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Using data to optimize niche targeting on Facebook - Dan Nikasah this brings me to my presentation s


Updated on Jan 21,2023

Using data to optimize niche targeting on Facebook - Dan Nikas

ah this brings me to my presentation so,aside from being is being from Australia,you're probably thinking you know who is,this going you know a lot of people know,Thai a lot of people know Glen I'm on,the other side of the world I get this,Muppet of a sob story you get left out,of a lot of stuff because most of the,interesting stuffs going on when I'm,asleep so I wake up and catch the tail,end of a stream where someone's abusing,Bridget in teespring news again and you,know someone's you know having some sort,of argument someone else but I miss I,miss a lot of that a lot of the,goings-on that happened dated um it's a,lot of webinars I have to watch replays,in webinars because you know like I can,get up at 2:00 in the morning and watch,it but I don't how much I'm going to,remember by the next day so I'm better,off watching a replay so I work on,filling information gaps in our business,and this is primarily in the in the,Europe market at us it's um holds a lot,of data it has a lot of there's a lot,through it to work on within the US and,I'll get to it about what other,questions asked Maria was when are they,going to buy the third-party data for,all the other countries yet for the US,and I'll explain what that is to you,during my later on Darren Turner my,presentation but so basically Who am I,I've been in the internet marketing,space for about five years I don't come,from a tech background the last three,years I've been doing what I call direct,response marketing we're evolving now,where we've got access to our leads and,we're developing better systems and you,know we're going to have upsells of mugs,and we're going to have cards and we're,going to have all these sorts of things,that give us an advantage that keep a,customer but my past career is sort of,transferring my skills from my past,career into this space is where my,strengths is this one I'm not a creative,person at all I didn't come from a sales,background I was actually a police,officer for 17 years the last ten of,that I was a detective and for the last,five of that I was a homicide detective,and due to health reasons I had to leave,but and it's a scary proposition when,you're a when you're a police officer,and all of a sudden,you can't do that job anymore and you,don't you've only known that license,you're 19 years old you're you know,you've got other three kids you know,beautiful wife and all of a sudden you,can't do that job anymore and it's the,only thing you know how to do and once,you're not a copper anymore,cop you know as not a cop is it if once,you're not a police officer anymore you,can't be anything else except a security,guard maybe and that just didn't appeal,to me one because I think it's crap job,but to look at me I wasn't the,intimidating police officer I didn't,come in and crack heads and you know,stand over people and intimidate them,interrogate them,I was the analytical guy I was the one,that used to find criminals I used to,use a lot of different resources have a,lot of different informants a lot of,different networks within the community,and I used to find people that didn't,want to be found and never left the,trail behind and we still find them bad,people so this is the investigative,process that I then transfer across to,marketing and doing Facebook research,for our advertising so as a detective a,crime and occur we'd look for evidence,whether it be direct or circumstantial,just like they do in the TV shows it's,just not quite as cool,we'd callate the evidence and we look at,what information gaps are so we go right,this is what we've got this is a profile,of a person we're looking for what gaps,do we need to fill in order to find that,person,so we'd have all our physical evidence,we'd have what we could find at the,scene then we'd fill those information,gaps using different strategies now,every police officer does it differently,and everyone's got their own little,strategies and what works for them what,works for some guys that are like six,foot six and 150 kilos as they go and,stand over little guys and the little,guys giving information I just have to,go and find other method other,methodologies to find these things I,used to pay informants the information I,used to go and execute search warrants,on government databases used to do all,these all this legwork that there was,nothing glamorous about it it was I you,know there's no sliding across bonnets,of cars and turning coffees out a window,it was sitting behind a computer and,finding stuff and I would use that,evidence to find an offender now that,offender don't want to be found,especially for the last fight they never,want to be found any but the last five,years I was looking from,murderuss you find a murderer they're,going to jail for the rest their lives I,don't want to be found they're not,leaving a little trouble and say hey Dan,you know feel good enough you can find,me I don't want to be found so what I,found was that I was really good at that,I started getting into internet,marketing this direct response marketing,in that all I was doing now was I was,finding customers but these customers,don't try and hide you just got to know,where to look for them and you've got to,fill in those information gaps but those,information gaps aren't as hard to fill,because they leave a trail behind,because they're not trying to hide who,they are a lot of them are very proud of,who they are they like to tell the world,who they are they fill in all the,information on Facebook it's native data,we'll fill out to get a Facebook,blogging it's all there for us to use,just kind of use it in the right way so,let's look at it from a Facebook,marketing point of view so the crime,occurs he's similar to you launch your,campaign in your niche so you've got to,fill in all that you need to go and look,for the evidence that's there so that's,as an example you go to audience,insights and you start digging around,and you start trying to look for what,evidence there is whether it be interest,or demographics or where they live and,if it's in America or it's in the United,States you can even tell whether they're,a homeowner or whether they rent or,whether they earn a certain amount of,money how many kids they're got all this,sort of information is held on them it's,what it's native data that's available,to us so I'd callate all this,information for years that's pretty much,what most courses what most coaches and,courses showed you to do was current,audience insights pop in these few,things get these interests go and put,those interests in your ads those ads,will go in front of the right people and,they'll buy your it works to a,point it doesn't work so well now,because there is a hundred times as many,people doing the same thing because,we've all gone on the same course as,well listening to the same people if,we're all doing the same thing we're all,going to get the same results which is,average you're very rare and this is the,thing to pick up on is that ty didn't,get up here and talk about how he,research his interests he talks about,how he's already he's a step ahead of,the game okay,he would have done this to start with am,i correct exactly but it's what you do,and the next stage about filling these,information gaps to begin to get even,better at marketing and that's what,separates the copycats,or the small sellers from the guys that,sell a lot now the reason that the guys,that you know sometimes you look at it,and they'll be one shirt sold 5,000 and,they'll be an exact copy of an it sold,100 and you're thinking why is that my,theory is they're stopping at this point,the copycats are copying your design,they're getting to this point which is,all this sort of free information online,now you know everyone knows that you use,audience insights to find the interest,demographics targeted for the ads are,those selling 100 because it's a good,design it already sold 5,000 it's what,these other guys are doing like ty I,myself like Glenda what we're doing past,that stage like a lot of the other big,sellers that are in the room here so the,question I asked Maria was about third,party data now this is that this was the,detective coming out in me I was,targeting a campaign to the United I,wanted to United Kingdom but I still,accidentally selected United States so,I'm in audience insights and I'm,clicking around this is one of the first,campaigns that I'd ever run to the,United Kingdom where I was wanting to do,my research the audience insights the,same way that we start not by saying,it's the start of a campaign so I get in,there and I'm looking around I can see,who in America is a homeowner who you,know how much money they own how many,kids they have are they like to shoot,guns you know will be all the different,stuff that they're collecting data on,what Maria was saying is that they buy,that data that third party data from,these companies oxicontin,data logics Epsilon there's probably,more but fundamentally that's what they,tell us they're buying it from when you,go into audience insights,see is this audience insight gives us,the native data of what the user does,okay so these things here they put in,their age their gender if they're true,they're putting their age their gender,their relationship status you know,people always put them whether they're,married because if they don't their wife,nags at them and if they if they break,up they want to change their status,really quickly to single you know,they're putting their education level,their job role if they're proud of it,all these sorts of things this is what,the user puts in this is the native data,that we have access to a lot of people,don't use it we describe to the interest,to me we overlook this stuff but this,stuff is gold but this is this is the,the customer telling you what they do,where they be and what they like so use,it now the third-party data that they,buy which now is available it is it,going