why my google ads are not showing

Google Ads Not Showing | Why Are My Google Ads Not Showing??? what's going on ted here from clicks,g

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

Google Ads Not Showing | Why Are My Google Ads Not Showing???

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why my google ads are not showing catalogs

Google Ads Not Showing | Why Are My Google Ads Not Showing???

what's going on ted here from clicks,geek and today we're going to talk about,why your ads are not showing up in,google,uh on occasion i get an angry email from,client,or a panicked phone call hey i just,googled my own stuff and i can't find my,ads what's going on,first things first stop googling your,own ads,and i'll explain why when you google,your own ads,and let's assume for a sec you do see,your ads if you don't click on your ads,which,of course you're not going to because,you'd be nuts to you know click on your,own ad and have to pay for your,own click that'd be silly so you,wouldn't do that right,so by not clicking on your ad what,you're doing is you're lowering,your ctr you're lowering your campaign,click through rate,and by doing that you're actually,hurting the performance of your campaign,and i only did it one time stop lying to,yourself no one does this just once,everyone does this like at least once a,day if you're doing it once a day,that's 30 times per month that you're,seeing the ad,and it didn't click through and it's,hurting campaign performance so that's,number one,stop doing that better thing to do,is to use the ads preview tool if you,don't know what that is,just google google ads preview tool and,it'll pop,up and all you got to do is go in and,set your geo targeting for your location,and do a search and it'll show you what,it looks like that's best practice,okay if you are,um if you're not seeing the ad so let's,say for example,someone else google that or whatever,whatever reason however you came up with,the,the fact that your ads are not showing,um it could be you're not seeing,impressions,in the campaign or it could be any,number of reasons,but there are lots of reasons why your,ads potentially would not be showing,and i'm going to walk through a bunch,first is the most common situation what,i just went through,at a certain point if you're the one,searching um and not clicking the ads,google starts to realize it's very,intelligent and starts to realize that,you're the owner of the account,and you're just searching for yourself,and they're gonna stop displaying your,ads,not best situation you don't want that,to happen so stop doing that please,you're hurting your own campaign um,that's first things first another thing,to think about is your ads will never,appear for 100 of your searches it just,doesn't work that way,you can get pretty close to it but 100,is very unlikely,next thing to think about is our golden,ratio,which we've talked about a lot on this,channel the google ads golden ratio,and that is the ratio of your average,click cost to your daily budget,you want that ratio to be as wide as,possible okay,and if it's tight say let's say your,quick cost is 10 bucks,and you have 50 a day that's a one in,five ratio that's a good place to be,but even with that that means you could,realistically only get five clicks per,day,so of that how many more times can you,realistically,be shown that day without blowing,through your budget and tomorrow's,budget in the next day's budget okay,so google starts to throttle you you,have to look at,your click cost your daily budget and,then the overall,daily search volume of the market okay,and put all things into consideration,you're never going to appear for all,searches,and you have to be realistic based on,what your daily budget is compared to,your click cost compared to what the,overall,uh search volume is you know looking,like on a day-to-day,basis and a week over week basis for,your niche okay,that's like macro level stuff then you,can go down to micro level stuff,another thing common is let's say your,bid is too high,and your daily budget's lower than your,bid by default you're not going to be,shown,right you're bidding too high compared,to your budget that's one another thing,another thing could be your bidding too,low,where your ads just can't get the,traction to get up into that top four,another instance could be negative,keywords blocking,so you've got stuff blocking stuff that,you're actively trying to go,after a lot of time that's going to come,up and you'll get a notification for,conflicting keywords in there,conflicting negative keywords,but sometimes it doesn't catch that and,that could be an issue,it could be a device bidding issue it,could be a mobile issue versus desktop,or tablet,um it could be perhaps a payment didn't,go through,it could be that your ads are,disapproved it could be that your ads,are under review,there's literally like tons and tons and,tons of reasons why it might happen,in our situation what we see the most is,what i went through first,that's assuming you've set everything up,correctly and that's assuming,you've gone through the google ads magic,formula you've got you've targeted the,right keywords,you're writing compelling ad copy you're,sending the traffic to a,page that's going to convert a high rate,that's the magic formula you're,following the google ads golden ratio,which is,a your average click cost to your daily,budget you want that ratio to be enough,so that you can get multiple clicks per,day,and as long as those two are in play,it's likely that,google has stopped showing you the ads,because you're searching a lot,or um you're just you just don't have,the budget,in place in order to get enough exposure,and it just happened to be one of those,times,where um google wasn't serving your ads,so,there's a lot of different things what,i'm gonna do is drop this,uh two links in the description here one,is a support link from google that'll go,over a bunch of different,scenarios and the next is an article,from word stream that i really like,that outlines i think it's 10 or 11 or,12,reasons why you're potentially not,showing up and,giving examples of what to do and what,to look for,so i think those would be helpful as,well i'll also drop a link to,our stuff in the description uh my name,is ed one of the founders of clicksgeek,we're a google premiere partner agency,we build and manage google ad campaigns,for local service businesses,and we also white label for agencies,and we also have courses uh teaching,people how to build and manage google ad,campaigns landing pages how to get,digital marketing clients all that kind,of good stuff,if any of that's of interest links are,going to be in the description,um and that's it for today if you like,this video give it a thumbs up subscribe,you know what to do drop a comment below,if i missed anything or,didn't uh say something you thought i,should have said or whatever,that's it i hope you have a great day,and i will see you guys later,bye

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