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Wix Dropshipping 2023: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start in this video revealing a step-by-step,g

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 11,2023

Wix Dropshipping 2023: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

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Wix Dropshipping 2023: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in this video revealing a step-by-step,guide to wix drop shipping what it is,and how complete beginners earning 100,to 700 a day with no experience more,than after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike fasil here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it's the fastest and easiest way,to make money online we literally have a,62 year old woman go from zero to 160,grand profit in 90 days check it out in,the free workshop below so for you guys,understand the opportunity that comes,with wix drop shipping you need to first,understand what drop shipping is now i,first got into drop shipping back like,years ago when i was struggling to find,a way to make money online you know i,had no time no money and no experience,whatsoever and everything else that,seemed to make money online seemed way,too complicated for someone like me but,i wanted to make my first hundred,dollars a day i wanted to make my first,five thousand dollars a day if i was,able to do that i'd able to you know pay,off my student loan debt and and you,know credit card bills and help my mom,and dad but i just did not know where to,start and that's where i literally found,the concept of drop shipping now you're,probably wondering what drop shipping is,and it's really simple i'll use ebay for,example even though this is a wix drop,shipping tutorial all dropshipping is i,post something on sale on my own website,right you can see this is 242,i would wait for a sale when i get a,sale cha-ching and get the money in my,bank account that's when i take this,money and literally buy it from a,supplier at a lower cost you could see,this is the exact same product on,walmart 199,242,so that's a little drop shipping is wait,for a sale once you get a sale take the,money and then buy it somewhere else at,a lower cost and that person will buy,from ships it directly to your customer,which leads me to the second thing and,that's what are the benefits of drop,shipping well the biggest one is there's,no inventory now here's the most amazing,thing right like in the traditional old,ways of making money with e-commerce you,would literally have to go to a place,like china and buy a bunch of product in,bulk and hope and pray that this,this product that you literally bought,would literally sell you know um i,remember back in the day when i would,literally do that i would buy thousands,of dollars worth of products from china,and then i would try selling them on,amazon and guess what no one wanted to,buy them and just like that it was like,very very risky the beautiful thing,about drop shipping is you don't need,any inventory right which leads me to,another good benefit of drop shipping is,there is very very low risk because,you're not tied to existing inventory,model right like you don't have to spend,thousands of dollars on a product or,unit a if unit a doesn't work guess what,you could just literally like stop,selling it right another good thing is,there's a global opportunity so i,literally live here in uh bali indonesia,right where i'm surrounded by all these,successful people like this 11 year old,girl that turned on 30 million dollars,and this guy that makes a million,dollars per month profit a lot of these,people's businesses aren't stuck in one,physical location they're global i have,people from canada selling in germany i,people from germany selling in australia,i have people in australia selling in,like new zealand you know the fact that,you could literally open up a shop,especially on wix in like minutes and,then you could go and start selling is,ridiculous another one is there's no,shipping logistics so that's one of the,hardest things when i get started in the,online world especially when you're,dealing with products there's a lot of,logistics at hand you have to go sell,the product and you have to go and find,the product and then you have to go buy,the product and then you have to worry,about like fedex and ups and making sure,it gets there on time sometimes when you,do drop shipping especially in the way,that i'm gonna share with you all that,is completely automated and done for you,now the third step is understanding why,use wix okay i understand the,opportunity with drop shipping but why,wix mic and as you can see you can,literally create a website for free and,get started you create a website that,you're proud of and you can see that,they literally have so many different,apps that plug into um wix itself you,could have either a personal blog or in,this case like a business or an online,store and the coolest thing about when,you like start up with wix they have all,these apps that already can import like,thousands of different products for you,um for very affordable or even like,sometimes free which the way i'm going,to show you where you can literally have,like thousands of products on your store,within the next like 10 20 minutes um,with some of the apps i'm going to show,you so that's why people like getting,started with wix um and also it's a,really good um how do you say like price,effectiveness than you know other,softwares that might be a little bit,more expensive and the coolest thing is,like i said with all these done few,themes like within minutes you could,already set it up and already have a,website that looks really