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Prestashop Interactive Exit Pop-up (Spin and Win) - Tutorial

spin and win module for PrestaShop buy,no band,the module can be used as exiting Tandon,subscription pop-up,the module is an email integrator that,integrates users to MailChimp and,clavier yo lists right from your website,and your login ID and password to enter,the admin panel,the module is easy to install and,configure,search the module here,click on configure button to configure,the settings of the module it is,compatible with all PrestaShop themes,and does not conflict with any other,module on restore enable/disable the,module from here,this is how the spin wheel is shown at,your website the option brings the wheel,back on screen,click here to remove the wheel,you,prevent the duplicity of email ids by,enabling it,Display interval of the wheel,enter your custom CSS and day s code to,customize the module save the changes,which he have made in the module,settings,in the display settings tab you can,select the minimum screen size,select display frequency,select when he wanted to hide the wheel,you,select whom you want to show the spin,wheel select where you want to display,the spin wheel select the geographical,location where you want to show the,wheel,save the changes which he have made in,the module settings,in the look-and-feel settings,enable/disable the logo to be displayed,on the spin wheel,you,change the background and font color of,the button,you,save the changes which ye have made in,the module settings,you,changes made will be reflected here,in the wheel settings change the,background and font color of the wheel,save the changes which ye have made in,the module settings,in the slice settings click here to edit,the slice,you,save the changes,you,in the email marketing tab enable,MailChimp here,enable clavier yo here,in the email settings select where you,want to display the coupon code,select your email template,make necessary changes in the email,template design,the modules supports ssl compatibility,and supports over 17 languages,it is compatible to the latest version,of PrestaShop,please save the changes made to the,module to get it reflected on the front,end,in the statistics tab,you can view the statistics of the,coupons generated and used in the,graphical and tabular form,you,customer can enter email id here,you,thank you for watching for any query,please contact us on the email id,provided on the screen

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WP Optin Wheel Tutorial - How to set up your first wheel

WP Optin Wheel Tutorial - How to set up your first wheel

hi this tutorial explains how you can,create a wheel with WP option wheel mind,you this tutorial is mostly relevant for,the paid version of the plugin after you,have installed the plugin go to the,settings page which looks like this the,first tab you see is general settings,you can create a wheel using WooCommerce,but it's not mandatory if you don't use,WooCommerce that means you'll have to,manually enter the prices your visitors,can win if you do use it coupons will be,automatically created by rule comments,you will have the option to say how long,the coupons should be valid you can use,that setting to create a sense of,urgency for your visitors finally you,can choose to keep a log file that logs,all the opt-ins and player results the,next tab is integrations here you can,decide what tools you want opt-in wheel,to integrate with click on your desired,tool and enter the settings to activate,it in this tutorial we will work with,MailChimp so we have entered our,MailChimp API key the next tab is where,we will start creating the actual wheel,in the first step data you can give your,wheel a name and choose whether you want,to capture data and if so how if you,don't want to capture email addresses,you can go for the first option if you,only want to do third-party processing,for example to push the data to,Salesforce or other external software,select sabia if you select WordPress all,data will be stored in your own,WordPress database however bear in mind,that if you plan to capture a large,number of email addresses it's better to,use an external service such as,MailChimp the number of options in this,list depends on the selection you made,in a tab integrations you will only see,the options for which you have filled in,the required information,depending on the tool you select a third,field will appear where you can choose,the list to which the visitor,affirmation should be added in the next,step design you can pick a theme we,offer beautiful existing themes that,suit a variety of preferences,if you don't find the exact theme you're,looking for you have the option to,customize your wheel you can customize,most colors and the background pattern,the preview of your changes in real time,is displayed on the right,step free form builder will look,different depending on the integration,you have selected in step one data here,you can choose what information your,visitors have to fill out before they,can spin the wheel simply select include,to make sure this field is displayed on,the form select required if you feel if,the field is mandatory before playing if,you want the fields to appear in a,different order you can simply drag and,drop them,step four is where you can define each,slice of the wheel as well as playing,chances first of all you define the,chance your visitors have of winning,something if you're feeling generous you,can set the chance to 100% which means,your visitors will always win something,every wheel consists of 12 slices on,this page you can

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WooHoo Review + Bonuses And Live Demo

WooHoo Review + Bonuses And Live Demo

hey everyone Travis here at the digital,marketing Nomad and I'm here in the,backend of woo hoo where I'm going to be,showing you how to use the product,reviewing it here for you but before I,do that I'm just going to go over the,bonuses that I have to offer if you buy,through my link here and so if you look,in the description below you'll land on,this page here and you'll be able to get,the bonuses this bonuses up for 5 days,it's up until the offer of woohoo,expires once it expires this offer will,not be available and you will not be,able to get these bonuses on this page,there is some information about woohoo,gives you some of the comparisons of,prices to other services that offer some,where things but the bonuses you're,going to be getting with me today our,attention to retention so as much as you,get customers to your ecommerce,retaining them is the best option to,boost the sales instead of always,looking for new customers bonus number,two is teespring mastery ever wonder how,people are selling up to six figures per,month with t-shirts at this video,training course we'll cover exactly how,you can set up your very own profitable,t-shirt business today great videos and,information on that if you want to,create your own t-shirt shop bonus,number 310 hot highly trending ecommerce,products to sell in 2018 just some more,ideas and views more ideas here for you,to sell things on your ecommerce shop,bonus number four is expand your sales,discover the ultimate pricing techniques,to amplify your sales so there are,certain techniques when selling things,online that can really help you out here,and this ebook will definitely help you,with that bonus number five is customer,loyalty more information on how to keep,your customers happy,and getting on the buy more from you and,bonus number six you have passive,recurring income a Shopify now this is,really magical reoccurring profits can,really help out especially when trying,to scale your business because it's,coming in month to month and again these,bonuses are up until the end of this,offer once this countdown timer expires,you will not be able to get these,promotions if you click on any of these,purple buttons on the page you will be,brought to the boo-hoo sales page here,where current users increase their,opt-in rates by over 400% with,gamification software and you have the,timer here here's some of the products,that it works with so it doesn't just,work with Shopify you can also use it,within WooCommerce WordPress Squarespace,Weebly and Wix for those people that are,using a free software for a website if,you scroll down on the sales page here,you do get to see some of the I was the,word I'm looking for,screenshots of some of the offers that,are actually working here for you and,some reviews you do get to choose from,three games the card dansgame slaughter,mania and we love coupons is not out yet,but it will be shortly I was talking,with the developers and it should be,there right away but I'm going to ju

