wholesale african clothing dropshipping

Wholesale Suppliers South Africa | Online Wholesale Clothing Suppliers | Online Wholesale Suppliers

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Wholesale Suppliers South Africa | Online Wholesale Clothing Suppliers | Online Wholesale Suppliers

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Wholesale Suppliers South Africa | Online Wholesale Clothing Suppliers | Online Wholesale Suppliers

hi everyone Work it Out with Rufaro is back after  taking a long break to recuperate and to create  ,awesome content for you guys. This video is for  those who are thinking of starting a business in  ,2022 and are looking for wholesale suppliers who  are based in South Africa. There are thousands of  ,also suppliers in South Africa but today we're  only going to focus on nine and these suppliers  ,all have an online business presence mainly in  the form of a website. We are living in times  ,where travel rides can easily be revoked so it's  best to work with suppliers who are thinking ahead  ,and will not shut down operations during a random  lockdown and leave you stranded with no dock to  ,sell this list includes suppliers for clothing  hair shoes gadgets and even seashells some of  ,them even provide drop shipping services which is  perfect if you're considering starting your own  ,dropshipping business before we get started don't  forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the  ,notification bell so that you don't miss out on  any new videos related to entrepreneurship because  ,you know what that is what this channel is really  all about and also give this video a big fat like  ,so that i know that you enjoyed it first on the  list is little lumps which is an online baby  ,boutique that sells high quality baby clothing  for little ones who are up to the age of 18 months  ,they are located in Jeppestown, Johannesburg  they make their clothing from scratch which makes  ,little lambs a proudly south african brand once  you place an order it takes them about two weeks  ,to deliver the final product to you they also  provide also options but you have to meet specific  ,requirements which they've listed down on their  website some of the key requirements are that you  ,need to fill out some of their registration forms  which you can request for via email they also have  ,a minimum order value of 1500 rand and your order  must also have a minimum of six items per product  ,they are on instagram and they have good google  reviews so far so you can always check them out  ,to see if you'd like to work with them next on the  list is essay balco sailors also known as essay  ,bark bells they are practically an online store  where you can buy wholesale clothing for women  ,men and children usually when you hear of bails  you automatically assume pre-loved clothing but  ,their items are all brand new the bells include  a selection of 50 branded items from mr price  ,quaternary ladies edgars jet and acumen prices  for each bell range from 1 500 rand to about 5  ,500 grand with different quantities and sizes they  mainly promote their products on their facebook  ,page which is essay bulk bales and this page is  growing fast if i remember correctly they now  ,have over 30 000 followers or like drivers i don't  know but the page is really growing what i like  ,about them is that when you're placing an order  you can either use their own courier services  ,or you can look for your own and save a bug they  seem to show that they understand what it means to  ,be a small business owner and are to some extent  flexible which is something that you don't often  ,see the only issue is that the pictures of the  items you see on their website might not be the  ,ones that you get in your order and they clearly  state that you also don't get to choose colors or  ,sizes but that is the thing with bales right you  never really know what you're going to get until  ,you open the package but definitely these are  people that you know if you're looking for clothes  ,to resell particularly from mr price so it girls  jade and ackerman's they are definitely the people  ,to go in south africa is known to have some of  the best speeches on the entire african continent  ,with the popular one being camps bay in durban if  you go to cape town you'll not only find beautiful  ,beaches as well but ocean living a company that  sells a variety of seashells and seashore items  ,include jewelry home decor tableware and  crafts at both wholesale and retail price  ,you can literally bring the ocean into your home  or add a touch of ocean to your product range  ,when you're sourcing product from them they  have a minimum order value of about 3500 rand  ,so you'll need to keep that in mind if you want  to buy from them they also sell natural shelves  ,which is awesome because it gives you options  to also decide if you want to make your own  ,range of products such as jewelry and if you're  someone that makes scented candles for example or  ,that also makes marble coasters you can put a bit  of shells in your decor or in your craft and add  ,a bit of stunning effects to your complete look  if you're looking for products or you're looking  ,for items that can help you to do your crafts  then you can consider working with ocean living  ,next on our list is ecom stock ecomstock is one of  the largest online wholesalers in south africa and  ,one of the few that have really embraced the  concept of dropshipping and are supplies to a  ,lot of online stores in the country they have  a very simple registration process and are not  ,too particular about their requirements if you  sign up for their wholesale services you get 30  ,off on all their products and you can also use  them as a supplier for