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so you've decided to launch your own,blog and try to make some money out of,it,the question is which website builder is,right for you sit tight because we're,going to take you through the three best,options in the market and their pros and,cons,welcome to tool tester where we review,website builders all day so you don't,have to,our top pick for beginners is,squarespace one of the all-time,favorites for bloggers you'll have,access to some astonishing designs and,all the blog options you need such as,tags commenting author profiles and more,squarespace's pros include its designs,with over 100 beautiful templates you,can fully customize,it's flexible system add any element to,your blog posts including text images,products videos or even a podcast,editing on the go you can fully manage,your blog using their mobile apps,support there's 24-hour support by email,and chat,but there are a few cons for example,there's no free plan,unlike other blog builders squarespace,doesn't have a free plan however it does,have a 14-day trial,loading speed,i have the impression that squarespace's,loading speed is on the slow side not,the best for seo,usability is not the best we've seen,their website editor is a bit cumbersome,to use at times,next on our list is weebly one of the,easiest and most flexible blog editors,out there,it comes with robust blogging features,such as rss feed categories post,scheduling and author profiles,weebly's pros are easy to use the drag,and drop editor makes it easy for,beginners,flexible you can add slideshows forms,and other elements to your blog post,support is available 24 hours by email,phone or live chat,plus the free plan is generous for,trying out its features,in terms of cons it's not as powerful as,other builders you can't create a site,directory for example,blogging templates are a bit limited,other providers have more variety,plus its seo features give you limited,use of headings which means it's not the,best blogging platform for seo,finally it's impossible not to mention,wordpress when talking about blogging,systems it came out in 2003 as a,solution for bloggers and now owns 43,percent of the market,wordpress's pros include its powerful,system offering an advanced solution,with almost no limit as to what you can,do,price wordpress is open source with an,affordable hosting provider you'll pay,less than forty dollars a year,flexible hosting you can move your,wordpress from one hosting provider to,another if your needs change,customization you can add plugins and,extra features and change your theme as,you like,wordpress offers lots of freedom to,customize your blog any way you want,its cons on the other hand are that it's,hard to use,coding is necessary sometimes to modify,your design and update your system,no official support,wordpress has a large community but no,official support,sometimes you'll need patience to go,through the forum threads and find your,answers,security,as an open source provider wordpress can,be hacked eas

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Blogger - Tutorial for Beginners in 12 MINUTES! [ COMPLETE ]

Blogger - Tutorial for Beginners in 12 MINUTES! [ COMPLETE ]

Dear all, welcome to our first video tutorial dedicated to Blogger 2021,,one of the best online platforms to realize your custom blog! In just,12 minutes we will see everything you need to know to create and,edit your blog on Blogger.,Blogger is the best option in case you want to build post and pages,without learning coding and it is also much easier than Wordpress.,To start with Blogger just visit its main page and click on Create Your,Blog. Perform the login with your Google account and define the main name,(or title) for your blog. Choose a custom URL that will take .blogspot as,main domain by default - we will see how to insert a custom domain at the,end of this video. Then define a Display Name (your profile name) and,you are done.,At this point you enter into your main blog panel, called Dashboard. A,GDPR notice informs you that cookies are added on your blog automatically,in order to be compliant with the privacy regulations.,To get a live preview click on View Blog in the bottom left corner. By,default this has a very simple design with the main title on top, the,post list at the bottom and your profile information on the left.,Let's see how to realize posts. You can start writing one by going to,New Post. On top define the post name (or title) and then type the body,content at the bottom. You can also copy-paste any piece of text.,On top you get several buttons to build your post such as the undo and,redo buttons, Font type to change the font family and Font size to,adjust its size. Make sure to select any text first.,You can also apply different formats including Paragraph (or p HTML tag),and the several Headings (h1, h2 tags and so on). Next to it you can,change the text style, its fill color or its background color.,With the link button you can also include hyperlinks, specifying the,piece of text to insert, the destination address and the option to open,the link on a new browser window.,Click on Insert Image to browse for any image from your computer or any,URL, adjusting alignment, size, captions and ALT attributes. Whereas with,Insert video you can include any video from your computer or directly,from YouTube, resizing it if you need.,Moreover you can include emojis, adjust any paragraph alignment or add,bulleted or numbered lists. You can also drop quotes, horizontal,separators and use Input Tools to define the correct language of your,post. If you are ready click on Publish on the right to apply all and,make your post live.,The editor just seen is the most simple and intuitive one called Compose,view. You can also switch to HTML view to check or even write the direct,HTML code used to realize your post. This also gets updated when working,with the Compose view.,On the right side you have the Post settings. Here you can add labels,(or tags) to find your post on your blog or on the internet, change the,post publicati

