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Fix You Can't Buy or Sell Items on Marketplace Facebook Problem Solvedhow to fix you can't buy or se

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Fix You Can't Buy or Sell Items on Marketplace Facebook Problem Solved

how to fix you can't buy or sell items,on marketplace hey guys welcome back to,one million ideas youtube channel in,this video i'm gonna be showing you that,how you can fix,this error on your marketplace and how,you can solve this problem but guys,before proceeding further,make sure to subscribe my youtube,channel and hit the bell icon to receive,all the latest update,now let's begin the tutorial okay guys,here,you have to watch this video very,carefully,and you have to note my word very,carefully,okay now guys see to fix this problem,you have the process for fixing this,problem and you will get your account,back okay and next time you won't,see this error on your marketplace but,you have to be very careful now guys see,now what you have to do is as you can,see here,we reviewed your request to buy and sell,on facebook after taking a second look,to your,listing we found that they didn't follow,our community standard,your access has been suspended okay,now guys to fix this problem you have,certain things to follow,but before i'll showing you that before,i'll show you that,i'll tell you i'll give you one advice,next time,i'll tell you how to fix but before that,you have to be very careful when you,place an ad when you post an ad when you,sell and buy something on marketplace,okay they have their community standard,guidelines,just go to google and then type,facebook community facebook marketplace,community standard and then just,read out all those community standard,and then you will get to know that what,are the how,you can properly manage your marketplace,how,what you can buy what you can sell and,what are the criterias and what are the,policy they have,you have to study those things and then,only use the marketplace so did it will,help you,not to it will help you and then you,will,never face this kind of error that you,can buy or sell item on,marketplace okay when you understand,when you study all those,criteria and eligibility and privacy and,policy,next time you won't face this kind of,problem and each and every ads,on your marketplace will be posted will,be approved,okay now let's go back i'll tell you now,i'll tell you exactly how you can fix,this problem okay now,let's go to facebook you simply have to,first do one thing first take a,screenshot of this,okay you can't buy or sell item you have,to uh,you have to take a screenshot of this,now uh recently i was facing this,problem that's why i took a screenshot,and then later on i fixed my problem and,then i took this screenshot back,so in that case you simply have to take,the screenshot because we have to,uh we will need this screenshot letter,and then after taking the screenshot,simply click on the,top right corner on the here top right,corner,and then here you have to click help and,support and here you have an option,report a problem just click over it,and then here you have a you have an,option,on the bottom continue to report a,problem,just click over it and right after,clicking it,you will get an option here to write,down to describe,your error uh here you have to select,the category,so our category is marketplace just,click on the marketplace and you have to,close this one and then go to,camera roll okay go to camera roll,and then put this one okay this is the,error,and then here you have to briefly,explain what happened and what,we need to do to reproduce the problem,in that case just,type hi team,team and then here you have to just,give a space and then here,my market,place is showing,showing this error,and then you have to type you,can't buy or,sell items on,market place and then type please,fix my market,place as soon as,possible,thank you and then give space,regards and then your name that's it,and then you simply have to type this,thing,hi team my marketplace is showing the,zero you can't buy or sell,items on marketplace please fix my,marketplace as soon as possible thank,you and then your name,and then you have to click on the send,button,you have to click on the send button now,let's wait for,a few seconds and then this error,as you can see this error has gone this,error,now i mean to say that this your request,has been submitted to the facebook team,now they will look to your uh problem,within 20 it might get fixed within two,hours,it might get fixed within one day or two,day and it will,hardly take seven days okay,now remember that if even after seven,days your problem is not getting fixed,if you are not getting the marketplace,option then guys,you will not get your big account back,okay,you will not be able to use marketplace,so in that case you have to,create another account and then you can,use marketplace that's,it guys but wait for two three days wait,for one week at least,and then even after one week you are not,getting back your account then it is not,possible to get,in your entire life okay so that's why,that's why at the first i told you i,advise you to,go to uh facebook community standard,marketplace,search on google and then you will get,to see all the privacy and policy all,their guidelines,regarding using marketplace and then see,all those things,and then you will get to know that how,you can,properly use marketplace so once you get,to know,uh how to use properly marketplace then,you will never face this kind of error,again in your life,okay so this is how can do it i hope,this video definitely helped you,please uh consider subscribing my,channel thank you so much for watching,till then bye

