why aren't my facebook ads showing up on my instagram account

THIS IS WHY YOUR INSTAGRAM ADS AREN'T WORKING: Facebook and Instagram Ad Mistakes Beginners MakeHai

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

THIS IS WHY YOUR INSTAGRAM ADS AREN'T WORKING: Facebook and Instagram Ad Mistakes Beginners Make

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why aren't my facebook ads showing up on my instagram account catalogs

Connect Instagram to Facebook Business Manager

Connect Instagram to Facebook Business Manager

tying your Instagram account into,Facebook business manager to use as part,of your ad campaigns isn't really a hard,process but it can be a little bit,convoluted depending on where you're,trying to do it from and to be quite,honest there's not very good support,documentation out there so what I want,to do today is just walk you through,kind of how you'll know if things are,set up the way you want it to be and,then a couple of different paths you can,take to get your Instagram account tied,to your Facebook Ads account so your ads,will look like they're coming from your,Instagram profile let's hop in so the,biggest place this is going to make a,difference is going to be in the,identity portion of creating an ad in,facebook business manager for this,account you can see that we have our,paid media pros Facebook page and,Instagram account tied to the individual,ads what this means is that when,somebody engages with your ad on,Instagram it'll be attributed to your,Instagram profile so if they saved an ad,if they messaged you if they commented,or if they just went to your business,profile they're gonna see your Instagram,business profile because you have your,account tied to it,let's look and see what happens when,there's an account that does not have an,Instagram account so here I just want to,choose an account that I know does not,have an Instagram account what happens,is that Facebook is going to use your,Facebook page instead of an Instagram,account so again that means that when,somebody engages with your business,profile any of that on platform,performance,it'll be tied to your Facebook page as,opposed to your Instagram page there are,a couple quick ways that we can add our,Instagram account to our Facebook,account the first just by clicking this,little blue link down here that says add,Instagram account it'll populate this,window here where you can either add an,existing account which is the default,choice or if you don't have an Instagram,account you can create a new one by,clicking this option here and it'll give,you a couple of additional fields to,make sure that you're getting everything,set up but if you've already got an,Instagram account just enter your,username and password and then you'll,just have to click confirm I'm not gonna,do that for this example so I'm just,gonna click out but once you do that,immediately Facebook will then populate,the correct Instagram account in this,field so you won't have to choose from a,drop-down or anything it'll just,automatically show up if your username,and password was accepted and every,is tied together properly now the other,way that you can tie your Instagram,account is to actually go into business,manager business settings and this is,what the business settings section will,look like so it's the same thing we're,used to with the accounts list and our,typical add accounts would be where your,Facebook ad account lives and we want to,scroll down to Instagram accounts and,choose that one,you can see that we already have the,paid media pros account here for the,safety of example today I'm just gonna,link my personal Instagram account and,it's pretty easy when you add an,Instagram account this way in business,manager this means that whatever,business manager you add it through owns,that Instagram account they are claiming,it as their own and nobody else can own,that Instagram account you can then only,assign roles so keep it in mind when,you're setting up your business manager,making sure that the structure is right,whichever one that you link it to this,way is going to own that Instagram,account so if you're trying to set up,ads for a client and they don't have,their Instagram account tied it's,probably not the best idea for you to be,the person who logs in and adds the,account because it will be tied to your,business manager you'll need to show,them how to do this process so they can,own it and then assign a partner out to,you to utilize their Instagram account,in their Facebook Ads account once,you're ready to click Add and you're in,the proper business manager that you,want to own the account just click Add,click connect your Instagram account and,then just add in your information so I'm,gonna go ahead and do that and now,you'll see that my personal Instagram,account is tied down here and then,there's a list of the add accounts that,you can tie it to over here on the right,so I'm just gonna scroll down hit the,one I want hit finish,and it'll confirm that you are set up,and tied to the add account that you,want place so just hit OK and now we'll,see that there are two Instagram,accounts that are linked in here again,once you want to assign partners and,anybody that you can use this account,you can use assigned partners so because,I tied my Instagram account to the,staging account that we have set up in,Facebook that means that anybody who has,access to the ad account through,business manager will be able to use,either the paid media pros or my,Instagram account as the Instagram,property on any of the ads that were,sending out through the Facebook or,Instagram Network and that would be set,up the exact same way as any of,our ad account link through business,manager so just keep that in mind,thanks for watching our video if you,thought it was useful give us a thumbs,up below we released a new video at,least once a week so if you want to get,notified and when a new one comes out be,sure to subscribe to the paid media pros,channel

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