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How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish | Neil Patel

How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish | Neil Patel

Have you ever read anyone on my blog post and found,,Hey! They all follow a similar format.,And you know what, it's not out of coincidence,,it's for a reason.,Because that formula helps me generate at least,37,000 visitors per blog post.,Do you wanna know that formula on,how I write the perfect blog post?,Hi everyone, I'm Neil Patel,,and today I'm gonna share with you,,how to write a blog post from start to finish.,(light upbeat music),Now before we get started, I just wanna ask you guys,to subscribe to this channel.,That way we're in at least more marking tips like this,,you'll get notified.,Now, I have a question for you:,How many of you have written a blog post before?,If you have, leave a comment with "yes".,If you haven't, leave a comment with "no".,Because you know what, whether you have written a,blog post before or you haven't,,and I'm still curious in how many of you written one,,I'm gonna share with you the perfect formula,that I follow for my own blog.,It works for a B2C ,B2B, a personal blog or a,corporate blog, it works for everything.,I kid you not, it is the best formula out there.,First tip: Start off with a title.,Don't just start writing a blog post,,unless you have the exact title,,do not write your blog post.,Eight out of ten people will read your headline,,but only two out of ten will click through,or read the rest of your article.,Doesn't matter how amazing of a blog post you write,,if you don't write a good headline,,no one's gonna read the rest of your post.,All comes down to your headline or title,,or whatever you wanna call it.,If you need some creativity,,go to a grocery store and check out a magazine.,When you go to a grocery store when you're checking out,,you see all these magazines!,They have amazing titles with How To, Livspace,,articles like "Lose weight in 30 days",,"How to shed five pounds fast!",Doesn't matter what kind of magazine they are,,whether it's a business magazine or,whether it's a fitness magazine,,or a gossip magazine, they all use catchy titles.,And that's what you need to do with your blog post.,And look for magazine for inspiration.,I stick with the basics.,I use How To a lot, I use Livspace posts,,those two things have worked wonders for me,,and they haven't got old.,So start with the title.,And you don't have to just create one variation of it.,You can create two or three variations,,and that's what I do and I ask people,hey, what do you like,,I'll ask a few friends,,then I pick the best one and that's what I go with.,The second step that you need to follow when,it comes to writing a blog post is the introduction.,In your introduction,,you need to hook people with a bold statement.,For example, I know this is a video,,but I hooked you by saying,"Hey do you want the formula that breaks down how I get,at least 37,000 visitors per blog post".,By hooking people in, they're gonna read the rest.,And with your introduction,,it's not just talking, hooking people in.,It's also about talking about what's

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आखीर छोरा को first birthday कै planning किन केही गर्न सकेनौ😌plan fail🧐crispy fish recipe #nepali

आखीर छोरा को first birthday कै planning किन केही गर्न सकेनौ😌plan fail🧐crispy fish recipe #nepali

hi everyone and welcome back to our,Channel,viewers,brown rice,um,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,yes,good job,Elizabeth,what's up,Daddy,challenge episodes,idea,um,foreign,foreign,so finally my legendary yeah foreign,for you,my life,um

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Programmers That Don't Blog Should Start Right Now

