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I Tried Dropshipping Digital Products For 30 Days (How Much I Made) i tried drop shipping digital pr

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

I Tried Dropshipping Digital Products For 30 Days (How Much I Made)

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I Tried Dropshipping Digital Products For 30 Days (How Much I Made)

i tried drop shipping digital products,for the last 30 days and right now in,this video i'm gonna show you how much,we made if it's worth it if it's not and,how you could start your own digital,drop shipping brand so when we hop on my,computer and we go here to the last,month we can see that we brought in over,14 000 in revenue on this new digital,drop shipping brand and the cool thing,is that we actually made quite,significantly more profit than we would,if this was selling physical products,because we are selling digital products,which means that we have a product that,costs us nothing to fulfill and it's,instantly delivered to our customer so,really the only money we have to spend,to bring in revenue is getting those,customers and we do that through ads and,organic reach so just even today we have,almost 600 in revenue and,250 dollars in profit with a 42,net margin after all cost and look at,that we only have a 2x return on our ad,spend which is typically where physical,product drop shipping stores are,breaking even because margins are super,slim but that's honestly what's opened,my eyes to this world of digital drop,shipping and i'm gonna go ahead and just,say right off the bat that it is worth,it because an extra 250 a day i haven't,touched anything on the store is amazing,the products are instantly fulfilled and,i'm really just ready to scale this,honestly so now i want to show you,actually how you could do this yourself,because it's quite simple and,underutilized a lot of people know about,drop shipping on shopify with physical,products but now is the time for digital,products ultimately what happens is drop,shipping physical products you have slim,margins long shipping times and that's,going to lead to unhappy customers maybe,you've even experienced this yourself,and,you don't want to deal with those issues,because it's annoying it's hard to make,money it's hard to scale it's,frustrating so the solution to all this,has really just been through selling,digital products and drop shipping is an,amazing business model you can do it in,many different ways and it's actually,how i started my first real business and,made some money online it was drop,shipping all the way back in 2017 so,right now as globally things are crazy,markets are down shipping times are up,shipping costs are up this is the best,time to start drop shipping digital,products and i really haven't seen a lot,of people talk about this so,i suggest if you want to make some money,you keep watching this video because i'm,going to take you step by step on how to,do this so,digital drop shipping is really just a,type of e-commerce like i said you're,selling a product where you make it once,or you buy it once and you resell it,over and over and continue to make,profit but there's a lot to it so what,we're going to do right now is go,through how you can start your own,digital drop shipping business within 30,days and the first step is to choose a,winning niche this isn't like your,normal shopify store video we're not,gonna go browse on aliexpress or use,some software to find products what,we're gonna do is actually come up with,our own products and then source them,and then bundle them all up make them,look nice and appealing and valuable and,then set up our systems and get them,ready to sell which is we're going to do,throughout this entire video so,the best selling categories in the world,across any types of products are always,across health wealth and relationships,because these are,physiological human needs that we need,we need to make money we want to feel,love relationships and we want to be,healthy or at least we should,so it's much easier in any way you're,selling,to sell through pain points than through,novelties such as maybe a little,doll or something you know if it has no,use or doesn't hit the pain point it's,gonna be a lot tougher to sell than if,it was something that actually provides,a use like this massage gun right here,now under each of these categories are,certain niches that have pain points,that we can build our digital drop,shipping brand around and these are all,things that are important certain pain,points somewhat specific that are gonna,allow us to come up with ideas for our,products and then actually get those,created so what i want you to do right,now is choose one of the niches through,here and then we're gonna move on to,step two so for me for this example in,this video i'm gonna choose weight loss,under health so now the next step after,i've chosen my niche is choosing the,products that i actually want to sell,and a little bit more into my mind and,why i actually,chose weight loss for this example is,because being healthy is kind of trendy,right now i think it always will be and,i actually know a little bit about the,subject so that's going to help me,moving forward here and actually,selling these products so you don't need,to know about the subject you're selling,but it does help so before we list out,product ideas that we have i want you to,remember this criteria for our digital,product ideas so one it must be able to,deliver instantly to our customers,whether that's an ebook video course,podcast,master class etc these are all digital,products and two it must solve a problem,or multiple that our customer has so for,my niche weight loss these are people,that want to get healthy it's very broad,where we're at right now but you're,going to see how it all funnels down,into a profitable result and number,three it must be valuable to who we're,selling it to and in parentheses i said,not to be confused with shiny which,basically what i mean by saying