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whenever i'm doing speed or seo,optimization work for a shopify store i,always start with checking the images,this isn't the most important thing for,speed but it is the absolute easiest,thing to fix and it's actually a very,common mistake on shopify stores to have,an image that is either way too heavy or,not saved in the right format so in this,video i'll show you the steps that you,need to take in between getting the,images from your camera or from your,photographer and actually uploading them,to your shopify store so there's only,like three steps basically first you,need to save your images in the right,image format and size next you need to,compress your images and then you just,need to add some seo information so,first i'm going to show you how to do,this manually for every image and then,i'll show you how to do this in bulk if,you have a large store with hundreds of,products and probably thousands of,images but first there is just a little,bit of theory that we need to get,through and it'll make everything much,clearer for you and much easier if you,really want to skip the theory and get,right into the image compression then,you can just use the chapters and skip,to the part about image compression so,firstly let's try to understand,what your goal should be okay your goal,is to get the image file size down to as,small as possible and what do i mean by,file size i don't mean pixels i don't,mean the dimensions of the image,although that's related but i mean the,file size in kilobytes and megabytes,that might be obvious to you but i want,to be very clear so if we really,simplify it as a general rule your,images should be no more than about 400,or 500 kilobytes at most okay and this,is for a full screen large hero image or,banner image that is the full size of,your browser and in general if you're,using jpegs you should never really have,an image that is more than a megabyte in,size if your image is over a megabyte,then you're doing something wrong and,you need to fix those images now i'll,talk about jpeg versus png just a little,bit later but the same is true for png,generally if you're using pngs for the,right purpose which is for things like,icons and logos you won't really have an,image size that is bigger than maybe a,hundred kilobytes okay so now let's talk,about image dimensions because it's,something that my clients ask me about a,lot but it's actually something that you,don't need to worry about too much it's,definitely not as important as file size,although it is related to file size but,okay to get straight to the point i'll,say that around 2000 pixels in width or,in height whatever is the most usually,in width right that's the largest that,you really need to have any image on,shopify okay 2 000 pixels and that being,said there isn't really much harm in,uploading a larger image than 2000,pixels say if it's 5000 pixels because,shopify does something called image,scaling which is where it resizes the,image to the size that needs to be

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Compress & Optimize Product Images on Shopify Store to SpeedUp | Image Optimizer Tutorial

Compress & Optimize Product Images on Shopify Store to SpeedUp | Image Optimizer Tutorial

hello to everyone welcome to educate,ecommerce youtube channel,in today's video i will show you how you,can optimize or compress images in your,shopify store,optimizing web pictures consists of,creating high quality images in the,correct format dimensions size and,resolution by decreasing the image,workload without sacrificing quality,image optimization can be accomplished,in several ways including resizing,photos saving them to your computer and,reducing the size for best use,images with huge file sizes will take,more time to load up your website,if your website takes more than three,seconds to load users are far more,likely to quit which can significantly,increase your bounce rate and,subsequently harm your conversions,so to add an image compressor first you,need to add an app,log into your shopify dashboard,from here go to apps,click customize your store,it will take you to the shopify app,store,here use the search bar and search for,crush,select the crush.pix app from the store,this app is free to use but to explore,more features you need to upgrade the,app,now let's click on add app,go through the permission tab and then,click on the install app,it will take you to the app's dashboard,in step 1 you can choose three methods,to compress your image,the first one is balanced,here the image will get a significant,size reduction with minimum loss of,image quality,the second one is conservative,on this option the image will get a,reasonable size reduction with no loss,of image quality and the images will,remain exactly the same as the originals,and the last one is custom,you can set compression levels manually,for each image type,choose an option from this list based on,your needs,now click on run compression,the test is completed and you will be,able to see the compression results,to add custom image quality click on the,edit and you can manually set the,quality,in step 2 you get to choose the,available plan for an upgrade,and on step 3 we get two options to,compress your image,automatic compression and manual,compression automatic compression is for,paid users only,since we are doing the free version,let's go with manual compression,click on the manual option and then,click save,on this page you will see all the images,here,click on detail to see the image,information,now to compress your image click on the,drop down option and then select crush,it will start compressing your image as,you can see,the one which is already compressed will,not change,like this you can compress and optimize,your image size without losing any,quality,and that's it for today's video i hope,this video was helpful,if you like our content please do,subscribe and like the videos,i will see you guys in the next video,bye