professional,where you're already good to go and,start selling now let's talk about,exactly how to make money with this okay,so step number one you really need to go,and sign up for a free account on wix,the next thing that you want to do is,you want to go and pick a theme now you,want to go pick something that's related,to an online store because drop shipping,is a form of e-commerce right so you,want to make it look and feel as if it,is like similar to the e-commerce stores,luckily for you wix has so many,different inbuilt themes that you could,already pick and it literally takes like,a minute to customize it right the,moment you do that the next step is you,want to go and import the thousands of,products you're probably going to mike i,don't have any experience i don't know,where to get products i don't want to,drop shipping from china what are some,possible opportunities there are two,really good wix plugins that you could,already start right now and i'll really,get started with that the first one is,modalist so you can literally find,millions of drop shipping products to,sell on wix all you got to do is install,for free our wix app for drop shipping,add mobile list to your wix ecommerce,store and start making money with wix,and you could see that you could find,top training products to sell online you,know they've connected e-commerce,products directly to drop shipping,products and wholesale uh drop shipping,suppliers so this is like huge right,because i remember back in the day i,would individually have to go to each,one of these suppliers and be like hey,guys can i literally sell some of your,products and some of these people are,like uh who are you,and they wouldn't even give me the time,of day right but literally with this app,you now have it all in built you have,bags you have jump ropes you have like,makeup kits you literally have like yoga,pants and all these things and essential,oils there's so many things that you,could already start selling with this,as well as like automated drop shipping,software includes the best features for,wix online business you can see single,centralized platform inventory and,pricing updates and you only have to buy,the products after you've already made,the sale so it's very very low risk it's,not like the old way where you have to,buy first and then sell you sell it,first and then if you made a sale great,you could buy it,fast and free shipping look at this,including usa drop shippers so they,could they'll deliver it in four days so,it's super fast uh sync tracking numbers,so you don't actually have to go ahead,and upload the tracking yourself which,was completely complicated when i first,got started with job shipping as well as,desired profit margins and item,customizations so you can see that,there's literally no inventory risk find,products that you already love and ship,directly to your customers and you can,see all these are pretty much automated,um which makes it amazing and look at,this unlimited monthly orders as well as,marketplace for dropship suppliers as,well as export product information so,you could see that they literally have,all these things that you could already,start making money with modalis with,your wix site the next thing that you,could already do if that's like the,physical product end so you could saw,that you know they sell jump ropes,makeup kits essential oils like,literally everything right,and it's free to literally install into,wix the second one is printful which is,another thing that is also free to go,and install in your wig store look at,this no from fees no order minimums 288,premium products,you can literally see some of the,products that they have t-shirts,drinkware swimwear or hats um dresses,hexagons skirts literally so many,different products and you can see the,price right here like this is 17 bucks,but some of these people are selling,these for like 40 bucks and remember the,concert that i showed you like this you,don't actually have to buy the product,until after you've already made the sale,so like i said that's why a lot of,people are moving over to this new drop,shipping model because the fact that wow,you literally have no risk anymore right,and you can see that they of course,connect with wix right here and another,beautiful thing about this is they're,literally worldwide like in canada in,brazil in australia in japan and poland,in latvia and spain like literally,everywhere right so you could literally,start an online drop shipping company,and you could drop ship physical,products online and even clothing that,you don't even have to see touch or,smell or even create and automate all of,it is just automated to go ahead and,sell on your store uh by the end of this,video and you can see the crazy profit,margins on this,like you could scroll down in here and,see exactly like if i sell a hoodie for,like 40 bucks right and that's exactly,what like these guys right here they,kind of do like a drop shipping style,model you could see this is a 40 hoodie,right you could see that if i sell for,40 bucks my cost is only 17 bucks i only,have to spend it,after i make a sale if i sell 10 a day,that's already 228,like what would you do with that where,would you go who would you be how would,that build your confidence if literally,all this did was get you 10 sales a day,right it's a lot more believable than,most people actually think and you could,see these people,fan joy literally with this like you,know selling t-shirts and merchandise,does 25 to 50 million a year so do you,think if they were able to do that you,could maybe make a hundred dollars a day,right,could you maybe make like a hundred,dollars a day right and that's really,all you need to get started