that is,that this product needs to help these,customers solve their problem and not,just be a clickbaity product because at,the end of the day if it is a bad,product you're not going to be able to,continue to scale it profitably so don't,just come up with these clickbaity,product ideas but instead think of,actual general product ideas that come,to your mind so sit down list out your,product ideas and what quickly came to,my mind when i was making this doc is,these right here so a meal plan ebook,workout ebook healthy recipe ebook,exercise video course weight loss cheat,sheet weight loss masterclass these are,all quick things that came to my mind,that are digital products and can be,valuable to the customers and the niche,we've chosen now after you've listed out,your general product ideas i want you to,choose three of them that complement,each other basically meaning they could,be bundled together which is just a,little hint to what's coming once we get,to the store creation,so,what i put here out of these in the list,is one weight loss cheat sheet two a,workout guide ebook and three a healthy,recipe ebook so these are two ebooks one,for exercise,one for food and then one weight loss,cheat sheet which is going to be a,simple pdf and before we get into,actually how we're going to make these,offers extremely attractive,we need to source the products and make,sure that these are things that we can,actually drop ship digitally so there,are two options when it comes to,sourcing your products that you're gonna,drop ship digitally number one is plr,content which pretty much allows us,to get the rights of an existing piece,of content that we can edit and sell for,our own benefit commercially and i,recommend you take this route if you'd,like to be more cost efficient so i put,a couple examples right here and,essentially what you can do is go to,these website and there's many of them,and we can look up for example let's say,weight loss,we hit search and we can just scroll,through here and see,what type of products are already here,so we can see okay we have a easy weight,loss,ebook we can click on that we can see,okay it's eight dollars and what's very,important is one you go through the,sample content and just kind of make,sure it's not garbage typically they,aren't they're pretty helpful and you,want to make sure that it's made,somewhat recently so we can see this one,was released 2021 it's 26 pages,and this is important here in the,license details you want to make sure,that you can sell this,that you can package this with other,products as a bundle and that you can,modify the products itself the only,things that they say no to or that you,can't give this away for free and it,can't be added to a free membership,website so for our purposes this is,completely good to go where essentially,we can buy this product right here this,piece of content one time for eight,dollars and then when we get into,setting up our systems and automations,in the store later in this video then,it's gonna cost us nothing to fulfill,we're just paying this one-time fee to,drop ship this product so yes this is a,little start-up cost but it's not going,to cost you anything so essentially,after you sell one copy then you're,going to be in the green,but we still have some work to do before,we even get to that stage and the second,option here is that you can actually,outsource the work through a freelance,service so i have a link in my,description where i recommend and i've,used a lot through fiverr where we can,find people that can create the products,we're looking to make and sell,and get all the rights to without it,being one we buy from a plr site so for,the freelance work i recommend that if,you have a specific idea in mind for a,digital product that you want to offer,uh and you want it done very very,professionally so like i said there's a,link in the description to fiverr,and this is great i've seen people use,it for digital products for photography,uh you know how to get clients et cetera,and it can be very very helpful where,you buy at this one time so remember in,this stage of sourcing the products,we're just here to get the product,content itself so don't worry about the,design or the name of the ebook and how,they're selling it if you're choosing an,ebook but more so just make sure it's a,valuable piece of content that we're,going to be able to sell and with drop,shipping digital products it's more than,possible to create an active and,profitable income stream if you're,willing to put in the work in fact i,have a client who sells digital products,and over the last two months i've helped,to make over 150,dollars on july first i'm releasing a,30-day program called digital drop,shipping mastery week by week i'm gonna,be giving you all the resources that you,need to create start and launch your own,digital drop shipping brand and start,making sales within the first 30 days,right now i've opened up a few spots if,you want to reserve your seat at,exclusive pricing so if you go to the,link in the top of the description for,the 30 day challenge and you see you're,still able to get in i recommend you do,if you're serious about this challenge,because july 1st when this goes public,the price is going up step number four,here is we need to make your products,attractive,because,this is really what's going to make or,break the success of your digital drop,shipping brand so pay attention here,because,i'm sure you've heard this before the,common skeptic always says about drop,shipping they say you know why would,a customer buy this product from your,store for fifty dollars when they can go,on aliexpress or wherever and get it for,ten dollars much cheaper,and the reason is the wrapping paper how,you actually present your product is,what differentiates yourself from the,market so our three products right now,are the weight loss cheat sheet the,workout guide ebook and the healthy,recipe ebook but if we sell them just,like that nobody's gonna buy them we say,hey we got a weight