to be rolled out as it you have to,ask for it to be white listed on your,account,I'll get to the next slide knowledge so,I'll get you to try and point out,exactly where we might be able to find,it now but for the quite some time for,the last two years we've been selling in,in Europe we didn't have access to that,so we had to work around for it and this,was the big barrier for a lot of people,to get into the American market like why,what I do in the States doesn't work in,the UK why can't I just replicate what I,get out of there it's because and you,can correct me if I'm wrong Maria two,years ago that you know eighteen months,ago they held this third party they,bought this third party data for the,United States but they didn't have it,for Europe now look at some of the stuff,they're buying here this is third-party,data is you know like when you've got it,your two credit card rewards program,where you go to the shop and you're part,of a loyalty program they are collecting,information on you yes you get a reward,but you're giving your information to,them about patterns are spending who you,are what areas you spend money and what,you like to buy what you like to do okay,yeah these things do you think could be,really really important if you're trying,to sell shirts to them I'm going to say,most of them purchase but in the market,for a vehicle okay that's not relevant,to us purchase behavior online purchases,retail spending spending methods,household size household income all of,these things are pretty relevant in the,e-commerce realm they're all there for,the states but they didn't exist for,Europe or anywhere else but we're more,selling figure that didn't exist so this,is what this is what I got only up until,before I got on the plane four days ago,I did the slides and I obviously,targeting United Kingdom if you can't,read that it says this data is currently,only available for audiences in the US,so I was looking for purchase data if,I'm in contact in the US all that,information is there so I can look at,their patterns of behavior and this is,that this is that digging deeper this is,more than just looking at more pages,they like this is like you know it's,pretty kitty that you know your market,are they going to spend online what do,they buy when they're online you know,that sort of stuffs really important now,apparently it's being Y unlisted and,that's great okay so it's going to,change our tactic,of how we approach things because,Facebook has more information that will,get fed into the algorithm that in turn,will find more customers for us whereas,if the algorithm is trying to find,customers but it doesn't know its online,purchases its purchase behaviour retail,spending or its spending methods well,you're going to think that it's not,going to be as optimized common sense,tells you that it's not going to work as,efficiently as it would for the u.s.,because it's got all this information on,the audiences in the US again sorry to,keep saying it as ty said in six months,time a lot of this will be irrelevant,today I've learned that this is changing,the day before I got on the plane to,come here which was Wednesday they,rolled out another change that appeared,on my account that now allows you to,create look-alike audiences for other,countries based on information that you,hold for for argument say the u.s. so if,you've got an itch part in each page in,the US previously you couldn't create a,look-alike audience off that niche page,for let's say Germany because you didn't,have a hundred fans from Germany you,only had a chance from the US you might,have some from other places but now,functionality is there to build a,look-alike audience from your United,States in each page how it marries up,the data how it finds a similarities I,don't know it's brand new I've got to,test it but it is an example of how the,landscape constantly changes and you,need to keep digging around and finding,this stuff,okay now I'm not going to reiterate,what's already being said need specific,business pages we use them to build,assets from the page we want to look,alike audience of those people that are,on that page it's one method that we,have to you know scale out our campaigns,let Facebook do the legwork for you,instead of you paying your money to go,and find these people let the algorithm,work for you but more importantly what,we've got to remember is the people on,these pages you know they're real people,you know you see some pages they just,ignore their customers they'll be,message after message post up the post,coming up to comment and they don't care,all they're doing is they're just,selling to them if you create a,community you can create multiple,look-alike audience affinity pages using,the new method we used to do it by using,page insights and seeing where we are,where all our fans were based so use,that in each specific business page as,an investigative tool to find what your,customers like you know you'll put a,meme up and you know if it within an,hour goes to 50,000 people it's a fair,chance you could probably put that on a,shirt and sell it all right now this is,another thing that I like to do and,there's no tool to be able to do this,there's no functionality within Facebook,or or external software that allows you,to do this so what I like to do is I,like to know I like to spy on other,people don't like their page because,they'll know you're spying on them go,and spy on big pages in your niche how,do you do that go to the page find a,product that's selling really well has a,group of passionate fans start,researching the comments when you're,researching the comments look for buyer,and passionate keywords within the,comments okay now this is not a new new,concept this one this is one that's been,around for a while but people don't do,it read the comments and then go in,there and look for your buy related,keywords see is a list of I relate,he's saying they've already got it or,that they love it okay there's also,passion keywords we've tried to you know,someone can create a bit of software,that would allow us to filter this out,and find all these comments would be,much easier so all I did was went,through and one of our one of our posts,and you find all this information on,there okay then you might ask why am I,doing this why am i finding these buyers,and these passionate people because like,Maria's said just because she like Kanye,two years ago it doesn't mean she likes,him now so what you want to find is,these mad people they're madly,passionate about this niche you look at,it got my tea and sweatshirt ice it's,arrived think so do I need one of these,got it in a fit perfectly so these top,three over here it buyers these are,passionate I want why I'm loving it it's,a must have social I need one of these,then go into their profile if their,profile is not set to private you can,find out what they like there as an,example it took me two minutes I typed,in for a page I love horses it just,popped up there first thing on there was,a bracelet the second comment was how,you Tiffany Tata have you got this one,yet she goes no but I've got all the,others I'm going to have to get this one,I then open up her page look at what she,likes the top six things that are there,and she likes I think she liked 500,pages you sit there and you scroll,through that you take the time and,see if you can target these through,audience insights they're not always,going to show up there okay paint always,passion I would never afford to search,for that process I'm not in that niche,this is just an example but you might,find pages of passionate people that you,that are in your niche that you've never,even seen never even heard of so go,through and find these people find what,they like open up a heap of them and,just keep working your way through,create yourself a list of these pages,that people like and then go and target,them seeking and target them in audience,inside,these are buyers in this niche that like,these pages you know they're very,pre-qualified another nice thing that,Facebook's introduced for us is an,ability to see what has been recently,used when you're going through and,you're targeting this is another great,feature I don't know if you've all got,it yet it's only become available to me,in the last two weeks but I go into my,niche specific ad account and I go in,there and I'm putting an ad I'm putting,some interest in I'm trying to find some,you know some new targets and new things,it then tells me when you hover over the,the interest that was over yeah,it tells you here there's that many,people in there and your past,performance using this interest based on,relative conversions and cost per,conversion is resulting from this option,in your past campaigns it's high do you,think that'll be a good option to use,course of would facebook's telling you,it's a good option to use conversely,there's other interests in there that I,had been including as of two weeks ago,I'm not going to do that anymore because,Facebook's telling me it's it's,your past performance using this,interest is low you know they're giving,you this information if you don't have,this getting get on chat and ask for,this because I'm not in beta for it or,anything like that it just popped up on,my camera Australian easily the last one,to get these things,has everyone got this function yet get,on and ask for it you don't have it,you've got it I don't normally like,Australia's normally last to get,everything for us,I won't delve into it too much but and,it's probably very hard to see here but,you've bought a lot of data over the,years in your niche let's say you're in,the nurse itch,you've spent hundreds of thousands of,dollars targeting to these nurses you,dive drill down into your data of what,you've sold before on previous campaigns,to get a better understanding of who,your target audience is who they who is,converting what devices are they,converting on so go into your reports,break it down by age by age and gender,have a look at it you might be surprised,and quite a line on there but you can,see 25 to 34 year old males and 25 to 34,year old females I've got them,converting