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Amazon Blu R1 HD Simple Flash to Remove ads and OTAhow's it going guys the street junkie,here and to


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Amazon Blu R1 HD Simple Flash to Remove ads and OTA

how's it going guys the street junkie,here and today we're going to try to get,rid of these ads here on the Amazon blue,r1 HD so basically this device is ad,supported and I want to get rid of those,on this device I'm going to show you the,simplest method that I've created to go,ahead and remove these app ads off the,device so what this going to do is this,is actually going to remove all of the,Amazon ads the application should stay,but the ads should be gone and it's,going to block OTA updates and the,reason I want to block OTA updates is,because if Amazon wants to restore those,ads after I remove them they can do that,by pushing an OTA update that does that,so we don't want ot updates to function,after we remove the ads off the device,so I'm just going to show you what I'm,working with and kind of explain this as,I go so you're going to want to come,down here and make sure that you're on,this custom build version which is V 6.4,right down there at the bottom now if,you're not and you're on V 6.1 at the,time this video those doing two versions,that are available then it should still,work on both of those versions but if,you're on a different version a newer,than that I'm not sure if this will work,you want to check and see if I haven't,updated a file for you but anyway that's,what we're going to do so we've got all,this right here this is where the device,is basically you're going to go ahead,and plug in your device just like it is,right now and we'll plug it in so what,we're going to end up doing is we're,going to end up flashing this device,here with a custom system image and,enabling the device to be bootloader,unlocked all in one's process so let's,go to my computer and download the files,we're going to need to do this all right,guys here you go this is the XDA post I,made on this process I'll be adding the,video that I'm creating right now to,this post actually once it's finished so,basically you're just going to download,this file so we're just going to go,ahead and click on that and it's going,to open up to here and you're going to,download this removal file right here,that's pretty much what you're going to,download so just click on it it's going,to be what 1.3 gigs so pretty good size,file because we're flashing,system image and just download it to,your computer once you've got it on your,computer you're going to extract it and,mine extract it and looks like this so,you can see right here this removal and,once you're in there and you've got to,extract it you're going to have these,two files so this one's got a scatter,file and a system image and an unlock,image and then this one's got the SP,flash tool so we're just going to go,ahead and click on it we're going to,launch the flash tool exe right here and,your scatter may load it may not but,then basically you want to do is when I,come here to load scatter and then you,want to navigate to the correct scatter,so remove adds yes so firmware that's,correct so I'm just trying to see so,there's the two files there it is there,is the scatter if you want to see the,full name there it is no ads r1 HD no,ads so just click on that and you can,see that both these are checked so this,is going to be the system image we're,going to build a flash that has removed,all of the ads and OTA updates and then,this is the unlock file that we're going,to flash to allow us to bootloader,unlock if we want to do that you don't,have to do that when you can uncheck it,if you want it's totally up to you but,it doesn't do anything at this point,it's not like your rulers unlock when,you do this but you can it just gives,you option to do that and I'll show you,that a bit so from here all we're going,to do is go ahead and hit download and,over here at the device you can see,nothing started but if we just power off,the device so just come over here while,it's plugged into the computer let's go,ahead and power off what happens is the,device will go into preloader mode while,it's powering down and the flash on the,computer will start now about preload or,mode if this doesn't work and the device,just powers off and doesn't connect to,the computer and start to flash like you,can see happening over here on my,computer then what you're going to want,to do is just power it on and also again,during power on just hold down your,power button during power on it goes in,boots into preloaded for a second and if,this computer sees that again it'll,start the flash so power down or power,up either way should start the preloader,flash on your computer which is really,nice to know this flesh,is flashing about almost three gigs of,files to the device because the system,image is about 1.6 a 2.6 gigs so it's,going to take it's not really long it's,probably three minutes to flash so I'm,going to let it flash and show to you,what to do once the flash is completed,so just want to note if your device is,not actually registering in SP flash,tool I'll try to link some drivers to,get it to function and SP flash tool,correctly for you I'll link them in the,description down below along with all,the files alright so you can see it is,done on the