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hi i'm jay moore and in this video we'll cover  getting started with aweber setting up a new list  ,creating a landing page building a welcome  campaign and getting your first subscribers when  ,you first start out your account you'll enter  in some information this will help customize  ,your account to your needs enter in some simple  information like the company name and your website  ,if you don't have a website don't worry  you can even put in your facebook page url  ,then choose which industry you  belong to again all this information  ,helps us tailor a better experience for you,next enter in your postal address any email  sent by aweber must have a valid postal address  ,and then let us know how many email subscribers  ,you have again this way we can help you  along the process of setting things up,also let us know any business  goals you have this helps us  ,tailor specific content like email and  landing page templates that'll fit your needs,also let us know any tools that you're using  with your business we integrate with thousands  ,of different tools and would love to know which  ones you use the home page of your account is  ,your dashboard that'll give you information about  your subscribers recently sent messages and so on  ,we'll navigate around our account  in the vertical nav on the left  ,first we're going to go to landing page so a  landing page is a page that has a sign up form  ,on it to help you build your subscriber list  you can create your landing page from scratch  ,or choose from some pre-created templates  that we offer with these templates you can  ,customize the header images in fact even the  logo you can upload your own image use our  ,image gallery or design your own image in canva  for example we'll choose a banner sized image,and since we're running a food email  list we're going to use a food template  ,we'll just delete out some of  this so we can add in our own logo,once that's in we'll save,and our newly designed canva logo  is right in our aweber landing page,from here we can add a little bit of text  to create a headline to entice our visitors  ,to sign up and also speaking of that stock image  gallery we can add and change around some of the,imagery and we'll give our landing page a name,and one more thing before we save you can  customize the domain of your landing page  ,by setting up your website and your domain  ,link it to your landing page to  have a custom landing page url,so when we're ready we'll save everything,and publish we can copy our url and even  automatically publish our landing page to facebook  ,twitter or linkedin so now it's super easy  to promote the landing page that you built  ,inside of aweber people visit the page fill  out the sign up form and become a subscriber,for new subscribers you want to create a  welcome campaign so under messages we'll click  ,campaign we have a marketplace with pre-created  campaigns and also some built right into the  ,aweber control panel for exampl

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world best and easy method for earning money by managing your Email List AweberūüíĚūüíĚ

world best and easy method for earning money by managing your Email List AweberūüíĚūüíĚ

hello and welcome you are now looking at, and actually,allows you to build and manage an email,marketing list,now if you don't have an aweber account,you'll come to this page at,and then what you'll need to do in order,to get started is to put your name and,email address into the box in order to,start a 30-day free trial,now if you currently do not have an,email marketing list you will start at,aweber at 19 a month after the 30 days,is over,however if you're going to be moving,your list into aweber then you are going,to be priced according to the tier that,you're going to be on any place from 19,a month up to 149 dollars a month and,then once your list size is beyond 25,000 then aweber will determine that on,and as needed basis,when you get started with aweber you are,going to have to put in a credit card in,order to get started because they're,going to want to be able to bill you at,the end of the period,and of course you'll need to decide,whether or not you're going to be billed,monthly quarterly or annually there are,some price breaks if you do so quarterly,and annually,finally they're going to have you agree,to their service agreement you are going,to want to read that for your own,information,so now once you've read through the,service agreement you can then sign up,for a weber,aweber will give you a login and,password and then what you'll need to do,is to put that login password in in,order to log in,once you are logged in you will then be,ready to start creating lists for your,online business we're going to start the,process by creating a list,and what you'll do is you will go inside,of your aweber dashboard you will go to,click the link that says manage lists,what you'll see here is you'll see a,green button that says create a list and,you will go and click that button,now most cases aweber will pre-fill,information in here but you can actually,change this information so if you are,going to be operating under a specific,brand you can go ahead and write that,brand in here so let's go ahead and do,that now as well as the company website,now aweber requires that you put a,return address in your emails they will,pre-populate that information based on,what's in your billing now if you want,to use a different address you'll need,to click this button and then you'll,need to change the information,once you do that you will then write,that address in,and then you will save the information,aweber is going to ask you what sender,name and email address that you want to,use,and in general what you're going to do,is you're going to write in a sender,name,and when you write in the sender email,you want to avoid using emails like,hotmail or gmail or yahoo you want to,use a server address email or an email,address that you created with your,domain name,now another thing that you'll want to do,that will enhance your deliverability is,you want to make sure that this sender,email is not something like admin or,support you don'

