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Updated on Jan 09,2023


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in today's video guys I'm going to show,you how anybody and I mean anybody can,post free ads and make anything up to,seven hundred and ninety seven dollars,in one single day if you want a proven,simple done-for-you system step-by-step,I'm gonna show you everything in this,video so make sure that you watch it and,as always I've got a special bonus at,the end of this video that's gonna help,you scale this and it's super super easy,what's up everyone its own here again,from the Smart Money tactics channel,where I teach you every single day how,you can make money online so if that's,something that you're interested in make,sure that you hit that subscribe button,and the bill identification icon say you,get notified every single day when I,come out with reliable money-making,strategies if that's something that,interest you and you don't want to miss,any of the good stuff then make sure,that you hit that subscribe button now,with that being said like I said at the,start of the video guys today I'm gonna,show you how to make a lot of money by,posting free ads that's right free ads,on a site that gets thousands and,thousands and thousands of visitors,every single day and like I said I'm,gonna have a special bonus for you at,the end of this video so let's get,straight into it what we're looking at,today is I'm gonna show you a site,called free ad one dotnet now this is a,site where you can go to to post free,ads free ads with affiliate marketing,products on any niche that you want,whatever you're interested in from,dozens of different affiliate marketing,sites and products guys this is,fantastic,and the best part is like I said this is,absolutely free I'm gonna show you right,now how much people are doing this but,like I said to you at the end of the,video I'm gonna show you a little trick,where you can literally go and get,everything you need without having to,come up with any ideas for yourself so,this is a site itself and I just want to,show you something very very quickly if,you come over to here it's automatically,going to be set to the USA and you can,see here that there's all these presets,here you can leave all States you can,leave all cities come,here and select services and the site,that we're going to be looking at today,is Clickbank but I want to show you very,quickly of how much people are literally,doing this and you know when there's a,lot of people doing this and they're,making money but I want you to make sure,that you don't skip ahead cuz I don't,want you to miss the tricks and I don't,want you to miss out on the product that,can potentially make you a lot of money,online so if you come down here and you,click onto search you're gonna be able,to see all the different products that,people are posting on this site so if,you have a look at this you come down,here just wanna show you this very very,quickly so why the United States well,the United States number one guys when,you post the United States UK Canada,Australia you have the potential East,and to make really good money online,because these countries are known to be,able to make good money online because,they've got the entrepreneurial mind,they're looking for good ways to make,money online they're looking for,different options okay and they,generally have more money to spend on,different opportunities for themselves,to improve their way of life okay so if,you come down here and have a look you,can see here that there's all these,different ads that have have been posted,with Clickbank offers and you can see,here there's another page over here as,well but it's not just Clickbank guys if,Clickbank isn't available in your,country then you can go to offer vault,you can go to affiliate pay and you can,also get different affiliate marketing,products so that you can make money,online let's just check out a couple of,these so if I come over to you open link,in new tab if I come over to here open,link in new tab let's just have a look,at one more down here daily weight-loss,open link in new tab but let's just have,a very very quick look at this okay so,if we come over to here this is one of,the ones that we opened up this is one,commissioned manual one hundred percent,off so if you come over to here there's,a bitly link okay copy this now guys I'm,gonna show you how you can create these,ad without doing any of the work,yourself okay so make sure that you keep,watching okay it's gonna be my bonus,little trick for you today okay so you,come over here let's paste seasons have,a quick we'll go via now this is a bitly,link I'm also going to show you how to,do that check this out guys this is a,Clickbank offer that somebody has posted,for,free on this site now this is an,unbelievably easy way to make passive,income okay guys if you want to make,money online if you want to do affiliate,marketing as a beginning you want to,make passive income there is no better,way because this is free you get your,link out there you get your ad out there,you get multiple niches going you get,multiple ads going because it's,absolutely free and you stand to make,money online okay so that's one other,products you can come over here you can,have a look so that's one of the,products this is a second product this,is a weight loss product if you come,over here and have a look again see,there's a Clickbank link over here let's,just have a look and see what product,this is okay now you can do this in a,number of niches but I'm going to show,you a really good product okay today,that you can do this with as well but,feel free to go and check out any,products on Clickbank that you can do,this with okay so this is just very very,quickly I'm pretty sure this is,Cinderella solutions it is yeah this is,a high converting product guys so this,is one that you can do as well okay so,these are just a couple of the products,that you can go on here and promote okay,so a fantastic site for you to make,money online okay guys and all you need,to do if you come back over to the main,page let me just go over to here you can,see here that there