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Best 18 Suppliers For Private Label, Wholesale And Dropshipping if you want to start an online store

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Best 18 Suppliers For Private Label, Wholesale And Dropshipping

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Best 18 Suppliers For Private Label, Wholesale And Dropshipping

if you want to start an online store you,have to know where to find wholesale,suppliers and manufacturers should you,search on Google should you attend a,trade show should you import from China,where can you find Dropship suppliers,wholesalers and factories to manufacture,your products now when my wife and I,first started our e-commerce business we,had these exact same questions now the,correct approach for finding a small,business wholesale supplier or factory,is actually highly dependent on your,e-commerce business model for example,the methodology for finding a wholesale,supplier that drop ships is completely,different than finding a private label,manufacturer now this video will discuss,where to find the best wholesale vendors,and manufacturers depending on whether,you sell Dropship products wholesale,products or private label products and,this is based on my experience running,my seven figure e-commerce store and my,Amazon business so here's my take on the,best way to find wholesale suppliers and,vendors for your online business,now let's start with Drop Shipping Drop,Shipping is an e-commerce business model,where you don't have to stock any,inventory for the products you sell,whenever an order comes in you simply,place the exact same order to your drop,shipper and then collect the profit,based on the difference in price now,your Drop Shipping supplier handles the,entire fulfillment process and all you,got to do is take orders perform,customer service and your supplier,stores and fulfills your orders,now as a result Drop Shipping is a great,way to start an online store without,risking a lot of money now here are the,best places to find wholesale vendors,that drop ship now the first place is,worldwide brands worldwide Brands is a,directory of wholesale suppliers who,Dropship in the US and Canada now there,are over 16 million products offered on,this platform that range from apparel,consumer electronics beauty products,Office Products and more now there's a,one-time membership fee of 299 to access,the directory and most suppliers are in,the US or Canada now I personally use,worldwide brands in the past to quickly,find small business wholesale suppliers,to fill out our inventory for sparse,categories the second Drop Shipping,platform is called sale who sale who is,a wholesale supplier directory of drop,shippers that cater to International,clients as a result many of the,wholesale suppliers found on sale who,are actually not from the US now they,are based in New Zealand sell who boasts,over 8 000 trusted Drop Shipping,suppliers that sell over 2.5 million,products and Brands across a variety of,categories including including consumer,electronics health and beauty pet,suppliers and more now sell whose main,value add is that every supplier in,their directory is pre-vetted with,up-to-date info and you get instant,access to a wide variety of products at,Dropship in your store sell who charges,a one-time access fee of 127 bucks,alternatively you can pay 67 per year,for membership the next Drop Shipping,supplier is called doba doba is an,all-in-one wholesale supplier for Drop,Shipping that is both a directory and a,marketplace now on doba you'll find,thousands of Drop Shipping vendors to,Source your products for your eCommerce,business and once you find a wholesale,supplier doba also manages all your,ordering and fulfillment operations as,well so here's how it works you find,products on doba that you want to sell,you add these products to your store and,then when you receive an order doba,automatically passes your order to the,supplier who fulfills the order so,basically doba acts as a bridge to a,large database of wholesale suppliers,that will drop ship on your behalf the,main disadvantages is that you'll never,know who your suppliers are as doba,hides that info from you doba charges a,monthly fee from 25 bucks to 299 dollars,a month depending on the plan that you,choose the next drop ship directory is,called spocket spocket is a directory of,wholesale vendors willing to drop ship,on your behalf now most of the suppliers,on their platform are from the US or the,EU and the product quality is top-notch,using their app you can instantly add,products you find on spocket to your,Shopify store when an order comes in it,is electronically sent to spocket where,they handle inventory management and,Order fulfillment the only disadvantage,to spocket is that they have a smaller,selection of products compared to other,wholesale supplier directories in this,video now spocket charges a membership,fee that starts at 25 a month all the,way up to 99 a month depending on the,number of products that you sell,let's switch over to print on demand,print on demand is actually a form of,Drop Shipping where you work with the,supplier to print your own custom,designs on White