it under $1 whereas up here,one conversion for an 18 to 24 year old,male for $9.33 all there for you,same with the placement and device this,information is all that you bought this,data it's yours to use again on an iPad,on a mobile device I had one conversion,for $38 21 yet I can get 13 conversions,on an iPod for 21 cents a conversion I,can get 11 conversions for $1 24 better,still you get 100 959 conversions for,like a dollar 50 on an iPhone and an,Android smartphone when my gonna be,pushing all mad spent next time I set up,an ad where am I going to be targeting,am I going to my going to waste my time,going well maybe I said try an iPad,again or maybe I should try desktop,again and see if it works this time oh,this is telling you not to do that,be smart put up the right gear you're,given the right information total at the,right way I'm not going to go through,pixels ties covered that fantastically,again I'm stoked that he comes up and,says the same things are on a very,similar page with it so it's great,what I will go through is just skip,through this we've talked enough about,looking like audiences probably a,look-alike audience that I like to,create as well that we haven't covered,is the biker like to create a bio custom,audience of you know certificate land on,the teespring Thank You page I have a,big collective custom audience of buyers,initially what I did it was to exclude,them from retargeting campaigns or,exclude them from you know seeing the,same ad if they'd already bought that,shirt but with the information gaps that,existed in Europe especially in a lot of,the smaller countries where it's very,hard to find these people has been,brought up sometimes you're putting four,or five targets in there you get an,audience of 12,000 people for a niche,that we pay there's way more people in,that country that are passionate about,it you just can't find them sort of,decided to do was and I don't know if,anyone else is doing this or if it's,unique or if it's new to you that I,create look-alike audiences from my,buyer custom audience because up until I,found out today Facebook didn't hold,that third-party data on purchase,behavior and online spending so I bought,that data I then put it back into the,Facebook Ads machine so that it created,look-alike audiences look-alike,audiences of people who had bought,shirts online does that make sense and,this is why this is why I asked with,Maria,you know why does it confuse the the,algorithm when you have a look-alike,audience with the interest because this,by custom audience is a big pool of all,the people that are purchased across all,the different niches for me I was,creating an audience of buyers of online,purchases of t-shirts you know it wasn't,separated by niche it was just an online,buyer of t-shirts and I used a lot on,what I do is I lay them with the,interest the specific interest that,we've researched and that we found,because I'm telling Facebook here's the,look-alike audience of online buyers,I want them to be narrowed by the niche,that I mean and that was the way I feel,the information gap within Europe,because Facebook at that time didn't,hold the data on the online spending,behavior of the customers in Europe so I,would give it to it and then I would,layer it with our interests now it works,and it works really well and we did for,quite some it done it for quite some,time now,it obviously doesn't work as well as it,potentially could if there was no,interest there but we had no way of,actually getting that look-alike,audience up there and if we just put,that up there and just be targeting it,wouldn't know who to target I wouldn't,know who to put the right thing in front,of we've talked about what's what's,required that there's a dynamic they're,going to continually grow just some,other little takeaways so we always use,unless it's the buyer custom audience we,always say don't use look-alike,audiences with interests the only time,we did do it and I'll show you one other,example of why we do do it we look at,splitting when we're scaling by gender,device age ad placement which is the,information that I showed you based on,ads manager in Europe the fortunate,thing is and Ty's presentation showed,you that he had look-alike what ends up,to about 3% because that about 3% creamy,from wrong you've been about three,million as an audience in the US yep,so it's a pretty big audience by the,time you get up to ten percent it's a,huge audience but in Europe you know as,an example in Germany he up to 10,percent look-alike audience in Germany,and your audience is only three thousand,credit doesn't be you know that's a,that's a good that's a good target,audience and you let that but that,algorithm find those customers within,there for you and it works and it works,really well it don't let language be a,barrier to you in Europe okay there are,a lot of english-speaking customers,there are a lot of customers the buyer,just English load of products we use,English ad copy and it works it works,really well another strategy we used was,if you can't find enough interests for,argument's sake let's say you want to,target bikers in Sweden wherever create,a create a fan page target Sweden get,likes to that page based on the very,small amount of interest that there are,you get 100 fans in Sweden use that as a,seed to then create a look-alike,audience in Sweden of people who like,bikes so you've gone then from a target,audience of maybe 12,000 people to a,look-alike audience that's up to about,300,000 people that is like uncharted,territory there's not but can you put,your hands up in the rim is anyone doing,that to get more interest in Europe so,we've got four people again ty said if,only four people own a small amount of,people are doing it's probably worth,doing probably worth looking interview,okay then you can see how that how,effective that could be but the only,downside to it is you've got a lot of,clickers you've got a lot of tire,kickers but you're building your,look-alike audience off so what we were,doing then is because there are people,who like bikes that like our bike page I,would lay them with interests like,online shopping or lower with sites such,as teach so I would narrow that,look-alike audience down because I had a,bunch I - look-alike audience of people,that liked a particular page and if with,a particular interest but I've done,nothing more to prequalify them as a,buyer so what I was doing what I'm doing,is pre-qualifying them with big,ecommerce sites like teespring and SD,Amazon eBay those sorts of things so,these people aren't it's not a new,experience to them to buy stuff online,so it's just another way to potentially,target people and to filter through from,the time wasters to the actual buyers,probably the other thing that it's not,done very much is translate your designs,hook up with someone that speaks other,language find someone on up work or 500,or whatever translate it get your design,translated and go and put in that,country get your ad copy translate it go,selling in that country because after,always be in English,yep one,not usually no you've got a pretty big,test audience of english-speaking people,and if the design is not resonating,within a niche then unless it's,something that's very geographically,specific to that country then I probably,wouldn't try what we usually do is we,clear something that sells well in,English roll it out in French German and,Italian Dutch you know like it's it's,easy you don't have to bring invent the,wheel you don't have to come up with the,new idea you don't have to come up with,you and you niche you just have to just,get it translated make sure you do it,properly the hopes that I've got Luke,he's our you know he's got some contacts,over here you know family friends stuff,like that they do the translation for us,you know because there can be some,garbage ones coming through and if,someone says to me that's that's,translated in Italian I'm going to go,okay I don't really know,not until you start getting the comments,that tell you that this show it makes no,sense so get it translated you've got,you've probably got a thousand designs,that you've sold they're all in English,get it translated Kitchener ad copy,translated and get them and target them,in the other countries,alright now just as a as a wrap-up for,me before we get anyone's got any,questions I thought this was important,sometimes we we feel like we're getting,a bit of lip service from teespring,about you know the efforts that they're,making behind the scene with the,marketplace and stuff like that they are,when they say that they'll be testing,their teespring demand generation,campaigns they actually were not really,noticed in approached them and asked,them how was happening because I was,getting shitty conversion on my hands,but we was selling 300 shirts a day and,what was happening was is the teespring,were testing their boosted sales program,through emails and retargeting whatever,also we're doing now this it was just,for the u.s. it was just for a short,period of time and I'd love to see it,rolled out in EU as well because that's,where about 80% of our business is but,SPS is sold by seller spt side by,teespring basically we saw a 30 percent,increase or a 32 percent profit as a,result of the efforts teespring pushed,to another 13 thousand worth of sales,ports without us having to do anything,they are there's not too many other,platforms that are going to do that for,you so yes we all have our moments of,floating with ideas of moving onto,different platforms and doing you know,taking total control of the fight they,are making some efforts here so I just,thought that it was important that as a,seller you know I can say hey I've,actually benefited from what they're,telling us they're going to do so an,imagine this is about 20% of our,business over three months if they were,doing it in Europe for us as well you,know it'd be great I know the first,thing that I'll be doing when I go back,is relaunching old shirts and making,sure that every time we shut up it's on,a continuous relaunch leave it sitting,there coming again it's not about about,hiding