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How To Run Facebook Ads in 2022 - Beginners Tutorial (Complete Guide)hey everybody i'm davey and la

Davie Fogarty

Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Run Facebook Ads in 2022 - Beginners Tutorial (Complete Guide)

hey everybody i'm davey and last month,we spent over three million dollars on,facebook ads last week we showed you how,to shoot winning content for facebook,ads today we're going to show you how to,actually set it up we're going to start,right from the beginning so if you're a,beginner continue watching i'm also,going to share some of the fundamentals,as well so even if you're running,facebook ads you're still going to get,something out of it just one disclaimer,i'm never going to sell you of course,there's no hidden fee here and i'm going,to keep it very very simple i'm also,going to show you how to hire someone to,help you with your facebook ads because,i see so many people go wrong in that,area and then next week we're going to,have a more advanced session we're going,to change the structure up a bit and,look deeper into the data facebook ads,can be really confronting especially for,new people in the industry there's so,many different targeting options and,ways to spend i'm going to show you the,simplest way possible today it's going,to just be a few clicks and then you're,going to be up and away basically you're,going to be spending a very small amount,of budget and what that's going to tell,you is is facebook ads going to work for,you it's just going to give you that,small indication and then you can,actually go hire someone or justify,spending a lot more time on learning it,yourself,facebook ads is actually one of the only,platforms that you need to learn in the,early stages it doesn't matter if you're,a brand owner a new entrepreneur drop,shipping it actually has the golden,triangle of what we're looking for in a,digital platform unlike lots of other,platforms out there which have low,quality or not enough data to work with,you try to scale spend up and your,results just start coming down rapidly,this is great for you as a marketer,because you can just learn one platform,and then when the next platform comes,along you can apply those learnings to,it i like to think of facebook as our,driving platform it's kind of like the,thermometer of our brands if we can,spend a lot on facebook it means,everything's going very well google all,of these other platforms which are kind,of complementary they're layering on and,ensuring our customer acquisition costs,are great first some truths you need a,great product to make facebook work,second you need good picture ads you,can't just use really poor images third,you need a good landing page where are,you sending this traffic it needs to be,optimized for mobile conversion we can,get into that another time one thing to,note is facebook changes a lot if you,looked at the videos three years ago it,would just be a completely different one,growing trend is that accounts are,getting simpler facebook's making it,actually easier for new people on their,platform to run ads they're trying to,take away control from the advertisers,so the machine learning can take place,they want to put the ads in the most,optimal place for you this trend will,continue until it's basically a,one-click setup but for now there are a,few things that you need to do to tell,facebook to push it in the right,direction you'll see a ton of different,ways that people launch ads truth is a,lot of them are gurus trying to make,over complicate things and create fear,that you're doing it wrong honestly by,the time you really learn that method,it's probably outdated and there's going,to be a new one just focus on giving,facebook what it needs all right so i'm,going to do a beginner's tutorial now,we're going to set up a campaign i'm,going to show you how to also set up the,website right and the tracking if you're,more advanced skip until later on to the,video we're going to breeze through this,really quickly because honestly it does,change a lot let's do it so basically,i'm just going to set up a new shopify,for this tutorial ready so now we're in,shopify you need to come into online,store and preferences this is going to,be where you can set up your facebook,pixel this has changed just recently,shopify has tried to make it easier you,click set up facebook and add sales,channel now you can essentially connect,your business manager i obviously,already have one but if you don't go to,business dot,and set up a new account you want to,make sure that you use a business,manager you don't want to run ads,through your personal facebook or just,boost ads that's not good we want to set,it up correctly we also want to make,sure that nobody else sets up our pixel,or business manager it needs to be your,personal account if it's your business,otherwise there will be a big mess when,you try to transfer it over to you i'm,just going to connect one of my existing,business managers now we're just going,to go through these prompts and connect,the correct business manager make sure,you select your correct ad account you,can connect an existing ad account if,you already have one set up,alternatively you can click create new,so i'm just going to connect it to the,ad account for this tutorial,accept the terms and conditions then,come back here and click done now we're,going to make sure that we connect the,correct page take your time with this,process enable customer data sharing and,the country that you're going to be,marketing towards once you've selected,the target country accept the terms and,conditions finish setup in this process,you can basically either link an,existing pixel or create a new pixel a,pixel is really important to have set up,correctly on your website shopify makes,it very easy basically it's telling,facebook what the customer is doing on,your website and then you can optimize,your budget to that activity so this,shopify is all set up we can actually,come here and view the store this little,plugin here is really important it's,called the facebook pixel helper,basically it's going to come up and give,us a tick if it's set up correctly,alrighty now we're going to come back to,business dot facebook your ad account,should be here you can just click into,it and we can set up our first campaign,again i'm going to show you an absolute,beginner setup so we're going to click,create ad and we're going to click,conversions this is where a lot of,people will go wrong you want to do,conversions because we're looking for,purchases unless you're a really,advanced marketer that's doing some kind,of lead based magnet or something else,fancy then conversions is going to be 90,of what you do then you're going to come,down here and you're gonna name your,campaign bear with me you don't need to,understand it yet but we're actually,gonna use the the number one then we're,just gonna name the type of campaign it,is which is conversions to help you,remember we're just gonna say something,unique about the campaign for this one,it's just going to be the thickie,content the ad set is generally the,targeting that we put on it so if you're,using like an interest-based targeting,you'd name this here and then you can go,into a little bit more detail to make,sure that you understand what you're,actually launching again for this,example we're keeping it very simple so,i'm just going to use the