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Mobile Conversions & Cross Device TrackingI think we're in what should be,hello hello hi this is Osc

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Mobile Conversions & Cross Device Tracking

I think we're in what should be,hello hello hi this is Oscar this my,colleague uses welcome to another,episode of Baltics Call Mobile and today,we're going to talk about mobile,conversions and cross-device tracking so,if you have any questions throughout,this webinar just type them in the Q&A,box you should be able to see it next to,your hangout screen hopefully there will,be some questions and then we'll walk,you through this so it's gonna take,about 30 minutes probably for us to for,us to do this so hopefully it'll be,useful for you guys so let me just put,the presentation up on the screen,you,hello okay the microphone is not working,this is working I have no idea okay,let's just continue with that let's just,continue like this okay so as I was,saying you know we live in a Multi multi,device world where people are engaged,both with desktop computers and mobiles,and tablets everything and apparently,statistics show that ninety percent of,consumers start their activity on one,device and finish it on another so they,should already tell you how important it,is to actually engage in tracking,cross-device conversions you know,there's an old saying that from Kaiser,Wilhelm however you pronounce it that he,believed that the horse is the best,thing out there and a automobile is only,a temporary occurrence and there's a lot,of people out there at the moment who,say that you know this mobile and tablet,revolution is also temporary and that,desktop will prevail but as many of us,know and we can see that this is not the,way it turned out for cars and it will,probably be the same for mobiles as well,so it's gonna change the world and it's,already changing or probably many of you,also don't think that this is a case for,Baltics but if you actually look at,statistics this is the average for all,three countries we can see that 60% of,people use more than two connected,devices you see that even 13% of people,have more than five devices 40% have,more than four devices now this is a,crazy amount of devices I can't imagine,what these people are doing what kind of,devices they're using but this is like,real data and this is highly significant,for advertisers because if you try to,track a conversion or four or five,different devices then it's a very,tricky task to do but it's also very,important to capture all these people to,actually measure the outcome of your,advertising this slide,shows us in which parts of the purchase,process did people use a smartphone so,smartphone is our main focus you know in,these device Tracking's because mobile,is is is growing so fast and if we,actually look at both ecstatic again we,see that it's used in a lot of different,processes,you know it's looked for a little,inspiration you compare choices you're,actually sought advice online and you,prepared for immediate offline purchase,on a mobile so this statistics is crazy,good because it shows you how important,mobile is already in the Baltics and how,important it is in the cross device,conversion path so if you do cross,device conversion tracking it gives you,actually real insight into how much,value advertising is ringing you so for,example here we have a advertiser of,saying you know that their mobile,display campaign generated 40,conversions but it actually actually,also drove 80 conversions on another,device so that's a huge difference if,you think about it you know if you,compare 40 conversions if you show your,customer that you know they're,advertising got 40 conversions versus,100 and Tony that is a huge difference,that could differentiate the person in,believing in digital advertising or not,and if you don't do this it can provide,false negative signals so the customer,and you yourself might be you know it's,not performing as well as I thought it,would be you know I don't have a mobile,optimized site or an app you know so,everything like this is unnecessary I,don't need to do this I don't know what,mobile role Mobile is saying I don't,want to do this and usually this comes,from two things you know lack of,insights and lack of technology if we,both if we fix both of these things we,can make it a very easy convenient,process for you to actually check these,conversions and put value on them and,luckily Google has the tools to do so so,I'm gonna focus on the tools that,AdWords provides and then use this was,gonna talk about how you can do it with,analytics so for Adwords it's all about,the ease of use so you don't need to,implement anything beyond a simple,conversion tracking,if you,have conversion tracking implemented,throughout your different sites both,mobile and desktop sites this is already,the first step to getting the critical,information and the whole point of this,is to give you an fuller view of the,performance across all your campaigns,especially mobile campaigns and then,insights into how to invest more,efficiently you know whether we should,put more of your budget towards mobile,campaigns or not so this is where the,information comes as an important part,so how do they do work so what Google,and AdWords does is it takes an sample,of cross-device conversions so if you,have cross-device conversions which is,usually people that are signed into,Google properties on multiple devices,then we can