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in this video we're going to discuss,image compression in the crashpix for,shopify app,image compression is the process of,encoding or converting an image file in,such a way that it consumes less space,than the original file,put simply the smaller our image files,can be the quicker they will download to,the person viewing them,there are two ways that you can reduce,the size of an image,and these are using algorithms known as,lossless and lossy,lossless compression means that you,reduce the size of an image without any,quality loss,this is usually achieved by removing,unnecessary data that's things like the,date the time the camera used from the,original image file,the other way is to use lossy,compression now this refers to,compression which some of the data from,the original file is lost,lossy compression results in images,being much smaller in size than the,original,and this is the best way to achieve,considerable gains,when you want your images to download,quicker,in crushfix there are three ways that,you can reduce the file size of your,images,the first is to pick balance compression,this is our preferred option,this strikes the balance hence the name,between the quality of the image and the,size of the image by intelligently,calculating just how much lossy,compression to apply,we ensure that the new image looks as,close as possible to the original,we achieve this by running a series of,tests on each image to really really,strike that balance so that we give you,the best looking image for the best,saving,the second option is conservative this,makes use of the lossless algorithm to,preserve every pixel in that image,files will look identical but as we've,removed some of that data things like,the date the time the camera used,they'll be slightly smaller in size,finally you can pick our custom setting,this allows you to define,how much saving you want to make against,as much quality as you want the file to,be in comparison to the original,now that we've had a quick discussion on,the different settings let's look how,you can actually change those in the,crushpix for shopify admin,so now we've discussed the different,types of compression available to us,let's have a look at how we can change,those settings in the admin before i do,that there's two things i'd like to,point out,on the dashboard that are available to,you the first is the currently selected,type of compression in my case currently,it is custom and i'll show you how to,change the custom settings as well as,switch it to say balanced shortly the,other thing i'd like to point out is,this toggle switch down at the bottom,here with the word automatic next to it,if this is set to the on position all,new images added to your shopify store,will have your image compression,settings applied to them automatically,this allows you to set it once and,literally forget about it,safe in the knowledge that all of the,compression savings that you've applied,will be also applied to every new image,that yo

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in this video we're going to look at the,file and alt tag renaming function in,crash px for Shopify in order to do that,I've set up a new product in my Shopify,demo store here,it's called small black backpack and,I've already set some of the properties,including the title the description the,product type in this case backpack the,vendor space squirrel and I've also,added an image as you can see here just,going to show you that image on my,desktop this is the actual image I,uploaded and you'll see that the,filename itself is a whole bunch of,random numbers seemingly followed by the,dot jpg extension that's really very,undiscriminating that this function in,crush picks will help us with okay so,I'm just going to go back to my store,I'm also going to show you here the alt,text the alt text is the alternative,text this is used by screen readers and,search engines to better understand the,image in your web page so let's give,this let's call it small black backpack,so the more description we can add to,our product images the better things,like Google and other search engines,will understand them and therefore,hopefully they'll be more discoverable,in things like image searches there's,more and more people out there use image,search to discover new products this is,a really really important thing and easy,in actual fact using crushcakes to do to,your Shopify store so I'm just going to,click done of course Shopify does go,quite a way to helping you describe your,products for search engines the main way,is using the URL and as you can see down,at the bottom of the product listing you,have this thing called the search engine,listing price ethat it's taken the title,from the product that we actually,created and it's put it into the URL,here so actually it's quite descriptive,so when a search engine comes across,this URL it will actually have a really,good idea what that page represents if,you want to be more descriptive you can,actually edit that and go in and,adding new parameters into that URL as,well but we'll just leave it at that,because that seems to do the job just,right for us okay so let me click on the,view so we can see what is happening now,you'll see that we've got the URL small,black backpack and that's going to help,search engines a lot we've also added,our alt text and we've also got our,description and everything else that we,put into the product but the one thing,we haven't got is a very descriptive,filename and actually our alt tag could,actually be helping us a little bit more,it could include other things like the,vendor or the actual product type so,let's go back into the Shopify admin I'm,going to click on apps and open up the,crush pix admin and we're going to focus,on the right-hand side here this image,rename area now what I'd like to point,out a couple of things if you watched,any of other videos you'll have noticed,that we have the automatic flag on for,image compression the image rename,function both for the file name and alt,ta