term broad,then for add i'm just going to say,interview hairdresser,alrighty that should load up now this,can be really overwhelming for beginners,basically up here you've got your,campaign you've got your ad set and then,you've got your ads underneath it you're,going to click on broad and have a play,around here you can come into here and,make sure that you click on your correct,pixel next is really important we're,going to set up the conversion event,this is what i was talking about before,we want to get purchases there is,sometimes scope to use something like,add to cart and facebook will probably,actually push you to do that because,that's going to provide them more data,in this tutorial i'm trying to teach you,how to test if your product is actually,worth the time of facebook so we're just,going to go through with a purchase,event and see if we can get any next,we're going to scroll down to budget and,schedule this really depends on how much,money you've got to work with you do,need to give facebook a little bit of,money to work with but this is a common,question how much do i have to spend on,ads a basic rule of thumb is that you,need to spend three times your average,order value to even get any meaningful,data that means if you're selling a,product for 300 you may have to spend up,to hundred dollars to actually validate,the product but if you're selling a,product for like fifty dollars you're,only gonna have to spend 150. the budget,and schedule is also gonna depend on how,many ad sets you create because if you,could set up five ad sets at twenty,dollars each that's going to be a,hundred dollars for this tutorial we're,only gonna set up one campaign one ad,set and then three ads this is the,simplest possible way and you can still,get results,for this tutorial i'm just gonna set my,daily budget to a hundred dollars,because i'm quite confident in the,creative in the offer considering we're,already selling it so now we're coming,down to audiences this is where you can,have a lot of fun but again it does add,complexities when you're trying to do,interest-based targeting i'm going to go,into that in a little bit but for this,we're actually going to do a broad,audience so we've got the location as,being australia 18 to 65. there's really,no targeting going on here this is,giving me a potential reach of 20,million people which is actually quite,optimal for facebook if i targeted the,entire us it's going to be over 300,million people,and that is going to be too broad you,may need to use interest to scale that,down so keep watching then we're going,to come down to placements stop over,complicating things don't click manual,placement facebook knows best just keep,it auto now we're going to go into the,ad we obviously shot the content last,week we're going to upload that you're,going to select your instagram page and,facebook page here if that's not linked,you may need to go into your settings,and make sure that it is there's lots of,different ways that we can actually,launch this creative so now we're going,to create the ads we're going to,unselect dynamic formats and creative,and we're going to click single image or,video this is going to allow us to,upload our creatives we're going to add,our video that we shot last week,and we're also going to write our,primary text headline and description if,you don't know what this is you need to,go to power ads bio any of the other,tools that i've suggested or even go to,your competitors ads library learn what,they're writing just like your facebook,video you need to make sure that your,text is digestible on facebook what this,often looks like is a hooky first,sentence and then there's gaps in,between their lines so it's very easy to,read i'm just going to transfer some of,our successful ad copy over i'm also,going to make the call to action shop,now next make sure you put in your exact,website url the one that you've just set,up the pixel on then we're just going to,click publish and there you go it's that,easy you've got your first ad set up,while we are keeping this very simple,with one campaign and one ad set we do,want to add a few variations of ads this,is especially if you are a beginner,maybe you haven't exactly nailed the,creative it's just going to increase,your success that you're going to find,something that facebook likes so we're,just going to click duplicate and,duplicate it in our existing campaign,now all we need to really do is change,over this content,we can add a new video add a new image,and even change the copy i would,definitely suggest changing the name of,this ad so you actually understand,what's going on once you add this in,basically facebook is going to start,spending a bit of money across these ads,and then it's going to designate which,one it prefers that one's successfully,published i'm just going to add one more,ad to this ad set all right what's going,to happen next is facebook's going to,approve the ads providing that it's not,against their terms and conditions then,it's going to slowly start allocating,that daily spend you want to start,watching the actual data coming through,facebook you're probably wondering what,am i exactly looking for you need to,understand your break even customer,acquisition cost which is basically the,profit margin left over after you've,sent the product to the customer there's,actually a lot of different stages of,data that you can look at in facebook,this will actually tell you if it's your,creative that's not working your website,that's not converting or your product,just isn't right for facebook but for,now at least you've got a campaign set,up spending a little bit of budget and,you might get a couple of sales so now,we're going to go through a little bit,more of an advanced setup basically,we're going to find interest to target,this is going to make the audiences,smaller which may make facebook more,efficient it'll also give us more,insights going forward who to actually,target one of the coolest ways to find,interest to target is actually coming to,your competitor's website i just use one,of my brands for example basically you,can come down into the comments section,click on the person go to their profile,and hit forward slash likes if they have,any likes they'll all come up here you,can do this 30 to 50 times and get the,common interest that people are liking,then we can go into facebook and target,that or at least an affinity to that a,lot of these interests won't actually be,in the ad account you've just got to be,patient or target something similar,let's just take hocker11 for example,probably not completely relevant for,hair care but it should be fine for this,video we're going to come back into our,ad account what we're going to change is,things on the ad account level we're,going to change this ad set name as well,because we're not going to be targeting,abroad we're going to be targeting,hawker one one we've got 20 million,people here that's because we're,targeting australia watch what happens,when i target the united states,over 260 million people even if we're,targeting a hundred dollars a day we're,still putting a lot of trust in facebook,that it can find the right audience and,260 million people this can still work,but we're just going to try to nudge it,in the right direction with interests so,i'm going to scroll down here into this,detail targeting and i'm going to add,that interest that i was talking about,before,it's shown