track it very easily and we,take that sample and we estimate similar,behavior for non signed-in users so this,is a very techy process it did involve,it involves algorithms and a lot of,estimations but Google only surfaces,this data when it's 95 percent,confidence so you should really trust,these numbers because we apply you know,the high standards we don't want to fool,anyone into thinking that these numbers,that are provided in other words for,cross-device conversions are are made up,they actually have have appeared as,conversions and then we don't publish,any any numbers on other words just,because we can and this is of course a,long-term strategy because we want to,expand visibility into all conversions,and all devices because that's what,we're trying to do that's what we're,trying to measure how effective your,advertising is across all devices and we,want this data to be as accurate as,possible so let's have a look at an,example of how we actually account for,these two conversion values on the left,side you can see an AdWords campaign,measurement today so they have online,orders they have calls and they have,mobile app installs so they created four,hundred and ninety five thousand of,value to AdWords threw conversions now,if we actually look at cross device,orders as well which previously wasn't,assigned we can see that actually three,thousand orders add the value of $30 a,piece came from cross device which were,in tracked before so now we can assign,five hundred and eighty thousand,value to AdWords which is a 20% increase,so this should be quite useful for the,advertiser to see how much value,actually AdWords brought and perhaps,some of you are thinking why we should,give Google credit for these conversions,you know are we just trying to prove,that or are we just trying to make up,these just to prove that our advertising,is worth it but that's not the case,because these conversions are happening,before and we're happening before and,are still happening but they were just,not associated with the earthquake,because of you know technology has,evolved as well so we now have better,methods of tracking these people and we,have a higher confidence that these,conversions actually happened because of,an ad click on Google and of course this,is just one of many solutions you,shouldn't rely on on only cross-device,conversions because obviously there are,different types of there's also online,to offline conversions there's,multi-channel conversions the inter,channel conversions so you should just,look at this as an extra tool you can,use but this is just one of the many,tools that you should use and a very,important one at that so this is the,last ad click model which which prevails,in the conversion path so if we look for,example if both search and display ad,clicks get a conversion which one gets,the credit so here we see a person that,went on mobile display he clicked on the,ad after which he did a mobile search he,clicked on the mobile search ad and,finally he went on desktop did an,organic search and then this conversion,happens so this is an example of,cross-device conversions and you can see,that estimated cross device and,conversion goes for search and we can go,through another example for example John,goes to Google calm sea searching for,shoes okay he goes through the organic,results for fancy shoes later that day,he actually does some research on his,Android tablets he clicks on the display,ad and browses through the collection,and the next week he goes on his laptop,goes directly to fancy shoe comm and,actually buys the Bay refused so in this,process,the conversion would be contributed to,the tablet display which was the last,click before he actually went,organically on the site you can find all,of this information and all of these,conversions in the interface of Adwords,as we speak so one of these columns is,added manually and one of these is added,automatically,so there are estimated cross-device,conversions and estimated total,conversions so the estimated,cross-device conversions is the one that,you have to add manually and you can see,that you can see some numbers here how,much these estimated cross-device,conversions make up of the total,conversions and if you look at,cross-device conversions that column,should actually tell you then the full,value of mobile you know how many people,moved from mobile to desktop mobile to,tablet mobile to mobile and the final,column which is the total conversions of,course shows the full value of adwords,in it crushed device phone calls app,installs store visits whatever you want,to measure so it's a very simple process,it doesn't require a lot of knowledge or,effort the only thing that you really,need to do is to make sure that you have,conversion tracking installed correctly,in all of your sites and the rest of the,information will be available in Adwords,and hopefully you'll make use of it so,now my colleague Eustace is gonna tell,you about how to do a similar thing in,analytics Thank You Oscar for deep,insights on the cross the right,conversion tracking user using Adwords,now let's deep dive into analytics and,how we can actually measure cross-device,conversions there so analytics does,provide you a lot of different tools for,tracking data and in terms of,cross-device conversions the user ID,view function is probably the best one,to see how people act on how people,behave on different devices while,navigating for your in your e-commerce,shops websites etc so there are