Programmers That Don't Blog Should Start Right Now

programmers that don't blog should start,right now your future self will thank,you when you start earning more money,get a better job and learn programming,concepts much easier,because sometimes it's hard to figure,things out and a blog,certainly can help with that let's jump,in and have a look how this works,now i'm not exaggerating when i say a,year ago i didn't even consider blogging,to be a worthwhile venture,instead i thought those people that do,it are just ones which have,too much time on their hands so what did,i do with all my spare time you might,ask,well i simply sat around watching,netflix playing games and,really wasting away my potential for the,future so,what changed well about a year ago when,i was stuck at home during the lockdown,period,i thought i'd give twitter a go now my,expectations were pretty low but i,thought at least i can,interact with other people being that at,home i just wasn't doing that anymore,what i came to realize is that there,were really cool people out there,social people and antisocial people like,me and,one thing that i realized they all do is,put out a lot of content,both on twitter and as well on their own,blogs and this,is when i came to the realization that,they were making money by doing this,now i was interested up to this point i,always thought that blogging was just,something people do to,talk about their feelings or maybe their,day i quickly learned that this was not,the case,through twitter i was able to make great,friends like catelyn pitt,and danny thompson who essentially,taught me that there's,so much more to blogging when it comes,to development,you can talk about the languages you're,learning and the features you're,creating,and you're essentially going through and,teaching both yourself,and others what you've come across and,how you figured it all out,just from the learning alone i feel like,i've missed out already and i should,have started sooner because i know that,when i look at,my old code it feels like someone else,wrote it and i don't even understand it,whereas if i had logged it out and,written some of these things i might,actually remember those concepts now,with the lockdown being in full effect,and having lots more time on my hands i,decided to give this blogging thing a go,especially in programming because i,wanted to understand how i could,possibly make,money from it this is where i learned,three valuable lessons the first,is that most successful developers blog,just take a look at examples like dan,abramov the godfather of react,who has a blog which is well about react,or flavio copes who blogs about,everything from typescript to react he,blogs,every day for the last several years,which is absolutely insane,it's not like they're writing up entire,essays they're just talking about tips,and tricks and little features that,they've learned in their languages,whether it's node.js or react or,whatever it is,but why are they doing this well this,brings me to my,second point blogging

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Google Sites vs Blogger | Which Is The Best Website Builder?

Google Sites vs Blogger | Which Is The Best Website Builder?

google sites versus blogger in 2022,which is the best website builder,hey there guys and welcome back to the,channel in this video we'll be comparing,which of these platforms is better for,your blogs and websites so without,further ado let's hop right into it,now we all know that and,google sites are both provided by google,blogger and google sites are actually,very different though,as by the name you can tell that, is mainly for blogs and then,google sites is mainly for making,websites,but you can actually create blogs on,google sites as well,but theme and everything on google sites,actually gives you the idea that it's,mainly made for making websites,now,let's talk about the features that they,offer their main differences and the,differences of their seo how they work,and if they provide you any profit,let's go to first you can,actually have a very good opportunity to,create seo friendly content here so,that's the point of,you can actually go ahead and add,different customized keywords and you,can actually play around your blog a lot,and it gives you a lot of options like,for example the title and headings and,you can add labels or custom permalinks,your location and many more in your blog,so that actually helps you with your seo,friendly content,in this regard is actually,very seo friendly,on the other hand google sites isn't as,good when it comes to seo because it's,not that seo friendly,i just want to give you a little,disclaimer about how to create a blog on, and how to create a website,on google sites,there are already videos out there that,you can go to and find out what i'm,talking about,but here's an example of a website,that's been created using google sites,now creating this website you can see,that you can actually add different text,titles and subtitles but when it comes,to seo google sites doesn't really,provide what we are looking for,i mean the website looks good you can,add images to it and your website does,look like a beautiful website if we head,on over to the second page and we take a,look at the website you can actually say,that oh okay that's a cool looking,website,but it doesn't help you regarding the,seo,so that's a very major drawback in,google sites,in addition there are not many labels,and different tags you can add to your,website or different descriptions and,other stuff so that's actually not very,helpful for most people if you're,looking for a website,it's actually a very big con for google,sites because nowadays there are website,creating platforms that actually provide,you with a lot of seo friendly options,now back to blogger,so if we look at this part you can see,that i can actually check out the stats,for my blog,you'll be able to see how many posts you,have in all their individual statistics,you can also check out the different,comments earnings pages and all these,other provided settings and info,i'll talk more about these later in the,vi

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Blogger vs WordPress - which blog builder is better?