up which is great you can see,how it's now been narrowed down to 5.4,million people that's perfect we're,going to keep all those existing ads and,we're just going to click publish now,we're going to have to repeat this a few,times so we need to make sure that that,budget isn't 100 otherwise we're going,to spend way over what we're looking to,we're going to change this to 20 and i'm,gonna create five different interest,targeting the next one for example i'm,just going to use,a more generic niche we're gonna click,duplicate,make sure this show existing reactions,is ticked then you're gonna scroll down,remove this hacker11 and you're just,going to do something generic we've got,hair products here that's absolutely,fine super relevant you can see that,this hasn't actually changed this is,because there's this detailed targeting,expansion here i'm just going to uncheck,that and it's going to narrow it down to,stay organized make sure you're changing,this ad set name to the new interest,this is going to help you understand,which interests you should be targeting,in the future and analyze your data so,i'm just going to change this to hair,products now you've noticed that you've,got all your existing ad set up that's,good we want all of the exact same post,ids underneath here one thing i've,noticed is that this can get very,glitchy so i'm actually going to force,facebook into picking these existing ids,down here what that's going to do is,make sure that all the budget is going,to these three ads all the comments all,the engagement it's really going to help,sales so i'm going to come down here and,i'm going to click on one of these ads,and we can click use existing post now,you can see that we've selected that,exact post the post id is here which,should match this one we can just click,publish but i'm actually going to go,through and do it with all the ads,so we're going to go through and we're,just going to click review and publish,all of these ads the reason why i do,this is because there is often this,glitch where facebook will just,automatically change the post id even,though there hasn't been really anything,changed now what i'll just do is,duplicate this one and do three more,interest if you're really struggling to,find more interest you can actually just,click suggestions and come in here,facebook will have a lot for you don't,be afraid to pick some really strange,ones,so that's how you add interest to your,targeting if that was overwhelming it's,okay facebook is trying to make their,system simpler even if your plan is to,hire someone to do all of this it is,still really important that you,understand how to do all of that and,also read the data because then you can,actually manage your team member that is,doing this for you you can speak their,language and hold them accountable to,what they're doing hiring media buyers,is probably the most frequent question,that i get from business owners and,often successful business owners and the,truth is it is not easy i have no one,cut rule for recommendations to,summarize your options you've got upwork,which can be really hit and miss you've,got hire someone in-house which is often,hard to find or you've got use an agency,which can go terribly wrong my,recommendations will be based on where,you currently are if it's a brand new,product and you're a single founder,definitely do this yourself it's one of,the most important parts of your,business if you're a small or mid-sized,business possibly like a retail store,then you can probably consider running,an agency but the truth is they're,really dangerous a lot of them don't,even know what they're doing and they'll,just take your money anyway the best,agencies will get so many clients that,eventually they just kind of lose,interest in you and will stop giving,your business enough attention i thought,it'd be helpful if i can give you some,quick tips about how to hold these other,agencies or upwork consultants,accountable first and foremost you need,to actually give them targets to hit if,your agency says we've given you this,many impressions this many likes this,many video views they're hiding through,vanity metrics it's not helping your,business you need to understand what,success looks like and then they need to,achieve that what success probably looks,like is sales you then need to give them,return on ad spend or customer,acquisition cost targets that they then,need to hit the second really helpful,thing is you can actually come into your,ad account and check if there's been any,activity you simply select a campaign,and you come over here and you click see,history,you'll be able to see if they're,actually logging in,and checking your work the third red,flag is probably if they're not,requesting more content content is one,of the most important inputs to making,facebook ads work if they're not,requesting more content then chances are,they either don't care or they don't,understand the importance of it which is,a huge red flag you need to build,positive feedback loops of content and,then launching new interests or,targeting finally if you're a more,advanced facebook advertiser spending a,fair bit on the platform and they're not,layering traffic in cold and hot as well,as doing some great retargeting they're,probably not advanced enough for you and,you should look at hiring a better,agency or someone in-house as i've,mentioned one of the main things that,can make facebook ads not work is your,website i'm going to do a full video on,how to set up your shopify and how to,optimize for conversion rate that'll be,coming soon but for now thanks so much,for joining me i hope you enjoyed the,really simple tutorial we just went,through and i'll see you next week make,sure you subscribe,is that all right did you want me to do,it again

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How To Run Facebook Ads in 2022- Beginners Tutorial (Complete Guide)

How To Run Facebook Ads in 2022- Beginners Tutorial (Complete Guide)

over the past four years i spent 40,million dollars on facebook ads today,i'm going to give you a complete,walkthrough on facebook ads and set it,up for our new brand the lemon scrub,this is going to be everything that you,need to know to get at the basic,structure set up and get your first sale,it's been a long journey here we've,found the product we've set up the,website we've shot the content let's,jump into the facebook ads so the first,step in setting up facebook ads is we,want to go to,we want to create a business manager,account there's lots of ways that you,can kind of create ad accounts,especially in in the past but creating,something through business,manager is going to ensure that you can,have have a successful scaling business,in the long term there's lots of,different features in here once you're,in business manager you'll be prompted,to set up a new account you can also,then come into settings and create a new,ad account so we can come down here,there's a drop down accounts ad accounts,i have a few already in this business,manager but you can click create new ad,account here when you're setting up this,ad account you just really want to call,it your brand's name and possibly also,the region as well in case you could,expand globally so i'm going to do lemon,scrub a you and then we want to set it,to the time zone for our city and the,reason why this is really important is,for your ad set reporting and also the,budget spend,the currency