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whoa what a beat reduction hi everybody,welcome to this video introduction of,promo and this video I just want to go,over the basics of creating a video from,A to Z so let's get started,so our first step is gonna be to find,the first video that we want to use,let's say that I'm going to make a,fashion video somes gonna type in,fashion in the search so you can see,here that the top results are from the,promo collection and let's just have a,look at one,ok so these are basically templates that,have been put together by creative team,including all the textiles the footage,music and the outro and you can just,click on one edit the text and update to,your logo and make it your is super fast,so if we go into one of the videos that,we select you see this bar at the bottom,this is the videos timeline so this,videos 16 seconds and we can choose to,use less of it okay so when we hover,over videos in the search panel there's,a little star on the top right corner,which we can select which will save this,video to our favorites so we can go over,to our favorites and see all the videos,that we've saved over time ok,so let's pretend that my name is Teddy,and I'm in the lemon honey pie business,and I want to make a short video to,promote my lemon honey pie business on,social networks so first I'm gonna look,for a lemons video let's take a look at,this one,fantastic look at that juice alright so,I'm gonna click the use button and this,is gonna take me to the caption screen,here we can see the timeline on the,bottom I have my lemons video and I have,3 bars above it the first two are,captions text captions and the last one,is the outro alright so I'm gonna double,click on the text and enter the text for,my first capture ok so this is a default,text aisle but it doesn't really work,here the text is white so I can change,it to a darker color or choose a textile,with a background,all right these textiles look much,better you can move the textile round to,wherever you want to on the screen and,just scroll through the different,textiles options until you find one that,works best for you all right I like this,one I can move it around to wherever I,want like I said but I think I wanted to,Center it above the lemon I would like,to choose a different font so we have,the font selection on the left side here,and we can scroll through the fonts and,I just want something maybe bolder black,and I'd like to have the text in all,caps so I'll just click on the cap,button all right so far so good,but I do want to change the color of the,text now I can change the background or,the text color I'm gonna change the,background color to this purple reddish,thingie here green means not bad but I'm,gonna go back with the purple or the,burgundy you can also easily scale it,with a drag box around it until you are,happy with the text size so I'm going to,go ahead and scale it back down and,Center it where it was at the beginning,all right fantastic all right so the,lemon video I chose is a bit

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Easily make videos for your Shopify store | app for Shopify

Easily make videos for your Shopify store | app for Shopify

hey guys my name is Tamar and I'm from,promo com promo com is an online video,maker for small business and agencies,but our next challenge was to create a,direct solution for ecommerce sites like,yours now we all know what a huge impact,a simple product video can make on the,purchasing funnel just like any,brick-and-mortar if someone simply walks,into your store that doesn't mean,they're gonna make a purchase now,research has shown that over 50% of,online consumers actually want to see a,video before they make a purchasing,decision that's why we're really really,excited to announce our brand-new,Shopify video making app where you can,easily make videos just like this one,pretty great right well I'm gonna show,you how easy it is let's dive in so this,is my demo store and as you just saw,this is the product it chose to promote,now once you install the promo com app,you'll find it here in your Shopify,admin opening the app will bring you to,the Welcome page where I'm going to go,ahead and press make a video first I'll,choose the type of video I want to,create you'll choose one depending on,your needs I'm gonna go with a product,video so here you can see all of my,products I chose this jacket it's a,Teddy bomber jacket trust me it's a,thing next I'll browse through these,templates,this square video will work best on my,product page but you can choose whatever,works better for you so now I'm in the,editor where I can start to customize my,video so this is my preview window and,this is my scene selector and this is,where I've all my editing tools this is,where I can select media I can change my,colors I could choose background music,okay now I'm going to replace the,default image with one of my own product,images I'll select one of my existing,photos from our product page now I'm,going to change the text I'll write,something short and sweet like hot new,sale I can also click enter to break the,lines of the text now in the preview,window I can scale and position my text,by dragging it so that it fits perfectly,around my image after that I'm going to,move on to my next scene in this,template it's the outro again I'm going,to replace the image I'll select a,version of my logo that best suits my,video,and again I'm gonna change the text,okay let's preview the video and see if,it needs some more tweaking,perfect if I do say so myself,now I'm gonna go ahead and publish it,okay now for the very best part from,here I can either directly upload it to,my product page or publish it to any of,my social channels for now I'm going to,upload it to my product page let's take,a look and that's pretty much it like I,said before this is a brand new app it's,free for anyone who installs it now we,really made it for you to use and enjoy,and increase your sales we would love to,hear any feedback you have just leave it,in the comment section we can't wait to,see you next time bye,you

