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Best Wholesale Shoe Vendors-My Favorite Top 5 hey guys thank you so much for checking,out another on


Updated on Jan 11,2023

Best Wholesale Shoe Vendors-My Favorite Top 5

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Best Wholesale Shoe Vendors-My Favorite Top 5

hey guys thank you so much for checking,out another one of my videos i am so,happy to be able to bring another one,for you guys,um as you can see down below i'm going,to be doing another,vendor video for you guys because you,guys have been loving,my vendor videos and i appreciate all,the love and the support you guys have,given me all the comments i read them,all,i try to respond to them all to the best,of my ability so thank you thank you,thank you,so much for all your continued support,so,jumping into the video um again we are,going to do another vineyard,a vendor video for you guys um this time,i'm not going clothing this time,maybe in the future i'll do another,clothing one um but this one i want to,tackle something a little different,because i've had some ladies reach out,to me asking if i know anything about,shoes and accessories,and of course i do um this video we're,going to cover just the shoe aspect and,i'll probably make another separate,video for accessories,um so i do show shoes again on my,website if you have not checked it out,my boutique name is house of inspo and,the website is,so go check it out take a look around um,if you see anything you like feel free,to put in your car you know support your,girl,um there are tons and tons and tons of,shoe fitness just like there are,clothing vendors,i'm so i'm only going to bring you my,top five because i'll be here all day,trying to tell you guys all the vendors,that i know for shoes but these are my,top five vendors,these are some of the some of these,vendors you can find um,on instagram you all those instagrammy,boutiques or your instagrammy,pictures that you see with shoes a lot,of these shoes,come from these vendors so if you guys,want to see those vendors to stay tuned,and get your notepads get your pins,ready,because i'm dropping names again so,we're gonna jump right into the video,um the first vendor i'm gonna show you,guys is going to be,um a vendor so before i get started with,the vendors,you guys even with my clothing videos,you guys have been asking me um,if these vendors require um,license wholesale license yes most of,the vendors that i do go,come across and give out do require um,wholesale license,that's just the name of the game you,have to have a wholesale license to get,to a lot of the i would say the good,stuff,um so yeah so all four out of the five,vendors i'm going to show you say,require a wholesale license,there is one that i'm going to give you,that does not that's going to be the,last one so stay tuned or fast forward,the video if you just want to see just,that one,but nevertheless we're gonna jump right,in to my top five favorite shoe vendors,that i have personally purchased from so,number one,um number one is going to be,liliana liliana is probably my favorite,probably my favorite i have two favorite,in here probably my favorite,one of two favorite um out of this whole,like five favorites list,they're like the top one like the top,two favorite of the top five,favorite wait they're the top they're,one of the top,two favorites of the five favorites,whatever you guys know what i mean,so yeah so it is liliana this is what,their shoe boxes typically look like,um when i purchased from them it could,be completely different now but,is see if they have another,box,um they have a very good,shoes,the prices are pretty reasonable um,average price for shoe vendor,to me they're not super expensive but,they're not super cheap,they're like right in that middle margin,um they have very good quality shoes,just to guys show you example of shoes,that i bought from them these are what,they look like they are white boots um,they're not high boots they're like mid,calf boots but they have very good,quality um this is something i've again,purchased from them and their website is, okay so moving on to number,two of my top,five favorite shoe vendors is going to,be,um a brand called wild diva,this is what their box looks like when i,purchase from them um their website is i,believe just,i don't know how wild websites on their,boxes this,anyways the website is called, now to me wild diva,is they still have very instagrammy and,very like,popular and contemporary shoes um but,they're to me they're more so,for like the basics um if you're looking,for like yours basic colors you're not,gonna find anything crazy like liliana,has,more you know you're gonna find the,neons and the snake prints and all that,stuff with liliana and what's current,and the square toes and all that stuff,um while devo to me you'll probably get,like the shape of the shoe like the,square toes which is what i'm going to,show you in here,um but they're very simple colors,they're very simple patterns like you're,not going to find that,the um shoes with the fur on them and,stuff like that so um,while diva is a good option they are,very affordable their web if you go to,their website directly,they are very affordable just to give an,example of things i purchased from them,this is a shoe that i purchased from,them like i said they do are modern we,keep them with the square toe,and the little heel that look like this,um,super affordable very good quality uh,yeah so they're a really good option,like i said they're very,very simple basics that you're gonna,find on their website,at a actually a really really good good,price so yeah check them out, the next,shoe vendor that i'm gonna show you guys,is going to be,one that i love again this is the other,top of my top two favorite shoe vendors,and that is going to be cake robin this,is what they look like,now cape robin is super dope i love them,like i said they're the ones