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in this video we're going to have a look,at how the crush picks for Shopify,dashboard works,once you install crush picks for Shopify,which you can do via the Shopify App,Store you can access the dashboard by,using the apps menu in the Shopify admin,and then clicking on crush picks once,you've done that you'll be greeted by,this screen which we call the dashboard,as you can see there's plenty going on,here and lots of statistics but these,are all really useful things that will,help you get the most from the app so,let's have a look at what we've got at,the top left we have our image,compression section this gives us a full,history of all the images that we have,crushed and compressed as you can see,here I've had 56 images compressed so,far it gives us details on our quota use,for the month eleven point eight,megabytes out of two gigabytes which is,the full amount for my monthly plan it,tells us the type of compression we're,using in this case balance and we'll,touch on that shortly and it gives us,further details around our plan when it,renews you'll see that mine says minus,142 days that's because I'm on a staff,plan just for this demo and you'll also,see that we have automatic turn two on,this is a toggle switch that you can do,pretty easily just by clicking it and,what this does this means if it's on,that every image that you add to Shopify,will get crushed automatically you can,set it once and then literally forget it,you'll also notice that there's a,Settings feature at the top here this is,where you can pick your balanced,compression your conservative,compression or your custom compression,we recommend you use balance this gives,the best savings against the quality so,in other words we work out through a,series of tests the best saving for the,best quality so we thoroughly recommend,that of course you can use your,conservative setting too this will,reduce the size but not the quality,again some savings can be made there but,not as much through it as the balance,option and the custom is there as well,where you can actually go in and tweak,the individual settings for JPEG and PNG,accordingly you'll notice that the,smaller file will have a lower quality,and the the sort of higher image quality,again,we'll have less savings so it's entirely,up to you what you do there but I'm,going to click back onto balance and,that's automatically updated for us,you'll also notice that we can select,which images are compressed things like,product images absolutely recommend,those asset images those are the ones in,your theme custom collection images and,smart collection images also very useful,blog post images and just to be clear on,this this is not an image that will,feature in the content section of your,blog post this is the blog post featured,image at this moment in time Shopify,does not allow us access to the actual,content images those ones that would,appear in the content area that you can,edit in the admin but we do have a way,that you will be able to

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Shopify SEO & Image Optimization Tutorial with Booster SEO App - Increase Sales & Traffic in 3 steps

Shopify SEO & Image Optimization Tutorial with Booster SEO App - Increase Sales & Traffic in 3 steps

this video is sponsored by app maker app,picker as a shopify app that converts,ecommerce store into mobile app the,mobile app builder helps you create,native android and ios mobile,application get an opportunity to grab,30 off by being the first 200 signup get,the link in the description hello,welcome to educate e-commerce you want,stop destination for shopify tutorials,and e-commerce solutions today in this,video we will be talking about seo and,how you can boost your seo scores using,booster apps,so when it comes to your store and when,a person is googling for a product in,your store what the google search for is,the product in your store so it it can't,directly read the product title or it,can directly read anything so what it,looks for is the meta descriptions the,alt text and etc all those things,matters when it comes to seo so ranking,is based on the seo score of your,website so we'll be seeing how you can,boost that in your website so first of,all we'll be looking at a single product,if you're selling a product in your,shopify store there's definitely a few,of the options that you can use that the,shopify offers and later on we'll be,looking into uh more of how you can do,that automatically using booster seo,optimization,so when uh this is the product as you,can see and when i edit this product,you will be able to see that there is an,option that is given by the shopify here,on uh edit the website seo so here you,can add a page title that's definitely,more about the product so uh this will,be a title of how the search engine,enlists the product so you can add a,mini character 70 characters so this,will be when a person is looking for,particular for this product it will be,appearing in the search engine so you,can add more keywords so keywords are,the words that that ranks and that uh,identify your products you can add more,keywords to,identify this product for example plants,organic,so these are some words that you can use,as a piece idle so when you are selling,a plant for example so also you can add,a meta description so this will be more,about how your pro how your product is,viewed so you can add natural,cat,plant aluminium,so all these things so this uh this,should make sense as well as it should,also uh tell what your product is with,including the maximum seo so you can use,up to 320 characters and also you can,use a url handle that english the,product so that's about the website seo,part and then that and then comes the,image all tag so here,when you click on the product or the,image you can see that add all text so,here this will be the alt text of this,product or this,plant so here,aluminium plant,is the alt text so this is how your uh,the google looks for this particular,product so you can just save the alt,text,and that's it so these are the basic,things that you can do for a simple uh,product,so you can add the description and,everything so as you add more keywords,and as you add more uh details about,your product the google wi

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Shopify Image Optimization Tutorial (Compression, SEO Alt Tags, Visual Editing)