what we do and trying to just,give you guys a little bit of what we do,it's what we do we don't hide anything,that's the end of us,any questions,yep,yeah,yeah so it depends upon creating the,look-alike audience from sorry it was,asking when I create a look-alike,audience how do I decide what to,intersect that look-alike audience with,now it all depends on what they look,alike what you're basing that look-alike,audience on what is that asset or that,seed that you're using to face that,look-alike audience on and we've all,learned some stuff today from former era,as well about what you know what works,best within their test environment if,I'm creating a look-alike audience from,a niche specific pixel then I don't need,to lower it with anything especially now,with the new features they've got we can,just roll out to another country I've,got to test it and see how well it works,the reason that I was layering my,look-alike audiences with online,spending or you know teespring or Amazon,or something like that it's just to,further prequalify that that audience,because I was creating those look-alike,audience for some very small pages that,I was just trying to get people for,argument's sake and Sweden the register,to motorcycles I wanted them to get,through and click and as soon as I 100,fans I'd create that look-alike audience,because trying to tide up those people,that liked motorcycles in Sweden the,best I could do was come up with an,audience of 10,000 people which is,garbage it's never you're never going to,make a living doing that you'll sort of,you might sell a few but the reality is,you need you need more and there's more,than 10,000 people that like motorcycles,living there you know that it's common,sense the data just wasn't there so,that's why we would feed would buy that,data through getting page likes and then,feed it back into the system but then,where she was well these people have a,like they like this interest but are,they a buyer so I'd layer it with a,buying related interest so and it's just,about testing and see what's works for,you and your niche like there's no right,or wrong answer but if we all do the,same and no one ever tries new,things then we're never going to you,know your love will all been the same at,the same level so you know spend a bit,of your money and it's not going to cost,you much because there's no competition,you know like no one else you know one's,competing with you to target bikers,because it's very hard to do or nurses,or whatever it might be so spend a bit,of money you won't need to spend much a,trip cheap,you'll get cheap likes great they look,like audience and then just start,getting it rolling,that but the more honor you spend the,more but data you're buying the more the,more chance it gives you to be able to,make educated decisions when it comes to,the marketing yep,no that was one ad set so that was one,ad said I'm about ah think it might have,been 400 within it so the about four,yeah within it within an ad campaign so,and this is just all about testing you,know there's you saw the dates on those,ones open that was from the middle or,beginning of last year you know what,work then doesn't work now and I,wouldn't create 400 AD sets now because,the overlap and the penalties and the,relevance and competing would decide,least yourself in the same space but 18,months ago works great with subtle,differences it wasn't you know it was,different ad copy it was different,imagery it was you know there was a lot,of different things going into these it,was one big campaign that we ran and it,still runs to this day so it obviously,doesn't revert that low anymore but it's,been running for 18 months,you,we probably do 80/20 84 the uni 84,Europe 25 is the United States it's an,easy it's an easy one for me I've got a,partner that a business partner that,lives in Europe he can see trends,happening in Europe he speaks three,languages,his wife speaks another language he's,friends speak other languages I've got,access to these resources which is which,is hard now as an Australian we don't,sell a lot in Australia for various,reasons that I won't get into but I'm,faced with two choices so why either,become very good at looking at American,culture where there are all these big,you know really good marketers already,competing in that space or do I go and,learn other cultures over in Europe,where there's no there's there's there's,nowhere near as much competition just,taking the path of least resistance it's,there are complexities to it you know,Facebook didn't hold all the data for a,long time you've got a language barriers,you know sometimes I get regions mixed,up like within state you know different,regions within different countries I,make I make those mistakes but it's all,part of the learning process so the,other thing I do finally urge you to do,it is that it's a hell of a lot cheaper,to advertise there you know there's not,as much competition for that advertising,space so or take a campaign that you've,grown well in the States and see if you,can run it over there scale out a,current campaign over that it's the only,thing is we do do is if we are going to,do it in the US I will never send people,from the teespring us site I will never,send traffic from urine to teespring us,because of the delivery and the,turnaround and the there's an about that,when it comes into the into the certain,countries it just kills the conversion,so you know teespring of a facility in,Europe that you can you can send all,your people there it means we longitude,campaigns but you know if it's a good,design it's a good design and that's how,we scale it out to different countries,just be like a sponge and be prepared to,lose but don't look at it as losing to,start with you might get lucky in the,foot its second or third campaign you,put up is profitable look at it as,you're starting a business treated as a,business you've got to invest money in a,business bricks and mortar business,you'd probably need a hundred thousand,dollars to start up you know by the time,you go through a cost of staffing,products location all those sorts of,things get a little bit of money behind,you investing yourself so I don't look,at whenever we have a campaign that,flops or I lose you know we lose a,couple hundred dollars or a few hundred,dollars on a campaign I don't you know I,don't look at it as a loss I look at it,as a lesson you know like what did I do,wrong so I paid three hundred dollars to,learn a lesson still a hell of a lot,cheaper than starting up a bricks and,mortar business and trying to do the,same thing you learn those lessons so,see those losses as as lessons and just,don't make the same mistake twice go,right yeah well you know that didn't,work but I learnt I've also probably,built up some some good data here,whether it's good to help you sell it,whether it's it's good to tell you don't,do that again,it's still data that you can use so just,be prepared to to lose a bit it's a lot,more competitive now listen to the guys,that not only talk there's a lot of,there's a lot of loud mounts in the,industry that don't back it up listen,listen to guys with a proven track,record that are helpful you'll get a lot,further join as many groups as you can,and just just listen and learn and yeah,be a sponge but be prepared to lose a,little bit to start with we pretty much,all did but you come through the other,side and looking as an investment as a,business it's not an easy it's not quick,cash it's not it's not an easy way to,make a buck it's still work and just,treated as that,the question,it's entirely up to you sorry the,question was if you have ten niches that,you want to start shortly how would you,prioritize which ones to do unless it,isn't there's an adage that I sort of,live by is that my advice would be start,one pick one and do that one well once,you've done that well then replicate,that to the next one and the next one if,you start ten all at once you'll,probably do 10 things average if you,start one and do it well you'll do that,one really well then you move on to the,next 100 ooh that one really well so,instead of being a handyman that can do,a little bit of everything you become,like a tradesman that's really good at,one thing and then you then take that,skill and you become really good at,another thing,so don't we've got a thing in Australia,called don't try and be a,jack-of-all-trades what that means you,don't try and do everything all at once,just do one thing really well and move,on to the next thing does that make,sense,you just got to test it I'm sure amongst,those 10 you're passionate about one,person to let you know sorry,summer is someone within your group,passionate about any of the niches that,you're in okay that's usually a good,start is that if you if you invest a,fair bit your time into something it's a,good place to start is something that,you're actually interested in yourself,you know it doesn't feel like a grind it,doesn't feel like hard work because,you're actually you know you potentially,could be part of that community and you,actually enjoy it so but do your,research look what's selling online at,the moment if you look at a niche and,it's kind 300 I love Noi's shirt pages,don't launch one in the no snitch don't,find one that's selling other products,you know that might be doesn't,necessarily have to be apparel but it,can be some sort of novelty or,passionate based product and you can,fill a gap there like I said the,competition's not don't don't fear the,competition they're telling you that's,telling you that there's buyers in that,market but don't try answer a saturated,market especially when you're not,passionate about yourself because they,won't get you very far but taking in,small chunks don't go I'm going to,launch attend today you know like Luke,and I look at our success rides on the,back of two very big ones and that's,where 80% of our time comes,Addington of our time 80% of our time is,spent is in those two big niches if we,had ten you'd have ten average instead,of being you know having two that you're,an industry leader in so yeah test them,bite it off in small chunks