two,things to have in mind when thinking,about user ID view first of all it,should be an experience with a log in,function,let's say a shopping club and e-commerce,website where you have to log in or some,other platform the second thing to,remember is that it's a special,irrelevant for people who for,advertisers who have different types of,passes let's say regular websites mobile,websites apps itself and then these,advertisers can then track the activity,in terms of different devices and,platforms used so the main concept is,quite simple and the main concept of,user ID you do have as I mentioned,before you do have to have login,functionality functionality and each,logged in user is assigned a unique ID,which allows analytics to distinguish,the user let's see how let's take an,example of user number one bi analytics,was assigned an ID of 1 1 1 and at first,he went to the mobile application then,the same person went on the website,using his laptop or a desktop computer,in this case if there was no user ID,installed analytics would consider it as,two different users however user ID view,allow us to link these sessions together,and basically allow us to track him,think of the user as having a continuous,activity on your website it doesn't,matter that he was using a mobile device,at first and then the laptop it just,tracks the whole behavior as one,experience there are four things to have,in mind when setting up user ID view the,first one is easy you have to go on,analytics you have to go to your,property settings and under tracking,info you have to find the user ID,functionality and just follow the steps,there,second of all you do have to update your,site's privacy policy because we have to,inform the clients that the information,is being tracked and second of all we,have to make sure that the user ID,unique user IDs that you associate the,users with are not associated with any,personable personal identifiable,information of these users the third,step is pro,trickiest because you do have to have,some developing skills because you need,to adjust the tracking code knowledge to,account for the user ID view which is,set up on the website and then after,making these changes changes to the to,your analytics tag you have to put the,tag on all pages of your website the,fourth one is something that advertisers,sometimes might not consider and it's,setting up the user ID in such a way,that it does not actually track the it,excludes basically people who are not,logged in so that there are no data,discrepancies in in this case let's now,look at different reports that the user,ID might give you the first one is user,ID current report its simple report it,basically gives information about two,types of two categories of users the,ones that are signed name the ones that,are being actually tracked by the user,ID view and the ones that have that are,navigated on the platform or on your,website without being logged in and this,tool gives you a chance to compare the,number of visits the number of users the,number of transactions etc based on,these two segments of customers the,second report is the device path report,what it does it gives you a full it,gives you different types of journeys,that the customers might be experiencing,on their way to purchasing a product,product let's look at some of the,examples persons the first row where it,says desktop it means that 3.2 million,users we're actually using either,desktop computers or laptops while,navigating on your website the second,row shows that at first these people,logged in through their desktop,computers did some con some kind of an,action then they went back to your,website using mobile device and then,they got back to the website using the,desktop again and this break down on,different paths to conversions can give,you a really useful tool in,understanding which paths are the best,ones which lead to conversions and then,you can design your adwords and,advertising strategies accordingly,the third report that is generated by,the user ID view is the device or OLAP,report it's basically a Venn diagram,which shows which what what are the,proportions of the device is used and,how they interact with each other,looking at the image on the slide we see,that the majority of the visitors they,use only desktop in the places in the,areas where you see interactions with,other devices let's say mobile or tablet,you see how what's the percentage of,people who use a combination of desktop,or tablet desktop or mobile mobile or,tablet or all three combinations all,three devices and then in that way you,can also understand what devices do,users prefer which devices lead to,conversions and which device,combinations leach transactions and,conversions and the last one the last,report is the acquisition acquisition,device report which basically gives you,two things at first of all it shows you,which device was used to acquire the,customer was a desktop tablet or mobile,and it compares two things if we look at,the columns we see a column names,revenue from originating device this,column basically gives you information,on how much revenue and how many,conversions were confirmed using the,device through which the user was,acquired the column on the right-hand,side of this column which is called,revenue from other devices shows you how,much revenue was generated by by other,devices rather than the one through,which the user was acquired and in this,case as well you see how much revenue,can be attributed to