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Privy Shopify App Honest Review - Exit Pop Ups, Emails, and More

Privy Shopify App Honest Review - Exit Pop Ups, Emails, and More

hey guys today I'm gonna be giving my,full unbiased honest review of the privy,Shopify app so if you're interested in,downloading the privy app and you want,to review you don't really know what,it's good for I'm gonna be fretting all,that I'm really going over reviews and,yeah let's get straight into it so one,of the best things that previous four is,reducing cart abandonment and growing,your email list okay so if you want to,either than either of those things I,recommend that you install this app so,what this app can do is if you move your,mouse away from the site so if you're on,say someone's Shopify store or if,someone is on your Shopify store and,they move their mouse out of the browser,there'll be a little pop-up pop up,looking something like this and we'll,say join our list sign up now and get,20% off your next order and you can,customize this of course so that's it,basically what it does and you'll see,people can enter their email address and,you'll automatically get more email,signups and you'll also reduce car,abandonment and you'll get more sales,with this and let me explain why let's,say the customer is on your Shopify,store and they think oh this product is,a little bit too expensive I'm gonna,leave this store and maybe I'll come,back and buy later they never actually,do come back later but uh let's say they,say that they move their mouse out of,the screen and then suddenly they see a,pop-up,Ryan is a writers are about to close a,tab and they see a pop-up that says hey,here's a 15% discount code before you,leave they see then they say hey I was,just about to leave but if there's this,15% discount code that say expires in 24,hours I'm gonna purchase this now so,then that's how you can increase the,sales that you're getting and not only,that but they're added to your email,list right here so not only do you get,that sale but you also get someone who,subscribe to your email list and we'll,get marketing emails so not only do you,get it at that sale you get a you know,an engaged customer who is likely to,purchase again so there's that as well,so let's go back to this preview Shopify,app listing page yes a girl and secure,email is reduced cart abandonment and,offer discounts and codes so let's show,let me show you some of the pictures and,yeah so this is kind of what it'll look,look like as you can see you can,customize to get 10% off or whatever and,you can customize what kind of discount,code it is or what the offer is targets,certain audiences measure the,performance of your campaigns credit,custom discount codes and offers high,converting pop outs blah blah blah,recover carts with abandoned carnie,mails and yes you can also send these,abandoned cart emails let's look at the,pricing plans as well so I've basically,used a free plan for the longest time,and I don't think you need to upgrade if,you are an enterprise of course and you,want advanced customization then yes but,if you're just kind of a due to self,Shopify person or you have eve

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Must have apps for Shopify store - Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

Must have apps for Shopify store - Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

the days of building a store and just,simply getting sales easily or long gone,going on youtube unlimited hustle here,and i'm back with another video in this,video i want to talk about the app that,i use on my shopify store that allows me,to generate sales and attract new,customers and build my email list if you,have experience with shopify you know,that building a store is just the first,part the next step after building a,store is setting up a attractive store,to generate sales,nowadays there are hundreds of stores,being built daily and that means that,the competition gets harder one of the,things i rely a lot on for my shopify,store is apps you can't expect to have,consistent sales without having certain,apps on your shopify stores implemented,so in this video i want to take you guys,through the apps that i use in my store,to generate consistent sales and build,customer trust the first app i have is,an app called back in stock essentially,what this app does is the app let me,know whatever,a customer,is wanting the item whenever a customer,go in my store and one of my items is,out of stock back in stock with display,sold out on the page and then it will,ask them to input their email so that,way whenever the item comes back in,stock they'll get notified and then as,soon as i restart that item the app will,basically,send out an automatic email letting the,customers that's wait and know that the,item is back in stock for example two,weeks ago,i had some inventories come in and as,soon as the email went out a customer,immediately bought the next app on our,list is buzz subs spin wheel pop-up,basically a spin the wheel app where,whenever a customer going your store,a jackpot would basically pop up and say,hey spin this wheel for a chance to win,a discount another thing this app does,is this app it capture emails so,basically whenever a customer input,their email their email is stored and,that's something that you could later on,use to market to the customers i have,this app integrated with my clayview,account so basically,whenever a customer input their email,that email gets sent to my preview,account which,klavio i use for my email marketing so,these customers right here i'm going to,basically target them later on on my,email list the next app on my list is,facebook when i was setting up my,facebook ad account,one of the steps i had to do was,download this app right here that way i,can get my pixel started on the facebook,app you could download other stuff too,so some of the things i have here is i,have instagram shops facebook marketing,which is basically for the pixel they,have um retargeting ads and different,stuff and also facebook have their shops,too so you can buy on facebook too and,also this they have a facebook messenger,people going to face a business page and,message you from there next app we have,clayview email marketing this app,is definitely necessary i believe this,app is 25 a month it's definitely worth,the value you're going to s

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