when you,find one that's working concentrate on,it,the others will always be there you know,get really good at that one and then,replicate that for the others,any other questions shall we finish yep,yep,depends what the data holding is on more,country I'm trying to start it in so,I'll always start looking the United,States because there's a lot of good,information there I could spend a couple,of days doing it before I even look at,look at launching and AD and it's not,just sitting on audience insights on,Facebook that's looking across so many,different social networks and going to a,lot of different web pages you know it,is some of your best interests aren't,going to show up at the top of your,audience insights for affinity with,people you know some of the best ones,are the old web sites that have been,established for quite some time they,just suck at e-commerce but they've got,this great following of people just,don't market themselves very well so you,hit some of those up you know target,some of those people you know in look at,I mean I'm happy to provide at least,there's a list of so many different,categories that I'll search for online,for anything from let's say looking for,a profession you look you know that the,very basic stuff like looking are there,any unions that their members are those,their courses that they do is their the,schools they have to go to is their,particular and I tools that they have to,use as part of their trade that's really,unique to them you know that I look at I,don't know what that I don't even know,what that tool does but that person does,so look at those sorts of things and I,really become that become that ideal,customer and start searching around look,online just start googling that,they would Google you know you find out,that they need this particular tool I,think Google where can i buy this you,know where can i buy this tool in the,united states and all of a sudden up pop,this obscure name of a company that has,a hundred thousand followers that i,never knew they sold that tool but to,that particular trades but or that,particular person that's where they,don't so you talk a bit but you see what,I mean like you can't just say you can't,just go and pick out all the pages I,love this I love that nurses rock all,this sort of stuff like that's cool but,go on fine where they buy a stethoscope,go on forum why they buy then you know,what magazines I subscribe to those,sorts of things,anyone else cuz I'm losing my voice,you really dad idea with us he got my,partner's hiccup the back and I had no,voice yesterday so winning,you

The above is a brief introduction to why do my ebay purchase interests show up on my wife's facebook ads

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why do my ebay purchase interests show up on my wife's facebook ads catalogs

Facebook Ads Lead Generation 2023 (PRO Setup Tutorial) Certified Advertiser

Facebook Ads Lead Generation 2023 (PRO Setup Tutorial) Certified Advertiser

in this video you're going to learn how,to build a high performing Facebook ads,campaign for lead generation now first,things first people are asking do,Facebook ads still work to drive leads,and for Ecom sales absolutely in fact by,2026 it's projected that they're going,to be doing close to 200 billion dollars,in annual ad Revenue so the platform,still works but there are some things,that have changed and I want to show you,what that is so I'm going to give you a,walk through of how we would go about,building a campaign and along the,process I want to share with you best,practices in terms of how to set up your,campaign structure how to do some of,your fundamental targeting key tips and,insights about creative as well so the,first thing I want to point out is that,the way you build campaigns has changed,now if you are just starting to,advertise on Facebook and you've never,done it before first thing that I want,to say is to get to the screen that I'm,at you want to type in, now if you do not,have have an ad account created if you,don't have a pixel created these are,some of the things that you're going to,have to do first I would recommend you,that you first create What's called the,Facebook business manager and that,allows you to control all of the assets,that you're going to create for Facebook,including your ad account the pixel that,allows your website to communicate with,Facebook ads manager your uh linking,your profiles your Instagram your,Facebook profile if you already have one,created so it allows you to create,assets and allows you to to sort of,organize those assets so you want to set,that up first we're not going to go and,cover that in this video those are,prerequisites that you want to do even,if you haven't done that yet that's,totally fine you can follow along and,then you know in the future you can go,ahead and do that so the first thing I'd,point out is that previously we had,close to 13 different objectives,Facebook has now reorganized that and,now we have uh basically six main,objectives that you can see here from,awareness us all the way down to sales,so I'm going to give you a quick,introduction of these different,objectives awareness 99.9 percent of of,advertisers probably watching this you,don't want to use this this would make,sense if you're a big brand Advertiser,like a Procter and Gamble maybe you're,trying to promote uh Head and Shoulders,or maybe you're trying to promote uh,Tylenol or maybe you're trying to,promote uh Mr Clean products you know,things that everybody needs that is,where these awareness campaigns it might,make sense also if you're a localized,business and you're trying to make,people familiar with you know your that,you're you know opening up a store or,something like that that might be where,this makes sense traffic is either,driving somebody to your website or,driving somebody to,um to Messenger to your app again 99 of,people watching this you probably don't,want to use this engagement is if you,want people to literally engage so that,if you want them to comment people that,are most likely to watch your videos to,completion,um,probably not relevant for you leads,we're going to talk about this in detail,but quickly I want to introduce the,other two options at promotion if you,have an app and you're trying to get,people to download your app or take an,action within your app such as buying,something and of course sales which is,uh what you would use if you were trying,to run an Ecom campaign,so we're going to focus on leads,and before we actually build a campaign,I want to show you what an overall,campaign structure ad sets and ads look,like from a campaign that I have already,built in the past,so when you're on the ads manager screen,which you can get to by just typing in,,ads manager,um this is basically what it looks like,and you have three fundamental levels,you have the campaign level and this,allows you to organize different,initiatives that you might run that,might have different objectives you have,the ad set level that would then be,within a campaign so if I clicked into,here you're going to notice now I'm at,the ad set level,for this campaign it's showing me all,the different audiences that I have and,it's not just audiences this is where we,also control other things like,um how what dates this is running your,budgets and other key details and then,the third level down here you have is,ADS so if I click on one of these,audiences you'll see that it can now,show me the four different ads that are,part of this so that's the fundamental,level,again the fundamental difference is that,there's some settings that are going to,be available at the campaign level that,are not available at the ad set level,and vice versa there's settings at the,ad set level that are not available,um at the at the campaign level so let,me show you what that looks like,um I want to just show you how we would,go about building that from a brand new,campaign so if you're following along,all you have to do is hit the create,button here,and again this is for lead generation,and there's different ways that that you,can go about your strategy it could be,driving somebody to your website to to,download something or submit a request,for a demo or it could be using What's,called the instant forms that Facebook,has to get somebody to to share their,information within the platform,so also for this video I prepared a,little brief here that will help us,build this campaign so my campaign brief,here has key information such as my,campaign name the objective the name of,the audience and I already have all the,creative prepared as well,also the context of this campaign is,that I have this downloadable asset that,I want to get people to download,it's this ebook here and the goal is,just to give you some context I have,this course called,um hyper growth ads so I'll show you,what that looks like and,I'm trying to basically get people to,sign up for my Facebook uh ads course,but I know that many times prospecting a,course like this it's it's hard to get,people to sign up because they don't,know what it is they don't know who your,business is so my strategy basically is,to drive people to a landing page get,them to download this free guide that,gives them all kinds of insights about,Facebook advertising and then through my,email automation campaign it's gonna,push people to to visit the course page,and to you know get interested into the,course so that's some a little bit of,background on my strategy so let's go,ahead and start with the building of,this campaign on a copy the name,and then I'm going to go back here to my,campaign screen hit continue on leads,and as you can see on the left hand side,we see the three levels there so the,campaign level the audience level and,the ad level and just note that under,one campaign you can have multiple,audiences you could also have multiple,creatives,so for special ads category we don't,have to touch this if you were,advertising and for anything housing or,credit related or or politics related,you would have to self-declare that and,it's going to limit some of the,capabilities that you can use within,targeting uh