direct conversions,to direct acquisition conversions and,how many of those to indirect and this,allows you multiple ways to design your,advertising strategies to capture all,this revenue and see what actually,contributes to successful results of,your campaigns so this is it's about the,analytics and now let's look at the,recommended practices for cross device,tracking,so the first one is weighted with,tagging we do recommend using the same,tag for desktop for regular websites for,mobile websites and for applications in,this way you know that the tag accounts,for the same conversion and basically,don't have too much discrepancies in,terms of data whereas if you use,different tags and different tagging,methods you might have you might have,quite a few discrepancies because the,conversions might be different they,might be accounted in a different way,etc so always try to use the same,tagging the second tip is avoid using,conditional effect firing on your tags,this means that you should think and you,should capture all the activity that is,generated by the users on your website,and basically conditional firing it,helps you to filter some of the users,filter some of the pages and we do not,recommend doing this because then you,might lose the full picture of what the,cross-device tracking brings you so,again don't if you can try to avoid,conditional firing so that you capture,the full view of cross-device activity,on your website and other platforms the,third tip is using and considering,longer conversion windows because,naturally conversions on multiple,devices take take up more time so in,order to capture the full view and full,activity we do recommend extending the,conversion window let's see if now,you're using if you don't use cross,device tracking and you have a 30-day,window increase it to 45 days so that,you can capture all the conversions that,are done using different devices now,let's look at the insights that can be,generated through the conversion cross,device conversion tracking so first of,all we recommend using cross device,tracking and the campaign level which,means which brings basically two things,first of all it gives you a broader,picture and it helps you capture the,full movement of customers that can come,through different acquisition channels,second of all it gives you much more,data points let's look at this example,we see that there are two campaigns one,of them has a lot of conversions and the,other one has let's say little or few,conversions even though in the campaign,which is called North Carolina there,might have been some cross device,activity the case was that there was a,few data only few data points with,cross-device conversions basically the,system could not capture the full cross,device movement and it doesn't provide,the information so if you can do use,conversion cross device conversion,tracking at a very very broad segment so,that you capture the full activity the,another tip is basically understanding,which devices generate what type of,conversion tracking let's again look at,the example we see that the cross verse,conversions in this example are split by,the device by computer mobile device and,tablet and we see how many each of these,devices contribute to crosswise,conversion so in this case you can,calculate what percentage of total,conversions does each device bring you,and then you can see which devices,actually work best for you when it comes,to cross device tracking and then,accordingly we can generate and you can,adjust your advertising strategies based,on these numbers let's see if you see,that mobile devices are the best,performing in terms of crosswise,conversions just put more emphasis on,mobile devices when designing the,strategy the next step which is,extremely important is basically,aligning ads with what some users might,do on the device that the ad is shown in,let's take an example if you're using,mobile advertising do you think of what,people might be doing at the moment when,they are scrolling in their mobile phone,maybe they're on the move,and they don't have too much time and,basically based on that try to adjust,the ad text and the of course the,campaign settings,so that you so that you capture the full,activity of what the people actually,doing at the moment let's say if you're,focusing on mobile advertising strategy,do use call-out extensions do use call,extensions do use call only campaign so,that people can instantly call you and,basically try to align the strategy for,each step in your customer acquisition,journey and in their purchasing journey,the last tip is in order to track the,cross-device conversions is to design,apps websites mobile websites in order,to facilitate cross device actions make,it user friendly let's say imagine that,someone starts purchasing a product on,your ecommerce shop using a laptop or a,mobile device let's take mobile device,first they might not be able to finish,that purchase at that particular moment,do put an auto saving feature on your,website so that the customer can resume,purchasing when he gets back to to the,laptop do you put extensions to social,media so that the customer can be,informed or they might receive a,notification on their email address so,basically try to inform and remind the,customer that he has started a,purchasing journey and that he can,finish it on on any device that he wants,to basically so making it consumer,friendly and easy is one of the key,features in terms of cross device,activating success using