loss cheat sheet,nobody cares because,it's boring it's normal it's not,specific enough so the way that you can,make your products attractive is by,getting specific with the niche and,memorable with the names so this is the,three step trick that you can use to,help you getting more specific and,making your offers attractive so number,one is decide who is your customer,demographic so instead of just saying,weight loss that could be for anybody,fat kids fat old people fat middle aged,people fat teenagers it's very broad,it's gonna be hard to target instead you,wanna think specific so for my example i,said okay we're gonna choose 30 plus,year old busy women,mostly potentially mothers they're busy,they don't have time to you know worry,about healthy eating and exercise so,we're going to help them solve those,problems in the weight loss world so,number two is we need to decide a brand,name based on that demographic that we,know we want to sell to so i chose,fit and busy women,so that way we know who we're targeting,it kind of appeals to them it's simple,fit and busy women versus lose weight,say we're the lose weight brand we're,the lose weight brand you know who cares,now fit and busy women,uh you know a woman's gonna see them,like oh,i'm busy,i'm not fit how can i be fit,so that's what i came up here for this,example i want you to put some thought,into this and really you know dig deep,into your brain and just write down,ideas and three very important is you,need to rebrand your general products,this is what's going to make or break,the success of your products once again,so instead of a weight loss cheat sheet,we're going to have the fit at 30 and,busy cheat sheet instead of the workout,guide ebook we're going to do the busy,body routine and instead of giving you,the healthy recipe ebook we're going to,give you the 30 minute mighty meals plan,and for the rebrand guidelines when,you're doing this for your products this,is kind of just a simple process that i,follow is one i think of a pain point so,a pain point word no busy,uh you know these people are busy they,want a good body 30 minutes you know if,they're busy they don't have a ton of,time to cook and then fit at 30. one,special word is going to be something,like body,like mighty something that kind of makes,it pop a little bit and then one,defining word that just kind of tells,what it is so you know the meals and the,routine so it's not completely out of,the blue don't overthink it don't get,stuck on this because you can always,change this moving forward but this is,an important step number five is,designing your products wrapping paper,what is it actually going to look like,from the outside perspective because if,i go onto the street and i see you and,i'm holding a gold brick but it's,covered in poop and i'm trying to hand,this off to you and say hey you want,it's a gold brick take it you should,take it's a gold brick no matter how,many times i try to tell you or convince,you,you're not going to take that it's,disgusting so instead you need to stand,out and be attractive like the gold,brick would be if you saw me walking,down the street with a gold brick you,might try and take that from me so,basically what i'm getting at and the,steps i'm about to show you is how to,create cover art without being a crazy,graphic designer or fancy anything,instead using templates and simple art,to make something nice and instead,focusing on the names and the writing,which is more important because when we,go here to like a plr website we see,this easy weight loss ebook this looks,like it's worth 7.95 i'm sure we can,both agree let me know in the comments,if you agree the title is simple,the book,looks boring,and overall,like i said i think it's worth eight,dollars although the content inside of,it could be amazing it could change my,life forever but from the outside i,don't really feel that way so it's,important that we create some perceived,value and that's mostly done through the,words we're going to put on that cover,art but also through pricing because a,quick psychology side note the more,someone spends on your product or,service is the more,self-interest and commitment they're,going to have to actually utilizing that,product or service so for this example,if someone buys this for eight dollars,they're probably not even gonna read it,because eight dollars it just doesn't,stand out if this was a hundred dollars,and you create it to look like a gold,brick then they're going to be much more,willing to actually go through the,content utilize it because they feel,that there is strong value in there and,that's why i never suggest you ever just,always have discounts on your products,and low prices because it's a race to,the bottom and you want committed,customers that are going to use your,products and get value out of it instead,of the opposite so the first steps we're,going to follow here in creating cover,art we're going to use canva and the,first thing is choosing a template so i,went ahead here on canva and i just,looked up ebooks and you could look up,uh whatever ebook cover and basically,what i did it started scrolling through,here because we're gonna do when you get,your plr you have one made is it's gonna,have something like this that's boring,but the content inside of it is not what,we're going to reveal to the the public,but instead they're gonna see the cover,so,what i did was scroll through here and,i'm thinking for my first product the,little cheat sheet is what's gonna kind,of stick out the best and instead of,having to come up completely from,scratch it's much easier to just,actually find a template through canva,so i scroll through here and one that,caught my eye right here on the right,it said something about self motivation,so i clicked on it and then i went ahead,and started editing so the step two here,is to pick a relatable and realistic end,goal for the cover art so this really,more so relates to my example of weight,loss so instead of having this lady on,here i'm gonna try and