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E437: Keeping Your Eyes on the Price with Drew Marconi

hey drew welcome to the ecom crew,podcast,hey mike awesome thanks for thanks for,having me excited to be here,it's uh it's good to have you we've been,spending our morning getting uh flame,from,the knitting crowd which is the new the,new business we just got into so that's,it's been an interesting morning we'll,talk a little bit more about that on,another episode but uh today we're going,to be talking about,pricing uh which i think is an,interesting topic um,something that we've been digging into,on our on our own,which kind of prompted this conversation,we know each other through a mutual,friend and you also have some,interesting software,specifically for uh not for amazon but,for your own store that can help with,this and so i think your background will,help with this conversation i'm excited,to have it today,yeah i mean too i,love nerding out on pricing it's my,favorite thing to talk about so excited,before we get too far down that rabbit,hole uh,maybe let's do a quick introduction and,let people know,why you nerd out about pricing and your,background and how you kind of got this,knowledge to be where you're at today,yeah you know it kind of is a one of,those serendipitous falling into,something backwards stories where,in 2017 i wound up at a raichu ride,sharing company called via,transportation in new york,followed an old boss there was on the,growth team,they had done flat pricing for their,first several years of existence,i got kind of tasked,along with adam my current co-founder,hey go figure out,how we build a pricing system and so,we spent four years there building,everything from the basic,taxi meter software to,surge algorithms and subscriptions and,how do we,do automated lifecycle campaigns,and really built out a,comprehensive system that was,just fun to operate like our goals were,always changing and we could have these,levers to pull so,um,both both of us fell in love with,pricing and when we,looked to start our next gig and start a,company together we figured hey let's,take this knowledge and keep rolling,with it let's do pricing way more to,learn interesting so there's this,something like a,an uber or a lyft type company that yeah,just went by the wayside didn't make it,or got acquired,precisely yeah their angle was much more,on um,shared rides pooled and the company's,still,alive and well uh going strong this year,they've oh interesting really emphasized,um,now their business to government model,so selling that software and the,services to,cities like arlington texas to go um,you know,rather than having one,least common denominator bus line have a,really nimble fleet of vehicles so,uh the consumer business is no longer a,major part of it but,via is still alive and well,and so was the the thought process to,begin with like it's 35 cents a mile to,like be in one of our vehicles and,that's just the flat rate and then they,realize that,hey we probably should charge a little,bit more for this when there's peak,demand and we can get mo

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so you're thinking about using system IO,but you don't know which pricing plan to,choose and how it actually works my name,is Marcus and in this video I'm going to,review the system i o pricing plans how,it works which one is the best and what,you can actually find in it before we're,going to start if you're going to use,the link Down Below in description for,registration it's on my affiliate link,and you would send me your landing page,course whatever I'm going to give you,completely free feedback if you're going,to use uh my link so we're going to come,here to system IO you're going to have,the month view version and annual,version if you're going to choose the,annual version you're going to say 30,now the pricing points are really cheap,comparing to competition and what is,really great about system IO that it,covers it's all in one platform,so we're not going to actually uh like I,don't know use conework kit some card,and other tools because you can have,everything in one and what I really like,that in the free version even in free,version you can have multiple things and,my recommendation is start with a free,version,try to build things up play around with,it and if you're not gonna have the,limitation that you need to upgrade then,upgrade,that's what I would do and that's what I,do so right here you're going to see the,only thing that you don't have in a a,free version and startup version is a,Evergreen webinar so if you need,webinars you need to go with the webinar,package and you can always click here,star for free and you're good to go,so you see that again if you need more,automation rules you need to go with the,startup because you're gonna have in,free only everything a one yes blog post,students community members file storage,space is everything unlimited but,other than that you see the one click,upsells order bumps a b tests coupon,codes all is only one here,so that's pretty much it now if you have,any questions let me down below in the,comments guys you can have also the,unlimited package in which you can have,like everything unlimited a webinar is,like more complex comparing to the,startup M3 but what I really like is,that if you're just starting out with,your course if you're starting out with,your landing page with the affiliate,marketing the free and startup package,is Top Notch like just imagine this just,convertkit which costs about 49 if,you're starting out,uh and you can have limitation of 1000,one thousand people in it then you need,to upgrade it's going to cost you even,more money than system IO but in system,IO you can do the same things as in,conework it,with even better landing pages that's,the first thing comparing to Conor kit,and the second thing and I'm and I was,using on working maybe I'll use it in,future it's perfect too but I'm just,saying that if you're starting out,in a moment when you're gonna like get a,lot of Revenue then you can upgrade to,whatever tool you want but,like just with the system i o you can,ha

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7 Surprising Split Tests | Ecommerce Day LA w/ Kurt Elster

