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Don't make these mistakes | Import products from Turkey B2B Dropshipping Export Istanbul #LearnB2B t


Updated on Jan 11,2023

Don't make these mistakes | Import products from Turkey B2B Dropshipping Export Istanbul #LearnB2B

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Don't make these mistakes | Import products from Turkey B2B Dropshipping Export Istanbul #LearnB2B

today we talk about to be careful with,your other products from turkey from,china what you have to check what you,have to do if you want to,import products without losing money,let's start sellers shop,on t-shirts from one euro,handbags from two euros bits from five,euros,natural soaps from 0.25 euros and much,much more the best marketplace for,products,made in turkey first step is to check,the supply you can check,his name in china in turkey the supplier,need to write in the name what they do,if you want to order for example from a,wood factory,product and you are you see in the name,that he write,um i don't know food transport company,in this point you need to be careful,sometimes they have also some other,businesses but,you should check it's better for you if,you see in the name that he's also a,trader or a manufacturer this is the,first point,that you can check another point is,check did this supplier accept,different payment methods so exit paypal,accept bank transfer accept cash payment,if you accept just money transfer money,gram,western union and all that stuff it's,very dangerous because if you send,something by,by moneygram or by western union it's,hard to get it back if you send by,bank and you don't don't get the,products you can go to the police you,show them i send money to this bank,everything is much better another point,is checking google the company write the,name in google,check street view if you order something,by a wood,production company or something like,this and you see in,street view there is just one office,building or there are many small stores,you need to be careful because this guy,have maybe just another company,registered and,you can lose your money so you need to,be careful about,this the best way what you can do is,just visit the supplier visit the office,visit the wholesaler stuff like that,this is very important,if you check the supply and you think,okay this supplier is serious i can,order by him you need to order a sample,for example like this,we order like 1 100 it's not,it's not important how many pieces you,want to order if 100 or 1000 but it's,important,that you order one sample if you've got,this sample you need to check,everything you need to check the size,you need to check the weight you need to,check the material,all that stuff you need to check because,you need to write,everything in the order form so if you,like the sample that the supplier sent,to you,you need to take pictures the size and,everything and write them,in the order form many times we do this,business for more than 18 years,many times we order samples and after,that we tell them okay we like the,sample so,when we started our business we don't,have any experience in this,we told them yeah okay we just wrote by,uh by email or something like this,yeah we like it please send to me a 100,or 500 pieces,after that we got different products and,we don't have any,contract or any other form where we,wrote to him,we need exactly like the sample and it's,not enough to to write we need to,exactly like the sample,you need to write the high you need to,write everything the material,so much as possible that you can write,right and put pictures,also for example you make one picture,from this side and right also in the,picture,these are six centimeter all that stuff,is important because if he sends,something wrong to you you can show them,the order form and tell him,uh this is not the product i ordered he,need to change this what you can do is,you can order from bazani we are in,contact with more than 1,800 supplier we don't give them the,money directly for example you pay,you order 100 pieces you pay to bazani,we,pay between 10 and 30 percent to the,supplier this is,what i recommend also to you if you,order something never pay,the full amount after he produced this,product we go to the factory or they,send us the products,we control them and after we control,them we say okay this product is good,we give them the full amount otherwise,if you pay directly 100 percent,it is hard you need to go to the lawyer,you need to do this,this is difficult so these are problems,you know,you don't need this problem so be,careful at first,other point is if you,order something without checking samples,without do contract without,have insurance for the transport or any,stuff like this,it is possible that you lose your money,and you don't want to lose your money,check check the products we,have they're all,supplier that we have online are,controlled by us we go to them we,control them we never work with,suppliers selling for example fake,products who selling,products that are demand,who don't send anything so you cannot,find one supplier or one product on the,website,that he cannot send or he's not a,producer or is not a good wholesaler or,something like this it is for us very,important that we control,all supplier we control the products we,have we get everyday samples here,every day every second day every time we,have new samples here,that we control we drive to the supplier,we check,what how big is their warehouse how many,workers they have,children's working there or not in,turkey you can't find children's working,in,in so i never seen children's working,there in china you see sometimes,so there are a lot of things that you,need to be careful check the website,connect us if you can not find any,product that you like you want to order,on the website just connect us by,whatsapp by email on instagram wherever,you want,and we will find the right product for,you for your retail,store for amazon for ebay for your,online shop for anything what you want,to sell,that's it your mic see you on the next,video subscribe this button like,uh subscribe this channel like this,video the next videos will be about,how to export the products from turkey,this is also very important,where to sell the products in turkey,there are a lot of places where you can,sell products outside of turkey,how you can register a company in turkey,how you can find the apartment in turkey,how you can buy a car in turkey,how you you should be careful about,brands,if you import brands because we don't we,not,only export from turkey you can also,import to turkey and sell products in,turkey,there are a lot of stuff many many,videos that will come on this,channel so subscribe this channel follow,us on instagram on facebook,everywhere

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