computer so you just hit,close and close that out were done on,our PC and then you come over to the,device just go ahead and unplug it and,then hit hold the power button this will,boot it out of preloader and boot it up,into the device now at this point we,have not wiped data on the device,so currently all your stuff is still on,there and you should be okay now what I,found is that sometimes after flashing,this and I think most of the time your,lockscreen still has one ad on it,whatever the latest their last ad on the,lockscreen was it's still there and the,best way to get rid of that is to wipe,data/factory reset the device once you,do that then the ads will be completely,gone off the device and you'll be good,and you will also have like I said,blocked OTA updates or disabled turned,off so as you can see I still have an ad,on my lock screen here so it's like oh,that didn't work right well it did it's,just that it's saved and user data so,there's two ways to deal with that one,you can come down here to settings and,you can go to see if I can find it back,up and reset and you can wipe,data/factory reset the device and you,can do that and then once it reboots,it's going to remove all of your stuff,on your internal storage and all your,apps and everything downloaded but once,you do that it'll reboot and your ads,will be going out to lock screen or,since you already have an unlined,bootloader or the functionality to,unlock your bootloader we can do another,method that will wipe data/factory set,with it or you can boot into stock,recovery there's lots of matched methods,to get rid of the last piece but you,have flashed everything so I'm going to,do,last method to show you guys actually,had unlike a Googler this way to since,it's part of this flash if you're,wanting to unlock the bootloader,basically we're going to show you some,steps on how to do that right now,so do that now that we've done this,removing of ads we're going to unlock,the wheeler to unlock wheeler and then,also wipe data so to do that you're,going to have to come in here and just,scroll down and you got to turn go to,about device go to your build number and,tap on it about 10 times and says you,are now our developer go back developer,options turn on USB debugging and once,you do that you should get this so hit,always allow and hit OK that's to allow,USB debugging from this computer and,then we can close that out so from here,we're going to go back to my computer,and run some commands to unlock the,bootloader so to unlock the bootloader,you're going to need the Android SDK,installed or just install these files,right here basically ADB fastboot files,this is a zip that you can actually,download from my site that has those,four files just to extract them to a,folder,I'll show you also you can actually get,them from right here to right there they,are Mac or will in Linux or Mac and,Windows so anyway so you can get those,files and we're going to run some,commands so we're going to open a,command water here so hold shift on your,keyboard right click open command window,here that opens a command window in the,folder with your ADB and fastboot files,so from here we're going to type in adb,devices and hit enter so it comes back,and shows that there's a serial number,and says device that means your drivers,and everything are functioning correctly,so we're going to type in ADB reboot,boot loader and hit enter alright so at,this point you go ahead and the device,is rebooting into bootloader mode says,fastboot at the bottom right there so,now we're going to type in fastboot,devices and it comes back with the same,serial number and says fastboot so that,means where drivers are working again,good and then to check if your device is,unlocked already or what's going on just,type in fast boot,get var unlock and then it doesn't give,you the state so we're going to do fast,boots get var all that works alright so,you can see right here it says unlocked,no and secure yes alright so now we're,going to unlock the bootloader so we're,going to type in fastboot OEM on clock,and hit enter and over in the device it,just basically says hit volume up to,like the bootloader so we're just going,to select volume up or volume don't down,to not unlock the bootloader either one,all right so it's just finishing up and,it's going to go back to fastboot mode,so we're back in fastboot mode so now to,check if our bootloader is unlocked just,put in fastboot get var all again and,this time you can see here that secure,is no and unlock is yes so that means,your bootloader is unlocked now I want,to make a clean note right now if you,have stock recovery still installed in,your device you can just type in fast,boot reboot ok,and in abuddin stock recovery wipe,data/factory reset your device finish,removing all the rest of the ads off the,lock screen and reboot it all right,that's great you have to go through the,setup process but the ads will be gone,or number two if you have TWRP recovery,installed at this point you need to type,in fastboot for Matt user data and if,you want to just be safe and safe and,safe you can just do this commit anyway,so do fastboot for Matt user data so,this way whether you have stock recovery,or you have stock recovery or TWRP,recovery it covers you either way and,then you're going to do fast boot reboot,hit enter and the device is rebooting so,if you stayed