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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping In Nigeria From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

so i'll be showing you on how you can,make fifty thousand,hundred thousand era monthly,monthly,you see starting up your drop shipping,business in nigeria is so easy,and,very very easy you're not doing anything,distressed you're not doing anything,it's just all about you just getting the,customer i mean you get a customer and,then you go,and make the purchase of the customer,and send it to his,i've been able to get address to 100 000,per month now i'm not guarantee you that,you can get this per week but if the,system works fine for you you can also,achieve,this per week if it works fine for you,but i want to show you my own i've been,able to generate 50 000 monthly yes it,is not possible for a month to go i,don't generally such an amount of money,for myself but a lot of people are,that are very smart that if i show you,the system if you can really maneuver,your ways in this system you can be able,to achieve such kind of amount of money,even weekly for yourself and even not,just weekly you can do that,in a day for yourself depending on just,sourcing that for a particular product,that you know that this product is holds,in demand this product is actually,caught in the market and then really you,sources for such product you can,actually sell those credits to people,and then you get on commission too,so there are sites in nigerians whereby,we make use whenever we want to do drop,shipping this site i already built that,these are e-commerce sites already so,what we do is that we go to those sites,and then we begin to source for,those groups windows,so there are basically three websites i,normally use to um,outsource my goods,and let me see four websites i normally,use to outsource my good the first one i,use is facebook,yes facebook i go to facebook groups the,way i do it on facebook is that i go to,facebook groups i search for products,that are there in facebook groups you,know the ones i noticed that there is,much comment under those products i draw,myself to groups of facebooks and then i,look for entirely groups check products,if i notice a particular product people,are replying the product simply this,product is hot in demand i quickly,duplicate such product and then go,search for it in a place i can get it,for a lesser price i don't know if you,understand what i'm saying i'm going to,show you how i do that too and then i,make use of jumia,dot com dot and this is e-commerce,website very popular ecommerce website,you know about this website and then i,make use of conga.com and then i also,make use of on gg,dot com,yes the combat engine i think so i'm,going to check the address so these are,these are actually ecommerce website,junior.com.ngs.ecommerce website conga,dot com.com,please we'll just chat and all these,thoughts there so what i'll do now is i,will go to gg okay let's maybe go to,junior this is my junior.com i love you,now i look for a particular product the,joint of time i love going for puddle,that always have this discount on them,i go fo

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