are dozens and,dozens of different check this out,there's so many different niches over,here that you can literally do this in,okay see all these different offers now,in order to place an ad I'm gonna show,you how to create that ad in a second,but before we do that what we need is we,need an offer we need to promote,something,so this is where Clickbank comes into,play account for those of you that don't,know or Clickbank is Clickbank is an,affiliate marketing website a site where,you can go to get all different types of,as you can see Digital affiliate,marketing products are can there are,hundreds and hundreds of different,products where you can come on to here,and promote and like I said to you if,Clickbank is not available in your,country go to offer vault go to,affiliate Paycom and you can find other,offices or just search your country with,affiliate offers and just copy the same,process okay so what you do from here,you come up to here is this create,account create an account for yourself,okay once the account is created so you,come over to you make sure you create,the account,signing once you sign in it's gonna take,you over to a site that looks like this,okay so let me just click over to here I,guess it's gonna take it over to a site,like this just have to sign back in and,as you can see here you've got all these,different categories over here that you,can choose from and what we're going to,be looking at today is we're going to be,looking at a business and a marketing so,just click onto that there and it's,going to give you all these different,products that you can promote in that,different niche okay guys and when you,scroll down you've got dozens of,different products and what I suggest,that you do is you come over to here and,you can have a look at these different,products I like to promote products with,a higher gravity as you can see this,this CB University has a gravity score,of 71 this one over here has a gravity,score of 221 so what you can do is you,can come up here and you can search by,gravity but we've got a really good one,over here this is the 12-minute,affiliate system okay it's a hot offer,average sale is fifty seven dollars and,forty three cents okay,but there are some rebuilds okay so that,which when there's rebuilds it means,that you stand to make even more money,and I just want to show you if we come,over to here and check out this offer,over here so you're gonna check out this,product what I love about this one over,here is that you can make three hundred,and ninety eight dollars and fifty cents,per sale that means if you make two,sales in one day guys you stand to make,seven hundred and ninety seven dollars,okay and with the different types of,advertising with different types of way,of promoting if you go back and have a,look at all the ways that I've taught,you how to make money online with,affiliate marketing then you can make,two sales in one day if you apply,everything and just stick to it okay but,as you can see there are so many,different up stalls with this for you to,make money online so feel free so,obviously advertise this product because,you might not just you might not get,this but you might get this or you might,get that or that it doesn't matter okay,there are so many upsells with this and,you stand to make fifty percent,commission on all this and there's one,that even has a 50 percent reoccurring,Commission again you get 50 percent of,97 dollars every single month okay how,good with that be I mean it's an,awesome way to make money online there's,a few of these reoccurring commissions,okay so you got a fantastic product okay,you've got a wet you've got somewhere,where you can advertise this now we need,to create that ad I'm going to show you,exactly how to do that but before we do,that you want to come back over to,Clickbank and what you want to do is you,want to click on this little promote,button over here once you click onto,that promote button you just want to,generate that link once you generate,this link okay so it's been copied you,want to come over to a site called the,bitly dot-com and as you saw when I'll,show you that example this is where you,will shorten your link okay so you just,go over to here you can come over to,bit-bit lucam,you can log in to create I'm just gonna,show you a quick way of doing this okay,so you come over here you paste that,link in there okay once you paste that,link in there you just go over to here,let me just move this up so you guys can,see you click on to shorten then it's,going to give you the little shortened,link over here you copy that okay so now,we've got that link now what we want to,do is we want to go and create this ad,very very quickly okay so you come back,over to this side okay and what you want,to do is you want to come over to you,and you want to click on post free ad,USA okay so just leave it on the United,States leave all that as it is and you,click on to post free ad once you click,on to post free ad it's gonna take you,over to a page that looks like this okay,so you scroll down here,and now I want you to pay close,attention to this so you know exactly,what you're doing and this is where I'm,going to give you my bonus strategy of,how you can potentially do this without,having to get the entire ad the context,and stuff like that okay I'm gonna make,it very very easy for you because I want,you to stand a good chance to make money,online with affiliate marketing so you,got a category with category just select,service okay and in the sub category,what you want to do is you want to,select advertising services and from,there under the group what you want to,do is you want to select web and,Internet okay now this is where you're,going to need to put in a title and this,is where you're going to need to put in,a description so if you come over to the,product that we're looking at so if you,come over T it is the 12 minute,affiliate system okay now this is where,I'm going to show you how you can do,this very,easily what you want to do is you want,to come over to a site called the free,ad forum dot-com mechana this is a side,I've spoken about before it's another,site where you can