when ypu should copy facebook ads

How should you structure your ad copy for Facebook and Instagram?hi i'm ej owner of blades digital,s


Updated on Jan 22,2023

How should you structure your ad copy for Facebook and Instagram?

hi i'm ej owner of blades digital,solutions i'm a certified partner,digital marketer and i want to talk to,you a little bit about how to structure,your ad copy,with facebook and instagram ads i've,seen a lot i've been doing a lot of ad,audits and things like that lately and,what i see is,is this kind of format right it's just a,bunch of jumbled words all close,together and,why is that bad well nobody's gonna rate,it right well and you're probably,thinking well nobody's going to read it,anyways whatever i put there um and now,to test that if you structure it a,little bit differently it's going to be,a lot more consumable and people will at,least scan through it and get the the,big points out of what you're trying to,say with us we run a lot of digital ads,um that was actually the first service,that we provided at blaze digital,solutions we only ran digital ads and,facebook and instagram was a big part of,that and so how we do it and we've,tested this and so the results they,they're there they can't lie right and,so what we do is,we have a one line it can be your big,you know we call it the bluff right the,the bottom line up front and so what is,that is it to is to get attention right,it's it's to grab the person's attention,and tell them what the next line is,going to be so the idea for this is to,sell the next line,and so and then what we do is we'll,typically put like an emoji,of some sort right there and then we,come here and we have one sentence per,line sometimes it comes down and you,know the sentences here kind of come,down here,and it's like that sometimes but rest,assure doing this is gonna you're gonna,have better performing ads because of it,and then lastly what we've been doing is,we'll actually put a call to action,here you could be shop now,down down at the bottom um it can be,shop now it could be you know visit us,today or whatever and then,we will put a colon and then we'll put,the url and for some reason it just,converts better so we've been doing it,over and over and over again,another format that works really really,well is,as well,is bulleted lists,so i don't know if you've seen the ads,where you have like a sentence here,right and and then down below you have,the check marks,or it could be,they may have an american flag or a,shipping box or whatever and then you,have all the bullet point items of like,what they're going to get when they buy,this item so it could be like free,shipping,right,15 off,whatever it is right you can go down the,list and put four to five bullets is,typically what performs best and then,underneath here we also have shop now,right because in this if you can picture,this ad,right,you're gonna have your your image here,and then your your call to action you,know you have your headline here and,then your other call to action there,right so it's always going to be there,but you're hitting it multiple points,you keep telling them to shop now shop,now shop now right this is why you need,to shop now right if you use that kind,of format you're going to get better,results and at the end of the day you,really got to test it but from our,testing it's proven to work and it's,proven to work pretty well and my name,is ej i'm the owner of blades digital,solutions if you go to blaze, you can sign up for,a discovery session and i look forward,to seeing you soon

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Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads - Which One Should You Use with Andrea Vahl

Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads - Which One Should You Use with Andrea Vahl

alrighty so welcome back,to another episode of teach traffic i'm,really excited about this episode,because i have invited a very special,guest andrea val,and we are going to go head to head and,talk about,youtube ads versus facebook ads and,andrea is,by far in a way a definitely a facebook,ad expert,and i am obviously very familiar with,them too but,um i thought we would kind of go head to,head with,the differences of you know if you as an,advertiser were considering your options,of should i do facebook ads or should i,do youtube ads which one did i,do first should i do both and we're kind,of going to,talk about the pros and cons with both,and to hopefully help you,decide if you should do one or the other,or,possibly even both so welcome to this,episode andrea,thank you so much it's so fun to be here,woohoo alrighty so,um let's get stuck in and um,let's talk about i've kind of prior to,hitting record i did think about,i'm a bit of a big picture person and i,really think that success with,advertising regardless of what platform,regardless really of what you're selling,hinges on three really core components,and that is the first is,is targeting like how you're choosing to,get in front of people,the second is the creative so what ad,you're showing people,and the third is your offer so i thought,it might be interesting to break down,um our episode into those three core,components,and go through as i said the pros and,cons of each of those components,for facebook versus youtube and we can,really uh battle it out,yeah i'm ready all right awesome,alrighty so let's start with targeting,you know um what would you say,uh some of the advantages that facebook,has,uh with its targeting and then i can,talk about the youtube ad,i think that one of the there is there,are some challenges