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Shopify Retail Barcode Labels App - Setup Tutorial

hey today we're going to have a look at,the upgrade for the barcode printer up,here for printing out barcode labels and,Shopify see if I want to click on EPS,over here and then visit Shopify app,store and wait for that to load up and,then we go into search EPS and what,we're looking for is retail barcode,labels and that's the hepa want this,you're going to click on there click on,add app and that will add it into your,Shopify store we want to install the app,and there we go into retail barcode,labels so this is the upgrade for the,old version this is a little but gives,you a few more options and gives you a,way of creating templates here so if we,wanted to,firstly we're going to want to do is,create a template give it a name,and we'll call it test test and the size,of the labels we want the 25 by 54 other,ones you can get from Tilghman and then,you're going to want to decide on here,what you want on the label now I don't,need the SKU or me because I don't,normally use that so we've just got the,name of the product the price in the,barcode label itself which is that one,there not a lot of customization you can,do here just basically say if you want,these fields or not if you want to get,into a full customization you're better,to use the demo printer program and use,the export outs of it and I'll do,another video on there is a later date,ok we're going to create that template,and then we're going to go and to create,barcodes create barcodes for oh no thus,create barcodes actually creates a,barcode number for all your products so,if you don't already have a barcode,labels of signs you can do the create,barcodes and they will create codes for,them otherwise if you have or if you're,using google for your products you've,already got the barcode field has,already used so you don't want to do,this we're gonna overwrite what's,already in there okay so we're gonna,just click on the print labels as what,we want decide which products we want to,print labels for we'll just do it for,this kiss draw here we'll go add label,template we'll use the test test one,that we just created and you'll see 25,by 54 we've got there,now I should say at this point when it,comes to printing you need to make sure,that you've set this label size and your,printer but we'll have another look at,me anyway choose how many labels we want,we're gonna print three labels and the,just go you can preview the labels if,you want have a look what they're gone,to an outline and it looks pretty good,that's exactly what we want beer so we,go print three labels it brings up our,print dialog and windows looks all good,there now you need to sit this paper,size once you've set it and there,remembers it but if you don't see this,you'll get the label half printing off,and all right D on the other end and,missing bits of the barcode so do make,sure that you set your paper size to the,right size which in our case is 303 36,the 1 inch by 2 and 1/8 inch which is,the 24 by 54 millimeter labels okay then,w

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