,model first and then we'll look at how,it works the d2c landscape is Shifting,just as the broader economy is consumers,are tightening their belts which makes,acquiring new customers more challenging,and more expensive than ever as a result,retaining those hard-earned customers is,more important than ever across the,brands we track revenue from new,customers has declined year over year,for three consecutive quarters,in Q3 new customer Revenue was down 18,compared to 2021. now revenue on the,whole is still growing but that growth,is exclusively from returning customers,picking up the slack revenue from,returning customers grew 23 year over,year in Q3 but the share of that Revenue,coming from non-subscription orders is,shrinking and subscription revenue for,returning customers is keeping things,moving so it follows that brands should,lean into subscriptions wherever it,makes sense for the customer,a frictionless path to convert returning,customers into subscribers is essential,but the biggest challenge has always,been getting customers to sign up in the,first place,and that's where this repeat cart update,comes in,just like before customers can access,their personalized cart from any channel,where repeat integrates with the,personalized cart as your conversion,point from email or SMS customers get a,quick easy High converting experience,the items shown in the cart reflect,their entire purchase history the due to,reorder section shows the products that,they're running low on,in previously purchased customers can,see other items they bought in the past,and you might also like section offers,new items they can try but now they'll,also see the option to subscribe to any,products in their card,this subscription upsell appears as an,option with the discount you set in your,subscription app,customers can subscribe to all the,products in their cart or just some of,them,the key here is that the decision to,subscribe is entirely in the customer's,hands so rather than forcing them into a,subscription you're giving them the,option to subscribe when they're ready,it's also super easy for you to set up,the repeat cart works with your existing,subscription platform whether that's,recharge retection skio smarter bold or,something else,you're good to go if your store uses,shopify's unified checkout,repeat will reco

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Shopify Order Conversion Tracking for Google Analytics 4 GA4 Show Shopify Order values in Analytics

Shopify Order Conversion Tracking for Google Analytics 4 GA4 Show Shopify Order values in Analytics

okay today i'm just going to quickly,show you how to,add conversion tracking for the new,google analytics 4 tag,so in the previous tutorial we added,google analytics for,to shopify and the problem,we've seen before was in the store,preferences,area that you essentially can't add,the new google analytics for tag yet so,if you're still at that stage and you,need to add google analytics for,to your website then if you,jump back into that tutorial there's a,link in the description,then you can sort of get started and,then come back to this so,to do this tutorial you need google,analytics already installed and working,and you'll have checked it in the real,time tab like we did in the previous,tutorial,so jumping on from there a lot of people,had asked me how to add conversion,tracking,so in the original google analytics you,used to be able to,use enhanced e-commerce which,unfortunately on this you can't use by,default because there still,isn't a place in the admin to do all of,this so,what we're going to do is um i've got a,script created just for,generic conversion tracking and we're,going to make that work for your,analytics,so if we jump into,the settings at the bottom of the page,and then from there we can go to the,checkout,and what we're looking for is the,additional script area which i've missed,it's,there so in additional scripts,uh this code will all be added to the um,to the description in the video um all,you need to do where it's got,um g dash your tag id here,and it is in two places you've got it up,here,um and you've also got it here so they,both need to be changed so what you can,do,is jump into analytics,and all you need to do is uh jump into,the data stream area of analytics which,we've,already done previously like i said you,can look at the old video to to find all,of this,um so jump into this area and then,you've got your measurement id for this,stream,so that's my one so i'm just going to,take that or you can press copy,either or and then jump into,here so it's important that you copy,this into,a plain text editor so whether that be,a code editor or i'm just using textedit,here but i'm using it in,plain text mode so then all you need to,do is take that,and paste it and,jump into there paste it there,so we've all we've done is swapped out,those two tags and you can just copy,this whole script top to bottom,and we'll go back to that paste it in,and then all we need to do is hit save,and then that's set up so the problem,that,you could have if you're not copying it,as plain text is sometimes,um little characters and symbols tend to,um not get read properly so just make,sure you convert it to plain text,there's,online tools to do it or like i say you,can just use textedit,um and once that's just been added into,here,we can't check it like we did in real,time with the last,one um because obviously somebody has to,buy something,um if you if you're doing test orders or,you can put through a low value order or,something,you probably actual

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Why You're TERRIBLE at Holding Retention w/ Gina Perrelli EP.22

Why You're TERRIBLE at Holding Retention w/ Gina Perrelli EP.22

quick shout out from our sponsor share,ID are you trying to boost conversions,to your Shopify store need to drive more,Customer Loyalty get results fast by,offering exclusive discounts to Consumer,communities with share ID share ID helps,verify students teachers military First,Responders and so much more of these,groups with share ID you'll get a,verified match in seconds you can spit,out an exclusive discount for customers,on the spot try speaking directly to a,new customer segment with this,verifiable identity without adding,friction to the shopping experience,continue to drive incremental Revenue in,the next 90 days post purchase with more,tailored messaging for your email and,SMS campaigns I personally tested,shareid to see just how easy it was to,get set up and I was pretty much ready,to go in under 15 minutes the onboarding,was simple enough for me to follow as a,non-technical person go to,Shopify and start your free trial today,once again that's, Shopify and start your free,trial today it should be directly a,discount should it be get our free this,so sign up to win maybe get entered to,this giveaway,um I would say enter to get um enter the,giveaway works it will work less than,um like a direct discount like a 10 to,15 discount is the most standard that's,what we typically see perform the best,but I also understand like some Brands,come in they're like hey we're premium,we don't want to do discounts what do we,do here and like that's okay if that's,not your brand to offer welcome 10 it's,not going to be everyone's brand,hello and welcome to Ecommerce uncovered,I'm your host Matt lady thanks for,joining if it's your first episode and,welcome back if you're a returning,listener each and every week I'm so,lucky I get to chat with and learn from,a variety of passionate intelligent,Founders operators and practitioners in,the wonderful world of Commerce my,mission with this show is to provide,tactical and practical information and,insight for d2c Brands to grow,profitably and sustainably today's,episode is with the co-founder of lunar,solar group an e-commerce and digital,growth consultancy she's also the,co-founder of retection a Best in Class,subscription program for Shopify Source,they create new tools to improve your,buying experience and increase customer,lifetime value without further Ado,please welcome Gina Pirelli Gina how's,it going,hey it's going good it's going good busy,week but I'm excited to be here as,always yeah welcome to the show and uh,first thing is how do you define,retention and what does it mean to you,in terms for these DDC brands cool yeah,I I Define her attention as like coming,back even to the site like I think that,like it begins the minute you land on,the website like just coming to the,website like what is that pop-up,strategy are we getting their email like,art do we know who they are are we gonna,be able to identify them later because,like some people are going to come to,your website and th

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