with facebook,targeting is that,i feel like there's not as many keywords,that you can,pull from there's there's some,limitations there,um but you know facebook has a lot of,data,and they can you know you can also,use a lot of the data that you have,available to you such as,seed audiences for lookalikes that can,be really good targeting,they have lots of different options for,kind of expanding your audience in,different ways,um there are you know there are some,cool,targeting things that they have like job,titles and interests and,you can target fan pages and um you know,fans of certain pages,if that's available so so there are some,great,options within facebook um i think that,one thing facebook does really well,is you have that combination of,of optimizing around your goal with,pixel data,combined with targeting and and really,kind of,learning how to get the best results for,you,you mentioned targeting fan pages and i,know one of the questions,i personally get asked all the time is,can i target my competitors fan page and,you know or i've tried for example to,target my competitors fan page and,i can't seem to do it do you know,you know what is that cut off point that,makes a fan page,eligible to be targeted versus not yeah,that's the biggest question and no one,really knows that in fact,you know i find in general sometimes it,seems to be around 50 000,fans but sometimes i see fan pages that,are,you know 100 000 or larger that don't,come up in that detailed targeting area,and that's where you need to put the,keywords,for your targeting in that detailed,targeting section at the ad set level,and you start typing and if there's a,match,it you know you can target that uh the,fans of that other page,i've but i've also found very small,pages that are available sometimes,fan pages that have just 5 000 or 10 000,people,that come up in the targeting options so,there's sometimes no rhyme or reason to,it but,um it's yeah you just have to type and,hope fair enough,and in light of the recent apple ios,update in terms of targeting because,you mentioned that facebook has a huge,amount of data,at its disposal to use for targeting,yeah,do you have any sort of um inclination,as to the,effect that we'll have on the targeting,well the,the effect from the ios option or the,ios,change isn't going to really come in the,keyword targeting that you use it's,really going to come,with um things like when they're using,look-alike audiences of lead data that,you have,because that lead data is in from the,pixel,is going to start falling off as the,ios blocks that those pixels from,tracking and so now your look-alike,audiences,might get a little you know become a,little different because of that i mean,it kind of remains to be seen if that's,going to really have a big effect or not,um in in look-alike audiences the big,thing is really going to be,in the tracking piece of it whether or,not you're,you're tracking that you're getting,leads or purchases or things like that,but,in the targeting piece it's not going to,come into play as much i think,but what about a situation where,somebody might opt,out of being tracked and then as you say,obviously the tracking is affected,but as a result of that they're no,longer,being tracked in terms of what they,click on,and what they like and what they don't,like i mean a byproduct of that could be,in terms of your,targeting even for cold traffic right,yeah yeah that's true,that is true and like right and you know,it'll definitely affect your retargeting,because that's using that pixel data but,if they're opting out of that tracking,with the with the pixel data then you,know you're not gonna,that is very possible so yeah i guess,it's a big unknown,what would you say in your experience,let's also bring back let's just bring,back just going head-to-head here,that's true you know i want to mention,up mention mention up i want to bring up,that,uh youtube is also going to have the,issue with tracking and there's been a,lot of attention,around the facebook tracking with the,ios,update but that's really affecting all,platforms,100 yeah facebook is definitely getting,a lot of,attention with this um but i think this,is just going to affect,uh you know multiple platforms and yeah,and the,vulnerabilities there across all,platforms really right there's a lot of,people thinking that oh if i just switch,to youtube ads,i'll i won't have the ios problem but,it's going to happen if people are you,know in in,several ways so yeah look i mean as an,advertiser like yourself,we're still very much discovering that,the true impact of this and it's still,um,you know we're waiting for the dust to,settle to really look at the data and,see,where where it ends up um i wanted to,ask you in terms of targeting and then,i'll sort of go into the differences of,targeting,and success that i have with youtube but,what's some of the best targeting,that you find um works really well for,either your clients or your students on,on facebook,yeah so it really does depend on the,industry so,um some of the clients that i work with,in the b2b space can have really good,luck,with targeting by job titles so if you,are in b2b and you know that you are,trying to target the owners or,the executives or directors,if you know the specific job titles of,the people who buy your product,service or software whatever it is um as,a business to business uh,product then you can target by job,titles,and um and you know optimize around that,if it's more of a consumer product you,might target by things like,look-alike audiences of people who have,added something to the cart or purchased,your