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5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!) in this video i'm going t

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

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5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

in this video i'm going to show you five,free ads websites that everyone who,wants to start earning from 100 to 200 a,day should know about and also i don't,want to let you struggle with this free,ads website so i'm going to show example,of the products and a unique angles that,i would use if i would start promoting,products on these free edge websites so,you can start making money the fastest,way possible so you can make a mistake,and this is perfect way for every,beginner because you can do this for,free and you don't need to have any,experiences any skills all that you are,putting in is your time but you are,getting out with super valuable,experiences and also even before jumping,straight into this video i would like to,notify that i have created for you in a,free master class in which i'm going to,teach you in the five simple steps that,everyone who wants to go from zero to,six figures need to do in order to build,long-term profitable online business so,if you would like to watch this free,masterclass you can find a link down,below in the description click there and,i'm looking forward to see you there as,well but now let's continue with the,video all right and let's start with the,very first free ads optional free ad,website and this first one is called my,midi ads so on this website we can post,in a new ad and all of this is 100 for,free so if you just check it out real,quick you can see that we can be posting,and marketing at job ads but as well you,can be sharing there even as a company,so if you just grow this this is in the,professional social network for media,buyers and sellers so what do you want,to be you want to be in a seller and you,want to find these buyers there so if,you just scroll down uh you can see many,companies is using this and what you can,be doing there is a post your free ad,search for offers and many many cool,stuff so you just scroll all the way up,now what i want to show you are these,marketing ads and the job ad so under,the marketing ads you can see all of,these different categories that you can,find so this is basically all the,categories that for example you can find,on a clickbank if you want to be,promoting some offer in some niche and,as well you can find in the sources and,in a basis so cost per action cost per,click etc etc all of these options but,what is the most important on the my,media ads or this job ads because what,can you do you can be basically,providing these people some job,opportunity and this is what most people,are looking for on this website on in my,midi ads they are not looking just uh to,buy some stuff some affiliate program,but they are looking for something on,how to make money for some job,opportunity and this is something that,we want to be doing as well and if you,go into this job ads you can see that,these ads are truly getting some views,so 61 views 14 17 if you just scroll,down we can see for example even 209 uh,235 359 and if you are just saying,yourself that this is not enough this,just one view one of you three views you,can see that this is not actually an ad,this is just on spam so if you create in,a genuine ad on this website it can,definitely get in a click and many,people will be able to see this so now,let's check how you can actually create,a new ad so for this you just go to the,post new ad but even before that we need,to find a program or a product that we,are going to promote as i was telling,you before most people are looking on,this website for a job opportunity so,what we are going to do we are going to,find a job opportunity over there so we,will just go to the e-business and,e-marketing and one of the best job,opportunities offers on clickbank at the,moment are these get paid to use,facebook twitter and youtube or live,chat jobs or write app reviews or paid,online writing jobs so those are all of,these four are top converting in,e-business and e-marketing niche and as,well all of these are job opportunities,so these are helping people to make,money online from their home so what i,would do i would just pick one of these,first so let's just live chat jobs i,will click on a promote and i would just,enter my nickname account i would choose,this default and i would just create my,hop link will be actually my unique,affiliate that i can start promoting on,this website and then when we will go,back to the my midi ads you can choose,if you want to post marketing ad or a,job ad so what i recommend you is to go,with a job ad and then you would just go,to offer in a job in a position you can,just choose one of these and geo target,you can put there for example united,states because you want to be united,kingdom and australia because all these,tier one countries because those are,most buyers in africa marketing programs,and in the subject you want to create,something for example like a hiring 25,to 30 dollars per hour social media,manager chat chat bot or job,up to 175 a day facebook virtual,assistant so something that would take,people's attention and as well into this,message you want to write there's some,description about this product what this,is all about you can find all the info,if you open the afterlink and everything,will be stated there then below this,just you just posted your after link and,then this ad will go out and it can get,100 200 300 400 views but what's the,best about is that you can be creating,these ads over