who is the woman in the spectrum ads

Why The AT&T Commercial Girl Is Hiding Her Body In the Latest NCAA Ad if you've turned your tv to an


Updated on Jan 07,2023

Why The AT&T Commercial Girl Is Hiding Her Body In the Latest NCAA Ad

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Why The AT&T Commercial Girl Is Hiding Her Body In the Latest NCAA Ad

if you've turned your tv to anything,besides netflix in the last few years,there's a good chance you've seen the at,t commercials featuring lily adams,a resourceful store employee since 2013,melania vine troop has played the,character in more than 40 tv spots for a,t,and for many avid viewers she's become,synonymous with the telecommunications,brand,so it was a welcome surprise when she,recently made a reappearance for an ncaa,march madness themed commercial,this time around we see lily hyping up,at t's 5g network to a march madness fan,every time the customer has a new,question they also have a new foam,finger,which lily can't help but point out is a,little bit weird,after she's answered all of the,questions of course you're very good at,whatever this is you flatter me the new,march madness ad fits right in with the,other lily spots,showcasing her quirky personality and,quick wit,coming in to get a deal that includes,existing customers is probably five,april we'll give him an even tricks what,it's,however fans may have noticed that in,this commercial,the character who can often be seen,roaming around in a t store,is stationed behind a desk with her body,mostly concealed,it turns out that concealing her body,was an intentional choice by vine troop,and she was more than willing to share,with fans why she'll continue to do so,for the time being,after receiving numerous questions about,why her body is hidden in the latest at,t commercials melania vine troop who,also voices squirrel girl in new,warriors,took to twitter to explain the decision,she wrote,well i direct the ads i place myself,like that,and it's because of the thousands of,unwelcome comments,i receive about my body you've lost the,privilege of looking at it,until i feel safe again this is not the,first time vine troop has directly,addressed the fact that she receives,unwanted comments about her body,last year she spoke out about the sexual,harassment she received online,which intensified after photos of,herself in college were spread around,during an instagram live session that,was reposted on twitter,she read the inappropriate comments she,was receiving out loud and made it clear,they were making her uncomfortable,she told viewers i am not consenting to,any of this,i do not want any of this at t has,expressed their support for the actress,saying we will not tolerate the,inappropriate comments and harassment of,milana vine troop,the talented actor and director who,portrays lily in our ads,last summer we disabled or deleted these,comments on our social sites,we continue to fight to support her and,our values,which appreciate and respect all women,the company has since released another,ad,featuring lily once again seated behind,a desk,check out one of our newest videos right,here plus,even more looper videos about your,favorite tv shows,and movies are coming soon subscribe to,our youtube channel and hit the bell,so you don't miss a single one

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