to be compliant to U.S lawn,regulations,okay so as you can see we're gonna leave,the the buying type to auction auction,is the default but there's there's,another option that we could do as well,um and then we're going to do leads,campaign spending limit if you have a,total budget for the campaign uh like an,overarching budget you can enter it here,you don't have to do that,um if you don't and if you're running,like on a daily budget,um you don't have to set that up,uh we're gonna skip a B test and then,Advantage campaign budget uh plus this,used to be called CBO campaign budget,optimization all this does is that if,you have more than one audience,and you have a total budget for your,campaign it'll dynamically move your,money between whichever audience is,getting the most amount of leads at the,cheapest cost because we're only going,to create one audience for this I'm not,going to turn it on but it is a best,practice uh in most situations to have,this turned on,all right so I'm just going to hit next,and Facebook's giving me a,recommendation saying switch to instant,forms in messenger well of course they,want you to do this because they're,trying to get people to have as many in,platform signals as possible because,they can track all that uh once you go,to a website they have limitations in,what they could track especially with,the the changes in uh tracking due to,iOS 14. so if you've opted out of,tracking and you push some and and,you're on the website they there's,limited signals that they can get but if,you're within the Facebook ecosystem so,if you're using instant forms and your,users are engaging with it they get more,signals so this is why they might be,prompting us but in this situation we,don't want to do that nevertheless I,want to introduce to you some of the,different conversion lead conversion uh,locations that you have but first I will,copy my ad set name which I will explain,what this targeting is in a second okay,so you can get somebody to to generally,lead through your website you can use,that native instant lead generation for,uh form you can get someone to,submitally through Messenger,um you can get someone who's to lead a,form through instant mess through,instant forms and messenger,you could use also do it through,Instagram,um as well uh you also have the ability,to get somebody to to call and that's,considered Elite as well so you can run,an ad and someone can just you know,instead of pressing like download now or,sign up or learn more you can have a CTA,for a call now and that could be tracked,as well and of course you could also do,it through the app,for this situation like I said we're,going to do it through the website,and then now it's asking me to select my,pixel so I have my hyper growth ads,pixel here which I already have tagged,on my website so I'll show you that,example,here if I go to,this landing page here,you can see that I have that pixel and,it fires a page view,if I go to download the guide when I go,to the thank you page what you're going,to see is,this this page right here is tagged with,a lead pixel with a lead standard event,so it's the same pixel but now Facebook,knows that this is a lead so this is,what I'm looking for people that go to,this website give me their information,and then make it to this page by the way,this is a great extension that I love,using and many media buyers love using,Facebook pixel helper on Chrome it'll,help you see this to make sure you have,the right tagging set up on your website,okay so I'm gonna,jump back here and minimize this so I'm,gonna find that pixel event here,and,as you can see here on the right hand,side as I'm building the audience these,audience sizes are starting to change uh,because by default I'm in the US market,you're seeing 216 to 100 254 million,people because of that,now people like to debate should you use,a lifetime budget daily budget it,doesn't matter the reality is that if,you're running a campaign for a limited,amount of time and you have a specific,budget it's usually better just to use,lifetime budget and let Facebook's,algorithm deliver your budget and paste,it evenly however if you don't have a,set budget you can just come in here and,you know put whatever you're willing to,spend as a rule of thumb what I would,say is that if your estimated cost per,lead for the for the type of product,you're selling so for your your business,vertical whatever that is you want to do,some math on that and try to aim to get,a minimum of 25 to 50 conversions a week,so here's an example of how you might,calculate that let's say for example I I,already know because I've ran this,campaign before that a cost per lead on,average to download uh for these,downloadables is about thirty dollars so,I want to do 30 times 50,ideally best practice doesn't mean you,have to and doesn't also mean that you,won't see performances 1500 a budget of,fifteen hundred dollars a week so by,seven days ideally I would I would want,to do 214.,doesn't mean you have to,and the reason why is because Facebook,ads has a learning phase and the the,algorithm requires about 50 leads for,you to be able to 50 conversions for it,to be able to to optimize to figure out,who your audience is now even if you,don't get 50 conversions or 50 leads a,week it doesn't mean your campaign is,not going to perform I've seen plenty of,campaigns that don't exit the learning,phase that do just fine,um so again it's what you're comfortable,with but if you wanted a best-in-class,approach,do the math on what you expect to to,your cost per lead is going to be and do,at least 25 to 50 times a week so I'm,gonna do let's just say 30 times 25,leads per week,750 divided by seven days so I'm gonna,do about a hot just do a hundred dollars,a day just make it even,daily budget,um okay so then I'm gonna say this,campaign is going to start January 1st,actually I'm gonna do Monday,Best in Class approach you want to start,things towards the beginning of the week,when you're launching campaigns,that's just kind of my rule of thumb,I've always seen better success and just,think about it why would you want to,launch something on a Sunday when a,business audience is not you know most,of them are not going to be online or,looking to interact with business,content,okay and then I'm gonna do my end date,is just you know whatever the end of the,month for this example,cool so now I scroll down to my audience,I have a saved audience that I could use,but I I want to show you how I would go,about building this so in this example I,already have,um pixel people that have previously,submitted for leads on my website and,what I did separately outside of this is,I built a custom audience and then from,that custom audience I then created a,look-alike audience so I already have it,built,I have a separate video that'll show you,how to do all that you could just look,it up on the channel,so I'm just going to look up this,look-alike audience and,um there's different ways to Target on,Facebook you can do interest Behavior,targeting Uh custom audiences and,look-alike audiences look-alike,audiences have for the longest time been,known to be some of the most effective,audiences because of the fact that,um they're being modeled off of existing,data that you have now the better the,quality of the data the better the,look-alike audience is going to perform,let me just make sure I have this okay,cool,um so I have here I look at like one,percent you can go all the way up to,look at like 10 percent,um the difference is that as you go uh,larger in size there's less matching,characteristics from that original,source so at one percent you are,matching the most amount of,characteristics to that original source,and in this example it's people who,previously submitted a lead for this,ebook so one percent is precise,precision,when I go to 10 I get a larger audience,size but it's less precise so for this,I'm just going to keep it at one percent,um it's a best practice to over time,start testing into broader audiences,and I'm just gonna,bring this down to 45 just because I I,have a good idea of my target audience,um here you can obviously come in and,move you could do different locations,you could do a country you could do zip,codes you could do dma targeting there's,a lot of different ways that you could,do this,um,for the most part you want to keep this,the larger you can keep it the better,um one way that I might segment,audiences if I was running across,different countries is just make one ad,set per audience that reason being is,you might want to modify your creative,for the different countries maybe,different language or maybe make some,changes,but for this campaign we're just doing,us so we're doing 25 to 45 here,detailed targeting this is interest,Behavior this is,um you know if I wanted to type in,people that worked a certain uh maybe a,certain job,a certain job title and industries the,reality is that that kind of targeting,is not great on Facebook because most,people aren't incentivized to share that,information with Facebook on LinkedIn,however people aren't incentivized to,self-identify so that kind of targeting,works extremely well but not so much on,here,um also you have interest behaviors,there is all kind of Interest behaviors,here I could I could type in you know,let's say social media,uh,strategist social media exam oh this is,employer one thing you want to note here,is as you as you're searching through,detailed targeting and there's so many,options here notice some of these say,interests some of these say job titles,some of these say employer so this is,people who actually work at social media,examiner so that's a that's a publisher,that does a lot of content around social,media so you might not want to Target,employer but you might want to Target,somebody that's interested in social,media Examiner,um as you can see in this example here,now it's a best practice for you not to,mix different types of targeting because,then that way you don't know what's,working so you might if you're going to,do a look-alike targeting audience you,want that to be one separate ad set and,if you're gonna do some