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hello everyone welcome to my channel,it's louis p here today what i'm going,to be talking about is an online social,media video editing tool called, now on this channel and,playlist i only show you tools,and apps that i personally use i'm not,going to show you something that is,garbage so i use these tools personally,in my personal life in my business and,the businesses that i work for so in my,professional life i'm actually ahead of,marketing so i know what it's like,leading social media teams and getting,them set in the right direction and i'm,telling you right now this video,platform is an,absolute time saver so moving away from,the time-consuming tools such as adobe,premiere imovie vegas davinci and you,can even look at preventing yourself,from outsourcing videographers and,editors and all those things because,they get really expensive,really fast so you're moving away from,making social media videos youtube,facebook insta all of these videos from,two to three hours,all the way you're condensing it into,five minutes and i'll show you how to do,that right now and as always guys,there's a link in the description so,take advantage of that and make sure you,use it when you're in the office as well,when you get it for your company so,today we're actually going to jump into,promo itself the video making tool,making sure you can use it and figure,out if promo will work for you and your,company and which packages you should,actually look at investing in for your,company remember it's an online platform,there's no need to install anything,which is a really big bonus go on your,browser you pick the video you want you,redo the text and you're pretty much,done and that's it you're not installing,anything it doesn't take you eight plus,hours to learn in terms of like adobe,premiere and all of that so it's a very,very quick motive and you're gonna,pretty much learn everything in this,video as well so at the same time this,is a complete review video and how to,use promo video as well now if you don't,understand how insane this is from a,video production perspective hiring,videographers the time it takes to do,something like this for example,if you're doing this on adobe premiere,to find the graphics,making sure they work the lower thirds,placing them finding the video as the,background and then finding the,licensed music and rendering everything,which of course you need a decent,computer to do that quickly and,especially when you're pumping videos,out as much as you need to in today's,day and age that can take a lot of time,and it takes hours to do and i'll show,you how you can build a full social,media month in less than five to ten,minutes and you may be thinking,no freaking way but i'm telling you now,stay to the end of this video and i'll,show you exactly how to do it i need to,take care of everyone else first and,then i'll take care of the business guys,now just really quickly,to log into this tool it's actually free,you don't have to pay anyt

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Golden State Warriors vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | Jan 4, 2023 | FreeDawkins

Golden State Warriors vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | Jan 4, 2023 | FreeDawkins

this video is sponsored by Steph and,Clay merch get now on 10 discount for a,limited time use code doc Link in,description,six in a row at home they take on,Detroit Detroit alternating wins and,losses and a beautiful lob guided home,Jayden Ivy taking fifth in this past,draft he loves to get in the lane and,guides right in to put that in you're a,young team and it's still a rebuild,there's a fight going back door his,Defender is top blocking him that was,the other key break the paint,what a dish to Looney,just made his Defender commit Stephen,chenzo and that layup floating home,rattling that home and when Jordan Poole,goes for steals you compromise the rest,of your team defensively Vincenzo,setting up Jordan pool catches you three,is perfect to be a lamb's early playing,just to catch and shoot three Stewart,rattling that one home they call him,beef stew that's it that's pretty,nicknamed Rick Mahorn gave it to him so,you know it's good Anthony lamb of the,corner three oh beef stew had a tough,time staying with Anthony,that's a great no call because he just,fell down and somehow found Duran,they're an incredibly young team but you,like their pieces,Anthony lamb of the three,good defense and then top defense,tonight's the good defense by donovich,already in double figures destroyed,definitely a little spicy coming in tied,Jerome an open look and dropping in the,three,they tops it right down the lane,booty comes to help out lambs have the,hot hand that's a tough three and he,made it anyway Anthony lands got three,threes Outlets are tied to Rome nice,pump fake he gets the body bump and the,bucket,the Deep Bay spaces out excellent,three-point shooter,Alec Burks lob how about that hamadu,Diallo just way Above the Rim workout I,told him how angry you were and Moses,Moody dunking that,downward School breaking the paint and,that little floater he got hit on the,wrist and still guided it home and I,think George planted a nice pace so far,tonight oh cool now you see it now you,know what a beautiful move there for,Jordan he's got AJ and Ivy right to the,rim,floater free throw jumper three Moses,Moody dropping in a three thinks about,his plus minus even when he's not there,don't leave Sadiq Bay it's eight and,Ivy's not going to hurt you from deep as,much as Sadiq Bay is shot clock had won,the auto recognized and uh-oh when it's,that kind of night you got to be careful,foreign,lamb and Moody combined for the rebound,and cool leaking out nicely done he got,rewarded,ogdenovich denied by Looney Here Comes,The Warrior defense,getting into the lane,just a long closeout for Moses Moody,because he was watching the drive you,know Jalen Durham right at The Rim,Looney,I've got a national title you've got a,national title I'll pass to you,ogdenovich for three,he's got 15.,wow I told you you got to give him that,a lot of respect,slam able to take it in himself good,dope study right there lamb get into the,lane again and drawing the foul look at,Stefan Andre they're like wha