7 Surprising Split Tests | Ecommerce Day LA w/ Kurt Elster

thank you i appreciate it,huh i love this old meme template this,is great,the,good thing bad thing meme template but,so i work with a lot of brand owners,deal with a lot of brand owners and,everybody says i want to make,data-driven decisions i want to make,more money well okay obviously who,doesn't and the joy of data-driven,decisions is it takes away the anxiety,like the it de-risks decisions,but the larger issue we have with,websites when you combine it with this,this idea of loving data driven,decisions,is,brand owners are emotionally invested in,their websites and so suddenly the go,with my gut options when it's tied with,like what you know because your website,is your baby your brand is your baby it,becomes real easy to reject data in,favor of what i just aesthetically or,opinionatedly like better ignoring what,my customers think,and there's a way out of it and it's,split testing split testing will really,spell out for you this is what these,decisions cost you right when you want,to go with what you like subjectively,over what the data tells us we should do,and so in 2020,you know before the bad thing happened,i thought to myself i'm going to get,good at split testing and i'm gonna get,good at split testing by doing it i'm,just gonna try it i'm gonna try it and,i'm gonna bill my clients for just the,straight time that it takes and it turns,out it doesn't take that much time to do,when you have tools like google optimize,which is free oh my gosh the thing is,free and if you're running google,analytics it's already half set up for,you,so i'm thinking to myself i'm like why,should i not,be,figuring out split testing and mastering,this and so i set out for the last two,years to just run a whole bunch of split,tests,and the results when we would find,things that were both counterintuitive,and consistent,really blew me away like the things,that we just assumed didn't matter or,that we assumed were best practice,often weren't,and so i want to share with you today,seven of these split tests that i found,the results were counter-intuitive and,they made me really think about like,what the heck are we doing here as,designers,but you may be wondering who,is this yahoo,in the pink shoes,and so i've been i've been a shopify,partner,for over 10 years now we work,exclusively in e-commerce on the shopify,platform,uh i host an e-com podcast got two,million downloads so that's probably,what i'm best known for uh i got a c in,quantitative analysis so,my goal here is to inspire you to try,split testing not necessarily to,convince you and certainly don't,accept any of my advice as best,practices,and in that time we've got some some fun,interesting clients that we've done a,lot of the split testing work for,like ezra firestone's recently acquired,overtone,uh hoonigan just really fun automotive,apparel lifestyle brand harney t if you,like t you've probably heard of harney,in jay leno's garage and truthfully,no one cared who i was or what i did and,then suddenly i h

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Profit Strategies Podcast March 19, 2021 | Stocks to Buy

Profit Strategies Podcast March 19, 2021 | Stocks to Buy

all right back for another podcast folks,uh,this one's for weekending at march 19th,2021,and uh chris first question right out of,the bat,i i don't have it on because you know uh,it's not uh,it's it's not st patrick's day anymore,right as we're,as we're uh uh rolling out but uh how,was your st,paddy's day it was uh uneventful tom,you know a little corned beef cabbage,and uh some soda bread so,we did the traditional stuff mm-hmm nice,how about so we had a green day,yeah but we also had a red day because,it was fed day,so we're gonna try to stay close to the,cuff here,and uh the the plan for this podcast is,to,get laser focused on what the markets,have been doing and what,really had they haven't been doing um i,want to,look at technicals going forward,fundamentals going forward,seasonal is going forward and then i,want to talk about,your shopping list as well as mine going,forward so this is a forward,looking podcast unless we're,rolling past mid-march heading into the,back half of the month,so let's start with the markets,and let's just get right to the the news,i mean you know prior to the fed meeting,rates interest rates were going up right,bonds were hitting new lows again,uh it was putting pressure on the stock,market then,the fed meeting came out and it looks,like,i mean well what do you think 2023 is,what they're telling you most of the fed,governors are saying you we're not going,to see higher rates until 2023.,there are four of them that are saying,we could see him in 2022,but jerome powell is coming out and,saying what we know to be true which is,he's going to keep buying bonds,keeping liquidity in the market and,they're still going for as close to zero,as possible on rates,and that two percent number two percent,came up so many times two percent growth,gdp gdp gdp so the,market i think they're trying to tell,the market you're ahead of yourself,cool your jets a little bit the tenure,is not listening right now though when,we see the tenure keep going up,and i think you've got a firm trend in,place on bonds here tom what do you,think,yeah i mean i i i do too,and the the the little bit of talk that,i heard,was that this move in the tenure,was a short-term pullback is what i,heard as well,coming out of the chatterbox uh from the,fed,so i mean obviously we'll see i mean you,know it's one thing to say that,yeah interest rates are having a little,temporary temporary run,up or yields and and uh interest rate,sensitive,bonds are coming back a little bit but,it's something different to go to the,store,and see plywood 300 uh,more expensive now than it was this time,last year uh that,the reason home prices are as high as,they are uh,has more has just as much to do with,supply,as it does in demand i mean use car,prices,you know when when when new and used,cars when the price of cars actually,goes,up that's a shock to me so,well you know i think the market's going,to bear where where,the future holds yeah i if you think,about it tom 2013 we're coming o