find a picture of,someone who fits the demographic that,i'm looking for a busy 30 plus year old,looking mom that's in somewhat decent,shape so i really just went over here to,elements and i looked up,you can see all these things mom jim,just kind of looking for different ideas,and you can filter over here if you want,it to be cutouts only so that it can be,you know a png file where i could drag,anything over here to be what i find,valuable that's going to attract my,customer demo so you can see how simple,the changes really are that i made,really the colors and then the text,which is most important so what i want,you to focus on is using strong words,and i gave it another quick little name,which is the shed fat and move fast,method for women over 30. so it's,specific there's a certain niche,compared to if i just said the ultimate,cheat sheet to lose weight and i say how,to lose weight quick,it's so broad it's not going to convert,i can promise you that so the third,point that i put on here was really just,to add in words that hit the pain points,which are what i just told you the shed,fat and move fast method for women over,30. and what this is going to be is the,cover for our ebook so once you have,that what you're going to want to do is,click share and then download and then,you're going to actually export it as a,pdf so then what you can do as you,export it as a pdf and you can just,simply,add it to your existing pdf for your,content of your product as the cover and,then you're good to go so now what we're,going to do a fun part is actually,creating your storefront and systems so,that we're ready to start selling and,this is where it's getting fun so now,that we have our digital products ready,to go it's time we get ready to sell so,let's head over to shopify and go ahead,and get this baby set up so the first,thing we got to set up is the framework,so we have to actually add our product,to shopify so i'm going to go over here,to products add your products i'm going,to put my name here fit at 30 and busy,which is our,the name of our cheat sheet and then,we're gonna go here to add from url for,our cover and now pricing is something,we're gonna get into here in a second,but for right now we can just go ahead,and set it to a dollar as an example,scroll down here and we're going to say,this is not a physical product and we're,going to save it now we need to set up,our delivery automation so then we're,going to go to apps and i'm using easy,digital products so once we get in here,what we're going to do is set up our,automation so right here we search for,our product so after we've clicked the,product we go through here and we're,gonna do add the file upload so what i,did was just uploaded my pdf we're just,gonna go ahead and upload and save so,this is what we're creating right now is,our automation so that when people buy,they can instantly download their,product and have it sent to their email,so now that we have that set up what,it's basically going to look like is if,we go here for an example when someone,checks out on our store and they buy our,digital product there's going to be a,button right here to access their,digital content and over here on the,right we can customize this and they can,go ahead and just download the product,right then and there and this app also,is going to go ahead and send an email,so that way in case they missed the,checkout page or accidentally exit out,they can always go back to this email,and see that and download their product,right there so now that we've added the,products to shopify we've set up the,delivery automation we now need to,structure our pricing so the reason i,had you choose three products towards,earlier in this video is because we're,going to set up a certain type of,marketing tactic and what that is is,called a tripwire so i chose the cheat,sheet as one of my products because i,want to offer this as something as close,to free as possible so i could even sell,this right now for one dollar and i'm,not really going to make money on that,it's only one dollar but it's a,commitment so what happens when someone,buys something that they want you get,them to buy that,you know this is almost like an opt-in,like if you opted in for an email,service uh on someone's newsletter this,is somewhat similar but it costs a,little bit of money but when you do that,whether you realize it or not you're,building a certain commitment that you,have to that person or brand and we want,to provide them more value than they you,know expect from a one dollar purchase,and the reason why we would do this at,one dollar is to then,upsell them or down sell them another,one of our products that's going to be,very beneficial to them because,obviously if they buy the cheat sheet,they have the pain points they want to,get fit and busy potentially they fit,our demographic so we want to offer them,other valuable products that we know are,going to help them and since they've,already spent a dollar even though it's,just a dollar they're going to be much,more willing to buy that next product,for let's say 30 40 50,than,just going ahead and buying that 50,product on its own so for this i use the,after sell post purchase app which is,something my friend created and it's,super simple and essentially what we can,do is go ahead here to our funnels and,we click add funnel and i'm just going,to keep this new funnel and we're going,to do enable product or collection,trigger,and we're going to choose our one dollar,item so when someone buys the one dollar,item then we can upsell them,the busy body routine for example,so then we could save there,and i would price this at,let's say,49.99,so then,if they accept it,then we can go ahead and choose another,product,and say okay they spent fifty dollars,there now we can give them the 30 minute,mighty meals,and that again could be a very similar,price structure and if they decline the,busybody routine then we can choose,another product and create another,product to offer for a lower price