they're,going to keep it very modern every trend,that there is,they're on top of it you're gonna see a,lot of their shoes on instagram you're,gonna see a lot of the popular boutiques,that you see,they're mine from cape robin um and just,a as a tip out there if you guys are,wondering also they put their website on,their box,that's what i'm talking about they got,their website on their box so yes their,website is www.cape, um but just as a tip i was,gonna say for you guys is if you are,looking for shoe vendors,and so you don't like these but you're,still looking for more a good thing is,look at the shoes that are in your,closet um not designer shoes of course,or anything like that but the shoes you,buy from your little,beauty supply store or shoes you buy,from,forever 21 or shoes you buy from like,little stores like i don't know if you,have a queue where you are i have a,store called q here,but if stores like that they're all,buying from the same place and you can,simply look at the bottom of,the shoe or even i'll show you guys,this is what kate brown and i love the,tissue paper,they have really good t-shirts but they,put the tissue paper has like all their,social media links on it that's super,dope that's actually really really smart,it has their instagram their facebook,their pinterest their twitter and,hashtags that's,super super super good advertising super,smart,um but this is what this shoe looks like,i'll show you guys what i mean when i,say,look at the shoes this is how the shoe,comes packaged in here,look at the shoe guys they put their,names on the shoe just as if you buy,clothes and you look at the tags if,you're looking for a shoe vendor,look at the shoe it's on there it'll,tell you who manufactured the shoe,um unless it's from it's less it's like,a um,who puts their names on their shoes i,don't know if you guys know lily's,closet i think she puts her names on her,shoes,i don't know she doesn't no she doesn't,who puts their names on the shoes,um i want to say fashion nova but i,don't,know if they do or not i don't know but,some brands do put their names on their,shoes,um for the most part shoes you're going,to just look at it and it's going to,tell you exactly,who it came from so this is just the,quality of something that will come from,like cape robin,um these are some white like crocodile,print,things are called mules i think these,are called mules,that i got from k rama so cape robin is,like i said if you want to be,on top with all the trends everything,you see on instagram,i guarantee you more than likely it came,from liliana or cape robin,there's another one out there i can't,remember the name right now but i'm,pretty sure,cape robin is in the top now price wise,i will say,they're not cheap um they are,i would say they're a little on the,pricier side for their shoes,um but they have every right to be,because again they are on trends,so like any trends you can think of i,guarantee you they have something out,to speak to that trend so yes cape roman,is a very good,option if you are looking for hotel,shoes,moving along to our fourth vendor,is going to be um this one is not really,a well-known um,brand i kind of just stumbled upon them,when looking for my own,thing when i was adding shoes um to my,brand last year,um i kind of stumbled upon them from,orange shine if you guys aren't familiar,with that there is a wholesale website,like fashion go,or la showroom but it's called,,um and pretty much i stumbled upon them,because i was looking for fall,inventory and i want to add boots um,they had a really good sale for boots on,there,um and they have some really good things,especially for like sandals and stuff,they're super super cheap,um i've got some really really cute,boots for like super cheap,um so i'm going to show you guys who,they are and what i got,got to go look because i forgot so these,are about two pair of boots last season,toys in the fall which i'm gonna put,them back up again this year for fall,because i didn't sell them all cuz i put,them,so late um but boots are a big,ticket item when it comes to fall,because who doesn't like a cute pair of,boots,for some for the fall and winter so,these are what they look like,they are thigh high or should say knee,high,boots they are like the suede material,and they look like this and they tie,all the way up actually these might be,you know like that high well i'm short,but these are like the high boots on me,um so this is what the boot looks like,it has the gold detailing,and the vendor on this,on the tissue paper oh no this is the,actual manufacture so,the vendor on this is called,grace your style and i'll put it up here,on the screen,um so you guys can see it again it's,called grace your style,and they are on instagram not instagram,they are on,orange shine um and they have a really,really really good prices,um for their stuff like i said for these,boots i got a super good deal especially,for boots because boots are very,expensive,even though this is on the retail end,but even just buying them wholesale,boots can be very expensive,um so yes it is uh i cannot get this,back in here,hold on can't talk and charge this at,the same time,so yeah so trying to um get boots for,the fall,at a reasonable price um i was very,shocked,at how many i mean how much they cost,i'm not gonna tell you guys you can go,take a look they might not be up there,anymore,but they have other stuff up there that,is at a very,very very reasonable price um and then,just to show you guys,these are another pair of boots i found,from them,um but pretty much feel like the green,ones,so for they're in a more like taupe or,brown color these are so fire,these are so sexy and so cute i have a,pair of these i kept for myself,but they tie up the front as well and,again i got these at a really good price,on the website if you like these boots,they will be up this fall,when i drop my fall merch coming soon,hopefully um so yeah so,check them out grace