where are facebook ads payment history?


Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 22,2023


so who made changes to your Facebook ad,account well it's someone that you gave,access to right but if you have your,team and maybe agency and maybe a,freelancer multiple people managing your,Facebook ad account how do you know,specifically who made the change that's,what we're gonna see in today's video,before we jump into it you know what to,do subscribe to the bell icon and also,like this video all right now let's jump,into this and it's actually very easy to,see if you have a Facebook ad account,and especially maybe you work a,different client or if you are a,business owner you have multiple people,managing your ad account and you wanna,know like who's making changes who's,changing the copy the images or whatever,inside your Facebook ad campaigns it's,very easy to do let me show you how to,do it right now so here I am logged into,one of the ad account and we are gonna,go to let's go to this campaign so I'm,gonna select this campaign and let's,open this up and now I'm gonna click on,this it's actually right here this icon,it's like a clock it's just select at,least one ad set to see a history of,changes so this is kind of like let me,click here right here so you know,exactly let me resize this so it's this,icon right here so for example this is,like the first ad set I'm gonna click on,this and now I'm gonna click on see,history so I'm gonna click on this and,now look at this so the person who made,the recent changes is Ali Mirza that's,me and also shows what the activity was,the details of tactics hers the activity,the ad name was updated the details and,the item that was changed and the change,by person so if you had multiple people,you know freelancer another resource may,be different people inside an agency,their name will show up right here and,also you know exactly when they made the,change the time this is very very,helpful because we manage a lot of,different accounts of a different client,and some of our team members they are,making changes and sometimes the client,himself or herself they also go in there,and make some changes so it's hard to,sometimes track like who made,change but you can easily go to the,change history tab and look at all the,data so let's say if I wanted to just,I'm at the ad set level there I can also,go to the ad level so if I click here,and same thing it's gonna now show me at,the ad level when the ad what activity,so ad name was updated and status was,updated ad was updated and different,activities and also who made the change,who's the last person who touched the ad,so once you have like a lot of like,hundreds of campaigns when we work with,a lot of different clients some kids,sometimes we have like hundreds of,campaigns running for them on Instagram,and Facebook and we want to make sure we,know the who's the last person who,touched that account and also what,changes were made so having built access,to this feature inside Facebook Ads,manager is very helpful and then you can,also I'm gonna now go at the campaign,level you can also see the same data at,the campaign level so look at this I can,see all the changes made made by myself,ally versa and also I can see what the,actual changes were and what the date,and time was so stepping back you can,see to change history on your campaign,on your ad set and also at the ad level,very very powerful if you guys want to,see who is making changes to your ads,inside ads manager thank you so much for,tuning in before you go make sure you,subscribe to the ballet icon and also,like this video and I'm gonna see you in,the next one bye for now

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Facebook Business Manager Invoices and Billing For Facebook Ads