detail targeting,you want to separate that and also you,want to exclude,um,targeting from each other so as an,example if I created a separate audience,like if if I duplicated this,and came over here and and you know,called this let's just call this this is,my duplicated version I'm just going to,say,detailed targeting,it would be a best practice for me then,to come in here and exclude this,look-alike audience that I built here so,I would come over here and do look-alike,um one percent oh wait sorry,I would exclude that up here under,custom audiences so I can just come up,here and just say exclude from this,audience because I'm already targeting,them here so I don't want to have,overlap so that's one best practice that,you're gonna want to remember okay I'm,gonna delete this I'm gonna go back to,my,um look-alike campaign all right so we,got dates in here we got the audience we,got the location we got the age,not adding anything extra here,um,all languages now placements is where,Facebook is going to show your ads and,just to give you a quick,visual of that you could see ads here on,the feed oh look at that,this is actually one of my clients you,can see ads over here on the right hand,side,um and there's many other places as well,as you can see ads I usually recommend,not using these because as you can see,look how small look how difficult it is,to actually see these ads here,um so I usually don't recommend those,the quality of those placements aren't,the greatest,um so that's what this is talking about,now I as a best practice always do,manual because there's a lot of,placements and there's some of these,that you're not you're not going to want,to show up on the first one you're not,going to want to show up on and I'll,explain what all these are in a second,is this one down here apps and sites,formerly called Facebook Audience,Network these are third-party apps and,websites outside Facebook outside of,Instagram outside of WhatsApp outside of,messenger,um,and oftentimes the quality of these,placements are really bad they show up,on apps like if you download a free uh,picture cropping tool for example,sometimes there's a pop-up that comes or,a game that you download that is that is,exactly what this is apps inside so as a,default I do not use this all right,feeds very important look at how many,different feeds there are there's the,Facebook feed Instagram feed Instagram,profile feed oh my God endless the ones,that you're going to want to remove and,just for context we're going to be,running a video ad,which is going to be important because,there's some placements that only show,video right hand column I'm going to,remove from my video ad,um,everything else I'm okay with,now stories and reels people love reels,they Crush as long as your video is,formatted in a way that it works and,also that isn't too long,um I would just leave this on as a,default in stream,um again as long as your con your video,and your content is formatted in stream,is going to run primarily on Facebook,and that's when you're you know you have,like the watch uh one of your your watch,tabs and these videos are going to show,up not in between videos but while,you're watching a video so if you're,watching like a 10 minute video it might,show up as a mid-roll uh in that so I'm,fine with everything else and also one,of the things that's important for you,to understand is that your ads are,dynamically being shown in all these,places so if it's seeing more better,performance and distribution on the feed,Facebook's going to dynamically move it,there if it's seeing better Distribution,on Instagram's feed or reels more of the,impressions are going to go there and,there's actually a way that you can see,the breakdown of this performance,um here in your reporting you can see by,delivery and then you can see platform,or you could also do placement,and it's going to show you all the,different places and then you could,actually see,um,what's driving the most amount of Link,clicks and CTR so you'll have access to,all this information as well which is,the great part,okay moving on so,all right placements we already,removed what was unnecessary and then,show more options gives you some,additional control,99 of time is probably not going to be,relevant for for anybody to really move,any of this,um so I would just leave things as they,are here if you're very concerned maybe,you have like a video and you're showing,it in a market or in a country that just,doesn't I don't know tends to have,really low bad internet signal you might,want to use the only one connected to,Wi-Fi but again nine times out of ten,probably don't recommend you touching,this,okay brand safety controls this is going,to be relevant mainly if you're doing,the in-stream videos because what,happens is this lets you select what,kind of videos your ads are going to be,shown up uh will show up in full,inventory means it could be shown on,anything but there might be some,questionable content that your video,shows up in front of a standard,inventory has some kind of filtering so,you can you know there's some sensitive,topics that get filtered out and then,limited inventory would be if you're,really conscious about your brand,um and you you know you want only it you,only want it associated with the best,quality content out there I would say,this is probably relevant for like,luxury Brands I think for most people,standard inventory is going to be fine,if you are using,um the in-stream video as one of the,placements,um Audience Network you have the ability,to exclude websites and apps if you're,using that nine times out of ten I don't,think Audience Network is worth it so,I'm not going to go into detail okay so,now the last piece of the ad set level,for audience targeting is optimization,and delivery so our goal here is,conversions and you might be thinking,well wait isn't our gold leads yes our,goal is leads but this is a conversion,optimized campaign it just so happens to,be that the what we're defining as a,conversion is is someone that converts,through the website generating a lead so,don't get confused on the terminology as,long as up here as long as you when you,go to the campaign level you you,selected leads and as long as you know,uh,the conversion event you selected is,lead or whatever you decide is the lead,on your website because you could also,create custom conversions or some people,might call you know might use the the,contact us standard event as a lead,there's different ways you can name this,stuff so don't don't get caught up on,that and again there's separate videos I,have on this and there's tons of other,resources online that'll guide you on,how to set up your pixel and tag the,right events,okay so moving back to it optimization,delivery we're gonna leave it at,conversions and cost per result,if you have ran campaigns before and you,know what a cost per lead generally,costs for you,um or if you have a ton of insight on uh,like what you're willing to pay for a,lead you can you can type that in here,and Facebook is only gonna,it's gonna optimize around that now that,doesn't mean that you're going to get,a bunch of leads at 25 no what's gonna,happen is Facebook's basically going to,prioritize delivery of your ads towards,audiences that are most likely to,convert under that price now let's just,say I don't know you're getting 10 leads,a day and you're like oh I love this and,now you 5x the budget as you increase,that budget you still have this cost per,result delivery cap so that doesn't mean,that you're going to start getting 5x,the amount of leads you might only be,able to get an extra three leads a day,at that 25 cap so for 99 of the people I,recommend don't do that by default your,bid strategy is going to be lowest cost,meaning Facebook's going to try to get,you as many of these as possible for the,cheapest price possible,um and you know you're going to have a,mix of some leads that might be like 15,and some might be like forty dollars but,things will average out,and then the next piece which is,actually very important is your,attribution setting so there's a few,different ways you can set this up but,fundamentally what this means is that,um one day click is that a user sees,your ad and if they click on your ad,that day they will tend to also take the,action that you're optimizing for that,day now when we're talking about a free,gated asset like this downloadable,yes that would be a one day click people,don't come here on this website and then,are like hmm geez should I download it,should I not let me think about it let,me talk to my friends let me talk to my,wife people are not going to do that if,you were trying to book a trip,or Cruise or something like that maybe,in that buying cycle in that digital,Journey people are going to go to a,website then to another then think about,it and you know make some notes then,talk to some people in that situation 70,click would make more sense or ideally,70 click one day view,um because sometimes people might see,the ad not click on it,but actually still might have,um some sort of Interest so for lead,generation if you're if you're trying to,show a gated asset so like an ebook a,white paper something for free that,you're going to give people that they,can download one day click I would,recommend most times doing a one day,click,um if it's a hard ask so you're trying,to get a demo booking trying to get,someone to sign up for a trial,um that situation you want to do 70,click because that user most users that,land on a website for the first time are,not ready to convert so in that,situation you might want to do a seven,day click or 70 click one day view which,gives a little bit more flexibility to,the algorithm the next two pieces you do,not want to touch and we are now done at,this screen now,um it is time for us to go to the ad,level so I've already prepared an ad for,us and I actually want to show you real,quick what that ad looks like I'm going,to turn the volume down so I don't blow,your ears,and this is that,that ad,has iOS 14 hurt your Facebook ads row as,then download the definitive guide for,Facebook Ecom ads performance