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so you got your shopify store up and,running but it's not looking too hot,maybe you just needed to get a website,up and running as fast as you possibly,could or maybe you've had a website for,a couple of years and it looked great,when you launched it but it's starting,to look a little bit out of date now,bottom line you don't love your website,and you want to do something better and,that begs the question how do you make,your shopify store look good,i'm kelly landrum i'm a co-founder at,true north social we are a digital,marketing agency based in los angeles we,are shopify partners and we are here to,help you learn how to market your,business online if you want to find out,how to make your shopify store or any,store you want to use magento,bigcommerce whatever you want and we are,going to show you how so let's dive in,when we design a website we do it in,little bite size chunks and the place to,start is with your header and your,footer these are really easy to overlook,a lot of people overlook these but,they're literally on every page of your,website these are a huge branding,opportunity because they can contain,your logo your brand colors maybe even,some branded typography when you look at,your header and footer it's critical,that you look at them on both desktop,and mobile devices these are vital for,navigation so we need to make sure,they're done right that means not too,big not too small and on mobile devices,you need to make sure that the links are,spaced far enough apart for people with,big fingers so let's take a look at some,examples so a very nice example of a,header here is, up here this is our,header this is what we're looking at,let's click over here and as i mentioned,you can see there's their logo they have,some branded typography up here they,have colors already going on they've,even put some products that you can see,inside one of their drop downs here this,is pretty nice merchandising now on the,homepage when you load this this is,transparent but as you scroll down the,page you start they do a purple kind of,transparency here it looks like it's,blurring stuff in the background a,little bit but again yellow and purple,are obviously their brand colors along,with green and that is pervasive as you,scroll down the page they choose to they,chose to do a sticky header here which,is great i like that a lot when you look,at this one of the other pages most,pages on a website that aren't the home,page have a white background so it looks,like they're doing some purple at the,top of this one let's see if we can find,one that okay yeah so this is on white,and they just do the background of their,header here and this purple bar with the,yellow at the top,and it looks like it stays solid on the,other page or on the other pages i,should say but uh very nice treatment,for,a desktop version let's look at the,mobile version here so you can see here,the navigational elements are bundled up,into this hamburger icon which i think,is v

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PUBG का अलसी सोल्जर | Gattu The Real PUBG Soldier | Hindi Kahaniya | Hindi Moral Stories

PUBG का अलसी सोल्जर | Gattu The Real PUBG Soldier | Hindi Kahaniya | Hindi Moral Stories

Pun toon kids.,Gattu became the real soldier.,Pubg game has made children crazy.,Gattu and Chinki took their father's phone and played Pubg.,What are you doing kids?,Father, we are playing game.,You're playing games! But you're sitting.,Then how are you playing?,Father we are sitting and playing mobile game.,Al right. Which game are you playing? Candy Crush.,Father, Candy Crush is old now.,We are playing the new one.,Alright, now I got it, you're playing Ludo.,What you are saying father!,Ludo is very boring. We are playing Pubg.,I won.,Hail Pubg.,Brother now it's my turn.,No, I've to play more.,Father, you tell to brother.,Gattu, show me, let me play.,What? You'll also play Pubg. Take this.,Father took the mobile and plays Pubg.,Father you died.,He killed you.,Take this and play.,I don't like this violent game at all.,I like Candy Crush only.,Father went and kids started playing once again.,What you were doing! Started playing with kids.,You should stop them.,Why? What happened?,All the time they are after Pubg.,They neither eat properly nor go to the ground to play.,Only they want is Pubg.,I'm tired of Pubg.,They don't even study properly.,Sunday, it means holiday.,Gattu, Chinki and their friends were enjoying their holidays.,They all were sitting in the living area and were playing Pubg.,I won, hail Pubg.,Hail Pubg.,Meanwhile mother comes.,Kids stop playing Pubg. Now study.,Oh aunty! We've to become soldier.,For that you've to study.,No, we can play Pubg and become soldier.,In Pubg, we learn shooting gun, killing enemies...,and everything.,Mother becomes tensed by listening to kids.,Some days passed like this only.,Kids were addicted to Pubg.,And kid's parents were worried.,Suddenly Indian government banned Pubg.,And both Gattu and Chinki...,who were addicted to Pubg, were very upset.,What was the need of banning of Pubg?,We wanted to become soldier, now how will we become?,Now what will we play?,Go to the ground and play cricket or football.,By doing so you'll be fit and healthy.,Then you'll surely become soldier.,No, we'll play Pubg only.,By saying this Gattu and Chinki started crying.,That's when uncle comes.,Uncle was a big officer in army.,How are you sister? What happened to the children?,Pubg is banned. And this is the result of that.,Uncle, we too wanted to become a soldier like you.,Pubg is banned, now how will we become a soldier?,By listening this uncle started laughing.,Listen Harish I am tired of this.,Now you make them get rid of Pubg.,Then uncle gathered all the kids.,and said...,kids do you know how did I become a soldier?,How?,During my childhood, I only sat at home and played video games.,I was not exercising so I became very fat.,Then what happened?,When I went to become soldier, I was rejected...,by saying that you are very fat.,Then what did you do?,I stopped playing video games...,and started playing on the ground.,I lost my weight and become a soldier.,Even we want to become a soldier.,You can't become a soldier.,Why so?,

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