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Continue the next fourth section about ‑ Promo Video Maker Review -Best Marketing Video Ad Maker Online Video Editor Software Review -Best Marketing Video Ad Maker Online Video Editor Software review best marketing promo,video ad maker online,the company was established in 2012,launch promo in 2016,is termed as the world's leading,marketing video maker,it has a database of over 2 million,videos to promote your business,its expertise in creating video ads,social media videos facebook and,instagram,product videos explainer videos and,videos of anything and everything,to get free trial link in the,description below,customization of your videos is also,available and even you can create your,own videos,promo also provides with a free version,where you can get an idea of how it,works,plus you get the blessings of,exceptional 24 7 customer support,so with promo you can promote an,innovation,a product a sale a business and anything,you care about,so with promo comes the promotion it's,easy to use and has a versatile high-end,video library,it's fast easy and has amazingly good,software for making videos,promo has a high definition video,library to choose from,promo videos provide you with great,videos and software which is easy to use,you can use a promo video for marketing,your business,raising your business awareness,increasing traffic promotional,activities,scale-up engagement and more you can,customize your videos by adding the,right music from the licensed music,library so as to give a unique saver to,your videos,promo videos can be used as software for,making marketing video ad makers,you can create short videos for making,ads to promote your business,you can optimize videos various aspect,ratios,i.e wide square and vertical for desktop,and mobile,you can customize your videos by adding,text in your brand logos to promote your,business,it is one of the best in promoting a,small business or we can say a business,that has a connection to social media,marketing like ads on facebook,instagram youtube ads and many more,promo provides videos suitable for short,ads as people are more interested in,viewing short ads than longer ones and,promo,is quite good for making the short ads,promo uses exceptionally good software,which is very easy,to use and is very fast it provides you,marketing video making software to,promote your stuff as nowadays most of,the marketing is based around videos,for instance look at facebook youtube,instagram,and almost all app ad videos all these,are super popular and an effective and,efficient tool for marketing and,promotion,promo software is really good at making,marketing video ads, is secure for purchases as it,guarantees your safety and all your data,transfers are secured and encrypted,it accepts all major credit cards it,provides you with features like you can,upgrade and downgrade your plans anytime,and you can even cancel your,subscription,so it can be said that promo is secure,and easy to use as it gives options to,reshuffle your plans at any point in,time,you can even cancel your subscription at,any point in time,there is no contract no obligation for,leaving promo so it's simple,easy and sec

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Promo video maker review 2020 | Promo video marketing

Promo video maker review 2020 | Promo video marketing

if you're a someone looking for an,online marketing video maker for your,business then keep watching this video,because I will review promo com an,instant online marketing video software,promo com is an online video maker which,helps brands and businesses create,videos using easily customizable,templates based on categories the,service has high quality professional,video clips royalty free music,customizable video templates and more in,this review we have summarized,everything you need to know about promo,video marketing into seven questions and,answers keep watching this video and,give it a thumbs up if you love what,you've heard so far okay let's get,started,question number one is promo calm free,to try yes signing up to promo calm as,100% free no credit card required with a,free promo calm account you get access,to their catalogue of more than 15,million premium video clips fully,licensed music library and editing tools,to create as many video drafts as you,want you will only be directed to their,pricing plans when you want to download,your video once purchased your video,comes with a lifetime license for,unlimited download and publishing online,question number two what kind of videos,can you create with promo com there's no,limit to the type of videos you can,create with promo com you can create,marketing videos promo videos facebook,video ads social media videos Instagram,video ads YouTube ads product videos,explainer videos event advertisements,intro videos outro videos and more,question number three do promo com,provide free photos that you can use,100% yes they provide over 1.4 million,photos in their free image library there,are no limits to how often you can use,these images question number four can,you sell videos you make with promo com,yes Pro and agency plan customers can,resell or reassign videos to a different,owner but note that when you do this,your own rights including the lifetime,license to use the video expires and,passes along to the recipient question,number five,you use your own videos and photos with,promo com yes you can you can upload and,use your own videos photos music and,audio clips question number six what is,the resolution and file type of the,videos you can create with promo com,basic and special holiday plans can,download videos in HD quality 720p,standard and pro plan subscribers can,download Full HD 1080p videos all videos,can be downloaded in mp4 format question,number 7 where can you use the videos,you create you can post publish upload,and share your videos on Facebook,Instagram YouTube Twitter LinkedIn or,any other social networks websites or,blogs as much as you want,congratulations you just learned,everything there is to promo calm video,marketing click the first link below,this video to create your free promo,account like this video if you liked it,hit the subscribe belt to get notified,each time we drop a new video and also,share this video with your friends

