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GST Invoice App with Shopify POS

hello friends hope you all are doing,great,we at jstf team are very excited to,announce that now gst invoice india app,is fully compatible with shopify pos,here in this video i will show all the,features which you will get which is,with cheers invoice india for orders,originating from shopify pos,let's go with an example to explain you,better,say you have,uh your head office in amdah gujarat and,even operating in delhi with two,different voice locations,and if see these two different peers,location and if,you want your bills uh uh to be labeled,uh with different,addresses and different vst,numbers of the location then all you,need to do is go to gst news india,backend,click on settings,and then on location tab,you can see all your uh locations added,in shopify that is then the network,and delete place with its,different gst numbers,are there,you need to make sure that this setting,is available,in order to,generate this from the location address,using location gst details,make sure this setting is enabled,and click submit if not,once this is done you are all set to,start generating bills using location,details on the things,let's go to shopify pos and see,how it will work,so,friends here we are on shopify pos,application,and see i have already logged into,latper naga delhi location address,so now let's place a test order and see,how it will work,let's first select the customer,i have selected the customer now let's,select the product,which customer is about to order,i am selecting this,14k bloom earrings,worth 579,let's set to cart,it's added to card now let's go to home,and,proceed to checkout,checkout,i am selecting cash,with 580,see changes you and,order is placed click done,now,let's go to order,and see,order is already here,in this when you go,this time will come for the invoice,and you click on this,invoice will get downloaded,see downloading is there,over here it will,download it,see,open,number is there,and the invoice is there,with the customer details and uh,cgstscst,got it,so like this when you place uh,invoice from,uh connot plus uh it will open up plus,details currently see uh,is slack button now let's place one,order,with corner plus details,let's again go to pos,i need to switch the location because,currently my location is lag part number,so i'm switching it to corner plus,and then,it will take bit times,so you cannot plus location is selected,now let's place one order for foreign,i have just one customer,so let's select that only customer is,selected,now let's go to product,and select some product,let's select this time interlinking,earrings,add two card,again go to home and just 329 order is,there,check out,cash,340.,processing payment is there,okay payment is 10 changes 11 10,now let's go to others,and see this order,say gst title is there,click on this,invoice will get downloaded on the,mobile,if printer is attached then it can be,printed also,let's open this invoice,see,connot plus invoice is there,with the details are includi

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Generate eInvoice Json and Upload on eInvoice portal

Generate eInvoice Json and Upload on eInvoice portal

hello my name is amish and i am from gst,invoice india support team,today i will show you a new feature that,we made public on gst invoice india,application,for businesses with more than 20 crores,of turnover,they need to generate e-invoice from gst,portal,and to cater to the same requirement we,have given you the facility,to download b2b orders json file,which can be used to upload on gst,portal,to generate e-investigation you need to,open gst invoice india application from,shopify apps,and then click on gst invoice india by,web linux,on this,page you can see invoice session section,click on this,over here we have given you ability to,select,maximum 15 days range to download json,file for your orders,you can use server you can also use,several filters like today,yesterday last three days last seven,days last 15 days and custom range,that will be for 15 days only,gst portal has some fixed size limit for,json file,so it may possible you may need to break,down orders into multiple json files to,get updated on gst portal,and hence we are limiting a maximum of,15 days of orders for json file,to change,if you fulfill orders from multiple,location,you can use filter,as filters,for b2b orders location wise too,once you select the date range,use this filter if,there,and click on validate order button,now system will fetch all b2b orders,from your store and check whether all,mandatory data is available or not in a,particular order,if in a particular order some mandatory,data is missing,system will give you prompt,like this,and you need to click on this link and,can add those data on the fly to get,those orders updated,see here we have two type of issue and,the major one is update seller detail,field,let's click on this and see the,instructions,see over here is you can please update,store details from setting page,let's click on this,and see what is missing,over here uh let's see,try to find out what is missing,i can see store address is missing,so let's set some,storage a sample address,just,him,right,let's save,okay details are saved,let's again click on this validate,button only and see what happens,see,major ones are gone and validate and,successfully done,but still some things are pending,so let's see,over here it's mentioned update by a,detailed phrase let's click on this,ah billing address is only missing,i'm running just like this,let's go on and validate and see,how this is,okay,it's on,update by a detailed phrase,again by every link,now you can see that,in some,date stamping is there,why this is uh there because previously,for the test purposes,we have already selected these orders,uh and generated json for it,so yeah we have uh,we have a date stamping over here so you,can avoid these orders for generation,purpose otherwise it will be duplicated,on your gst store so you can remove,these orders,and click,json uh and just select orders which for,which json are not yet generated,like this you can see like multiple or,if,uh or even you can select pol

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