Facebook Business Manager Invoices and Billing For Facebook Ads

hello my name is benjamin kepner of,global social media marketing and today,i'm going to be bringing you,a facebook marketing training video on,how to manage your billing,of the facebook ads that you might be,running through a given ads account,manager that is also linked to your,banned business manager account,and how you can kind of control that,invoicing where you can find those,invoices and also kind of build a,threshold or a spending limit so that,you're not being billed,for small increments and you can kind of,increase that,so i think the first thing that i'll,start with in this video,is that number one you want to kind of,think about,the money that you're spending on,facebook ads is almost like a credit,card,right you can charge things,um via facebook ads you can use a debit,or credit card that's also a really good,kind of growth hack right,if you're using a credit card for a,client,um and you're you charge your credit,card right then that actually is kind of,almost buying you,a 60-day period where you're not going,to hopefully pay for those ads until the,end of the month,charge it on a credit card and you maybe,not have to pay that credit card for 30,days,so that'd be my tip number one um and,then the next thing is just thinking,about it right thinking of facebook ad,spending as a credit card so you,build your your limit right everybody,starts in a new facebook ad account,at a certain threshold on how much,they're able to actually spend,and as time goes on as you make those,payments just as like as you make a,credit card payment you get extended,your limits you can actually have a,larger,threshold um and and be able to spend,more money on facebook,without getting invoiced so i'm gonna go,ahead and show an example today for one,of our clients,his name is corey reynolds we're doing,some really cool things with him around,recruiting,and um he's at a phase now where he's,been with us for about a month so he's,not,um you know brand new client at this,point he has built,some credit he's paid some invoices,right so now is probably a good time,coming into a month right if he doesn't,want to be billed,um every few days to kind of increase,that spending limit and that threshold,so that he's going to receive,less invoices i'm going to show you how,you can do that um,so we're here on the homepage of,facebook so i'm going to go ahead and do,the drop down,and then go into business manager please,excuse,my facebook i am connected to quite a,bit of facebook pages and business,manager accounts but for today's,training video we'll be talking about,our client corey reynolds,and so what we're going to do right this,is the business manager,back end this is the main dashboard what,we can do right is we can actually,um click on that little triangle at the,top as you can see,and then click on billing once we click,into the billing section i was going to,go,ahead and load all of the invoices as,you can kind of see,um and then obviously saying you know,which payment method um of the,transaction that's being done so what we,want to do here right,is we want to be able to um,change the amount of invoices right you,can see he's being kind of built here,for three days so i'm going to just,click on payment,settings,okay and then we're actually gonna go,show,um you know right here right you can see,his payment method,um and the amount that he spent to date,and then right in here right is,um you'll also get a bill when you spend,um your next bill is coming on the 20th,right so,what we want to do here is we want to,manage this,and we want to increase that threshold,so you can see right here it says your,billing threshold only changes how often,you're built not how much you spend,if you want fewer bills you can raise,your threshold,if you want to be billed for smaller,amounts you can you can lower your,threshold and i've actually also got,this pulled up,for anyone that wants to read into this,further if you ever have,questions about facebook ads or facebook,for business they do,have a public um you know website i mean,i literally could have just gone to,google right and searched this,for um you know how to only be built for,facebook ads once per month right google,is a super powerful platform that allows,us to kind of answer that question,i just clicked on here facebook for,business in facebook for business they,have,all of the different rules and,regulations around facebook so use that,as a,a resource that's why they've created,the business help center that's you know,as publicly available,but as you can kind of see right um,higher charge is based on auction system,where ads compete impressions based on,bid and performance,um and then it says when will you pay,right you'll pay,for your ads depending on how you pay,for them you'll create your first ad on,facebook,you got a payment method and then that,is determined by your payment settings,right so,normally automatic payments is going to,be okay,sometimes i completely understand people,want to make manual payments maybe,they've got other,bills or something going on in their,lives,but ultimately what you need to kind of,take away from,this right is that you're only going to,be,billed when you're kind of hitting that,threshold,right um and it's time for you to make,that payment,so this is just kind of like an example,of,you know what the the facebook business,help center saying so,what i might do here right is i might,kind of see maybe if i can even try to,double this,um if it allows me to have that spending,limit so let's just go ahead and see if,i'll be able to,double the spending limit,okay so it says thanks as you make,successful payments,will continue raising your billing,threshold until you reach 800,for now you might still receive bills,less than 800,right so it's pretty much telling us,saying hey,you are building trust with facebook by,continuously making these incremental,payments,and as you prove to us we will try to,increase that limit so,unfortunately for corey he's making,those payments on time and,um you know what we'll want to make sure,that we do,is um you know just try to steadily,increase that so maybe he's only getting,an invoice right so,there's nothing we can do in the short,term but actually,change that threshold um and we can,actually also to,um set our account spending limit right,that's actually saying like how much,we're allowed to spend in ads,so right now you can see we've spent a,whole about 900,i might try to maybe put a limit on,there maybe um for example i know i'm,gonna,you know be managing a client that's in,a contract for three to four months i,might kind of take whatever their,average monthly ad spend is and kind of,set that as a limit or,if i'm managing my own facebook page as,a business owner i might want to go,ahead,and just you know kind of,i guess forecast that out right so then,i get that notification,this is also a great way to kind of,prevent yourself from overspending,so again account spending limit if i'm,doing like,for his example right i just tried to,raise it to 800 dollars,let's say he's in a three month contract,right you do the math on that,right it's maybe 2500 roughly so i'm,gonna just go ahead,and kind of put that um as his account,spending limit and then you'll get a,notification later on from facebook if,your ads,are not running they'll say hey you need,to um increase this limit,or or you know change this limit so i'm,going to set that limit,right and so now it's got that you know,it's starting from fresh,i've got the threshold and that's all of,that information,if i ever have a client that comes to me,and says that i need an invoice this is,something that i've seen with one of our,other clients in colorado where,we're constantly being asked by their,accounting or their hr department hey i,need this invoice i need this invoice,um the easiest thing number one is you,will,be automatically built to your email,um because you have to set up um,accounts or email addresses that receive,that invoice and facebook will actually,directly,email that invoice to you right so it'll,say something like we go into my email,like,facebook ads receipt um where it,actually gives you that,right so you can kind of see an example,um,right here of an email that i got right,and,um the billing threshold of that and,what the amount is and it can actually,show the campaigns and the transactions,and i can see the full receipt so that's,one option,if anybody asks us for um you know an,invoice that they need for accounting or,finance purposes we can actually just,get that from our email,but let's say we didn't get the email or,they're not receiving the email because,maybe they're not tied to the facebook,ads account,or the business manager account we can,just click on that button that says,view receipts and it will actually come,in here,and list all of the receipts that we,have so just to kind of go back,um and see right we want to kind of show,the corey reynolds account um,you will be able to see all of cory's,bills or transactions that have happened,and you'll actually be able to either,download all of those invoices and just,send that to them,or you could actually individually click,on the transaction id,here it is and there's a feature right,here that allows me to,to download that and now i've got a,handy dandy,pdf that i can say okay client corey,reynolds did you need that invoice that,receipt,no problem i was able to get this here's,your receipt,i hope this is helpful so um i hope this,makes sense,for anybody that is managing facebook,clients or somebody that might also be,managing facebook for their given,account,um pretty much what you just need to,understand is that,the way that facebook billing works is,very similar to a credit card where you,have a threshold of how much you can,charge,and that threshold can increase based,upon your ability to make payments on,time,and make the payments that you owe that,are outstanding and as you kind of,make those payments as time goes on you,can increase that threshold,in your spending limit so it's just kind,of like thinking about it as like,getting a credit card and building,credit for yourself so,i hope this has been helpful guys please,let us know if you have any questions,comments or concerns,in the comments below please give us a,like on this video if you found it,helpful,and please be sure to smash that,subscribe button so you can get more,social media tips from us at global,social media marketing,on how we can help your business grow,with facebook marketing,take care guys i'll see you in the next,video

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