Label products like,t-shirts mugs and pillows no monies,required up front when your customer,makes a purchase the print on demand,company builds your product with your,design on the Fly and ships it to your,customer you don't have to pay for the,cost of your product until after it's,been sold which allows you to start a,print-on-demand Drop Shipping Store for,very little money here are my top three,print on demand wholesale vendors to,work with printful printful is my,favorite one because they offer a large,selection of products to choose from,they print all their own Goods in-house,with fast turnaround times and their,print quality is excellent right now,printful is one of the largest,vertically integrated print on demand,wholesale suppliers in the world and,they support all the major shopping,carts including Shopify Bigcommerce and,woocommerce,print on demand company number two is,printify printify is a print-on-demand,company that does not print any of their,own merchandise instead they have a,network of print providers in over 90,locations in the US UK Australia Germany,and China as a result the print quality,that you receive can be hit or miss,depending on the specific provider you,work with now printify's primary,advantage is the sheer size of their,print-on-demand network with over 250,plus unique products to choose from now,because their network is so large you,can often find a print-on-demand company,local to where you live now the final,print on demand company I recommend is,custom cat custom cat is a vertically,integrated print on demand company like,printful that does all their own,printing in-house however they do have a,significantly smaller product selection,compared to printful in addition custom,cat only supports a subset of e-commerce,platforms out of the box and you're,pretty much limited to Shopify or,woocommerce however custom CAD is less,expensive than most other providers,which allows you to make more money,selling your print on demand products,now my kids use custom cat for their,t-shirt business over at, and their print quality,is fantastic now let's shift gears and,talk about how to find the best,wholesale vendors in the United States,now the simplest way to find a small,business wholesale supplier in the US is,simply by Googling the company of the,product you want to sell going on their,website and then finding out who their,Wholesale Distributors are smaller,companies typically won't have,Distributors and will sell to you,directly now wholesale discounts are,usually on the order of 30 to 50 off,MSRP and depending on the item and the,brand the minimum order can be as low as,100 bucks now outside of Googling here,are the best ways to find wholesale,suppliers in the US,first place is data axle or reference,USA reference USA is a database of every,registered business in the US that can,be accessed to find wholesale vendors,and factories in the US best part is,that's 100 free the only catch is that,reference USA can only be accessed at,your local library but most libraries,support the service in addition to,finding wholesale suppliers reference,USA can also be used to locate any type,of retail company research business,Executives and find factories to produce,your products,next place in the US is called Thomas,net Thomas net is a searchable database,of U.S suppliers that caters to,Industrial and Commercial companies now,if you have a product that you want to,manufacture in the US then Thomas net is,an excellent resource Thomas net,contains detailed information for every,wholesale supplier including their size,annual sales product information,certifications and more now Thomason is,100 free and you can send an email,request a quote or visit the supplier's,website,now the final site is called wholesale,Central wholesale Central is a wholesale,directory that contains a list of,wholesale companies and trade shows in,the United States now the best way to,find and meet with multiple wholesale,vendors in a short period is by,attending a trade show wholesale Central,sorts every show by category and you can,easily find a niche specific convention,to attend now the best wholesale,suppliers can be found at trade shows,because they go through a vetting,process and have the funds to invest in,a booth now if you live near a major,city you should definitely go and check,out a trade show if you have the time,all you need is a seller's permit and,admission is free for most shows now,let's shift gears again and talk about,how to find the best wholesale suppliers,and manufacturers from China now today,most products are manufactured in China,and other parts of Asia because the,labor costs are so much cheaper now the,general rule of thumb for textiles at,least is that if you're buying from a,vendor in the US you aren't going to get,the best price buying direct from the,manufacturer or importing from China is,the best way to obtain the lowest costs,now here's how to find a China wholesale,supplier to Source your products best,place is to start on Alibaba Alibaba is,a wholesale supplier directory where you,can search for factories to manufacture,your own private label products now most,vendors in Alibaba are willing to