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Introduction to 2019 Video Marketing Creation Made Easy

Introduction to 2019 Video Marketing Creation Made Easy

hello Paul here I'm gonna give you a,really quick introduction to promo comm,it used to be called slide Li promo but,now it's promo comm there it's a really,easy way to make video market mark,videos for your marketing that you can,share any social networks that you could,share a New York you'll be can embed it,on your website and it's just a really,quick way to promote something via video,for you and you can try it for free,don't problem right but let's talk about,pricing first Before we jump in so let's,talk about price and it isn't free it's,gonna cost you if you sign up annually,$29 a month to make one video a month or,49 you can making it as many up to a,hundred so that's like ten at ten a,month eight a month and then if you pay,over seventy nine you can get pretty,much unlimited clips per year oh and you,can buy right labels share it and reel,it reel label everything so basically,what you gonna pay do you pay monthly as,well as $39 a month so consider this,thirty nine dollars per video you're,gonna log in and buy thirty nine dollars,to make one video and you can decide,whether that's worth value to you if if,you know one promoted advert on your,social media for $39 it's sort of better,than hiring somebody to do it in two so,I get a lot of people on my last promo,video complaining about the price well I,say it's $40 and you can have a video in,minutes ready to go so it's kind of at,this point if you don't want to pay $40,then probably don't watch any further so,I'm going to sign up for a free trial,but what's gonna happen is he's not,gonna let me download the videos without,watermarks on your eyes so we're gonna,go here try for free and sign up I'll,sign up because I've already got an,account I'll do 4 promo,it's gonna let me do 5 draft projects,for free and then it's gonna let me in,right do I do it right yes so,yeah let's create beautiful marketing,videos Pro has over 15 million quality,videos so work out what area are in if,you're into sports or health and fitness,whatever your niche or your marketing or,your company area is pick that and then,they'll offer you some videos that might,make sense to you so let me do sports,golf because I do a lot of old stuff so,it's gonna filter us say look here's,some premium let's just go for that I'll,go for the intro that's next to uncover,the top menu features I will include the,best videos search here to get your,videos filter search results here four,different media promo templates discover,perfect ready-made video templates for,your business simply customize the,message latest templates as it is like,something happening content calendar,this is this is you know what what,holidays are coming up what do you want,to promote for your your business you,know say this Halloween coming up your,into a Halloween video something like,that,Brown footage scroll with the raw videos,to browse footage or show those let's,turn this off right and you can upload,your own stuff so first thing it's gonna,give me some pr

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Promo Walkthrough | Marketing Video Maker

Promo Walkthrough | Marketing Video Maker

hi and welcome to promo today we're,going to show you how to quickly create,your first marketing video with promo,once you're logged in and click through,the home page you can optionally enter,your business category you will then,reach the video footage page feel free,to browse and preview suggested videos,from the promo collection and video,results,you,or enter your keywords in the search,field at the center of the top part of,the page and click enter just like,before you can scroll through the,results and preview your favorite ones,when you see something you like click,the use button you will now reach the,promo instant editor where you can,customize text captions add your logo,and select music to edit the caption,simply click the text boxes and type in,your message you can change font size,and position using the tools bar on the,right side to edit the next set of,captions in your video click the next,caption box text below the video in the,next slide you can click the add your,logo placeholder to type in your,business name or click the upload button,on the right bar to upload your logo,graphics from your computer as before,you edit the text fields below clicking,the background icon allows you to upload,your own image,next you can browse and select the music,track preview as many songs as you want,filtered by category and mood,and when you hear something you like,flick use to preview your video changes,click the blue preview button on the,left side menu if after previewing you'd,like to change anything click the,customize button you can then edit the,text change the music or replace the,footage as always click the blue preview,to see the results once you're happy,with your creation click the download,button below the video and proceed to,the download screen where your,high-quality video will be downloaded in,mp4 format without any watermark for you,to use and enjoy the file is viewable in,full-screen using all leading video,players available and can be posted to,Facebook YouTube Instagram and virtually,anywhere,we look forward to seeing your beautiful,marketing videos with promo

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Promo com Video Marketing Maker (Why is the SINGLE BEST Social Video Maker on the Market!)