your drop shipping business  ,even though they sell a wide range of products  from clothing to kitchenware the electronics  ,range is the most diverse with a lot of options  choose from so you can check them out and take a  ,look if you'd like work with them next on our list  is shadow wholesale they sell shoes and handbags  ,and also prices from their outlets in cape town  their range of shoes include handles heels boots  ,and sneakers mainly for women and children you  can register to become a trader by reaching out  ,to their team on their website what i like about  their website is the genuine effort that they have  ,put in to this with full product description  product descriptions are so hard to come by  ,in this country i don't know why online store  owners don't do that product descriptions are so  ,important as they help you to make better purchase  decisions and it shows that the supplier actually  ,understands the products that they are selling  they are mostly active on social media and i've  ,put their social media links in the description  box so that you can check them out shop ship shake  ,also known as Triple S is well known amongst small  business owners who are buying clothing from china  ,i did a video in 1688 which is where shop ship  shake source most if not all their products from  ,if you missed it you can watch it here Triple  S basically act as a sourcing agent and made  ,they make the entire process of buying items from  1688 a breeze i personally used triple a's before  ,so this information is coming from an informed  point of view you can buy almost anything on  ,this platform and they'll ship it to you via sea  or area depending on your preference what i like  ,about shop ship shake is that they do provide  door-to-door delivery and you don't have to  ,worry about customs and all of that shipping costs  include all that jazz they now have drop shipping  ,services for shopify which is awesome and this  means that today you can create your own shopify  ,store import the products that you want from their  shopify list and you can just start telling your  ,products they'll do the auto fulfillment process  for you if you're thinking of launching your own  ,business in 2022 particularly for drop shipping  these are definitely people that you can consider  ,working with if you'd like to import products from  china this list wouldn't be complete without new  ,feeling the veterans of insta boutique loading in  south africa they are leaders in trendy fashion  ,particularly for women their clothing is mainly  from china they have stores in johannesburg  ,cape town durban and port elizabeth all  the action is literally happening on the  ,instagram page so you just have to follow them  if you want to get updates on their latest stock  ,and designs orders can be placed through their  instagram page by email or you can visit their  ,stores in person when placing wholesale orders  they can only get one color in six different  ,sizes but you find that for some of their products  they'll have different minimum order quantities  ,they take about 10 days to deliver an order so you  need to keep that in mind particularly if you want  ,to buy and then resell as well next on the list  is hair city i've been using hair city to buy  ,most of my hair care products online for almost a  year i love their customer service and their fast  ,delivery timelines their products of high quality  and i'm always impressed by how consistent they  ,are actually sells wigs natural haircare products  braids bundles and closures they also provide wig  ,rejuvenation services for your old wigs if you'd  like to make a wholesale purchase for your order  ,it has to be at least 25 000 rents registration  is fairly straightforward is you just need to fill  ,out the registration form and they'll give you a  feedback in like 48 hours if you're thinking of  ,starting your own hair and beauty business and you  just don't have the means to import the products  ,yourself then you can consider working with hair  city last on this list is men's republic. Men's  ,Republic are wholesale distributors and they're  also dropshipping suppliers of cool gadgets and  ,unique products for men they have been in business  for almost 10 years and are well known amongst  ,store owners in south africa particularly  those who are online men's republic sell  ,fitness accessories gadgets and iphone accessories  they also supply men's novelty gifts which are  ,super unique and interesting they however  have a very limited range of products so you  ,might find maybe only one or two items that may  interest you and you can actually even consider  ,selling for those who would like to dropship they  have a clear and easy process which will make sure  ,that your customers have their products delivered  to them without any issues they have an easy sign  ,up process but you just need to make sure that  they have a website for your reseller application  ,to be approved so we've come to the end of the  list and i really hope that you enjoyed this  ,video and you found it super helpful this video  was just meant to give you a list of some of the  ,wholesale supplies in south africa we have an  online presence because they're so hard to find  ,and i hope that you found this video useful and  it will make a difference as you do research for  ,your own business if you like this video please  give it a thumbs up and also share your comment  ,just let me know what you thought of this video  also also share this video on with your friends  ,and family whatever you might believe but  actually benefit from this entire content  ,so anyway i'm out and i'll check you on  the next one love you lots guys and bye

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