through the video this far,you have now removed the ads off of the,device you have unlocked the bootloader,you have blocked OTA updates you've also,gone ahead and wipe data/factory reset,the device so we've done quite a few,things we're actually done on the,computer at this point which is great so,we can close that window out and at this,point we're just waiting for the device,to reboot so once it reboots you're,going to have to go through the setup,wizard login to your Wi-Fi login to your,Gmail account your Amazon account if you,want as well because most with Amazon,ads at apps are still available on the,device just not the ads and that's,pretty much the process so let me just,go ahead and seal through my setup,wizard wants to sing boots and just show,you that the lockscreen ads are,completely removed I just want to point,this out also normally during setup,wizard right after you agree to all the,Google stuff it pops up with an Amazon,sign-in part and that's gone so we don't,have that feature anymore because we got,rid of those ads so as you can see here,we're going to lock the device and,unlock the device and swipe up and there,is and no more ads on the blue are 1 HD,Amazon variant you can actually see it's,actually got like an icon missing,because there's stuff that we just,pulled out of there and it does they're,not on the device anymore so there you,go that is the process like I said,you've kind of covered a little bit of,everything here we've got Maria adage,unlike the bootloader at this point if,you haven't since you have the unlike,wheeler if you filed those steps you can,go ahead and in flash twrp you can get,rid access with flashing supersu from,recovery you can mod you can install,xposed framework you can freeze other,applications I mean whatever you want to,do so hope you guys have liked this,video stay tuned for more videos on this,device along with all the other devices,that I cover if you want to see how to,remove ads on the Moto G Amazon variant,or even the Amazon Kindle Fire 5th gen I,have videos on all that as well so go,check those videos out and that's going,to wrap it up for me hope you guys like,the video and we'll catch you in the,next one your junkie out,you

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How To Use Facebook Ads For Phone Flipping / FREE vs Paid Method

How To Use Facebook Ads For Phone Flipping / FREE vs Paid Method

hey what's going on everyone this is,Nick of the financial ace here and today,I'm gonna be showing you how to use ads,for phone flipping now we're going to go,over two types of ads these are both,Facebook ads but we're gonna be going,over paid ads as well as free ads so,without further ado let's get right into,the video,now for anyone who doesn't know what,foam flipping is or why you should be,posting ads for it let me break that,down for you right now alright so let me,just give you a brief example of foam,flipping let's say you go and buy an,iPhone 8 for $300 then the next day you,go and sell it for $400 well you just,made $100 and that's what foam flipping,is now normally when we do this we use,apps like Facebook let go marketplace,Macari and the list goes on by just,buying phones from messaging with,sellers and then going out and buying,the phone then reposting that phone on,the same platforms and selling it for a,markup however with this method you'll,actually have people coming to you now,what I mean by this is when you post a,phone flipping ad your inbox will start,to get flooded with all these messages,with people wanting you to buy their,phones now the main reason you would,want to do this is leverage now what I,mean by this is when someone's reaching,you up to you for you to buy their phone,you have the leverage you have the power,you have the cash you have the upper,hand which means you'll get a better,price when negotiating because you have,the upper hand another great thing about,phone flipping is people will be coming,to you instead of you go into them now,the upper hand here is you'll save a ton,of time for messaging all these people,now what you'll have is you'll wake up,and your phone will be flooded with,messages with all these people who want,you to buy their phone now like I,mentioned before with leverage what this,allows you to do as well is get phones,for such good prices that you can then,buy them and resell them under market,value that way your selling and buying a,phone every day,you've constant cash flow coming in and,that way you don't run out of money for,ads bun or more phones and it's,important thing to remember in this,business is this business doesn't have a,huge overhead so don't be afraid to,spend a little bit of money on marketing,as it will accelerate your sales and,eventually lead to you making more money,all right so now that you understand,what phone flipping is and what phone,flipping had,I'm going to show you how to create,these ads I'll show you how to create,the creative which is the ad picture how,to write the copy which is the text in,the ad and how to use those together to,get you a ton of messages now pretty,much what you're going to be doing here,at least for selling phones is taking a,picture of a phone with a bunch of cash,around it saying we pay cash for phones,that's what you'll write on the actual,creative you'll write that on the,picture you will not write that as the,title okay now what