you want to make sure that,it's in the currency that you are,receiving from your customers you're,going to need to spend the money that,they're sending you on future ads i'm,just going to click next there and set,it up we're going to put it within our,business manager,and click create now if you are just,getting started there are a few things,that i need a flag that probably you,need to do that i might not need to do,because i have some history on the,platform i have already got this set up,first step is make sure that you put,your id and your all your business,verifications within the business,manager this is this will help facebook,trust you and trust that you're not a,scammer the second thing is you need to,start spending really really slowly you,don't want to really ramp up the budget,straight away they're not just going to,think that it's a scam product the next,step is adding people you just add,yourself and you allow them to manage,the ad account and you click assign the,next step is adding your payment info if,you are an australian resident make sure,that you put your abn in this section,because otherwise they're going to,charge you an additional 10 or so now,you've set up your ad account the next,step is to set up your pixel and start,running ads now this really depends on,what platform you're using to actually,sell the product we're using shopify so,it's really simple if you're using a,different platform just try to follow,along they should have a similar cappy,kind of setup i'm gonna head over to,shopify here and i'm gonna go down to,preferences once in preferences you can,see all of these pixels set up so we've,got our google analytics so we come down,here and we can click set up facebook,under facebook pixels ready now you can,see a series of steps that you need to,walk through we're first going to,connect our personal facebook to it and,continue one thing to note here is i'm,doing everything through my actual,facebook account if you create a brand,new facebook with a fake name or,something you're gonna get banned,straight away they have abs they have a,lot of bots that are doing this the,older your facebook is the more,legitimate it is the more you've,complied with policy is really important,now what you'll be prompted to do is,select a business manager which we've,already set up within facebook i think,you can set it up within shopify but i,like to do the really complicated stuff,through facebook and then just connect,shopify and facebook we can click,connect here because this is the,business manager that i set up,previously you should only have one,business manager unless you're really,experienced now the next step is to make,sure that you select the ad account that,you also set up prior,view and accept the terms and conditions,now we can scroll down and select our,facebook page in this step because a,facebook page is quite simple to do,you can actually go down and click,create new in this shopify settings i'm,actually quite happy with that,alternatively if you do want to create a,facebook page through the business,manager you do it very similar to how we,set up the ad account you come to pages,and you click add and create new page,i've already got mine set up so i'm just,going to connect that now the next step,is quite important this is where shopify,really shines so you've got this thing,called cappy setup which is basically,shopify's response to the apple privacy,laws it feeds a lot more data straight,through to shopify from facebook about,the users you really want to set up,maximum however there are a couple of,privacy policy things that you need to,read and set up prior we're not going to,do that today i'm just going to set this,up the next step is setting up your,pixel typically what will happen in this,step is dopify will try to select a,pixel for you depending if you do have,more out of counts and pixels this could,actually be the wrong pixel so you do,need to take care with which one it's,selecting you need to make sure this,pixel is the one that's linked to the ad,account that you've selected,so i can actually click disconnect here,it'll give you a big scary warning but,it's okay it's still going to show me,all the other pixels that are actually,available within the ad account so to,find out which pixel is linked to the ad,account you can come into connected,assets and you can see that,this ad account is connected to this,pixel so this was automatically created,when i was going through the uh setup,process just so i know what it's about,i'm just going to open this up i'm going,to look at the pixel id which ends in,624,and i'm just going to rename the 624,pixel,up here to lemon scrub,official,now what i can do is i can actually see,this 624 here and i can connect to that,one knowing that it's the right lemon,scrub pixel we're almost finished now i,know this stuff is boring we're going to,get into the actual facebook ad account,soon but it's really important we get,the setup right from the beginning we're,going to select the country that we're,advertising to which because we're in a,dot-com.u domain we're gonna do,australia,and we're gonna finish the setup and,that's just how easy setting up somebody,now you really do need to check that,this is set up properly to do this you,need a chrome extension called pixel,helper,install this in chrome now all you need,to do is come into here i'm going to pin,this because i use it a lot there's,pixel helpers for basically every single,advertising platform it's really good to,check out you know your competitors what,advertising they're using i'm going to,come to my domain which is try,,and the pixel should show up here,now what what is a pixel a pixel is,tracking the user's behavior on the,website it's tracking not only if they,visit a page but also if they do a,certain action what do i mean by that so,if i come into the collection page watch,this pixel tracker change it's gone from,page view which was the initial home,page to a view content now you can start,to see all of this data that's coming,through to the pixel so like the product,group the content id this content id,matches the product in the back end of,facebook so now what we've done is we,this user which is me,this facebook knows that i have viewed,this product which is really important,for retargeting later i can show this,product to the customer or products,really really similar the other events,include add to cart or purchase when the,person purchases the product or shows,any intent like add to cart it will then,group that customer demographic it'll,start to cluster people that are very,similar to that and start showing the,similar ad that got that person to take,that action basically it's feeding a lot,of data through which allows facebook to,understand where to better spend your,advertising budget to get more,conversions the facebook algorithm is,getting so good and the ad account is,getting even simpler just three years,ago,facebook advertising was all hacks and,tricks to get the absolute most out of,it this is why agencies would always,sell people on their new tactic of how,to do it the beauty of facebook and,their goal is to make it simpler which,is great for you as a new beginner i'm,going to show you a really simple way to,set up facebook ads to get your first,sale and also exactly how we set it up,at the uri so that you can copy it my,prediction is that it will get even,simpler over the next one to two