Blogger vs WordPress - which blog builder is better? versus wordpress which blog,developer is better hey guys today i'm,going to be doing a quick comparison,between and wordpress uh,which is better in terms of seo which is,better in terms of marketing ease of use,and general blog development services so,let's get into it first off on, and wordpress i'm going to,start with a feature that really we,can't monitor but it is seo now that is,called that is search engine,optimization and search engine,optimization basically means that if i,search for my blog on google let's say,food blog,what kind of blog is going to show up,first and this is something that is,definitely a category in which wordpress,excels ahead of blogger in many ways a,wordpress blog that has the same content,as a blogger blog is always going to,rank higher on google search no matter,what you do and that is because of the,control that wordpress provides you,wordpress is going to provide you with a,lot more integrations you can add,rank maths that's the integration where,you can customize and optimize your seo,ranking so if you're looking to get more,clicks on your blog it's definitely,definitely a sure win that you're gonna,get more clicks on wordpress as compared,to where does,not have that kind of control where you,can optimize things to the t to have,perfect seo results now moving on to the,second category we have permalink,structures and now on blogger let's see,if i write a new post,like this,let's name it whatever,i'm gonna literally name it whatever i'm,gonna publish this it's empty that's,about it if i take you look at it again,you can see this is the permalink,structure and you can see fashioniq by,,2020 slash 10,and that is the issue with blogger you,can see that blogger has a numbered,structure on their permalinks and,this is basically the link that i'm,gonna click on to view my blog so if i,open up my blog over here you can see,that it has a numbered structure whereas,if i write a blog on wordpress i can,make it slash blog slash food slash,whatever kind of category i want to,label my link in however on blogger,they're going to automate it to numbers,and that can be a huge issue in terms of,categorization and general appeal to,people because whenever you're writing a,blog you want to appeal to the people,and you want to create a blog that,people actually like to visit they find,it,good to look at they find the content,informative or they find it generally,appealing if your blog has numbers in,its permalink then people are not going,to be that inclined now moving on to,another thing that i find that blogger,really lacks is ad links now,on because it is a website,provided by or a tool provided by google,you can only use you know adsense and if,you're looking for any other ad,alternatives like ad thrive you can't,opt for that however if you're,generating enough views on your,wordpress blog then you're going to,easily be able to,use however i

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Bloggers Workspace - Blog Builder Basics: Lesson 1: Buying Your Domain

Bloggers Workspace - Blog Builder Basics: Lesson 1: Buying Your Domain

hello I'm pulse dryer founder and CEO of,bloggers workspace calm welcome to the,blog builder basics video series in this,video we are going to take the first,step in building your blog website the,very first step is to purchase your,domain or what we call your URL this is,a human readable name that identifies,your site or provides the address for,your website for example if I was to,tell you to open a browser and go to 23,202 230 1.1 69 chances are you would,look at me very funny and your eyes,would glaze over and the likelihood of,you remembering the address of my,website would be kneel to none but if I,was to say open a browser and go to,bloggers workspace com you would know,what I was talking about and it would be,a very good likelihood that you would,make it to my website the dotted decimal,number that I read off before is an IP,address and all the servers on the,internet will refer to your website as,its IP address we use a special server,called a DNS server to convert your IP,address to your human friendly domain,name the good news is you most likely,will never need to know the IP address,of your domain name the first thing I,will have you do in this course is find,a domain name for your website and,purchase it once you buy the name it is,yours for as long as you pay the,registrar there are yearly fee in this,case your domain is going to cost you,between 12 and 17 dollars per year here,is an outline of the steps that you will,follow along as I do them in the,upcoming video so we'll first open a,browser and go to login bloggers,workspace com then you'll search for,your domain and this will probably,happen a bunch of times and you'll have,to get very creative because there's not,many dot-coms that are available anymore,you might end up with a dotnet or a dot,rocks or some other domain but we'll,start out by trying to find a dot-com,because most people understand what a,dot-com is the next step is is once you,find your domain we will go ahead and,put that into the cart after your domain,is in the cart we'll go ahead and create,an account and purchase the domain once,you've purchased your domain the next,step will be to move on to the next,module in the course which is to pick,and by your managed wordpress hosting so,with no further ado let's jump in and,take the first step towards bringing,your dream blog site to life please,follow along with this video and stop,and start the video as needed to give,you time to perform the tasks that I'm,doing in the video if you're not already,open a browser and go to login bloggers,workspace comm so now you should be at,the bloggers workspace domain registrar,and web hosting website and in the,center of the web page you'll see the,section that says neucom's,1699 if you type in your first attempt,at trying to find the name of your,website or your URL type it in and press,search as you can see I've typed in b2b,help without accom or without anything,at the end just b2b help and then I'll,click search as you ca

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Staxio - News API Connection & Blogger Sites Builder