you're gonna do next,is in the description you're gonna,explain how you pay cash for phones and,only a couple lines and a couple brief,words also use emojis so Facebook can't,catch on to what you're doing alright so,like I said before what we're gonna do,is create our creative now so what we're,gonna start with is we're going to lay,down a bunch of cash lay that down just,like that and then I have an iPhone 8,right here that we're going to put on,top so now that iPhone 8 is on you can,see what the ad is gonna look like,first we're gonna start with the,creative so let's hop into my computer,for this all right so we're gonna,clearly do one more in a different style,see you kind of know what I'm talking,about also show you an example from the,last Christmas out I did so again we're,going to go to Instagram post right here,we're gonna go down to uploads we're,gonna upload a different picture because,you've already used one of those yeah so,we'll use this guy right here so Jin,yeah we'll pull that up so all I've done,is pulled up another one of the pictures,that I took right here we've chopped it,down to size I'm gonna darken it a tiny,bit just because it's a little bit,bright that could I get through the,phone or maybe I'll break it up yeah so,you kind of see the mistake I let the,flight come from this side here and I,kind of made the photo not look that,great but it's just an example so we're,gonna pop over here grab some text so,I'm a really great font to use I know in,canva is a Leo definitely try that just,add a heading and go to a Leo with this,got that make it a bit bigger so we can,see it would be light,I cut out here,bold this do something like cash for so,like I said before you could put it on,the bottom this one is a little bit,easier you could do something like this,so it pops a little bit more you could,do we can put at the bottom and put,yellow so it contrasts with that brown,like I said before so you could do,something like that,cash your phones make something that,pops and play with play with everything,play with your font sizes your colors of,your text play with everything figure,out what works best for you and what's,gonna convert best and then now roll,with that all right so there are two,methods of showing facebook ads I'm,gonna show you one way is free like I,mentioned before and one way is paid now,before everyone just jumps and say,Nick why would I even pay if there's a,free option let me explain both of them,very clearly so you know why you should,use both now using free ads in my,experience is kind of a way to get your,account banned or shut down or on a,blacklist almost in my experience as,well I've never had a couch shut down or,banned I've just got multiple warnings,and then my ads take longer in review,processes now with this free method it's,going to work on both most platforms but,we're gonna use Facebook for this,example all right so now I'm going to,show you how to post and write the copy,for the free ads so what I have open,right here is just my Facebook,marketplace which is what I primarily,used to buy and sell my phones so I,actually did find something really,clickable to show you guys so if I,scroll down here actually I came across,yeah this thing right here this is an ad,right here these people are doing the,same kind of thing you can do this with,any electronic flipping with any,electronic but these people are doing it,with cameras you can see right there,they use pink text they have cash right,there i buy DSLR cameras so what this,person probably does is finds people who,want to sell their DSLR camera for cheap,and then goes around and sells them for,more and probably does quite while doing,it this is a great example of what we're,about to do so to get this done and post,it what you're gonna do is go right to,here to sell something you're gonna,press item for sale select a category,you're gonna put it in mobile phones,what are you selling you could be,selling and let's put iPhone 8 64,gigabyte or something like that for the,price maybe put it like I said before we,can do something like a click bait so,how about we do this one as lower so,let's do $200 this location there will,upload a photo here,that's this right here cool so now we,have the picture and put it in there,now you're gonna write the description,for this like I said keep this short and,sweet no more than 5 lines use line,breaks and I'll write a description,right now let's do it cash for iPhones,pull up a emoji I can get it to run here,sorry my computer's extremely slow for,this kind of thing,okay cool so we'll put a little cash,emoji there cash my phones will put,message us and it's always important as,well as another tip it's always,important when doing any kind of,advertising always say we always say us,and make it sound like you're either,like a company and you have more than,one person it just sounds more,professional strength in numbers that's,just what I do so we have message us if,with let's do message us with some info,about you would like to so okay so,literally something easy like this,literally three lines three of them line,breaks we just say cash for iPhones,message us if you have an iPhone with,and with information and we'll come pick,it up with cash now it's really,important to keep this as simple as,possible and keep it congruent make sure,you're saying we and everything and make,sure that