and over again you can,switch the product you can switch,description you can switch uh the,headline and you can be creating these,ads over and over again and this is one,of the options that even my students,were able to make money out of this so i,highly highly recommend this one then,the second free ad website that you can,start using is called, so as you can see right,there this isn't a world profit and this,is in a free membership for athlete,marketers uh what's really important to,say about this website that this is not,only free ads option but as well they,have some affiliate marketing trainings,but i have to admit that i don't really,recommend them because i don't know,about anyone who was able to make some,profit out of this training so what i,recommend is website for is only the,free ads or posting and a free ad so,what do you need to do you just need to,click on join our free membership and,basically create your membership so add,your name add your email and then when,you sign in you will end up uh not here,you will end up in this place but there,will be tons of ad as you can see,jumping on it so you want to go over it,what's cool about is that you can gather,this guy talking to you because he is,kind of a some chatbot or a live,business center something like this you,can just talk with these guys if you,want if you i don't know feel alone or,something like this but what's important,for us is that right there on the left,side you can click on the free,classified ads and place ads for free,and then you can post on a free ad but,even before this this is something what,they have changed recently is that you,need to view at least 10 classified ads,to enter in a new one so what do you,need to do you just need to go back,start checking out these uh ads that are,there here and then you will get these,credits to create your own ad now what's,really important to say as well that,these ads are seen only by a members on,a world profit so you are not getting,any new members all around the internet,you are promoting products only to the,members of the world profit what's cool,about is that those are basically buyers,and people interested in affront,marketing so if you have the right offer,for make money online and biz up and all,of this stuff you are able to even,monetize these people already on the,world profit so what i recommend as a,product is just go to the clickbank and,i would still keep with the e-business,and e-marketing and what i would take,for example are offers like this one,click weld system because those are not,just some online jobs opportunities but,those are in a real affiliate marketing,programs that people can use and make,money out of it for example like a,perpetual income 365 or uh i don't know,what else there will be,let's say this free traffic system super,affluent system by by john crestani and,all of this stuff you can see that for,this one people can even make one,thousand dollars per average conversion,so this is what i would recommend for,the world profit and as well i have any,students that were using this world,profit free ads and they were able to,make for example 100 200 even 300 a day,just using world profit so even if it's,just free classified ads this is still,working and still making money then as a,third free ads website this one is,called, so this is in the marketplace,in the usa where you can start sharing,these free classified ads so what can,you do there uh if you just browse the,marketplace you can find the uh,categories like our cars motorcycles but,we don't really want this but what we,want is for example jobs pets services,and community maybe but what i would,recommend in this one are jobs for a pet,so in the jobs you can start sharing ads,or basically these listings just like,this one but what can you do as well you,can go with another category like our,pets dogs or a cat so if you will go,back to the clickbank marketplace and we,will go inside of the home and garden,and open animal care and pets uh at the,top we are able to find the most,converting programs inside of disney so,for example this brand training for dogs,has gravity 107 and you can make 31,dollars per conversion so what i would,do i would say this product a brain,training for dogs i would just go back,to the oodle and really simply i'll just,create that in a listing for this,program so you can say these people are,selling there for example some poopies,and dogs and all of this stuff but what,can you do you can sell there as well,program so you will instead of a dog you,just add their brain training for a doc,you just go to this athlete page if you,just open this and what i believe you'll,be able to find that multiple uh text,and multiple images that you can use so,for example you can use for example this,this image or anything else that you can,find on this website so you don't have,to create anything you just go to the,oodle start creating these ads and there,is a huge chance that someone from these,people will basically click on this and,make a purchase because they want to,have a smart doc and as a fourth free,ads option this one is called classified, as you can see on this website,you can as well be sharing in,posting and ads for free but as well in,all of these categories so there isn't a,huge huge amount of categories that you,can start using and what i recommend to,be doing on this is basically all the,categories that you can find on a,clickbank because if you just go to the,marketplace we'll go back uh and we'll,check out all of these categories like,even if you open this for example like,database email services hardware,software programming and we'll go back,to the classified ads i'm 90 