Shopify Image Optimization Tutorial (Compression, SEO Alt Tags, Visual Editing)

hey guys this is Jake with casual,e-commerce and in this video I'm going,to be showing you how you can properly,optimize all of your product images on,Shopify so there's really only three,steps to optimize it a product image the,first one is compressing the file size,that way your pages load faster the,second one is going to be editing the,actual look of the image itself and the,third one is going to be to go ahead and,edit the alt text that way you're,optimized for the proper SEO keywords,that way you have a better chance of,showing up for specific searches in,Google so we're gonna go ahead and take,a look at how to do all three of these,right now so I'm going to go ahead and,open up this skin vacuumed product here,and the first thing I'm going to show,you is how to actually go ahead and edit,the image itself because a lot of times,if people are using images that aren't,their own custom product images there's,going to be parts of the image in here,that you don't want to just look stupid,so I'm gonna show you how to remove that,now so if it was me I would normally,just use Photoshop but I know that not,everyone's gonna have Photoshop so there,is a way you can do it right in here and,Shopify and what you can do is just,hover over the image and click on the,pencil icon here to go ahead and edit,the image and you can see that this down,here just looks completely stupid so I,want to go ahead and remove it so what,I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on,draw and I'm gonna come down here and,I'm gonna click white and I'm just gonna,click the big brush size and I'm just,going to go ahead and get rid of all,this now as long as the photo has a,white background then this is going to,work completely fine and it's going to,be completely easy to do now if you have,harder things to remove,and you may need to use a photo editor,like Photoshop but most of the time,coming in here and just doing this with,the white brush will be enough and,you'll be fine so you would just come in,here and do that then click done and,then save and there you go we can go,ahead and preview this now and you can,see that now we have the image without,that stupid stuff at the bottom and yes,so that's pretty easy so editing the,image itself like I said you just come,in here click Edit on the image and go,ahead and watch out and brush over,whatever you don't want and if you need,to advance that hidden you're gonna have,to do that without a photo editor but,I'm not gonna cover that in this video,so the second thing that we would need,to do is actually go ahead and optimize,our file size so we're gonna compress,our images that way our page loads,faster now there's gonna be two ways to,do this and firstly I'm gonna show you,the most common way which is just an app,so if you just go ahead and install,crush pics on your store and you can use,the free plan if you want you don't even,have to get a paid one and it will go,ahead and compress all of the images on,your store for you and what that does

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in this video we can have a look at how,to use the manual upload and compress,feature in crush picks for Shopify if,you've watched any of our previous,videos you may already be aware that you,can automatically apply your compression,settings to the majority of images added,to your Shopify store these include all,of your product images collection,featured images both for manual and,smart collections asset images things,like background images and logos that,are used in your theme as well as the,blog post featured image however due to,restrictions of the Shopify platform,there are a small number of images that,you will add to your store that we are,unable to access and therefore compress,automatically these include any images,added to the content area in pages any,images added to the content area in your,blog posts any image you add yourself to,the files section in the Shopify admin,as well as any files added using the,customize feature in the theme editor,for these images we recommend you use,the manual upload and compress feature,so let's have a look at how you use that,in the crush pix admin so let's say we,wanted to add an image to a blog post,and as mentioned before we don't have,programmatic access to those images,using crush picks but we do want to take,advantage of speeding up that download,to the person viewing the blog post so,we're going to use the manual upload and,compress feature which is available in,the crush pix admin before I do that I'm,just going to show you the image that,I'm going to be dealing with it's a,picture of Berlin and I'm just going to,show you using the get info here how big,about actual file is it's around 1.2,megabytes on disk which is actually,quite hefty now of course we could have,extra savings by reducing the actual,size of that image using a graphics tool,but we're not going to worry too much,about that at the moment we just really,want to apply some compression settings,to reduce the size of that so that it,downloads quicker to the person viewing,it okay so in order to do that I'm going,to switch back to the admin in Krush fix,and you'll notice at the top here are,actually got some compression in Program,that's because I've added some product,images to my demo store and they are,actually being compressed as we speak,but we're going to scroll down a little,bit here to this all images section and,you'll see that I've got the manual,upload area already expanded but if I,click on that little arrow there you can,see that it will contract this area here,the manual upload is just above where,you'll see all of these sort of progress,reports on all of the images that are,being compressed so you may miss it but,just remember that if you click that,arrow everything will be revealed as,with our automatic compression settings,we have access to balanced conservative,and custom I've already got balanced,selected and that's the one that I'm,going to use for this demonstration but,just to say you can obviously select,conserva

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How to Optimize Images for Web Performance without Losing Quality

