who is an ads target audience composed of

How to Target Your Audience with YouTube Ads in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how you can

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Target Your Audience with YouTube Ads

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How to Target Your Audience with YouTube Ads

in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how you can target your audience,with youtube advertising so before we,get into this video make sure to hit the,like button because it really does help,the algorithm and it would really make,my life a lot easier so let's get right,into it when it comes to targeting,youtube advertising has a lot of,different options for how you can target,your audience right you could either,retarget your existing audiences so,people who already have interacted with,your business or you can target brand,new audiences that have never heard of,your business but perhaps they're the,kind of people who would like to,purchase an existing audience that has,already interacted with your business is,called a retargeting audience so we'll,cover those first as a lot of you i'm,sure want to know how to actually reach,out to your existing audience first and,get them to purchase before going out,into cold audiences so the first type of,retargeting audience that you can use in,youtube is actually retargeting your,youtube channel viewers or people who've,engaged with your youtube channel so if,you actually go in when you're creating,a new campaign you can go into audience,segments,and over here you basically go to this,section right here which is called your,data and you can add in,a lot of different audiences so if you,click browse here,and you go to youtube users you,essentially have the option to use a lot,of audiences of people who have,interacted with your youtube channel as,you can see i've created a bunch of,audiences here so i have,viewed any video from my channel in the,last 30 days or have subscribers who,subscribed in the last 30 days i have 15,day views as well now you can actually,create these audiences if you go into,shared library click on audience manager,and then if you click plus here,and you click on youtube users you have,a lot of options here so for example you,have viewed any video from a channel,anybody who's viewed a video in the last,30 days as long as,you have this membership duration set up,for 30 days right so if you want to,target somebody who's viewed a video in,the last 90 days you just replace this,with 90.,another really cool thing is you can,target people who watch certain videos,so if you want to just target people who,viewed this video right here right you,can do that and again same thing if you,have 90 days if anybody who's viewed,this specific video in the last 90 days,so that's a really powerful audience,type as well,you can also target people who viewed,your ads so if you for example have run,a certain ad that you want to retarget,people with you can click on view,certain videos as ads or if you want to,retarget people who viewed any ad you,can click this one right here on top of,that you have people who've subscribed,to your channel recently,visited the channel page which is really,cool liked a video added a video to a,playlist shared the video from a channel,so you have a lot of options here for,retargeting your youtube viewers and,your youtube audience now what you can,also do when you're creating these,audiences is you can create multiple,audiences and then you can exclude one,of them so you could actually have an,audience that's viewed any video from my,your channel in the last 90 days you,create that audience right so,90 day,youtube channel views,and you can click that,and then what you can also do is in when,you're setting up campaign you can,include that so you could include people,who have viewed a video from your,channel in the last 90 days and then you,could exclude people who have watched a,certain video because you can create,these different audiences and then,inside a campaign you can include and,exclude and basically be able to create,different permutations or you can also,do that with combined segments here i,have another video on combined audiences,so you can go check that video out as,well we'll make sure to have a link in,the description on combined audiences,which is a really cool kind of tool you,can use now you can also target your,website visitors again it's the same,thing you,go and basically click,on a new audience click website visitors,and you can target people who visited a,page people who didn't visit a page,you can just mix and match with this,and this really gives you the option to,create elaborate audiences so some,specific audiences i've created are,people who have added to cart but not,purchased that's a great audience type,people who've been to your website in,the last 30 days but haven't purchased,is also another one so you're,essentially able to do a lot with this,uh one audience type you should,definitely have is people who've,actually purchased and what you can do,is if you have a certain thank you page,where people have purchased goto you can,have that url in here and then once you,go into a new uh basically once you set,up a campaign you can exclude those,people from your campaign settings now,the last retargeting audience i want to,mention is your customer list you,obviously have app users as well but,this is more if you're running an app,but if you're a you know regular,advertiser you don't have app customer,list is the last one now you do need to,have fifty thousand dollars in spend to,be able to use this,and also have your account in good,standing with google you need to make,sure you have a good payment history,haven't had any major compliance issues,but then you can upload a lot of these,different pieces of information so you,can upload email phone number first name,last name their zip code etc and then,you can retarget those people so if you,have an email list of let's say 20 000,people you can upload them into here and,then essentially target those people,with ads so guys with those retargeting,methods you can go and find people,who've engaged with your business or,your youtube channel have been to your,website and get them to purchase and,these are the people you want to go for,first