sure that,you'll be able to find something in the,jobs or in the services so you can take,literally every product on a clickbank,that you can find there you can take,your affiliate link and you can just,start creating this free ads on the,classified so how you can do,this you just go to post an ad for free,and then you would just select the sub,category in the docs and the location,you just add or some city i don't know,new york,and hit enter,let's say that we will be in a in,manhattan and then you would just create,ad title you want to add an asking price,so you just go to the marketplace you,just check what's the price of this,product so i'll just scroll down,uh instant access,i will end up into the cart and you can,see that this one cost 47 so i'll just,go back and i'll just add asking price,47. and basically you just add,description all this stuff that you can,find there just post this ad and there,will be a chance that someone from this,website will go around they want to have,as well for example smart dog because,they want to get this brand training for,the dogs and you make money as an,affiliate and even before jumping to the,fifth and my most favorite option if you,are watching this right now and you are,enjoying this video then please make,sure that you leave a like and as well,if you would like to learn more about,how to make money online how to build,your online business then make sure that,you leave a subscribe and also hit the,notification bell so you won't miss out,any of my brand new money making videos,and now my favorite fifth option this is,basically a social media and even before,uh closing this video and just saying,like social media is not in a free edge,option or free edge website i just want,to tell you that yes it is and a free,ads option because let's just go to the,facebook for example and if i just,scroll through my feed what we will be,able to see are these suggested for me,but as well if i will scroll down i will,be able to find this sponsored post so,if you open the sponsor post those are,both from a people that are paying for,this facebook ads so they are basically,showing to me on my facebook feed and as,you can see this is just an image then,there is some simple description and,below this there is just learn more or,options to click there and basically be,able uh to end up on their website so if,you just check it out we just end up in,some athlete program so if you just go,back to the facebook and i will scroll,once again uh there is suggested and,then there is another sponsor so same ad,from from a facebook so uh description,image and then if you just scroll down,once again,uh this is suggested and there is a,sponsor same thing there is for example,the video but if you just think about it,and we will just go to my profile and,i'll for example open one of these posts,that i have created you can see there is,in the description then there is an,image and there is no for example button,to click here to learn more but what i,can do i can add at the end of this call,to action for example like i have added,here uh for example if you would like to,add two to three thousand dollars per,month to your monthly income feel free,to send me a message with the extra,just like this i was able to create this,free ad on a facebook and what i can do,these people will just start sending me,this extra and i'll just send them the,after link or what i can do as well i,can just leave them in the link below,this image so somewhere in the comment,section and as you can see there is,already few people that are basically,saying they're extra extra extra because,they want to get more information so,those are people are interested in the,offer that i'm promoting so for example,from make money online then there isn't,a chance that i was sending the link,they will make a purchase and i will,make part of the payment as an affiliate,so what i have to say that social media,is by far one of the best free ads,websites and it can be for example,instagram facebook tick tock pinterest,uh i don't know what else youtube for,example those are the best free ads,website because on this website you are,able to start sharing the content you,are able to add call to action to your,videos to your post you are able to add,link under your videos under your under,your post and you are able to get buyers,to your post so you can do this if you,want to pay for it you can just go to,the facebook ad and you can start,creating facebook ads or you can just,create your free account on a facebook,and you can start creating,just post just like this very simple,create it in a 20 minutes with just some,nice looking photo and you are good to,go you will get huge amount of,conversion you can get huge amount of,clicks and as well people interested in,your affiliate offers so guys those were,the five free ads websites that you can,use if you want to start making from 100,to 200 per day and as well if you are,interested in learning more about,affiliate marketing and how to start,making money online as an affiliate and,make sure that you go to the first link,down below in the description you can,find there in a free master class in,which i'm going to teach you five simple,steps how to go from zero to six figures,and start making a full-time income,while you'll be working from home and,enjoying the life enjoying your family,and as well taking all the security and,don't be stressed about inflation,recession and all of this stuff so if,you are interested in this you can find,it in the first link and for this video,to do everything from me and i hope that,i will see you in the next one bye

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