put free ads on but,you can also go in and have a look at,different ads that people have placed,for free and you can copy the exact same,ad and just tweak it a little bit this,is where you can get some inspiration,for ads and what you want to do is you,want to come over to where it says,business opportunities and over here it,says work from home and all you need to,do is click on work from home once you,click onto that there are people that,pay for some of these ads as soon as you,click onto that you can see that there's,obviously the John crostini offer people,are paying for this ok guys so you,scroll down here and what you want to do,is we're gonna look for the exact offer,that we're looking to promote ok and,here's one here the 12-minute affiliate,system okay so there's one there if you,scroll down here I'm sure we can find a,few more and what you do from there is,you just quite simply just copy that ad,guys it is super super simple so if you,come down here let's just have a look,I'm positive that we'll find a few more,down here ok you can find it in the,description they'll be talking about it,and if you can't find any more down,there ok which is no he okay he said,he's another one over here ok set this,up in twelve minutes so you can have a,look at this one over here or you can,have a look at this one over here or you,can actually type in the twelve minute,affiliate system up here okay where it's,got your search ok so you can just type,that in here and everybody that's,advertising that you'll have options of,what you want to copy so let's just come,down here and let's just copy this one,over here that I just found ok so let's,find this one over here let's click into,this and all we're going to do is we're,gonna copy this ad so fastest way okay,so let's just do this,copy that it's got a copy let's come,back over to our title and let's just,paste that in there which is fantastic,ok so you come back over to here then,we're going to copy this okay copy that,we're gonna come back over to here and,we're going to paste that in here and,like I said guys you can just very very,simply tweak some of this ok guys so,we're going to remove,this take action and this link okay and,then what you will do is you would paste,your link over here ok guys so we come,back over to bitly we're gonna copy that,we're gonna come back over to here and,we're gonna paste that link over here,okay guys then what you want to do is,you want to scroll down here so you can,just change some of this okay guys but,as you can see it's very very easy you,don't have to go out there and look for,scripts or look for people already doing,this and like I said don't copy a,word-for-word change it around a little,bit okay make a tailor to yourself come,down here under the website okay I would,post that bitly link okay so just get,rid of this and just leave your link in,there okay if you have a youtube video,and if you've created a youtube video if,you want to create a youtube video on a,review then you can post that YouTube,video in here I want to recommend,posting someone else's cuz if they have,a link in that YouTube video which a lot,of these people do then they might click,on a link a cab if you have your own,video then I would definitely recommend,using your video because then when they,click on your link you make money online,okay and you're not you know potentially,standing to lose that okay because the,whole point is we want to make money,online leave it under us leave it the,states as it is okay guys and Instagram,come down here and you click on post,free ad that is pretty much it if you,want to post some pictures what you can,do is you come back over to the offer,and you can find any of these pictures,okay and you can use any one of these,pictures of que guys or you can scroll,down and you can see you come you can,post anything that works you can even,email them okay once you email them they,can send you material for you to be able,to market this okay and just let them,know what you want to market okay guys,and there's a few things that they can,send you you can see our promotional,banners that you can post up there's all,these different stuff as to how you can,do this to make money online I would,scroll down and see what you can use,you've even got email swipes over here,that you can use okay to post when you,go to advertisers because once you use,their material the material is tailored,to this and you stand to make money,online really easy okay so if you want,to do affiliate marketing for beginners,I suggest that you start with this again,look at all the promotional material,that you have in here okay because this,is an easy way to make,online with affiliate marketing a case,if you want to do is very very simple I,mean check out all the material that you,have guys okay so fantastic way that was,my bonus strategy guys go into this site,over here copy the ad because it's super,super simple you can even copy these,please visit our website over here and,then put that obviously in the ad over,here and then you go to click post free,ad once you clicks that once you click,on that ad your ad will automatically,show up at the front of the ads that,have been posted and you stand a really,good chance to make money online okay,guys that was my strategy for today with,a simple way for you to make money,online with affiliate marketing for,beginners if you enjoyed that video guys,make sure that you smash that like,button and as always like I tell,everybody if you want reliable ways to,make money online don't forget to hit,that subscribe button and the bill,identification icon so that you don't,miss out on any of the good stuff and,I'm also gonna have a couple of videos,they're gonna pop up up here for,yourselves to make money online I'm,gonna put a playlist of all different,affiliate marketing videos and also what,probably one of my latest videos as well,that you can watch if you're new to my,channel if not check out the playlist,guys thank you so much for watching,another one of my videos I'm Alan from,smart money tactics until tomorrow you,guys stay safe and good bye

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