Promo com Video Marketing Maker (Why is the SINGLE BEST Social Video Maker on the Market!)

all right guys,it's a boy manny here and i want to talk,to you about what's the world's,number one marketing video maker,what i'm doing is i'm actually recording,my screen,with my cell phone my iphone,basically i want to tell you,why you should actually be interested,in this product right here so,let's go down as you can see they're,partnering with,facebook instagram,youtube getty images,and shutter shock so,they have videos to convert with over,2 million marketing videos already,created,their award-winning video maker will,help you make your own scroll stopping,videos gives you everything,you need to make,high-performing videos that will boost,your businesses,let me see,they have groundbreaking technology,create standout video ads,social media videos product videos,explainer videos and more all optimized,for online results,look at this their creative hub,customize more than 2500 top performing,video templates,or create your own choose from over 23,million,premium hd video and photos,from getty shuttershot other topic,visuals,are top rated partners in our visual,library,you can see here,they have award-winning customer support,you're never alone,get in touch anytime from anywhere with,a 9.7 out of 10,satisfaction rating worldwide you can,rely on their,five star customer support team for all,of your technical and video advertising,needs,i like this what can you do with,promo marketing videos,real estate videos,product videos video listicles,inspirational videos,event promos hr,videos holiday offers,product tutorials facebook ads,instagram stories,youtube ads marketing videos,real estate videos you know so that's,just,showing you that videos that work,best on facebook like these,great stories for instagram and facebook,videos that work wonderfully on desktop,videos to amaze your audience's,instagram feed,trusted by remax zoho disney,the better business bureau boise virgin,hilton century 21 and,whatever that says,what the customers think,five out of five for sensational service,i only use it,well it's kind of going fast but,you'll get it if you pause it yeah,so let's see what we have here,products you can see here it's a promo,video maker a commercial maker,a social media video maker e-commerce,ads,facebook video maker facebook video ad,creator,facebook story ads instagram video maker,instagram video maker internet video ad,maker,instagram story ads youtube video maker,youtube ad maker youtube intro maker,youtube azure maker linkedin video ads,twitter video ads amazon video as,real estate videos fitness marketing,videos,fashion marketing videos restaurant,videos,beauty marketing videos travel ads,business recruiting and hr videos,non-profit videos,here we see the tools,have an online video maker video ad,maker social media calendar,image resizer free online collage maker,photos to video maker facebook video,covers,video production cost estimator facebook,ad budget calculator,facebook ads troubleshooter and youtube,money calculator,and they

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hey what's up guys so welcome to my,promo,review and demo video inside this video,i am going to show you,a complete demo and walkthrough of these,software,so as you can see here i'm inside the,dashboard and basically with the help of,this tool,you can create marketing videos and,again with you can create,promo videos,facebook instagram youtube as well as,linkedin ads and,with along with this tool you also get,all,various tools like photos to video maker,then,social media calendar image resizer,facebook video covers and free online,collage maker,so let me show you the demo of the,software so once you're logged in,just go to the templates section and,then choose the template that you want,or the template that you require,for your business now with,you can create vertical videos square,videos as well as horizontal videos for,youtube,and at the left hand side here you can,see here,there are various templates like from,valentine's day then the,events e-commerce restaurants health and,fitness,then small business social media,computer and id,halloween then insurance tray ramadan,and the means thanksgiving etc,now choose your category so i can simply,choose these,inspirational or motivational templates,and once i selected that you can see,here,we have got means stories then square,videos,as well as the horizontal videos,now let us select the story so you can,preview the particular template,and i'm just going to directly customize,the template,and let me show you what you can do with,this software,now i have a story that is a vertical,video format now you can convert that,vertical video format you can see here,uh,there is option so you can convert it,into,white so so let us convert into white,so i'll just convert it into youtube,videos and i can convert it into square,that i can use for social media like,instagram and facebook,now this is the default video guys and,now,you have to add the changes inside it,now if you want to replace the,so let me show first preview the,template of this video so let us play,the template guys,it's taking some time so as you can see,here this was the template and,there also means uh you get to customize,the,first two slides or you can say equips,and you get outro so in the outro you,can means customize the,outer as per your requirement so you can,add these effects to your,outro or you can add such all types of,effect,using these uh feature that you get here,so you can add various types of outros,inside your video,and you can also customize the text,so now if you want to change the uh,color of your text guys so you can see,here,uh let me show you again change the,color,so i think white will be visible so you,can see,i have just changed the color of this,text and,means you can add any text that you want,and you can see here,this is the y uh blue text color,then again i can chew uh choose the font,as for my requirement,and so you can see we have just changed,the font,then i can also change the color so if,yo

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