grace your style is,the name of,the shop on orange shine okay so the,last one that we have here is going to,be a vendor in which you are not,required to have,a wholesale license that let me say it,again for all my ladies to be asking me,do you have to help,you are not required to have a wholesale,license for this last vendor i'm gonna,give you guys,um so i don't know where you guys are,but where i'm at we have like a ten,dollar shoe store,um i'm sure there's one like everyone,everybody got to know,store um so pretty much they're like the,online version of the ten dollar shoe,store,so one that is a great option to go to,if you are want to sell,shoes and you don't have the ability to,get a wholesale license or the money or,whatever the case may be to get a,wholesale license,check out your local 10 shoe store um,because you can,surely find some kind of a shoe that's,in trend and that's a very great,alternative,if you're able to go pick it up you,don't have to pay for shipping or,anything like that so again,check out your local 10 shoe store if,that is something that you're wanting to,get into is flipping shoes,um so the online version of this,is called the 1088 shoe store um,and i'll put their website up here,because i can't think i think it is,10.88 shoes,1088 i think so i'ma put it up,on here for you guys,um but nevertheless they sell um,i want to say it's not always on trend,but they do always have a bunch of,different things and you can come across,some really really good shoes,so i'm going to show you guys some,things that i have got and purchase now,the only,downfall of buying from the 1088 shoe,store is that the sizing so because it,is considered as a retail store,um they also have your size so like,certain shoes i would buy and i would,want to buy like one in every size,i couldn't so it would give as to how i,was able to or what sizes i was able to,buy because it was based upon their,inventory,so unlike mine wholesale where they will,guarantee that i get,you know a certain size buying from the,10 dollar shoe store the 1088,shoes website um it's going to vary if,in sizing to see what sizes you can get,so that was the only downfall,and honestly i probably won't do it,anymore but i'm not selling shoes,anymore after this anyway but,that's a whole different story um but,nevertheless let me show you guys,some of the shoes that i picked up just,to kind of show you what kind of shoes,they have available,so one of the shoes that i found from,them,was this brand called chase and clothe,and these are super cute super tiny,shoes um they look,like this this is what they look like,these are super cute very simple um it's,like a suede,material um and then it just has like a,little toe right here,a little strap um again it's called,chase and clove and they sell,a bunch of different shoes so you might,see some liliana's,you might see some wild divas you see a,chasing club,because it's just a pretty much they're,like they buy wholesale and just resell,the shoes,um to you to us as consumers so these,are just some of the type of shoes that,i've,bought from them um again the only,downfall is sizing whereas,um let me show you guys um i bought,these,i don't even know what this is puzzle,dazzle um whoever,but nonetheless this is what they sent,so these are,some shoes where i had to buy only,larger size i like these shoes and they,were super cute and i've sold a lot of,these shoes,um but i have them in a lot larger size,where,i don't have them in size six and sevens,these are more so like nines and tens,that their shoes came in so these are,like a,snakeskin it's like a faux snake skin,material which is really nice,they tie all the way up these are super,cute,here's what they look like um i don't,think i can get my hand in so you guys,can see,it it's on there tight but you guys get,the gist it's a clear strap at the top,and it ties up,and you can tie it all the way up your,leg if you wanted to so yeah so these,are super cute,um like i said very selective when i was,buying these i only was able to get like,a couple,a few pair and larger sizes but they did,really well in selling,for the price that i was selling them,for um and i still have a few select,sizes so if you look just like these,because these are really fine,yeah so this is what they look like so,again the 1088 shoe store is a great,option,if you're wanting now again do take in,consideration that you,have to pay for shipping when marking,your prices so don't think you're only,gonna,you only pay 1088 you have to include,shipping ladies and all of your prices,um so all right so i hope i helped you,out a little bit here like i said those,are just some of my top five favorite,shoe vendors,that i've bought from in the past so if,you are looking to set up your own,boutique or shoetique or whatever it is,that you're just wanting to add on shoes,or whatever the case may be,do check out those vendors they are,great great options especially,down below for you guys um in this video,and yeah,again thank you all so much for your,support thank you for all the comments,thank you for everything um the messages,that you guys sending me on instagram,um i'm trying to get to those still do,you know that i'm going to be dropping,some more videos i am going to start,putting a little bit more diverse,content out there because i do want to,see,what all um else you guys like not just,boutique,videos i'm going to talk about like,money videos or um,stock videos i want to talk about credit,i want to talk about,just everyday life follow me vlogs,fashion because that's,where all this kind of started from um,so you guys let me know,what you want to see um definitely,continue to leave the comments down,below again i do love reading them and i,reply them to them as quickly as i can,but till next time thank you so much,again for supporting me and my channel,and i'll see you guys in the next video,bye

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