where can i watch my hero academia without ads

How to Watch My Hero Academia on Netflix in 2022 🔥 [MHA All Seasons 1-5] 📺 hey how's it going guys s

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to Watch My Hero Academia on Netflix in 2022 🔥 [MHA All Seasons 1-5] 📺

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How to Watch My Hero Academia on Netflix in 2022 🔥 [MHA All Seasons 1-5] 📺

hey how's it going guys so in this quick,video i'm going to show you how you can,watch my hero academia on netflix from,anywhere in the world now in case you,weren't aware netflix has different,shows and movies available depending,what country or region you are in and,i'm assuming if you're watching this,video then my hero academia is not,available on your netflix right well,guys don't worry because it is available,on netflix in some other countries and,by the end of this video you will know,exactly how to fake your location and,trick netflix into thinking you're in a,different country so you can watch my,hero academia or basically any other,show in the world and this is actually a,lot easier than you might think it's,only going to take me a minute or two,here to show you so yeah let's get,straight into it,so let me show you an example real quick,okay so i'm currently on the us netflix,right here you can see right there,number eight in the us today uh and if i,go ahead and search for my hero academia,up here,you will see that it is not actually,available let's have a look my hero,academia you know search for even more,if you want to my hero account no it is,not available in the us netflix okay,however if we were to download a vpn we,can actually change our ip address to a,location of your choice to trick netflix,into thinking we are there so we get,access to that country's netflix so let,me show you how this works okay now all,you're going to need for this is a vpn i,have one right here okay this is,ipvanish which is my personal favorite,vpn service right now it's fast it's,reliable it's affordable i'd highly,recommend checking this out if you'd,like to download ipvanish highly,recommend scrolling down below this,video and clicking the link in the,description or pinned comment of this,video that's going to give you a nice,discount on ipvanish all right so yeah,i'm currently on the us netflix now all,we need to do is switch over to another,country where we can hopefully find my,hero academia or whatever other show you,are looking for,all right so all we need to do here is,this is honestly so so simple guys just,choose the country's netflix that you,want to watch from the list right here,okay now i'm going to search for japan,just because i know,that my hero academia is on the japanese,netflix so all you're going to do choose,the country double-click it and it's,going to automatically connect for you,once you click connect right there yeah,it's going to automatically connect you,to whatever country you chose and that,will trick netflix into thinking you are,actually there okay so let's just wait,for a few seconds for this to connect,then we'll go back to netflix and we'll,see if it is available so yeah let's try,it,all right so let's refresh netflix right,here just i'm just going to click enter,on here just to refresh the browser and,let's see if it's going gonna be,available okay so let's do another,search go up to the top my hero echo,and there it is boom my hero academia it,is right here available on the japanese,netflix okay so this is all thanks to,ipvanish tricking netflix into thinking,we're actually watching in japan right,now and guys that is literally all you,need to do it's that simple okay you,download the ipvanishvpn,you choose the country you refresh,netflix and that is it okay now this,might take you a few tries okay uh you,can google like what countries netflix,is my hero academia on or you can just,keep trying different regions and stuff,to find the shows you're looking for but,google is gonna be the easiest way in my,opinion okay so yeah that's gonna be it,guys all right,now it's pretty straightforward but if,you do have any trouble or have any,questions for me drop a comment down,below and i'll get back to you asap now,don't forget to download ipvanish using,the link below this video to get,yourself a nice discount and enjoy,watching all your favorite netflix shows,from around the world give the video a,like if it helped you and a comment for,the youtube algorithm would be much,appreciated just let me know what shows,you're trying to watch or something like,that it all helps out the channel more,than you think and i really really,appreciate it so guys thank you so much,for watching and i will catch you in the,next video

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