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Facebook Marketplace 0 Views Glitch | FIX & Marketplace Automation

Facebook Marketplace 0 Views Glitch | FIX & Marketplace Automation

good morning,welcome to the mac show in today's video,i'm going to show you how to fix your,facebook,marketplace listings when you're getting,little or no views it's a simple glitch,we have a few different work around so,make sure you stick around i'm going to,show you a few ways that you can do it,i'm also going to show you how you can,boost your sales and get a lot of,listing views,on every single listing that you put up,so let's get into it,okay now before we get straight into how,to fix this and the workarounds i want,to tell you,why you're getting zero or very little,listing views there's a few reasons,and it's equally as important as knowing,the fix because,otherwise you're just going to set,yourself up for failure again and again,and again,and as marketplace evolves and changes,in the future you kind of want to have a,bit of an understanding of how things,work,so that you can go ahead and then,implement changes as they're needed,now there's two very different reasons,for why you either get zero views or why,you get little views so you need to,look at your post and and decide what is,actually happening is there a pattern,between your current posts your current,listings are they all getting,zero views or are they maybe getting 15,16 you know 12,11 30 views but it's nothing like it was,before,okay you need to make that separation,because that's very important in,deciding what's actually happening with,your account,if you're getting zero views it,basically means that your post has not,yet been approved by facebook still in,the review,stage and you might have posted you know,10 20 products and it's been a week and,it's still stuck like that,it means there's a glitch in your,facebook marketplace which there are a,few work arounds i'm going to explain,them to you but you need to understand,the difference between little listing,views,and zero listing views now a common,error that people also make is they,click on the post themselves to see and,when they come back and check,it might have three listing views or,four listing views it doesn't mean that,the post has actually gone live,all it means is that you individually,have clicked on that post and it will,still count as a view,if you have a few listing views we are,going to go over how to boost those as,well,but it's very very important that you,understand how to fix zero views,yourself because if it ever happens to,you,you want to be straight back on the ball,and earning money so let's get into tip,number one,on how to fix it okay everyone now this,is fix number one,it's very very cool and it is the,location change fix,now there's a very particular way you,have to do this so if you've tried this,and it hasn't worked stick around,because this is probably why okay,very important first you must delete all,your listings with zero views do not try,and salvage them,and hope that they will work once you,get this fixed because if you posted,them three to four days ago,anyway what's going to happen is when,they do go live facebook is going to,still see that post as a,aged post it's not going to push them to,the top and it's going to absolutely,brutalize your marketplace,account so what you want to do is go,ahead when you location switch you want,to,delete all your listings first then put,up a brand new listing something you,haven't listed before,and change your location completely so,if you normally list in new york,list one product in florida do not,change it back do not post anything else,just post this one product,let it go through the stages facebook,will review it ultra fast,it'll go it'll trigger something within,the system i'm not sure exactly,what but it worked for me 90 of the time,boom,facebook will fix it then you can go,back switch your location not on that,post but on your future posts and begin,posting the products that you had up,before now stick around for tip number,two because location change is only one,of the ways that we can reset,the zero view glitch okay so tip number,two is,it's actually a double tip because it,not only is going to reset your,zero view glitch for you but it's also,going to boost your seller score rating,which is very very important now i,highly recommend not doing this on a,mass level,because facebook's algorithm is very,smart it's ai is very smart,and it will learn what you're doing um,and pretty much flag your account,but i have found to do this um,occasionally,it it not only helps with resetting the,glitch if the location change doesn't,work but it boosts your seller score,rating so,the tip number two is the seller score,rating reset,now what you want to do is basically,list up a product with,the normal glitch that you have now it,doesn't matter if it's going to get zero,views it doesn't matter if it doesn't,get approved,but you can actually go into the post,and share,the link what you want to do is share,the link to either a family member a,close friend or another account that,you've created yourself,but do not set up the shipping option on,this product,what you want to do instead is go ahead,and list it as,sale through messages okay facebook,can't track exactly how the