where to post free real estate ads

How to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist | Real Estate Housing Ads CL Without Getting Flagged welco

How to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist | Real Estate Housing Ads CL Without Getting Flagged

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How to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist | Real Estate Housing Ads CL Without Getting Flagged

welcome back with another video we're,gonna do another craiglist posting today,today we're gonna try to post in a,different category today we're gonna do,real estate for sale by honor category,so let's post somewhere in california,let's choose los angeles to post,okay so,we are in the los angeles city,on craigslist,i already have created the account same,as always so i'm gonna directly log into,the account and show you there is,nothing on the account as well then,we're gonna create the posting so we're,gonna hit my account,okay so we're in the login page so as i,mentioned i already have the login and,password,so here is my login,and we're gonna use the password,okay so let me put the password and i'm,gonna hit login,okay so as you can see there is no,posting in there,nothing whatsoever okay so you're gonna,post on the same cd los angeles,okay i'll hit go,okay so you can choose any nearby area,you feel comfortable with so you're,gonna choose any of them that should be,fine,okay so,real estate for sale housing offered,okay now you're gonna choose real estate,for sale by honor,okay,so,posting title i already have the,description title,everything ready so just gonna copy and,paste it whatever i have so i don't have,to create again and again,so sell your house fast,also we did not add any phone number for,the ads because this is dummy sample ads,so just gonna you can choose pretty much,any zip code,while you are posting so that should be,fine,and you can choose anything you want,like as a house or,anything,you feel comfortable that should be fine,as well,so once you are done so,you can,hit,next or continue,okay so now it will automatically find,you the map and then you can click,continue again,okay so image i already have created an,image so i don't have to create now so i,haven't add any phone number or so ever,you can always add a phone number,uh for that so that should be fine so,once it's uploaded you can click done,with image,okay,so now we are pretty much ready to,publish the ads so we're gonna just,hit publish have a look at the details,and everything so hit publish,okay,so we're gonna wait,as you can see,it's already live but that means it's,not still live on the subspace so we,need to look into our search page and to,see,if it's live or not but we're gonna,check the dashboard if it's live on,there or not so as you can see on the,dashboard it's live,okay so we're gonna come back after,maybe a few minutes to check on that uh,if it is really got live on the search,page because if it's not on the search,page that means it's flagged,okay,welcome back again so we're gonna go to,same city,california,los angeles,okay,so,it's loading,okay so we're gonna go to,housing category,and then real estate for sale,okay,now let's filter it and see if our ads,went live or not,okay so we're gonna hit post it today,there you go the first one on the top,that is our ad we're gonna view it as,well just for you to see,okay sell your house fast in any,condition you can see we'll have a look,at the,id the posting id and the content,everything is in there,if you need playlist posting service,feel free to contact us we can,definitely help you with the craigslist,posting feel free to call us 310-929-718,or email me thanks have a good day bye

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