product in the past,and you can do different ranges of,look-alike audience of,add to cart in the past 15 days or look,like a purchase in the past seven days,so you can kind of create all these,different audiences,where facebook is really very dynamic in,in how,it's finding those people for you so,that can be those can be great audiences,and then you can broaden the range and,say,let's let's find a wider lookalike,audience of,uh two percent or five percent or,something like that of this,small seed audience that's super,valuable,another valuable audience in b2b or b2c,can be a look-alike audience of,of a um a particular seed audience,that's,valuable to you so for example if you,have,uh multiple buyers maybe people have,purchased multiple times from you,you create a lookalike of that smaller,audience,and you can really have some good value,there,but sometimes i've had good i've had,better out value with just,um or better results with just targeting,by general keywords like copywriting or,people are interested in blogging or,something like that so,it's important to test all those and see,what what works,yeah in my experience actually i find,larger audiences seem to be working,better,these days than smaller ones i think the,algorithm kind of really lends itself to,dealing,are you finding the same thing yeah for,sure for sure i've i've found some,i used to never do a look like like a 5,look-alike that's a wider audience but,now i'm finding some good results with,that because facebook is able to learn,the types of people who are opting into,your or buying your products,definitely um all right i might just,talk a little bit about,um on the youtube side without targeting,um so most people,i mean i've heard the statistic that uh,youtube is the world's second largest,search engine but what people don't then,make the the realization of and the,extension is that there's a huge amount,of intent,that comes with it being a search engine,people actively go to youtube,and type in uh something that they're,actively looking for,and you know youtube or google really,have they're essentially a data company,and they've done a huge amount of,research on youtube and,and how people are using youtube and,there's some crazy statistic,that and i mean we can only take it for,face value and assume it's true,but google have said that 68,of people use youtube to help make a,purchase decision,like an e-commerce purchase decision,which is a pretty insane statistic,i mean maybe it's not 68 but even if it,was 58 or 40,yeah that's half the people right right,so people go to youtube to,look at reviews they want to see how to,use the product and so if you're in,e-commerce,um an obvious kind of um you know,it might be obvious for you to advertise,for those those types of queries and,search terms,yeah so actually one of my favorite,types of targeting,on youtube is the keyword targeting and,so,um targeting people who do actively go,to youtube and type in a search,query now i do want to mention though it,is very different to doing keyword,targeting,on the search network which is on, where the text ads come up,it is very very different and so it's,not an exact,science with the keywords that you,choose on youtube where,you will kind of uh google have kind of,come out and said like let's say for,example,you know um so for example i teach,google i,teach google ad training right so uh i,do keyword targeting of youtube for the,people who type in,google ad training right that would be,an obvious,keyword for me but the way it works is,that if somebody types in,google ad training let's say,if my ad might show up at some point in,that session,so if not necessarily going to,show up at that moment but if let's say,you know they start watching,they don't they don't see my ad and they,click on an organic result for you,youtube i mean so google ad training and,then they of course they get distracted,and start watching cat videos,my ad for my google ad training will,still show up because,in that session they have typed into,youtube google ad training is that kind,of interesting,yeah interesting because apparently the,average session duration,for someone on youtube is about 40,minutes oh my gosh,i know so these are massively engaged,people,and and as we all can i'm sure attest to,you know you start watching one video,and you know 40 minutes later you're,watching cat videos you think how did i,end up here right,i know i know yep um so yeah keyword,targeting on youtube is actually one of,my favorite,uh targeting options and the other,favorite,way i also like to target is i like to,target specific,videos on youtube provided,that that particular channel allows,uh google ads so that's the big caveat,so i might go to youtube and type in the,keyword myself google ads training,click on the first organic result and if,that video,allows youtube ads on there i can just,swipe in front of,that audience and it's a way of kind of,me getting straight to the top of the,youtube search,nice and actually we get really really,good results,with that strategy so keyword targeting,and placement targeting,on youtube is uh is killer yeah but,of course like facebook,you can very much target also the type,of person somebody is,is in which which is what sort of i,guess called behavioral targeting which,is what facebook is,so it has both of those components it's,got that intent,based targeting but it's also got the,identity-based targeting of people who,are um,you know interested in certain topics or,in in the market for certain types of,things or some kind of person,yeah now now youtube doesn't have,the look-alikes