so,basically what this is doing is after,someone checks out,they're going to be able to actually,have the options to buy more products,and this is after they've already bought,so after they've already bought the one,dollar whether they buy anything of the,upsells or not you're not risking that,initial purchase which is why i love,this app so once we have our other,products here let's say they're 49.99,which is something that i would do just,to test out i'd rather sell a higher,price than a lower price even though if,it costs you nothing to fulfill selling,it for fifteen dollars twenty dollars,it's still not worth it it's much better,to sell for higher make more money so,you have more margin to spend and have,room for error when we're testing with,ads and organic traffic but this right,here is a general idea of what this,would look like obviously we haven't,worked on the store yet but this is our,cover and we will market the other,products as is but it's all about,options and the tripwire funnel tends to,work very very well which is why i've,just shown you how to set it up right,now so now we have to actually make this,store presentable because right now it's,just the default we need to be ready to,sell so we're going to start off with,making our logo and then we're going to,start adding in content and designing,the website so if this is your first,time creating a store on shopify and,designing it it may look a little bit,confusing but i promise you it's not too,difficult and i have a couple resources,here that i want to show you that you,can use to get content for your website,without having to worry about copyright,or anything like that the first website,is, and the second one is, on unsplash for an example,we can look up women and fitness and,just kind of get an idea at what's there,to offer so we scroll down here,see what pictures let's say just as an,example we want this one we can scroll,down and see,free to use under the unsplashed license,perfect so the unsplash license is,basically we can download them for free,use them for free for commercial and,non-commercial purposes so we can,download this for free right now i'm,going to choose large,just so we get the good quality and then,we're able to go back to our store and,actually get this thing rolling so let's,go back here and let's say we wanted to,use this image we're just going to go,ahead and drag it here and now we got a,nice little picture to start piecing,things together now i will say when,designing a shopify store one of the,most important pieces that's going to,make the biggest difference and make,your brand stand out compared to any,other drop shipping store on shopify is,by messing with the theme settings and,the main thing you want to edit to,really stand out is the typography so,the actual fonts you're using on your,website so you can see how we can,transform this entire thing just by,simply switching let's say to,archivo,so we select here,and then we can choose the body font as,we'll go back to archival let's say we,do narrow,select,and you can just see,completely we don't even have really any,content on here it's changed completely,and is going to look much different than,any other standard store on shopify and,the main piece of content you really,want to focus on on the home page at,least how i'm doing it for this example,is by using the featured product for the,tripwire so the one dollar offer now,once you've pieced together some content,onto your store from any of those,websites and you just gave it some more,flavor now what you want to focus on is,the actual text on your website the,headers and the product descriptions,themselves because that's what's going,to actually get people interested enough,to make that decision to click that buy,button and when you're writing something,like a product description i recommend,using something like where,you can paste in your description here,and just see if there's any issues that,it's going to tell you about and the,second piece before we actually launch a,store is actually getting reviews which,is optional but helpful because the only,reason why someone won't buy from your,store is because,they can't justify the price they don't,trust you they don't like you,and,reviews are a way to really mitigate,most of those problems as to why someone,wouldn't want to buy your product so,obviously as you make sales you can,organically get reviews but you can use,a freelancer service like fiverr where,you can actually have people review your,products and leave a genuine review on,your website and that way you're gonna,have some social proof and something to,show for when people actually go to your,website compared to nothing there at all,it's gonna be much tougher and more of a,decision for that person to actually,make the choice to purchase from you so,now once you actually have your digital,products made the automations are set up,your storefront is created it doesn't,have to be exactly perfect just yet but,more so functional and pretty than,anything and actually ready to sell,now the fun part is the marketing which,is step number seven revenue profit all,that good stuff,so if this video gets 500 likes i'm,gonna make an entire video showing you,how to make ad creatives and actually,create and set up winning campaigns on,facebook instagram and tick tock so like,this video if you enjoyed it and you,want to learn more about digital drop,shipping and if this video gets 500,likes i will make this as my next video,i post every saturday at 3 p.m eastern,time and sometimes do some cool,giveaways so stay tuned and if you're,serious about digital drop shipping the,30-day challenge for digital drop,shipping mastery starts on july 1st so,if you want to see if there's still some,spots and you want to reserve yours the,link will be in the top of the,description and i will see you there so,hopefully you enjoyed this video and if,you did make sure to leave a big like,comment and subscribe peace

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