years,and the basic setup is going to be all,you need alrighty so now we can jump,back into facebook and we can go into,the ads manager you'll hear a lot of,people talk about the ads manager we're,going going into create and we're going,to create our first ever campaign now,this is probably the first place that,everyone goes wrong,if you're in ecommerce and you're just,beginning the only thing you need to,know is conversion campaigns they've,just recently changed their setup here,to show sales but you can see when you,highlight it it talks about conversions,all of these other forms of traffic um,such as awareness traffic and engagement,when i first started facebook ads that,is exactly what i was doing i was,basically running those ads not,understanding that facebook was probably,feeding me bot traffic or just traffic,that had no intent to buy by using,conversions facebook has a lot of data,for people with buying intent for that,product i'm going to click on sales the,next step is naming your campaign now i,really do suggest that you get a strict,naming convention in this beginning this,is because you're going to be successful,so let's get it nice and clean in the ad,account this naming convention does not,affect your ads in any way this is for,your internal use i've seen people like,say boobies,you can see here we've got these three,layers we've got the campaign we've got,the ad set and we've got the ad you can,see here we've got three options with,naming we've got our campaign we've got,our ad set we've got to add this is a,good time to talk about what we're going,to set up in each of those the campaign,is a high level objective so for example,conversions depending on how you want to,set up your account there's different,ways that you could name this if you,have lots of products some people use,that campaign to be that product,specific so for example this would be,lemon scrub cleaning but we've also got,the cleaning gloves so we would do this,another campaign for those gloves other,people's structure campaign so it's,either cold audiences or warm audiences,or repurchases which is actually how we,use it at the uri this will make a,little bit more sense when we start,setting it up the ad set is where we do,a lot of our targeting so we're deciding,what demographic the geographical,location of our customers the interest,of our customers and then finally we've,got the ad which is where we're actually,putting the content in this feels really,overwhelming when you first get started,but trust me it is an amazing structure,to work with facebook is the most,powerful advertising platform and it,really is a thermometer for all of our,brands we cannot get the same return on,investment across all of the other,platforms we're hoping that ticktock can,get there one day to really support our,business and diversify our traffic the,other traffic forms that you do have out,there without going into too much detail,you've got native you've got snapchat,pinterest and google so for our naming,convention what we're going to do is,we're going to actually set up a cold,traffic campaign so i'm going to start,with the,the number one which means level one,and i'm going to do conversions,lemon scrub cleaner,the next step is we're going to create,an ad set,and i'm going to do this as,broad australia which will make sense in,a second finally i'm going to do add,which for now i'm just going to do add,one now the main thing that you need to,know on this campaign level it is pretty,simple once you've actually set up the,initial objective which we just did,prior is we've got this campaign budget,optimization which is referred to as cbo,if you're in any advertising forums or,anything like that watching youtube,videos you may heard hear this,terminology the other alternative to,this which isn't talked about as much,because it's actually just the default,what we're doing right now is ad set,budget optimization,basically the difference is campaign,budget optimization is where all of the,bidding is done on the campaign level so,you're gonna have let's say five ad sets,which we're setting up here so we've got,one ad set here and it's facebook is,going to allocate budget where it thinks,it's best,ad set budget optimization is where,we're going to have a little bit more,control on where the budget is spent to,which audiences again this is going to,get much simpler as we start spending,ads what we're going to do today is,we're just going to ignore that we're,going to go next so now we're into the,ad set this is the fun part so we've got,some really cool stuff up here which is,like our audience so this defines how,many people we're actually marketing to,we can narrow this down which we're,about to do in a second,the main thing that i really want to,stress is coming into here and in your,conversion event and going to purchase,there's a lot of different options that,you can see here,such as add to cart a lot of people talk,that you need a large amount of data,coming through the pixel for that,conversion event for facebook to,advertise that will actually prompt that,to you but i really like even just when,i'm starting a new brand if i think the,product's a winner i'm just going to use,purchase straight out the gate now the,next step is we need to determine a,budget for this ad set so this is a,common question that i get asked on,youtube is what it what should how much,should i spend on facebook advertising,it really depends initially if you're,just getting started you don't really,know what you're doing i would not be,sending this higher than 10 a day this,is because chances are you probably made,some mistakes with the content you might,make some mistakes with the ads you're,just learning so really all we want to,do when we begin is do like something,like 10 or even 5 for this ad set that,at least is going to get some traffic to,your site and you can start learning a,little bit more,that being said if your customer,acquisition cost is going to be like 10,20 you need to spend that much to get um,customers you know it does take a little,a long while to actually start getting,data through your pixel so that you can,actually get some positive feedback,loops as well,so there's kind of this fine line um,today because i do actually know what,i'm doing i'm going to do 20 underneath,daily budget you've got this start date,and end date you really just want to use,a daily budget because what we're going,to be doing is if we see success in the,ad set we're going to actually be,ramping up that budget and leaving it,indefinitely until it stops getting,results it'll make more sense like,everything once we actually start,running the ads so we're just going to,leave that as is now we can come down to,create new audience now in here is where,you would get all your look-alikes and,custom audiences which we'll cover in,the advanced episode um,however you can you know select your,country at this stage now this audience,section here is the thing that's going,to affect this audience definition on,the right here,so if i was to change this to the united,states,you can see that my audience goes from,18 or so million to 238 million this is,a much bigger audience guys much more,people to market towards now the ideal,audience has changed since i started,advertising um three and a half years,ago it really does vary,238 million is too many people in my,opinion especially with such a low,budget and kind of no data