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Mailchimp & Shopify Breakup - Alternatives And Suggestions

Mailchimp & Shopify Breakup - Alternatives And Suggestions

in this book I'm going to talk about,MailChimp versus Shopify what happened,and why I should care about it now I'm,also going to give you a lot of,suggestions on what email marketing,providers you should go for if you are,looking to migrate from MailChimp to,some other platform because what has,happened is MailChimp and shop if I have,had a breakup and the reasons for that,have been two-sided MailChimp has their,own reasons Shopify has their own,reasons according to this article as you,say he said she said the demise of,Shopify Plus MailChimp integration what,has happened basically is that according,to Shopify the split is due to,MailChimp's refusal to respect their,partner program agreement so Shopify has,a partner program agreement where they,want MailChimp and other app developers,to send over all data that merchants,could use to run the e-commerce business,properly with Shopify so MailChimp was,supposed to give data back to Shopify,for all the activities that were done on,the MailChimp account for example let's,say they had a pop-up form on that he,comes toward when people actually,entered their email address what shop if,I wanted it was to take that email,address so that the ecommerce store or,had all of the data but there was a,disagreement on what MailChimp wanted,and what shop if I wanted they've both,released their own statements as you can,see this is MailChimp statement on the,Shopify partnership and then this is the,Shopify statement on you know why,MailChimp is no longer on the shop App,Store so what has happened is MailChimp,app has been removed from the Shopify,App Store and for those who were,actually existing customers who have,already gotten MailChimp less top-20,greated I was one of them so they have,given time till May 12th when Shopify's,new data sharing agreement starts to,take effect so basically we have time,till then to actually shift to another,platform so if you are on mail Jim you,do have time to shift to another email,marketing platform or there's also the,possibility of actually still using,MailChimp in your business now I'm going,to cover a lot of different things in,this video,and a lot of it is going to do with,price because email marketing I've,noticed there are a lot of apps or the,lot of companies out there and many of,them are actually like charging a lot of,money to do like this basic tasks like,email marketing I know it's a bit,complex,I have a few you know colleagues and NP,r--'s who are actually running their own,email marketing businesses to run and,maintain like email marketing service,does cost a lot of money but the amount,that is charged by these companies is,insane like especially some of these,companies charge a lot of money just to,run like basic email marketing campaigns,now it just depends on what you want and,how important email marketing is to your,e-commerce business for me it accounted,for a small percentage of revenue I have,tried a lot of different things based on,the product that I have an