drop,shipping on wix now the next up you,gotta ask yourself is okay well mike,that's great how can i go ahead and do,some marketing right how can i get,people to go ahead and buy it and,there's so many different things and,concepts and i'm gonna show you from,like the easiest and freest way um but,like it might be like the more long term,as opposed to something that might take,so much money but like it will be faster,okay the first way obviously is just,like content marketing and blogging like,you could see like you could take,whatever product that you're selling so,for example,say i'm selling like uh this makeup,remover right or this bag or let's look,at this this pallet pack right eye,hacker eye shadow thing right i want to,ask myself what problem does this fix,so uh people that want to look beautiful,people that want to get longer lashes,people that want to have the perception,of longer lashes cool that's the the,problem so i gotta ask myself well well,what people are searching for online,where the problem that they're searching,for the solution will most likely be,this product so for example you can see,on my blog i do very similar i do a lot,of like e-commerce solutions right,because then we recommend them,e-commerce products right but you could,see like uh if i go to like for example,pinterest and you can see we get about,like a hundred and eight thousand,monthly views to pinterest and the crazy,thing is this is like all for free like,we don't spend any money on this,i can literally type in,best,eye shadow,and look at this,palette blue eyes for brown eyes palette,for hazel eyes these are what literally,people are looking for to go ahead and,want to buy this product so if i,literally created a piece of content,like this threw it up on my wix blog and,then just like put it on pinterest i,could literally get a bunch of people,for free from pinterest over to for,example uh my blog and then of course,they would go ahead and buy things now,no one understands this but etsy is a,huge company right you can see we just,pull up and their stats they,get 391,million people to their ecommerce store,and what a lot of people would sell on,their own wix dropping shops would,literally be looking like what is shown,on like an etsy store you could see some,of these are even drop shipped like,these yoga pants right you can see 50,yoga pants right here but you could see,over here the yoga pants for them only,cost like 17 bucks right so you could,see exactly the math on what people are,doing but literally etsy gets a lot of,their traffic if we scroll down here and,we like pulled up social you see a lot,of it comes from pinterest right so no,one understands but pinterest a lot of,people are sleeping on pinterest and you,do that by literally creating content,based around what people are searching,for which is the word best and then,whatever product that it is that you're,using right and then of course we use,like canva and then canva is pretty,simple because you could see that like i,could create these ugly images connect,it to the um,blog post itself and then sell you know,a specific product so that's one way,right,now another way that's like a little bit,more advanced this is what these guys,did it's called influencer marketing so,influencer marketing is pretty simple,you can literally come in here say i,wanted to sell like cat yoga pants i,could type in cat tips right say i,wanted to sell cat products what i would,do is i would find someone that someone,like this a lot of you six hundred,thousand views and little subscribers,four thousand subscribers these people,aren't making any money so i would,literally go up to them and be like hey,can you make these videos and if someone,makes a sale or if someone buys from,your link i will literally give you,fifty percent of the profits they're,probably running like why would i give,them 50 of the profits isn't it risky,right and actually no because look at,this,if i sell this hoodie like this cat,hoodie for like 40 bucks right um you,know i would profit about like what is,this 23 23. okay well here's the thing i,didn't have to buy the inventory until,after it made a sale so there's no risk,there and then i would just have 23,bucks i would only have this 23 bucks if,this person makes the video right so,even if i give her like half of that,right i would still have like virtually,no risk because she's the one doing the,marketing and you know this is literally,exactly what you know fan joey does,except they did it with like higher,level influencers you can see from here,they just work with creators on like,youtube and whatnot and instagram,you could do the exact same thing in,more niched out areas and just start,like creating like the drop shipping,stores for them right and of course,there's like facebook ads the facebook,ads is a little bit more advanced we,have a bunch of free tutorials in the,links below guys but this is how to make,money with wix drop shipping as a,complete beginner right if you want a,faster and easier way that's brand new,this year to make money online where we,literally have people go from ten,dollars a day to a hundred dollars a to,a thousand dollars a day more faster,than this method then sign up for this,week's free workshop below where we,literally have a 62 year old woman go,from zero to a hundred and sixty,thousand dollars in 90 days as well,check my podcast of all these really,success people that make a bunch of,money online that live here in bali like,this 11 year old girl that turned on 30,million dollars and this guy that makes,a million dollars from a profit check it,out right here in here hopefully itself,love you guys,you

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