do they they do so they,haven't,called um not to be out not to be,outdone,they have they've called it similar,audience oh yeah yeah,yeah i i am so deep into facebook ads,that i just uh,hopefully i'm going to introduce you,into the world,of google and facebook i would say,though that their similar audiences are,not,nearly as good as facebook's look-alike,audiences,and if you're you know after watching,this,uh head-to-head that we're having you,you kind of are inspired,and decide to test youtube ads i would,start,with either that keyword targeting or,placement targeting as a real starting,point,merely just to test if you're,creative and your offer works which,we're going to get to next,but it's a really good way of because,let's say you launch,a campaign and it doesn't work which you,and i know,happens all the time right the variable,you're going to have in your head is is,the pro,is this a problem with my targeting,because it's either one of three,problems targeting,offer or creative right right by doing,keyword targeting and placement,targeting,you've eliminated the variable of is,this a problem with my targeting because,you know,because of the intent factor you've gone,to,anyone who's watching one of the organic,videos on google ad,training i know that they want to learn,that they're watching that video now,right and so therefore if my ad doesn't,convert with that type of targeting,i know it's not a problem with my,targeting i know i've got to change my,creative,or i've got to change my offer,and um that really really helps in,diagnosing,yeah issues of why is your campaign not,creating and that,that is one of the problems with,facebook is it's very you don't have,that intent,based uh search there,so you could be targeting someone who is,interested in google ads training as a,keyword,but they aren't searching for that right,at the moment,they maybe are they're really,they're really well versed perhaps in,google ads training so,you could you know that is a challenge,yeah exactly,but i would say that um the,pixel on facebook where you where you do,as i said you know the look-alike,audiences,which is where you would be leaning very,heavily on the pixel,i do think is actually superior than,than google,yeah it's definitely i feel like,facebook does a great job of,finding the people and that's why wide,targeting,is working well on facebook because,facebook has data on the types of people,who are opting into leads who are,making purchases who are who are doing,these things that the pixel is tracking,and um and and you know sorting through,that,and serving the ads to those people yeah,and that's actually why i'm so,interested in seeing,the impact of this ios update because,that pixel is so good and i think,actually that is why facebook is jumping,up and down and making a big fuss about,this,and they are not happy about this change,and,because they they're really worried,actually that,it's going to affect their targeting,that advertisers will have,and as we mentioned the tracking and the,retargeting audiences and they're,worried that they're going to use,lose advertisers in droves which i mean,remains to be seen but um may or may not,happen this just might be the new normal,to use that catchphrase that,love is,cool alrighty so hopefully um that,explains but i think you know for for,the listeners who are,possibly starting out i am a big fan of,at least doing retargeting on both,facebook and youtube and i think that's,a really really good starting point,um because it's obviously low hanging,fruit someone's come to your,website they've left and it doesn't,necessarily mean they're not interested,it means that you know,life possibly got in the way so,retargeting on,multiple platforms uh is is really,successful all right,i think we've talked at length about the,targeting on facebook and youtube and,the differences,let's go to the next pillar which is,about the creative,which i don't know if you agree with me,andrea but i find people,just do not spend enough time on nailing,their creative it's just,a side thing that they are whatever i'll,just throw up this ad and that'll do,you know they think it's all about the,targeting but it is it,hinges on the creativity it's so true,it's so true and it you need to have a,lot of creative people,think that i'm going to test one image,or two images,or one video and if it doesn't work,they're like,facebook ads don't work or whatever but,it,i've seen huge differences in the cost,per conversion,and cost per sale with different,creatives,even within the same audience you can,you know you,you've got um you know and you've got to,be you've got to be rotating them,that being said i do have creative that,performs well for,you know a long period of time you don't,have to rotate it every three days like,some people say,uh you can keep creative that,is still continuing to perform um but,you've got,to watch it and you've got to bring new,things into the mix because you just,don't know,you think that your baseline is up here,you bring in some new creative and,you've cut your costs in half,it happens all the time and some people,think,oh they have a rule in their head that,no text on creative or always have text,on creative and i,see both of those things uh change as,well,and you've got a test yeah so what is,your opinion,on image versus video ads or,i guess you know i just would love to,you know hear your thoughts on that,i you know i'm seeing a shift in,facebook i used to,always see images performing better,with opt-ins and purchases although,purchases sometimes have video,performing better and again it depends a,little