payment's,made,and so therefore you can say that you,have sold the product to this person,when you've never actually sold it okay,what's going to happen is you list up,the product uh very,very cheap it doesn't doesn't matter,really the price i find that cheap,products,it doesn't tend to be looked over by,facebook as much,what you do is you share the link to,your friend family member or your other,account,you message back and forth between the,two and then you go on your original,account you mark as sold,facebook will give you the option did,you sell to this person,you hit yes then you hit request review,you get your friend or family member or,jump back on your other account and,leave a five-star review okay what this,does is it pushes yourself back through,the,uh rating system and facebook's,algorithm for some weird reason again,undernotes to myself,why it likes to review your account,probably because it ranks you higher and,it resets i've found this has been a,perfect workaround,for the zero view glitch okay now before,we jump into,why your product might be getting little,views instead of no views remember,they're very very different things,before we jump into that i just want to,let you know that we've been absolutely,seeing incredible results with our,facebook automation package,people are jumping on board if you don't,know what facebook automation is,basically it's where we come on board we,take over your marketplace account,we drop ship all the products for you,from our private suppliers who set up,private listings for us,it all has express delivery so it gets,us super quick we'll pump your seller,score rating up,and we handle everything we post,products daily we,handle the orders the tracking and then,we just scale you over time if that's,something you're interested in,hit the link below that's a shameless,little plug but check out the link below,it's completely handled for you,okay now if your products are getting,little views not no views but little,views maybe 16 maybe,30 maybe a couple hundred but it's,nothing like what you had in the past,or you've just started posting newly and,you're only getting a few views,here's the reason and it's a very very,harsh truth this one your product is, okay something about your listing,or your product,is it's not appealing to the,general audience now there are so many,optimization tips when it comes to this,if you copy paste descriptions from,somewhere else and do not make any edits,or any changes,facebook is going to notice that it can,read the text and it can say it's here,it's here it's here it's here,okay it's going to demote your post,unique sales copy is very very important,not only for the algorithm but it helps,you sell,things when something sounds unique it,sounds cool sounds different it's going,to sell,okay number two is that your product,photos are,you guessed it you are using white,background photos,what background photos have been shown,to work best for,only two types of sites really the big,sites like,ebay and amazon facebook marketplace,think of your demographic,people still expect it to be like a,garage sale type,place okay they're looking for bargains,they're looking for threats white,background photos,do not convert higher as your first,photo you can definitely have them,somewhere in there to showcase the,product and make it look more,professional,but i always recommend that the first,photo is either a,very cool product photo or a ugc,a ugc basically just means user,generated content so you've taken a,photo yourself,or you've found a review online or,you've actually got a real review from,someone that you can use,okay these will rank a lot higher and,they'll get you,views on your products very very fast,okay,these are the main reasons there are no,other reasons okay if you're getting,little views,it's just that your product sucks damn,the only other small detail might be,that you're a new seller and in this,case if you've only just started listing,on marketplace,your account needs to warm up there is a,warm-up phase i've noticed this,through years and years of testing,thousands of marketplace accounts,consistently post three to five times a,day for a week,and after a week you'll start to see,that your account starts to rank better,okay and it's going to push those sales,to the top that means the views will,start pulling through and,voila your problem has been solved let,me go off the camera for a second i just,want to say if you enjoyed today's video,i would appreciate you smashing the,subscribe button in the like button i'm,going to be dropping so many more,marketplace videos for everyone on tips,optimization,scaling the whole lot you know sales,tactics everything how to scale into a,brand of your own at a later stage,because,i am the marketplace king i have been in,this game for years okay i noticed,from my analytics that the marketplace,videos seem to be the best by far so i'm,going to be sticking with mostly,marketplace,style videos so make sure you smash the,subscribe button hit the little bell as,well,leave a comment of anything you want to,see and i will post a video up,next week see you all then have a,blessed and safe week everyone oh,and make sure you check that link below,we can do automation for you,we can handle it all baby

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