everything looks nice and put,together so now that you have this up,all you're gonna do is cross next and,what I also recommend you do if you're,doing phone clipping is join all these,buy and sell groups that are near you,and then post your ads to that too so,that's what I'm gonna do right here so,I'll right click on all these I think,you can post to ten different groups,including marketplace so let's do first,a couple of these actually no on,computer you can post as many as you,want on your phone when you get me close,to ten so we're gonna do publish and,yeah so we have our listing right here,cash your phones so just simple like,that and that's how to do the free add,method alright guys so we just went over,the free method on how to use ads and,now we're gonna go order the paint,method but before we do that I actually,just want to show you guys I just got a,message for that ad that we literally,posted maybe two minutes ago so let's,see what this person has to say and,let's also show you,how to deal with the paid ads first okay,cool,so what we're gonna be running here is a,lead generation ad so that's we're gonna,click right down here is lead generation,actually no sorry I don't know I'm,saying this is fur and marketing agency,that I owned we're actually gonna be,running this as a messages campaign,meaning we're gonna be running this to,try and get messages for people some,messages we're going to do campaign name,is YouTube one we're not gonna do a,split test we're gonna do a daily budget,as far as your budget goes what I,recommend you guys do is use a ten,dollar day budget and don't use it every,day use it maybe you're like three to,five days a week at max and you should,be buying out boatload of phones from,all the messages you'll be getting so,we're just gonna put in a daily budget,even though we're all can actually run,this one so let's just do ten we're,gonna turn off this is what I mentioned,earlier turn off campaign budget,optimization or CBO's you don't need,that so let's just turn that off cool so,hit continue here message destination,yeah messenger that's what we want right,there okay,so we're gonna go create new custom,audience so is this they change this so,much so this is a pretty broad targeted,ad so what we're gonna do is narrow this,down a bit,so at least with it let's go the,location first so Canada and we're,actually gonna do it here,yeah so that is all good right there,that's where I want that,yeah sorry okay cool,so now that we have that included for,age you're gonna wanna put this lower,now that when a 65 year olds have phones,they want to sell you so I put it down,to 18 they're probably 40 is fine as you,can see we're getting all sorts of,messages from this out we literally just,put up so the free add method does work,all genders yep that's fine all document,demographics interesting okay so if you,do live in a larger place like me it,could be a good idea to do a little bit,more of a targeted ad I literally have,done this where I've target in for,iPhone and II that is interests huge,interest still three hundred seventy,thousand people and this rifle and we're,not gonna exclude or narrow in any more,that's a pretty good reach so that's all,good there languages,we're actually gonna set this to English,I live in a place that's very very by,lingu or multilingual sorry so let's get,this going here so I'm gonna save this,audience as one so West Coast tech is,the company I used for this we have here,okay so we're gonna do a daily budget,like I said of 10 yeah so we're gonna,next identity so I'm seeing a problem,here it's an image okay so there are a,couple ways you can run this ad you can,either do a page post so you create the,post on Facebook on the page before that,or you can do what I'm doing now just,just create it in here I recommend you,use existing posts that's actually what,I'm going to do just to save time and,for the purpose of this video so when I,click use existing post you can select a,post,there's only one we can use so as you,can see here I'm just gonna break this,down for you so this can be understood,yeah so yeah yeah so this is what the,ads gonna look like like I said it's,super easy we pay cash for phones send,us a message and get cash now that's,pretty much all this one says and it has,one of the pictures that I created in,canva it's not the same one that I used,when you're doing paid ads you're gonna,want a little more professional-looking,pictures even this I'm sorry about that,I'm gonna cut off there but pretty much,what I was saying is this was created as,well on canva quickly it was it doesn't,look that great but the post does look,all right and this is what will come up,and then people will just click this,right here send you a message and then,you'll talk to them through there pretty,much all you're gonna do from here is,gonna scroll all the way to the bottom,and click confirm and then set that all,up in there and your ads are gonna be,ready to go so that's how to run paid,ads all right it's not pretty much wraps,up today's video on how to use ads for,form flipping I hope this helped out if,it did remember to comment below and,tell me how much it helped you and with,all that being said make sure to,subscribe to channel leave a like on the,video and I will see you guys in the,next one thanks for watching

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