from,marketing hustle today we have insights,from Top Facebook ad Spenders like,Cartier eBay and farfetch to help your,ads generate more sales and with,tracking limitations and prices,increasing creating challenges in the,digital ad industry understanding how to,build ads in service of the algorithm,has become these are facts by the way,not micro targeting this guy knows his,stuff,I don't know who this guy is but,he's shark,ing the best practices and ideas that,you can take action on today,you will get something from this just,follow the link below and get started,for free,I know you're thinking that was a long,ad and yes it was it was about 53,seconds,most people will tell you that when you,make ads like video ads oh wow that's a,that's a screenshot,most people tell you that you need to,make like 10 second ads or eight second,ads and in some situations I would say,an 8 to 12 second video ad is a best,practice but depending on what your the,audience you're talking to you can,create longer form uh ad content and be,quite successful with it,um anyways all right so that is the ad,that we're going to be using and now let,me walk you through this piece of the,campaign so the first thing is,I have here my ad name,I'm gonna pump that in here,um branded content ad would be if you're,partnering with a business and you want,to like tag them in in the ad uh we're,not going to do that,um,my Facebook page is already selected I,also want to select my Instagram account,now we're gonna do uh manual upload,so here what's a single image or video,it's already defaulted to the right,option now there's many different types,of AD formats that you can build we're,not we're not going to get into it here,um I'm Gonna Leave multi-advertiser ads,checked this is a cool new little,feature within the Instagram feed that,can show your ad next to other,complementary,advertisers so an example is that if,you're I don't know if you're like a,wedding planner someone could see your,ad then an ad for a wedding caterer then,an ad for a wedding DJ and this is based,on intent signals so it's pretty cool,anyways I'm going to add media here I'm,going to say add video and I actually,already have this video uploaded so I'm,just going to click on it,here Facebook's saying hey,we have different formats do you want us,to crop your ad for the different,formats so uh for stories and reels it's,saying hey you know you should be should,be crop like this now unfortunately this,video wasn't created to perfectly fit,for stories and reels and it's going to,cut out my subtitles so I'm not I'm not,going to do that I'm just gonna say,original,and then for the other options,um,in feed my original size is fine I,recommend doing a four five ratio which,is what you just saw here with this ad,that I showed you,uh because it takes a lot of room on the,real estate it takes a lot of real,estate space on the feeds you could also,do a one by one which is 1080 by 1080,which is square box but I I tend to see,the best performance uh when you take up,a little bit more room so this is a four,five I'll show you the specs for this if,you want to write it down,um it is 1200 by 1500 which is also,called a four five a four to five aspect,ratio,Okay cool so coming back here I'm also,going to leave this as original,um and if you want you could play and,you can get a sense of what that would,look like,I'm gonna hit next,and now it's saying hey uh we want to,make some enhancement to the ad,uh standard enhancements some of these,things are just like adjusting the,contrast ratio depending on someone's,like phone,um so generally I I would suggest,leaving these enhancements on,and then it could also show you some,examples of,of those changes,anyways okay cool,all right so now the next piece is I am,going to,um,add my text so,my primary text is going to be my post,copy which I already have saved here,and that says boost your Ecom ads,performance learn how top Facebook ad,Spenders are tracking iOS 14 to drive,trackable online sales growth and then,my headline which actually people are,going to notice first,is going to be download our guide,because I want to give context to what,this actually is,so you see somebody's going to see that,it's going to play like this 14 hurt,your Facebook ads real well in real time,and they're going to see download our,guide so they have a sense of what this,is now the call to action button there's,many different things you can do here,you do contact us apply,get off or get quote I'm going to do,download because this is what's most,aligned to what I'm trying to the action,I want someone to take,okay now the next piece uh description,you don't have to put one in in fact,this is actually only going to show up,on Facebook it won't show up on,Instagram but you can so I'm going to,say uh trusted by,500 plus Pros,all right website URL this is I already,have the website here now I've turned,that into UTM tags if you're not,familiar UTM tags are the are is this,additional string of code where you can,Define what type of campaign what the,source of it is so that when you look at,your data in Google analytics and try to,figure out where the leads are coming,from you have that information so here,it says meta it says Facebook ads Ecom,2022 actually let's just say 2023,technically and it has the the name of,the creative here so I'm going to put,that in here it's going to be that,massive link,um you don't have to touch anything here,uh languages we're not going to,translate anything we're just gonna,leave this off and then your pixel so I,am going to select here my domain which,is,and,um that's already connected to that,pixel on my website offline events it's,not it might not be relevant for a lot,of people but if you have a business,where people tend to convert offline you,have the ability of creating an offline,event data set which you can look up as,a follow-up to this video and you could,actually if you have a HubSpot or,Salesforce you can upload any any,records of customers who ended up going,from a lead to a sale and then you could,re-upload back that information back up,to Facebook and you can actually,um add that here so you can see that,here as well so then you'd be able to,see the leads that you got online and,they need to be able to see who turned,into a customer and it's going to,connect it back to that campaign into,that ad set so then it allows you to,optimize your campaigns in the future so,it's really cool we're not going to get,into that,um also by the way the way I added UTM,tags here you could separately,um add some of that information here so,there's two ways to do that okay at this,point we have our campaign built we have,our our audience built and now we've,just finished with our creative so at,this point you might want to do Advanced,preview and just kind of see what the,ads would look like on the different,placements so you can see here on the,Facebook feed on the Instagram feed on,the Instagram profile feed and generally,what I'm looking for here is to make,sure that nothing looks weird and out of,place,um nothing gets cut off,um nothing looks funky that's generally,you know what I'm looking for,so everything looks good if you have,somebody that you need to share your ads,for for approval there's this really,great feature here that you have that,you can actually generate a link,um you can copy it and then you can just,send someone this link via email and,they can actually see what the ads look,like without having access to your,account so maybe if you're building a,campaign for someone else,someone will be able to see and give you,feedback and tell you hey campaign,approved or campaign not approved,Okay so uh I'm just going to close all,this here now,and at this point typically what I would,do is I would come over here and I would,say,publish,and Facebook's,going to upload all this,um,and remember this is this campaign is,scheduled so it's not going live yet it,has been scheduled,and so no errors came through,so everything looks copacetic,and what I want to do is make sure that,campaign is showing up here okay cool so,that campaign is showing up here if I,click into it,I can see it's on,um again it's not delivering yet because,it's scheduled for a few days and then,creative,one of the things that's going to be,good to do is look to make sure your ads,are approved it could take up to 24,hours so usually you want to come in and,check and make sure that that was,approved,um I'm just gonna turn this off because,I'm not going to be running this,campaign,but anyways that was an overview of how,to build a campaign for lead generation,on Facebook for 2023 now while I'm here,I also want to show you some results,from this previous campaign that I had,built,and,um talk to you a little bit about an,advanced audience strategy now there's,multiple audiences that you're seeing,here under my lookalike campaign and you,can see that some of them spent you know,you know got a little bit of delivery,and a few leads and then some of them,got more so what I was doing here is I,was testing different ways to build,look-alike audiences because there's,there's many different ways and it's,very important that when you're first,starting off a campaign that you,experiment to figure out what's working,so I built a look-alike from my email,list that I had I built a look-alike,from people who went to the website and,previously submitted a request to,download this content,I built ones off of different landing,pages that I had related to Facebook ads,so I there was there's many different,ways that I built these audiences,and it's going to be important for you,when you're starting off is to do a lot,of testing to figure out what works for,you,if you can get the settings down right,if you can experiment and if you can,create good creative that is what's,going to fundamentally help you test,learn and figure out how to make,Facebook perform for you now I hope this,video has been helpful and stay tuned to,the channel because I'm going to be,making a lot more content for 2023,so until the next video thank you guys,peace

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