Staxio - News API Connection & Blogger Sites Builder

yeah with this taxi version we've,created access to,the first endpoint of the news api which,allows us to search through millions of,articles from,over 80 000 margins small news sources,and,blogs,the access to this api,is available through the blogger builder,and later we'll we'll make this uh,feature the news api available within,other features of stack2,but with this with this api we're going,to be able to,update,our bloggers sites,with recent content,and i'm going to show you where,this feature,exists,which we can access,through,the blogger sites builder menu here on,the left sidebar menu,and,this dashboard gives us access to the,list of,all the blogger sites we have created,and you can see that i have 26 at the,moment,and i'm going to start by selecting the,blogger sites i want,to publish,articles,into,now by scrolling down a little bit,we can find the different actions we can,execute,so we can create posts or pages on our,websites,we can publish our google stacks as,posts or pages,now this wizard as,with all the wizards and staxxio,is going to help us communicate and get,what we need,through a simple step-by-step,instructions,so the first step,uh we have already uh done which was to,select the blogger sites where we want,to,publish content to,and now the next step,is to select,if we want to make posts or pages,and the recommendation is to make posts,because pages have a limit of 20.,so we will just let the default option,of posts on,and,um,all we need now is to,insert our keyword that you want to,search,the articles for,and this is the only mandatory field,and in this wizard it's it's the keyword,now the keyword search is by default,made on the title and the body of the of,all articles,but in case we want to search for the,keyword just on the title of the,articles we can activate this option,with this switch button,we can also select the language we want,to,do our,search,for because all languages are returned,by default,and we can also select a,date interval,which or the articles have been,published so we can also select the,order in which we want the articles to,be returned,and we have three available we have,published,at,which means newest articles will come,first,we have popularity where articles from,popular sources and publishers will come,first on the list and then we have,relevancy,where articles more closely related to,our keyword will come first,and now all we need is to click the,search button,and this will activate the table the,results table with the list of articles,for our search term,so we can see now that this table shows,us the title of the articles,a thumbnail that we can click to,zoom in on the image for the article the,size,of the article and characters,that they in which the article was,published,and the source,of the article like where where is the,article published which website,so we can also order the articles on the,table by title,by the size of the articles with the,number of,characters,the ones that have more,more

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Google Sites vs Blogger in 2022 | Which is Best Website Builder?

Google Sites vs Blogger in 2022 | Which is Best Website Builder? vs google sites which of the,platform is better for your blogs and,websites in 2021 let's start so we all,know that and google sites,both are provided by google now blogger,and google site are actually very,different as by the name you can tell,that is for blogs mainly and,then google sites is for the website and,you can actually create a blog on google,site as well but the theme and,everything of google site actually gives,you an idea to create a website now the,features they offer and what are their,main differences and the difference,between their seo or you know how they,work and what are if they provide you,any profit so that what i will be,talking about so let's go to,first now on,you actually have a very good,opportunity to create seo friendly,content so that's the point for, you can actually go ahead,and add different customized keywords,and you can actually play around your,blog a lot and it gives you a lot of,options like for example the title and,then the headings and everything and the,keywords and if you can add labels you,can add your permalink your location and,different options as well so you can,actually,add different links and everything in,your blog so that actually helps you,with your seo friendly,content and you can add description you,can add different tags and labels so in,this regard, is actually very seo,friendly but on the other hand if we go,to google size now google size is very,bad in seo let me just say that because,it's not seo friendly,why i'm saying that because you can see,right here this is the website it's,actually a website that i created and,how to create again i just want to give,a little disclaimer that how to create a,blog on and how to create a,website on google sites there are,already videos on this channel you can,go ahead and check them out so this is,the website that i actually created now,creating this website you can see that i,can actually add different text i can,add,titles and subtitles and things like,that but when it comes to seo,google side is not providing what we are,looking for the website looks good like,you can add images and your website does,look you know a beautiful website if i,go to my second page and show you this,was the second page that i created and,when you like look at the website you're,like okay this is a cool website but,it's not helping you with,seo so that's a very major drawback of,google sites and there are not that many,labels and different tags that you can,add on your website or you can add you,know uh different descriptions and,things like that so that's actually very,not you know helpful for most of the,people if you are looking for websites,and it's actually a very big con for,google sites because nowadays there are,different website creating platforms,that actually provide you with a lot of,seo friendly options so that's that and,then we can go to again so,if

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