bit on the industry,if you're in the consumer space b2c,where,you might be demoing a product then a,video can do really well,and help someone see that product in,action,but in terms of if you're doing a,you know trying to get people uh lee,as a lead magnet you know over to a lead,magnet,oftentimes the image is going to catch,someone's eye,and you've got to just get that click,over to that landing page which we'll,talk about next right the uh or will,they offer and,that also includes the landing page,that's going to convert them so,you know i've i've found that in the,past,images have done better for converting,people into leads,but i am finding a little bit that,videos are really starting to perform,well and and uh do a little bit better,on facebook than i've seen before,interesting and on that topic of of,video,you mentioned like an explainer type,video do you want to kind of um,expand on that a little bit like what,and i guess also like,ideal length of video yeah yeah people,have people always ask about length and,i think,you know there is no perfect length um,you know in the speaking world we say,you can never you,can never be too long you can oh you,could just be too boring so,you've got to have it be interesting and,engaging,i mean shorter is typically better if,you can make it,pretty quick so that you get right into,the heart of the matter,quickly because you gotta you've only,got about three seconds to hook them,with your um with your videos so the,first three seconds,have to be super interesting and,eye-catching um,or maybe have some text that's really,intriguing on there,so with an explainer video you're doing,more of a,like like it could be like a product,demo or you're kind of showing,what your product or service can do for,somebody,and um and so that that's where,you're showing that transformation of,what that person,wants so that person might be sick of,cooking eggs,in their in their pan and it's always,sticking so your,video shows them the eggs just sliding,right off and shooting right off or,whatever,you know so and that's the,transformation that clients looking for,but,like you know if in the b2b space it,could be more about explaining,the problem that your client is,potentially having,in their business where your product or,service,is going to help get them to the other,side,and change their life um so that could,also be kind of,an explainer video in that way and i'm,assuming,you're um a believer in that your videos,the videos need to have captions i know,i personally when i'm on facebook i,watch videos on silent so,yeah yeah me too all the time and i'm,like i just i'm like why am i just,sitting here reading this video,but uh yeah for sure you've got to have,i mean it's almost,either full-on captions or,like bullet points to illustrate what's,happening,you know to kind of give the overview,in a shorter time frame yeah i think you,know you have to assume that,the consumer of that video,is going to be watching that video on,silent and so,now is that the same for youtube is,youtube do you have to have uh,captions on youtube not at all in fact,in my experience people are on there,because they are wanting to watch a,video as opposed to scrolling through,their news feed and have stumbled on a,video,um the big difference that i see in,terms of creative,on youtube versus facebook is that on,youtube,your video is doing 100 of the heavy,lifting,of that creative you have to have,a compelling video it doesn't have to be,high production although that's you know,often,nice but it by no means does it has to,be high production value,but it has to hook people in because,the difference on facebook is you can,have a video ad but,above the video ad you can have all this,text right that explains it,and you cannot have that on youtube so,your video has to do all of that heavy,lifting,of getting your message across and you,know,you know selling whatever it is that,you're selling,and so it needs to be a very very,successful,video the difference was also,on youtube is that the first and i'm,just going to assume that people are,doing what's called the,in-stream ads which are the video ads,that come up before the video you're,about to watch,and so those first five seconds of that,video,is unskippable someone who is about to,watch a video,as i said on google ad training right my,video comes up in front of them,that first five seconds are unskippable,so i have,five very very critical seconds,to capture people's attention and,hook them into just continue watching,my ad so you can imagine,how critical those first five seconds,are i certainly wouldn't waste those,five seconds and start talking about,myself,it's not about me it's about the end,viewer and the problem that they're,having that i can help them solve so,on on youtube i would i would call out,my target audience i would you know say,are you a business owner who who is,struggling to get google ads to work for,your business,and ideally what i'm wanting them to do,is i'm trying to qualify people,and equally important i'm trying to,disqualify people so if,you know if someone says no well they're,just going to skip that ad and actually,great like i don't have to pay for that,view,they're gone but if they answer yes well,then i want them to keep watching,and so um yeah the other you know,critical component with,the in-stream ads is that if somebody,clicks,skip ad less than 30 seconds so they've,obviously watched that mandatory five,seconds but then i've,piked their interest somewhat and you,know they skip before the 30 second mark,i you know theoretically don't pay,anything to google,i