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hello guys welcome back to my channel,review with oj in here we review,products new products existing products,products you are most likely searching,for so guys,today's product is one that we had,talked about,before and it is chippyway push,notification now i remember we talked,about what it was but i didn't give you,the benefits of using that push,notification,so in today's video i'll be telling you,why you should use cheapy web push,notification so one of the benefits that,i like is that the analytics are,detailed it has drip notification that's,another benefits there are so many,benefits exceptional support actually,tried that out and i was impressed with,their service granular segmentation,detailed reports of course as a website,owner you want detailed reports because,why wouldn't you there are lots and lots,of benefits flexible pricing who doesn't,want flexible pricing i mean i do and,i'm sure you do too multiple websites so,if you subscribe to it you would we will,talk about the um subscription later on,in the video and i want you to stick,around because you will be most likely,interested in it something juicy is,coming up concerning the subscription,scheduled notification topics multiple,user mobile friendly oh wow rss feed,e-commerce automation come on guys there,are lots and lots and lots of benefits,so if you're also wondering if this push,notification is supported by the browser,you use here are some of the popular,browsers that it supports,chrome fireworks opera edge safari,samsung poofing and another good thing,about this um push notification cheapy,web is that it also integrates with your,favorite website platform b commas,prestashop wigs drupal shopify wordpress,magento you know lots and lots of them,as you can see on the screen now guys,before we talk about the subscription,let's go right here now if you are,interested in it all you need to do is,go and click on when you get to the when,you click on the link below to take you,to this page and you enter your email,address and your website url and then,you get started,for free so,no credit card required come on guys,don't sleep on this one we all know how,these things work a lot of this web push,notification will require you using your,credit card but this one does not,require that so with that being said,let's go right on onto,our payments plan so,um cheap web has two,major pla payments plan one is the free,plan plan the other popular one is the,premium plan now for the free plan you,have up to 200 subscribers,and you have up to one website which you,can use for the free plan it's a single,user it's unlimited notification,welcomes notification sorry welcome,notification detailed analytics and,reports export reports up to three call,to action buttons for notification,custom tags wow that's a lot for a free,plan trust me that is a lot now if you,want to do the premium plan of which i,would advise you to use because it has,lots and lots of benefits now you get to,play 14 per month wh

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ChirpyWeb Review ✅ How To Grow Your Audience ✅ How To Grow Your Subscribers | Hadi Tutor

ChirpyWeb Review ✅ How To Grow Your Audience ✅ How To Grow Your Subscribers | Hadi Tutor

hey what's up everybody welcome back to,my channel today in this video i'm gonna,be reviewing this newly uh,launch,um sorry this is not newly launched uh,but uh this is very kind of new,concept,that help,website owners to drive more traffic to,their website or by adding some push,notifications and re-engage them so i'm,gonna be walk you through all of this,sales page,unfortunately these guys don't provide a,dashboard access,these guys are just providing the pricey,sections so that,anyone who want to buy this software can,get access uh basically cloud-based uh,platform you can get access by,purchasing this software okay okay,so,it's a cloud-based platform,you can purchase membership,so but before we go make sure to,subscribe my channel so there whenever i,will upload my next video you're gonna,get the notification of all my upcoming,videos usually i will upload videos,about,software reviews and product reviews uh,wordpress seo and digital marketing,and how to tutorials and how to make,digital assets,so let's get started,excuse me so we are here on the sales,page that says a real time your,real-time,audience engagement platform beyond,emails and sms in a nutshell it's,basically a platform uh,has been created for website owners to,create uh,to,create a subscription and,increase user engagement and to increase,their subscribers by,push notification,and,similar stuff like that okay,so let's see what the next section uh,next uh,link uh title about,uh web push notification helps website,to help website owners build their,audience you can basically,build your audience if you have a,website,you can drive traffic and boost of,course your revenue,start increasing sales visitor retention,and even re-engage subscribers how,how this is gonna work you can help,the website owners can build their,audience traffic revenue,and re-engage with their audience beyond,emails and sms,manage mobile friendly platform that,helps manage notification on the go,through any,mobile device,push notification you can even send push,notification to your subscribers,for to drive more traffic to your,websites,if you uh want to buy this platform,membership you can get access by,clicking on this button but let me show,you some cool features about this uh,platform so that you can uh,decide whether you want to buy this or,not okay so we are here on this section,of uh chirpy web,benefits,so you can read all these steps detailed,analytics and high customize prompt,and exceptional support,drip notification,granule segmentation schedule,notification,and flexible pricings,multiple websites e-commerce automation,or ss feed 100 mobile friendly,and multi-users topics,and here you can see how this gonna be,showing to your subscribers like these,offers like,notifications put notification to your,subscribers,and 2 000 plus happy customers as well,as 100 plus,top marketers are using chippy web,webinar push and loving it so you can,see chippy webs can work uh all of these,majors uh major uh browsers l

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Biggers Offer CHIRPYWEB | CHIRPYWEB REWIVE || Even Re-Engage Subscribers

Biggers Offer CHIRPYWEB | CHIRPYWEB REWIVE || Even Re-Engage Subscribers

start increasing sales visitor retention,and even re-engage subscribers,web push notification help website,owners build their audience traffic and,boost revenues,chirpyweb chirpyweb,help the website owners can build their,audience traffic and revenue,re-engage with their audience beyond,emails and sms,manage,mobile-friendly platform that helps,manage notifications on the go through,any mobile device,push,notification platform for publishers and,stores,now build your website audience,amazing chirpyweb benefits,details analytics analyze your,subscribers locations campaigns sent,impressions and usage amongst different,platforms through our dashboard,highly customized prompts choose between,a variety of permission prompt designs,for desktop and mobile,customize the prompts by editing the,text buttons and color combination that,goes with your website,exceptional support we aim to provide,the best customer experience when it,comes to onboarding and support,our support heroes are always available,to assist you,drip notifications the drip notification,feature enables you to send a series of,web push notifications to each new,subscriber in different time intervals,granular segmentation send targeted,custom push notifications to your,subscribers,schedule notifications schedule,notifications in advance with specific,date and time and let chirpy web take,care of the rest,detailed reports analyze every campaign,report,flexible pricings choose from a variety,of flexible pricing models that suit,your needs,multiple website manage multiple,websites under one account,all chirpyweb paid plan offer,multi-website support,ecommerce automation send a series of,triggered push notifications with,chirpyweb's e-commerce automption,features,rss feed chirpyweb's rss feed feature,enables you to send automated,notifications to your subscribers,whenever there is a new update to the,rss feed,publishers and bloggers can use this,feature to send out a notification,100 mobile-friendly chirpyweb is the,mobile-friendly platform that helps,manage notifications on the go through,any mobile device,send notifications view analytics and,reports anywhere,multi-user organizations require,multiple user support to administer,website notifications for the different,departments we provide role-based,multi-user accounts,topics pre-populate website related,topics that visitors can subscribe,get more conversions out of your website,traffic with web push notifications,enabled on your website any visitor can,be targeted with notifications on,desktop and mobile,choose a plan and get started right away,forty nine dollars slash year,10k subscribers,one,website unlimited notifications,welcome notifications,detailed analytics and reports,export reports,up to three cta buttons for,notifications,custom tags,ninety nine dollars splash year,twenty k subscribers,three,websites,everything with the limited plan and,multi-user support,safari browser support,hyde chirpyweb branding,segmentation,topics,rss feed,d

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