How to Optimize Images for Web Performance without Losing Quality

in this video you'll learn how to,optimize images for your website and,you'll do it without losing any data,quality there are several benefits to,having optimized images on your website,first off it's a faster website that you,get when people are coming to your site,late loads faster second search engine,optimization there is a ranking factor,with fast websites and google has even,mentioned that yes that is a ranking,factor so it's a little bit better to,have optimized images for a better,search engine optimization and whether,you have an affiliate site or a sales,ecommerce or leads generating site then,it's very helpful for improving,conversion so as the person comes to,your site and they're going to where,they're wanting to go to do the thing,you want them to do then this will help,with that as well and then finally but,probably most importantly is it's a,better user experience so your readers,are coming to your site and it's just a,better user experience for them because,they don't have to wait for all of these,images to download so if you're ready,let's dive in I'm going to walk you,through basically I'm going to take our,site and this is the site we're going to,as the example this is what it looks,like I'm using the Astra theme with a,starter template the starter template is,the outdoor adventure and what I want to,do is basically get a page from here so,I just created a page called life and it,just has a lot of information on it,there's no images and what we're going,to do is we're gonna go through I'm,going to show you the speed of this page,right now with no images then I'm going,to upload all of these images there's,several great-looking images and if you,look at the details of these they're,huge so there's like 3.84 Meg the,dimensions are just massive but,basically they're coming straight from a,camera so I'm going to upload all of,those to the live page and we'll test,out the speed again so you can really,see the difference between having no,images having huge images and then,having optimized images for your website,so we're going to copy the life post,search for Pingdom and Pingdom is just,one speed test there's also another one,like GT metrics it's a good one as well,so tools but Pingdom calm and I'm going,to paste in that URL just so we can get,a baseline of what the test is choose,the closest location from you it's more,important that you choose the same,location every time you do the test so,I'm doing DC and I'll do it again so go,through and tell us what the speed is of,the webpage,all right scrolling down we have a B,performance grade of 87 page size is 229,kilobytes the load time is about one,point two three and twenty five requests,so nothing that I'm gonna get crazy,about or go nuts over I just wanted to,see a baseline so now that we know that,I'm going to minimize that and now we,want to adjust this page and we're going,to upload a lot of images okay so we've,added about six of them plenty to test,this out with let's go ahea

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Faster Loading & Better SEO: Shopify Image Optimization

Faster Loading & Better SEO: Shopify Image Optimization

hey guys in this video i'm breaking down,the three-step process to optimizing,your images for your shopify store i'm,going to be covering both drop shipping,as well as your own d2c brands in order,to be most effective for search engine,optimization but also for your customers,so let's get into,it hey guys my name is chris morano,agency owner e-commerce brand owner and,in this video i'm breaking down how to,optimize your images,for shopify based on my e-commerce,stores and the exact process my agency,uses when we bring out a new client and,before we get started my channel is,growing i love creating content for you,guys i want to help ecommerce brand,owners grow their businesses so give me,a thumbs up for the youtube algorithm,and let's get into optimizing images,all right so there's many questions all,the time about how to optimize your,image correctly and we all know,that there are multiple different apps,for shopify that will compress minify,all of your images in order to retain,the quality and reduce the size because,at the end of the day we need to retain,the quality for the user experience and,for our brand,but on the other side we need to,minimize the size of them,because of search engine optimization,and again user experience so your site,loads quickly so the more apps you have,actually the slower your site's going to,load just because of this size,so we're essentially like one of those,insurance companies that says hey we'll,help with your upset stomach but you,right might result in death well that's,essentially the same thing is that the,problem we're looking to solve doesn't,necessarily need to be solved by another,app so let's get into,my three-step process to optimizing any,image for your shopify store,so as you can see this is my next,e-commerce store that we're just about,to start launching,but i am a stickler for brand,consistency and so when all of my images,need to have a white background and i'll,be honest with you guys this is a drop,shipping store so i'm sourcing for,multiple different us suppliers in order,to get my images,so the problem with that is some of them,have copy on the images that i don't,want some of them have gray backgrounds,and so we have literally done this,process within the last 10 days probably,400 times based on the current number of,products that we have,so let's get into how to first step,download your images because you can't,right click and download from shopify,because it's a webp,file type which will not be a jpeg so,first step,log into every single product that you,have,you open the image and you download the,image,i'm not saying anything new here you,guys probably know how to do this,so because you'll see that this image,actually has a gray background which,again stickler for brain consistency i,don't want that i want a white,background,so my first step is going to be opening,up my adobe lightroom and if you guys,don't have lightroom i think there's a,free seven-day trial so if you have a,select num

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