through the,pixel if once you get you know some,momentum with the facebook advertising,you might want to be going that broad,usually we use certain elements such as,interest-based targeting um to narrow,this audience down,the good news is because i'm marketing,towards australia today i'm just going,to come back in and i'm going to go,australia and i'm going to go people,living in this location you can see my,audience is about 18 million to 22,million that is absolutely fine facebook,is smart enough to figure that out and,get some good results with board this is,one of those things that i was talking,about before that as we go along i don't,think that interest will really be,necessary in the future facebook will,know more than you could ever know and,then you can just basically target which,region that you want and,it should convert accordingly the other,thing is age and gender you might want,to think that you understand you know,the exact age and gender that you've got,for this um product but you know there,are massive things that will surprise,you in this area and facebook can figure,this stuff out pretty quickly so i'm,just going to leave this again,see how easy this is there's really not,much that we actually need to change,again automatic placements versus manual,placements this is something that in the,early days you were 100 doing because,facebook will just want to spend,everywhere i'm just going to leave it,automatic today because we're using a,conversion event so,if you are,really wanting to test a video views or,an engagement ad that we talked about,initially make sure that you are using,manual placements because or at least,tracking where facebook is placing that,ad because facebook's sole purpose let's,say if you used a reach ad is to just,get that reach as cheap as possible,that can be really low quality audiences,and just doesn't really help you because,we're using a conversion ad facebook is,on our side it wants to get us purchases,as cheap as possible so i want to let it,place it wherever facebook thinks that,it can actually do that so i'm going to,leave automatic placements and we've got,this optimization and delivery which i'm,really excited to jump into in our,advanced episode there's things like bid,caps and cost caps all of those kind of,things that a lot of people are using,nowadays just to get a little bit more,control in their advertising this is,going in line with telling facebook more,about your product and more about your,margin so it can spend better for you,it's trying to work with you by using,all of these automatic placements and,wide board targeting you're actually,going to make sure that you get a full,picture about your product so,for example we might find out that,there's a demographic of your 18 year,olds that actually really love cleaning,that are using i don't know on something,on social media that we can then target,if by targeting this and not limiting,facebook it's going to find those,demographics we can then find out who's,purchasing and why via post purchase,surveys so now this is all set up we can,actually just click next and it's going,to take us to our ad so now you can see,our lemon scrub add down here we haven't,actually created an instagram and you,can see our facebook page is looking,pretty pretty raw this needs to be,updated to our logo with a bit more,content on this and i don't think lemon,scrub au is a very good name so to edit,that we can come into here we can come,into the page and we can edit all of,these details,within here we can create a username,sometimes this requires at least 15,likes or so um to actually do but i,think so if i did lemon scrub official,and you can see that it's rejected it we,just need to get a few likes of the page,once we start spending that's gonna be,absolutely fine we just need to change,the profile picture which you click down,here and click edit profile picture,upload photo we're just going to add the,logo and crop that in a little bit make,sure it's centered and we also want to,add a cover frame so when people,actually come to our page it doesn't,look like a scam to do that we click,edit upload photo and ideally what i'll,do next is create a few posts i'd kind,of educate a little bit more around the,product so that when someone falls here,um they would know that we're not a scam,but i'm just going to click save changes,i'm going to come back to my ads manager,where i was creating the ad i'm just,going to click command r which should,refresh the page and make us look like a,professional,you can see here that now the logo we,could maybe do the tub there but i'm not,going to at this stage the other thing i,do really want to change is that page to,do that we go into settings,now we've got our page name set up we,need to actually upload our content and,launch our ads,so you can see here we've got,they've auto populated a catalog ad we,don't want to use that just yet we're,going to set that up in another form of,advertising what we're going to want to,do is we're going to click here and,we're going to click video so you can,see down here they've actually set up a,catalog ad for us we want to use this ad,but not in this format we're setting up,a basic uh,level one kind of conversion ad where we,really want to show you our videos um,so we're going to go into here and we're,going to remove dynamic formats and,creative and now what this is going to,allow us to do is we're just going to,click single image or video and you can,see it's really pushing our cleaning,gloves but we're going to come down here,and we're going to change that,i'm going to delete this catalog,and i'm going to,add a video,i'm going to upload some of the videos,that we shot in our content episode now,you can see that these are all four to,five ratio videos which is really,important because it takes as much real,estate on people's phone as possible,this is mainly going to be placed on,mobile so make sure it's optimized for,mobile so i'm just going to,use this video which is the user,generated content we filmed so while,that's uploading we need to add the,primary text this is you know when,you're writing copy make sure you,understand the ada principle get the,hook get people's interest and then,solve that problem so we've actually,already written this in the copywriting,episode so i'm just going to pull that,file up and copy and paste some of that,copy so this is what's called long tail,copywriting so it's quite long you can,also try really just short brief copy as,well that works really well now one,thing that you need to understand is,compliance within the account so we've,written this copy and we've mentioned,the words freaks and we're also calling,out um you know characteristics of,people so the clean freaks are obsessed,with this lemon scrub that is genuinely,um flagged by,uh facebook affair and this may not run,so you can see in this copywriting we've,also got the uh we're gonna put the link,there as well so that we're pushing,people straight here and i'm gonna put,that emoji,like so,then we need to grab the headline as,well and then we've also got a,description which matters less so,you can see this is starting to populate,through the preview we can go to it like,a more a different preview as well so,now we've filled in all the text what we,can actually do is just click advanced,preview and we can see how it's going to,look on something like facebook,instagram,story and reels so just have