create,products according to your exact,specifications with your brand and label,as a result Alibaba is probably the best,way to find private label manufacturers,online with Alibaba you can buy products,at low prices find thousands of,suppliers create your own brand and,create your own custom designs in,addition Alibaba vets all their,factories and provides you with useful,information so you can quickly find the,best suppliers with a click of a button,you can quickly contact a Chinese,supplier directly and ask for quotes,minimum order quantities and Lead times,the best part is that you don't have to,travel to Asia to find a great supplier,the next place to find China wholesale,suppliers is Global Sources Simona,Alibaba Global Sources is also a,wholesale supplier directory of Asian,manufacturers however Global Sources is,significantly smaller than Alibaba and,has different strengths now if you're,sourcing Electronics then Global Sources,is by far the better service in fact the,vendors that you find on Global Sources,tend to be higher quality because they,vet their companies more closely but on,the flip side the vendors on Global,Sources are more established and prefer,to work with companies with greater,purchasing power so as a result the,minimum order quantities tend to be,higher on Global Sources versus Alibaba,but overall Alibaba has a much larger,selection of vendors but it tends to be,a mixed bag in terms of quality and,legitimacy some companies in Alibaba are,trading companies some listings are,individuals doing online Arbitrage now,if you plan on sourcing products from,China be sure to browse both directories,the next way to find Chinese suppliers,is to go to the Canton Fair the Canton,fair is one of the largest sourcing,shows in the world held in Guangzhou,China twice per year the Canton Fair,hosts wholesale eventers from all over,the world that produce nearly every type,of product now because the show is so,large it's actually split into three,phases phase one is electronics,household electrical appliances,Machinery lighting equipment hardware,and tools vehicles and spare parts,building materials and chemical products,phase two is consumer products,decoration goods and gifts and phase,three is textiles and garments shoes,office supplies cases and bags,Recreational Products medicines medical,devices and Health Products now the,Canton fair is held in April and October,every year and it's free to attend now,if you have the means I highly recommend,that you attend in person even though,finding and contacting vendors via alibi,Goblin Global Sources is fairly,straightforward it is very slow and,cumbersome not only do you have to get,individual samples sent back and forth,from Asia but there's also a major,communication slowdown because,exchanging emails is highly inefficient,add in the time difference and you only,have a small window of time every day to,communicate,but by attending a China wholesale trade,show you can see sample products for,thousands of Chinese vendors all at once,in a single location you can see and,touch all the merchandise without having,to wait several weeks now because so,many different vendors congregate at the,Canton fair and bring their merchandise,with them you can easily cover hundreds,of vendors in the span of just a couple,of days there's no back and forth or,delay in communication you don't have to,get samples made and sent overseas,everything is right there at your,fingertips now the final way to find,Chinese factories is to use a jungle,Scout supplier database now even though,the vendor reviews an Alibaba and Global,Sources are helpful for evaluating,vendors an even faster way to get great,suppliers is to spy on who your,competitors are actually using in fact,you can easily steal wholesale suppliers,from your competition by leveraging the,jungle Scout supplier database now what,is the supplier database every sea,shipping container that enters the US,must clear Customs before it's allowed,to cross the border and during this,process every shipment is carefully,documented in the US Customs database,all this information is freely available,to the public in a supplier database,tool allows you to quickly browse these,shipments for every company that Imports,into the US by sea for example here's a,sample shipping document for the North,Face now from this document you can,easily find North Face's supplier and,the size and weight of their shipment,and this information is extremely,powerful my favorite supplier database,tool is called the jungle Scout supplier,database for a small fee you can quickly,find the best suppliers your competition,is using now over here is a video demo,that I created that demonstrates how to,use the jungle Scout supplier database,now let's say you want to sell wholesale,clothing here are the best suppliers in,the US now I'm often asked if China has,the right answer when sourcing Apparel,bags shoes and other accessories and if,you're doing huge volumes then the,answer is yes but for most small,business owners making clothing in China,is overkill you're much better off,buying Fabric in the US and finding a,local psoas to make goods for you only,once you have the patterns down and