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Goodbye AIDS? (Documentary of 2010)

Goodbye AIDS? (Documentary of 2010)

you suck,Kaposi's sarcoma this is the scholarly,term for a form of cancer that had,already appeared in Africa and is now,heading the West shaky hop not know Luke,Shido several hundred cases in France,four thousand in the United States,seventeen hundred of which have been,fatal spreading terror among the,homosexual community the 80s have been,marked by an alarming increase in aid,the terrible disease that suppresses a,person's defenses often leading to,cancer and even death this virus,suppress the immune system of the body,killing three out of every four cases a,new york and new york the undertaker has,refused to touch the body,it was the 1st of December 1993,act-up threw up a giant condom over the,entire obelisk at the plastered icon,called in paris to alert the general,public on the AIDS threat at the time,there wasn't any effective treatment for,it everyone was scared people were dying,France was hit especially hard by the,AIDS epidemic with the highest death,toll in Western Europe more than 35,000,AIDS related deaths since 1981 yet,further propagation of the deadly virus,never materialized doctors were able to,rein in the disease with the arrival of,triple drug therapies in 96 and now 14,years later how are the lives of AIDS,patients under treatment what does it,mean today to be HIV positive in France,like in any other country in Western,Europe and where are we today in 2010,with the hiv/aids epidemic as for,France's current health issues AIDS is,almost non-existent what's left of it is,HIV the virus responsible for,contracting AIDS,for one it is hundreds in Sebastia why,are we going back into the archives,that's because there's been recent,regulation from the public health system,requiring the files of the patients who,passed away more than 20 years ago to be,thrown out I'm talking about the files,of patients with HIV who died from AIDS,more than 20 years ago and all the,patients we have compiled together in,this book with all these pages and all,these names are people with gripping,stories that but at the time how many,patients in your unit were you losing on,a weekly basis professor listen at the,time prior to triple drug therapies in,our unit we had one death every five,days I can't fathom the idea throwing,out the files of these patients which in,fact represent the memory of all these,people that we knew when I calm down,here it feels like you know going down,into a crypt,many people died of AIDS with the,incredible suffering that goes along,with dying young at age 30 it really is,something incredibly painful and when,these young doctors read about these,medical stories they are considered to,be really extraordinary stories,something that today's young doctors,aren't really exposed to at all anymore,at the very beginning of the epidemic,the complicated infections that define,AIDS brought with it the deadly diseases,that killed its victims in a matter of,months,that's an ardor no longer exists today,well at least it's not in Francis Health

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Keynote: Why Life Long Learning matters even more in the 21st Century?

Keynote: Why Life Long Learning matters even more in the 21st Century?

thank you for the opportunity to share,some thoughts on this topic today in the,education conferences the hot topic,today is lifelong learning and why it,matters more today than before,so let's reflect few things on the 21st,century itself year back being TCS got,together and said how do we deal with,this rapid changes that we see in,various different industries the,insurance industry may not be there,after a few years the automotive,insurance industry if the autonomous,cars are going the way it is going today,we may see some drastic changes in the,insurance industry if you look at,manufacturing industry with 3d printing,and other technologies coming in we have,to see how that industry is going to,evolve for the future so every industry,is evolving rapidly so we asked this,question what does it mean for a company,like these years which is in the,technology space and how do we create,value to our own customers so we,launched this business for dot MOU,framework as we call or which primarily,focused on four key aspects for every,industry and this is a thought,provocation framework from TCS that,really focused on how do you really get,into mass personalization in the,industries that we are serving you know,many years back when we talked about,personalization,we talked about personalization for a,segment we talked about personalization,for a k2 told segment we talked about,personalization for a higher education,segment and so on so forth but it really,moved on to for civilization at an,individual level right but if you,actually observed today several examples,personalization is gone beyond the,individual level what does your child do,in the morning,versus the child does in the evening,varies and how do you interact with the,child in the morning and evening has to,change so personalization at an,individual level is moving from segment,to group to individual to transaction,today right yeah Amazon's build for the,same individual in the morning changes,than in the evening right so what does,it been for various different industries,how one should look at this mass,personalization itself is one dimension,we have been putting enormous amount of,research in thinking the second aspect,is about exponential value creation,today companies are looking at how can,they create value not just in single,dimension but in multiple dimensions,much beyond what their expectations are,many tech product companies are coming,up with products that drive exponential,value to the students to the learners to,the consumers at large right and the,more important aspect about it is this,exponential value creation is happening,at a price point which is much much,lower than a normal segment based value,creation so today we are saying probably,there will be a scenario about the,autonomous cars will be cheaper than the,cars that we see today,so an exponential value creation is,happening but the same time the price,points are being brought down very very,significantly that's the second asp

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