advertising,with different platforms so a quick,summary enable the same conversion,tracking on on all the platforms that,you might have use AdWords sack to,register all conversions and don't use,conditional firing lock tags do use,cross account conversion if you might,have throw accounts that are related to,the same to the same market and then,please pay attention to a conversion,window that you're using so that you,have enough time to capture all the,that might come from cross-device,activity now it's your turn to show us,what you know about mobile so again we,would like to remind you that we have,thrown several competitions running at,the moment so the first one is mobile,champion within your agency and the,prizes for that are pretty pretty big,because a person from each Lithonia wata,in Estonia who gets the best score on,mobile certification exam gets a new,Google Nexus 6p phone which is pretty,pretty huge I'd say then we also have,the competition for mobile case studies,so you only have to prepare one slide of,your agency and show us a mobile success,story that you might have had and each,agency who submits the slide will get a,prize and then we will still be,continuing the mobile webinar series so,we have the last the third webinar from,the series which is coming up next week,on Monday 68 1600 hours Baltics time and,it will be related with holiday season,so a really exciting occasion because,the holiday season is approaching really,fast and we think we'll have pretty nice,stats and strategies which are related,to the Christmas season so please join,us in them and let's let's have really,successful Christmas campaigns and of,course would like to remind you that we,can help you with anything that's,related with Adwords and analytics so,please reach out to us we have different,phones for Estonia Latvia and Lithuania,so waiting for your calls and we hope,that we can help you implement the,strategies that you might be looking,forward to achieving so that would be it,for today thanks a lot for all of you,joining in I just checked still the,questions from your site which is a pity,we're hoping for a few but they can,always ask you can always ask questions,on the YouTube because the video will be,uploaded on on our YouTube channel so if,there's anything what ice know and let's,have a discussion on,come cross device conversion tracking,yes so we wish you best of luck in,implementing this and pitching this to,your clients hope it was useful and,we'll see you again next week see you,next week together

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Cross Device Tracking - Effectively Track Your Prospects

Cross Device Tracking - Effectively Track Your Prospects

I'm Neil Ferguson and today we're,talking about cross-device tracking now,why should you listen to me well because,without cross-device tracking,retargeting on mobile is near impossible,and according to one study 9 and 10,consumers start an activity on one,device and finish it on another so you,need to know where best to spend your,advertising dollars now you may be,familiar with various attribution models,where the customer comes into your,desktop website via several routes over,several hours and AdWords ad a social,channel by typing in your URL directly,and there are ways of tracking these,online behaviors and then attributing,the eventual conversion to one or more,of these channels and we'll cover this,in another video things may seem a,little bit more difficult if the,prospective customer comes in over two,or more devices see a smartphone or,tablet and desktop PC well actually it's,become far more easy to do because,generally speaking people are usually,logged into their google facebook,twitter or youtube account as soon as,these sites are accessed whether on,their pc or on their smartphone now we,still won't know these customers names,but we will be able to identify that the,same ms x when a pc is the same ms x,watching youtube on a smartphone later,the same day in fact provided she stays,in the same advertising ecosystem say,Google AdWords search display and video,you will be able to analyze miss x's,online behaviors and use remarketing to,reach her repeatedly by displaying,relevant ads while she is browsing,elsewhere on her smartphone now since,2013 Google AdWords has included,measurement of cross-device conversion,it does not capture absolutely every,clique because prospective customers,are not saying in absolutely every time,the user browser however google claims a,ninety-five percent confidence level in,the figures presented here is where you,find your cross conversions in AdWords,go to the columns modify columns and on,the Left select conversions scroll down,a bit to find cross-device conversions,and click on the double arrow and then,here I'm dragging it to an upper,position now click on apply and here you,can see that we have twelve cross-device,conversions and 568 traditional,conversions and by the way the 12 are,not double counted they're not included,in the 568 conversions in this column,here these conversions are not new ones,if you advertise on separate platforms,mobile and desktop you already get these,conversions it's just that you haven't,been measuring them and you can't,improve what you don't measure so if you,do this start using cross-device,tracking you'll be even more accurate,when it comes to analyzing your success,and even better at maximising you return,on advertising spend

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