know,that you can sell insufficient volume,should you import a large quantity now,if you want to manufacture your own,products in the US there are many way,ways to find a reliable supplier for,textiles and clothing you can visit the,local Garmin District in your area you,can also use Google and look for local,manufacturers wholesale companies and,product designers now if you're looking,specifically to sell ready-made,wholesale clothing you can try the,following companies in the US wholesale,Fashion Square is a wholesale clothing,Marketplace that manufactures and,importers from Los Angeles California,most of their items are sold in bundles,of six and they offer very reasonable,pricing on their items overall they have,one of the largest selections of,wholesale clothing in the US spanning,accessories jewelry scarves makeup,accessories and clothing for all seasons,and occasions you can also try La,showroom La also offers a,huge selection of clothing from,designers manufacturers and Wholesale,Distributors from all over the world new,products are added every week and they,carry men's women's and children's,clothing from a variety of Brands,membership is 100 free but La showroom,only allows access to established,wholesale buyers there's a thorough,vetting process before granting access,now let's say you're ready to do mass,production in China here are the best,wholesale clothing suppliers in China,now just to give you an idea of pricing,you can buy a blank t-shirt in China for,as little as 50 cents depending on,quality but the downside is that the,minimum order quantity for clothing is,on the order of three to five hundred,pieces per design in many cases you have,to order three to five hundred pieces,per size as well as a result,manufacturing clothing in China carries,a large upfront investment in general,you should only order designs from China,that you know you can sell in volume in,addition to finding clothing,manufacturers in the Alibaba and Global,Sources you can also look at the,following companies for clothing,suppliers in China fashion line factory,fashion line is a top manufacturer and,wholesale supplier for women's fashion,apparel they've been in business for,over 15 years and specialized in making,clothing for small boutiques the best,part is that you can actually buy,clothing in small quantities so you can,test the style before making a bulk,order fashion line doesn't charge any,memberships packing fees or commissions,you can also try fashion TIY fashion TIY,is an online wholesale Market that,specializes in clothing accessories bags,shoes and jewelry for both men and women,now while you can find clothing,suppliers on directories like Alibaba,fashion DIY specialize in fashion and,you can find what you want much faster,than in a generic Marketplace also,unlike Alibaba fashion DIY is vertically,integrated and ships out your products,directly from their warehouse you don't,have to contact and interface with,different suppliers all transactions are,conducted directly on the fashion TIY,website now one of the questions I'm,commonly asked is when to Source product,from Asia versus the United States or,your home country while the wholesale,price for your goods will tend to be,cheaper if purchased from China,importing from Asia will not always be,the right answer for everyone there are,many factors that you need to take into,account first off the main advantage of,importing from China is that the labor,costs are significantly cheaper,therefore if you want to sell products,that are labor intensive to create going,with China will almost always be cheaper,than anywhere else so textiles clothing,or anything that needs to be handmade,are ideal candidates for importing but,let's say you manufacture plastic toys,and you already own the molds the class,of plastic between the US and Asia will,probably not differ enough to Warrant,Manufacturing in China in general U.S,wholesale suppliers are going to be more,expensive but using a local wholesale,supplier has its advantages because many,products are not made in the US anymore,wholesale suppliers take care of all the,hassles importing and warehousing the,goods from the manufacturer you don't,have to travel to a foreign country you,don't have to deal with shipping or,Customs you just place your order and,the merchandise shows up on your,doorstep now finding domestic wholesale,suppliers also saves you time from,having to perform extensive quality,control checks on your merchandise,because presumably the wholesale,supplier has gone through all that,already,so overall it's a trade-off between time,versus money now how you prefer to,obtain your goods from your suppliers is,up to you but buying direct is a,no-brainer in my book The more work that,you're willing to put in for your small,business the more profit that you will,make no one said that opening an online,store was going to be easy but by,placing a larger investment of your time,up front you will pave the way to,Greater rewards in the future now that,I've gone over different ways to find,wholesale suppliers I actually go into a,lot more depth on how to find your,actual suppliers in this video

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