a look at,that make sure your copy is right and,the creative's right we can change this,to something like shock now and we also,need to add the url so and just push,them straight to the home page here copy,and paste that so you make sure you get,it right,now the display link is actually this,bit here um so if it hasn't updated,properly or if you've used a really long,url you might want to just manually,input your display url here um but mine,is obviously fine it looks perfect now,the only other thing that i do recommend,even when you're a beginner is actually,setting up a thumbnail this is something,that we weren't doing for a very long,time um someone called us out on it and,you know we now are actually optimizing,thumbnails and getting some really,really good results so have a look at,some competitors in industry set up a,thumbnail that's really catchy that's,thumb stopping,and your performance should increase to,do this all we need to do is come into,here and click edit group and we've got,this thumbnail section here you can see,it's already on automatic this is one,thing that we're going to want to take,away from facebook we might just want to,use a bit more of a punchy kind of image,which i'm going to create now,all right we're back so i'm just going,to click edit group and i'm going to,click thumbnail because i've got these,dimensions my thumbnail needs to match,that we're going to change it from,automatic placement to manual,upload,upload the image you want something,that's really just kind of captivating,it's going to show the video that's,about to play you don't want it to just,be completely clickbaity it needs to be,somewhat relevant now we've updated all,of our creatives and we've set up the ad,set and we've set up the campaign we can,actually click publish the only other,thing that we could do is set up an,instagram account similar to how we've,set up the facebook page and click,connect account here it's pretty simple,nowadays with very little risk,i'm just going to publish this for now,when this shows up on instagram it's,just going to be my exact page name on,facebook and there you have it now we've,set up our first facebook campaign if,that gets approved through terms and,conditions it will start running at the,budget that we've set per day,now there are a few things that we do,need to improve on this to get results,firstly we don't just want one ad in the,ad set initially there are two things,that we can start testing in the early,stages if you want to get more advanced,about it we can test either our,audiences so we can duplicate this,like so and then we can come into here,and we can change this audience maybe we,want to do something like cleaning you,can see cleaning's popped up with quite,a large audience section there i can,click that and it has narrowed my,audience down here what i can now do is,i can change because it's not a broad,targeting i can do cleaning australia,and then i can click publish then i can,compare the results from the broad,audience set versus the cleaning,audience set because i'm using one,consistent creative it's going to be a,really controlled test around what is,going to perform better that kind of,rigid testing although is really,effective at finding what works isn't,probably the most efficient thing when,you're actually trying to launch a,business we're just trying to get,facebook to work so that we can actually,reinvest the money and grow the business,we can use this reset ads manager,whenever we make a mistake so i'm just,going to reset it and that green,ad set is going to be deleted what,what's probably better use of our time,is actually coming into this ad set that,we've already set up going to a broad,audience so everyone we're trusting,facebook's going to find it and we're,actually going to add more ads to the ad,set so i'm just going to click the,duplicate there and i'm going to click,here,and that's going to duplicate the ad,within the ad set so you're probably,thinking i've got two ads does that mean,i'm going to spend double no the budget,on the ad set level is still the same so,facebook is going to allocate that,budget as best as it can across those,two ads so you're going to get a little,bit of insight on what facebook ad,facebook likes better which one does it,want to show to people this isn't a,rigid split test but at least it's,giving facebook as much to work with as,possible to increase your results to,change this ad what i need to make sure,that i do is change to add two,when naming the ad name you really might,want to use something really descriptive,so you know when you're looking at the,results what's what's working so for,example that initial ad i might have,wanted to do um something like you know,that's my mom cleaning so it'll be mom,cleaning and we want to name the ad,based on the format of the ad it is,which will help you if you ever get to a,large amount of reporting so we're going,to do ugc,video and then i'm also just going to,say bathroom as well because that's,where it was so trying to be as,descriptive as possible,this one,we're going to come down here,and we're going to delete,this media we're going to add the video,exactly the way we did before and we're,going to name this linda which is the,model's name ugc video and we're going,to call it oven that's going to upload,i'm going to use all the same copy the,same url like so you can see that has,now uploaded it's a new piece of copy i,can click publish and that'll go into,the approval process as well using that,duplicate feature we can easily,duplicate ad sets campaigns or ads to,really make make things everything stay,the same and just change kind of one,variable so now we've set up a really,really basic structure if you've,followed along with me what's going to,happen is the ad sets going to start,spending budget you're probably,wondering what am i looking for,obviously you're looking for sales in,your shopify account but i'm just going,to quickly show you what kind of metrics,to look like in a real live ad account,so that you understand how to optimize,so this is an ad account with some,budget being spent we've got the time,section up here which is really,important a lot of people say where is,my ad results it's not spending um you,know i used to do this all the time when,i started you really just need to come,up here and change this to a time period,the next thing you can probably see is,some of these metrics here which is like,website purchases announcement they are,really important metrics but they're not,absolutely everything you need what,you're going to want to do is come down,here and you're going to click customize,columns this is going to give you the,full scope of what of data that you need,to look at in a conversion based,ecommerce campaign we're going to delete,a couple of these metrics here,just to make things a little bit simpler,and now we've kind of got delivery ad,set name bid strategy budget results,reach and impressions we're going to add,all the metrics from the beginning of,the funnel so what does that mean first,step a person sees your ad then they,watch the ad then they click the ad so,we need to actually go clicks and we go,cost per outbound click,then the next step is they're actually,going to view content on our website,which is that product page we showed,that on the pixel we're going to go view,content and we're also going to look for,the cost of the view content the next,step of