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salut tout le monde aujourd'hui on se,retrouve pour une nouvelle vid√©o alors,dans cette vid√©o on va parler de,l'e-mail marketing,je vais vous pr√©senter donc,l'application que moi-m√™me j'utilise et,je vous montrer comment elle fonctionne,et surtout je vous montre √©galement,comment faire votre premi√®re campagne,dit mail donc la premi√®re campagne √ßa,sera limeil de newsletters je vous,montrerai √©galement comment on va le,lier √† votre site shopi faille est,√©galement comment on va le lier √† la pop,up de l'application prix vaille,ok donc si vous n'avez pas vu encore la,vid√©o sur l'application privat et vous,invite fortement √† aller la voir,vous la trouverez facilement sur ma,cha√ģne voil√† alors concernant,l'application que j'utilise √ßa va √™tre,sc√®ne in blue alors pourquoi j'utilise,cette application et pas une autre,tout simplement parce que quelqu'un me,l'a conseill√©,donc j'ai voulu tester je les mises en,place sur ma boutique et j'ai aim√© en,fait tout simplement les fonctionnalit√©s,propos√©es me correspondait parfaitement,en plus de √ßa l'application est,totalement en fran√ßais contrairement √†,beijing par exemple ensuite,donc oui l'application est en fran√ßais,mais surtout elle est faite par des,fran√ßais ok √ßa veut dire que vous avez,un support qui est enti√®rement en,fran√ßais ils sont tr√®s r√©actifs et voil√†,apr√®s au niveau tarif l'application en,soi est gratuite c'est √† dire que vous,avez droit √† 300 e-mails par jour,donc vous pouvez envoyer 300 mails par,jour gratuitement apr√®s il existe,diff√©rents plans b je vais vous voulez,montrer tout de suite donc voil√† les,plans donc ouais c'est √ßa donc pour z√©ro,euro donc gratuitement vous avez 9000,mais par mois sachant que √ßa s'est,limit√© √† 300 par jour avec le plan,sup√©rieur donc √† 19 euros vous aurez,40000 mais par mois et puis apr√®s avec,les autres plans pas forc√©ment √ßa,augmente,etc etc voil√† donc clairement pour,d√©marrer 300 mails par jour c'est,largement assez,apr√®s une fois que vous en ferez,beaucoup plus vous passerez au plan,suivant √† 10 9 euros par mois,√ßa restera encore une fois tr√®s rentable,vous allez voir √©galement qu'il ya une,application sur shopi faille pour lier,en fait votre compte sanin blue √† la,boutique je vous montrais √ßa juste apr√®s,l'application co√Ľte 5 $ par mois sachant,que vous avez trois semaines d'essai,gratuit voil√† donc on va rentrer dans le,vif du sujet donc d√©j√† vous allez vous,rendre sur le site,donc encore une fois si vous voulez,utiliser ce logiciel bah je vais vous le,pr√©senter tout simplement apr√®s voil√†,dit bravo si vous avez d√©j√† un autre,notre outil telles que mail chine par,exemple ou autre √† vous de voir moi j'ai,pas utiliser men chipinge avait cr√©√© un,compte,j'avais des gal√®res et je me rappelle je,sais plus pourquoi mais je vais gal√©rer,et bref du coup je n'ai pas utilis√© donc,je peux pas dire je peux pas m√™me pas √†,juger de les diff√©rencier entre les deux,parce que je connais pas les matches et,je connais m√™me pas les autres en fait,d'utiliser que √ßa d'une blouse pou

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MailChimp WordPress Plugin

MailChimp WordPress Plugin

in this tutorial I'm going to show you,how to add the nail chip plug into a,wordpress website and activate it so,we're logged into our WordPress,dashboard and we go to plugins and we,select add new and the plug-in that,we're going to search for of course is,just mail chimp now when we do this it's,going to return a number of results for,us and we can look at the various ones,that are in there but the one that we,really want is simply called MailChimp,and let's go ahead and put this in here,as one word to so it comes up to the top,of our list here the mailchimp list,subscribed form and we want to make sure,that this was the one that was written,by mailchimp and crowd favorite we can,look at the details if we want to I know,this is the one I want so I'm going to,select Install Now and it says are you,sure you want to install this plugin so,we say yes now once its installed we,have to activate it so we click on,activate plugin and the plug-in is now,installed and activated but we still,aren't quite done what we have to do is,if we go to settings we can see that,there is a new option under settings,called MailChimp set up and we need to,go in here to tie our MailChimp account,together with this plug-in and in order,to do that we have to have an API key so,what I'm going to do is I'm going to,jump over to MailChimp i'm already,logged into mailchimp so i can now come,over to the account area and click on,api keys and authorized apps from there,I can grab the API key that it displays,to me copy that come back to,wordpress and paste in that API key and,then I can click on the save and check,button and this will tie this plug-in,application to the WordPress applicant,or to the MailChimp application so that,the two can communicate with each other,once I've done that I can select the,list that i have previously created on,my MailChimp account to tell it which,list that people are going to sign up,for utilizing the signup form that we,now have inside of wordpress now the,other thing that we will want to do is,actually go to the widget area of our,WordPress site and make sure that we put,that widget somewhere where it can be,displayed so you can see that we now,have a widget here that displays a,mailchimp subscribe box and we can,simply take that and drag it into the,widget area when we wish for that to,appear and that's all it is you now have,a subscribe form on your WordPress,website

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