when you're running youtube ads,right you want to go for the easy low,hanging fruit which is your retargeting,audiences now what if you want to target,people who are kind of in your ideal,group of customers but they haven't,heard of you yet they haven't interacted,with your business yet so in that case,what you do is called audiences so,essentially called audiences are anybody,who hasn't really,heard of your business hasn't been to,your website hasn't watched any of your,youtube videos they are completely cold,that's why the name now with google you,can target cold audiences both based on,their search intent,and as well as their viewing behavior,right so for example you could target,somebody who went to and,searched for new iphone case and then,target them on youtube because google,owns both youtube and obviously the,google search engine so you have that,ability to target people based on what,they're searching on based on,what they're searching on youtube as,well as the videos they're watching so,you can target people if they're,watching a certain type of video or even,specific videos so if they're watching,videos from a competitor you can go and,run ads in front of that competitor's,youtube channel so guys i'm gonna give,you a brief overview of the major,targeting types i'm not going to go,super in depth here just because of the,fact that i have another video that goes,in depth on this i wanted to keep this,one more to the point and that more,in-depth video is our ultimate guides to,youtube as targeting there'll be a link,below to that so to go over the major,audience types the first audience type,that i like to use is custom audiences,based on google search,so what you can do is,create an audience based on people who,are searching certain keywords on, so to give you an example if,they're searching for,let's say coffee beans on you,can create an audience based of that and,then target those people while they're,on youtube so that's basically my one of,my favorite audience types because if,they're searching on for a,search term like that they're interested,another audience type that's based on,their intent is placement targeting so,this is when you target based on the,videos they're watching whether it be a,specific channel or a certain video so i,often use a tool called tubesift to,create lists of videos that are related,to certain topics and then i target,people who are watching those videos in,real time this is a really powerful form,of advertising because you're literally,targeting them when they're watching a,video about that certain topic now the,third targeting type that i want to,explain is keyword targeting so this is,based on videos that are watching or,have watched very recently and the title,the metadata that these videos have so,for example if you put in a keyword like,youtube advertising you're going to be,able to target people who are watching,videos related to youtube advertising or,have done so very very recently right,like the last couple of videos they,watched were about youtube ads and this,is a really powerful audience type you,scale these campaigns to thousands of,dollars a day and spend they can work,really well so the fourth audience type,is a custom audience based on website,urls so with this sort of custom,audience what you do is you can actually,plug in a url and google will find,people that it thinks are similar to,people who visit that url so for example,if i plug in,links digital,google's going to find people who are,similar to,people who visit my website based on,their best guess because they have a ton,of google analytics data they have a ton,of data from their advertising networks,so i love custom audiences because we've,been able to scale these to five,thousand dollars a day in an individual,audience just based on one url in fact,there was one internet marketing guru,where we took his home page url and,built a custom audience based on that,and we use this in multiple ad accounts,and it's just,we probably spent hundreds of thousands,of dollars on that one audience and it,just absolutely crushed it so custom,audiences based on website urls are also,great,and then let's talk about in-market roi,so in-market roi audiences are,essentially an audience type where,google categorizes people based on their,purchase intent so based on websites,they visited based on ads they've,clicked on based on the searches they're,putting in you're essentially able to,target people who are interested in,certain categories so with this you have,so many different options where you can,target people who are interested in cars,people who are interested in baby,gear people who are interested in buying,new cameras so there's just a lot of,different options in the in market,section topic targeting is based on,people who are watching videos related,to a certain broad topic now this is,very broad a lot of times the topic,targeting you'll see your videos are,being shown in front of videos that are,not that relevant so it is a broader,targeting type but it does often work,especially when it comes to scaling,affinity audiences are based on interest,that people have again this is extremely,broad so an affinity audience example,would be business professionals and this,is basically google's idea of everybody,who's kind of somehow related to,business or works in business right and,these are very big audience types these,are great for scaling but for new ad,accounts they're not the best and then,the last audience type is similar,audiences so what similar audiences are,are they're built based on your,remarketing and your customer match,audiences so if you upload an email list,google will go and create a bigger,broader audience of people that are,similar to that email list same thing,based on your youtube channel,interaction so google can go out and,create a audience that's similar to,people who have interacted with your,youtube channel now if you want to go,deep into the setup of these and,actually see how these are set up go,watch that ultimate youtube ads,targeting video i just wanted to give,you guys a very high level overview of,how targeting works with youtube,advertising and make sure to hit the,subscribe button and like button so you,are in the know for the next video that,comes out

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