the user journey is they're,going to view the page but then they're,going to add the product to cart so,we're going to go add to cart and we're,going to click cost of add to cart then,they're actually going to initiate the,checkout the initiate checkout is when,they're actually in the shopify checkout,and then what they're going to do is,they're going to purchase so we're going,to do cost per purchase i'm also going,to add value and total here if you're,really curious about this what you can,do is go into your own store look at the,pixel helper buy the product and watch,it each step of the funnel then the,final thing that we're going to want to,add which if again if you're in any,forums is row as this is what everyone,talks about your target return on ad,spend is really important to understand,when you first start your marketing,we're going to show our margin for this,product and we're going to have a break,even row as,what this means is any row as underneath,that so return on ad spend is going to,be unprofitable for us we want to get,our row as higher than that thing,we want to get our rise higher than that,metric because we've got all of these,other costs we've got the product cost,the freight cost the courier cost so we,need to that final customer acquisition,cost is really variable and this is what,we're trying to optimize to make the,most amount of profit per unit,so we're just going to uncheck a lot of,these random things they're really not,necessary and then we're going to save,this as a preset i'm going to call it,convert youtube there are some more,advanced metrics we're going to do like,thumb stopper ratio in the next video,i'm going to click apply and now we're,here so we can go let's go let's get a,decent amount of data let's go past 30,days we can see our ad sets on the left,here they'll probably be blurred for,privacy on the product and then we can,see the amount we've spent,the amount that it's costing to click to,get a click outbound so any link any,button,the cost per ad to cart,the initiate checkout how many purchases,you get,and also the roads so we're getting,about a 7.6 roads on this product which,is really really good,um,and the cost per purchase is only 18,it's quite a high value product which,you can see um,here so this will give you all the,metrics and kind of make you understand,you know if you are profitable with,running your facebook ads to recap this,ad set here because it is broad,targeting is actually going to target,everyone in australia we can obviously,narrow the targeting down by interest,but we can also narrow the targeting,down by behavior so our pixel is,tracking what people are doing on the,website so if someone has landed on our,website add to cart we can actually,target those people this is what's,referred to as retargeting while this ad,set is going to retarget those visitors,a very common thing to do within,facebook marketing is actually just,separate the cold and the hot so we're,actually going to force the budget to,spend more on retargeting than facebook,thinks there are some facebook people,out there that don't recommend any form,of retargeting they want facebook to do,absolutely everything we definitely use,retargeting within all of our campaigns,and to do this all we do is click,duplicate and then we're just going to,duplicate here now what we need to do is,we need to change the naming convention,because level one is people that have,never heard of us level two are people,that have taken action that action could,be visiting the facebook liking on,facebook following us on instagram going,to our website adding to cart purchasing,all of those are great retargeting,audiences you can even target people,that have watched your video in a,certain amount of duration so i'm going,to change this,to two you can see that's adjusted which,is great i'm going to remove the copy,and i'm just going to click publish now,i've clicked publish so that will,actually go live it's okay because we're,not spending we do need to make some,more changes if you're worried about it,spending by the time you edit it you,probably should turn it off there so i,can come in here come down here and,we're going to change the adset name,because we are now targeting a different,audience so i can actually change this,to website visitors,and i can come down here make sure that,there's no interest because we just want,the website visitors that have visited,our pixel and we can click create new,audience custom audience and you can see,all of these sources these are all,amazing things to target you can go to,website and we've got our pixel here,which is our source where we're pulling,this data from you can change this to,180 and you can name this website,traffic,180 days,and you can click create audience now,that's automatically going to create,that audience and it's going to place it,in here to be targeted we've just now,set up our first retargeting campaign,with retargeting because we've only just,set up this store chances are there's no,traffic going to the website so it's not,going to be able to spend the full,budget because there's no audience to,target this is where you can actually,set up retargeting you know one two,three weeks into starting your store you,don't need to set it up right away,especially considering that level one,traffic that we've kind of set up is,already retargeting as you progress and,you really start to clear those segments,in the level one traffic you may want to,start excluding these audiences so,people are in those set buckets and your,ad sets aren't actually competing,against each other and bidding against,each other it sounds complicated but,it's actually not too bad once you get,used to it i'm a big fan of just keeping,things simple initially and doing the,initial structure that i just showed you,before with no targeting until you feel,really comfortable within the ad account,the other form of retargeting that we,can create that is really really,effective even with smaller amounts of,um products in your store it's really,effective when you've got hundreds of,skus but we can just come in create,under our retargeting and we're just,going to call this catalog,now this is like a dynamic feed that,really customized based on what the,actual person is doing we can come into,here and you can see that it's,automatically selected at this stage and,you can see catalog here so if we this,is the actual shopify catalog you can,see the two products so if anyone goes,to this store they're gonna get served,this ad which i'm sure if you've been on,facebook you've seen before it generally,pops up really quickly after you've,viewed the store and you can swipe,through and see the relevant products,next episode we'll get into how to,optimize your ad sets to get the best,possible cost per purchase if you're,just getting started one thing i do,recommend is go watch my video watch,this before starting drop shipping even,if you're not drop shipping like where,not today it is really important to,understand facebook bans and the,limitations of the platform i hope you,enjoyed today's episode in a couple of,weeks we'll dive into the data hopefully,we'll have a couple of purchases we can,optimize the ad account better we can,add some software and some attribution,software optimize content and start,building a bigger business don't forget,to like and subscribe thanks for,watching

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