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October 2021 Best UGC Ads - Shopify eCommerce

so if you've been following or eyeing,this channel for a while you know how,much we love talking about ugc a few,weeks back in my why facebook killed,your ad targeting it's september 2021,video i've introduced a tick tock ads,specialist in ugc creator called,savannah sanchez and just to recap if,you don't know what ugc is yet ugc,stands for user generated content so,this is content created by your,ambassadors influencers your customers,showcasing their experience with your,products this was actually the first,time i came across her twitter account,back then in september and then after,looking at a lot of her content and,keeping an eye out on what she was,posting i really came to the conclusion,that she wasn't lying in her bio so in,this week's video i'll be walking you,through some of the best ads that i've,seen her posting on her account so,reviewing some of these ads,which honestly are really amazing and,that you could integrate in your ad,strategy for this last and final quarter,of the year oh and that's something a,little secret but another reason for,this video is that we've noticed here at,the agency that in the past few weeks,videos have started to outperform still,images so just throwing that out there,my name is justin and i'm the founder of,wizzle media an ecommerce marketing,agency specializing in growing ecommerce,brands through paid advertising all,right all right so we are now on her,twitter account there's five ads i want,to show to you today uh mainly about you,know the type of content she posts and,all that kind of stuff so the first one,i'm gonna play through and then i'm just,gonna put that on mute actually and then,just walk you through a little bit of,what she did here and why it's something,good so first of all there's always a,little story in these ugc ads so yes you,may say it's fabricated yes you may say,it's not genuine but it's not the point,it looks like this type of regular,organic content you would see online,right it looks like a regular tick-tock,video and that's the main point so when,you run ads you don't necessarily want,it to scream at me and ugc makes that,work why because it's the type of,content you see as a story it's the same,type of content an influencer would post,and it has this sort of same storyline,that starts with you know a hook there's,a little catch there and then it leads,on to the actual story so bring this,back out here we're gonna see the hook,actually right there so after several,trials and error i finally found a,protein that works but how did we get,back there let's run it back so hook you,start from the beginning and then this,is uh basically a pretty unique style of,ugc video so part of it shows how easy,it is to order the product so there's,the ordering process shown in this video,then there's also the unboxing that,we've seen at the beginning and that,we're also seeing now so there's they,show you everything that's in the,package so the customer before even,purchasing somewhat has an i

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