mean admittedly for any sort of savvy,ad managers you know,really you pay by cpm model anyway but,that's the way they sell it yeah,they yeah they they charge it,differently i know they charge it,differently same it just looks different,right,they finish the numbers that's how they,do it that's right,but uh but essentially that's the way it,works and so,um what you don't want to do then on,youtube is have a video that is really,less than 30 seconds because they might,get to the end of the video,had no intention of watching or buying,and they've just,endured your ad and never hit that skip,button,you know yeah um and,um the big thing also which i also like,to incorporate,in the creative on the youtube side of,things,is a countdown timer at the end i don't,know if you've ever experienced like if,you're watching a video on youtube and,an ad comes up you're like oh this has,been interesting and then you start,watching and you think ah,i'm actually kind of interested and then,suddenly the ad just ends and it's,vanished and you can't get it back,so i often like to add in a countdown,timer at the end,um you know from five seconds or three,seconds,uh giving people a chance to click so,they know that this video,is coming to an end so if they did want,to click,uh-huh now is your time to you know pick,your hand up put your hand on the mouse,yeah yeah you know what i mean,we find that actually has um it has good,results as well,interesting yeah interesting going back,to,uh facebook what what are your thoughts,on dynamic creative which is,uh facebook's way of you know you you,load in you know,five different images three different,from copy and they mix and match,yeah i have mixed feelings on that,because,my feeling is that facebook doesn't,always optimize,the right way and oftentimes they're,picking a winner,too soon so they uh,will only give like five cents to one,image,and and you know you don't who knows how,good that image is,in after five cents you know so,you don't want to use dynamic creative,in the testing phase,you want to use it when you've tested,and found your best images,and then you're putting those into kind,of,you know dynamic creative or you're also,you know you're also maybe you know,putting your best,audiences into a campaign budget,optimization,uh type of format where you can,scale in a different way and you're,you're knowing that you've got the,winners in there,instead of possibly having a dud in,there that,um you know you might be wasting money,on anyway,so definitely don't use dynamic creative,in the,uh in the testing phase if you want to,know how an image performs,um it can be i have seen it do i used to,not like it at all but i have seen it do,really well especially in the e-commerce,space when you do,want to have a lot of different creative,coming through for people,um i haven't used it as much in b2b,yeah right on,on that topic of facebook making a,decision too,quickly which is the winning ad how do,you combat that same problem,like let's say you've got you know one,campaign and one um,ad set so i'll get confused add group or,add sit with them yeah yeah yeah,and then let's say you've got four,different creative that you're testing,within that one ad set,yeah how do you get around facebook,doing a proper split test,that way yeah you'd either have to set,if you really do want a proper split,test you'd either have to set it up,yourself which is uh,i do because that's an old-school way of,testing it or you have to um you know or,you can use facebook split testing tool,as well and that will tell you the,winner there uh,you've got i don't like facebook split,testing tool i don't it kind of,to me is too wonky and i have my own,system so,that's why um i don't use it or you have,to be okay with the fact that you,um might have some misoptimizations in,there,the other thing you can do is manually,kind of turn things on and off if you,want to do that,um but that's kind of a little,uh less than ideal i suppose so if you,really truly want to test you can use,facebook's,split test tool or you can set up your,own ad set where you just have one image,underneath each ad set and dedicate the,budget to it,yeah right so what you mean is like,adding one creative per,ad set so yeah yeah two ad sets with,let's say,the same targeting the same budget but,each ad sets is,yeah okay that's all for what we'll do,as well yeah um one last question on the,creative side of things for facebook is,what is your opinion on,uh long copy versus short copy and what,i mean is that text above either the,image or the video,long copy versus short copy yeah yeah i,feel like long copy works really well,when you want to kind of explain,things a little bit deeper or tell a,story now,um i i've typically just see,and i don't do as much in the e-commerce,space,uh you know true e-commerce where you're,just,only doing sales ads purchase ads all,the time,so i'm not doing quite as much there but,i know that a lot of times the shorter,copy can work,better there with any other,with lead magnets or purchases i'm,more often doing longer copy to,get people kind of warmed up before they,go,over to the landing page where they have,to you know,opt in or maybe it is make a purchase,i'm more often though doing,kind of a lead generation campaign on,facebook,uh and then letting the sales sequence,the email,sequence or the you know webinar or,whatever that,we might be sending the the ads to,do the selling piece of it uh from there,so,you know i feel like the long copy can,it really help,tell a more of a story and um and does,really well,and really can appeal to people it is,challenging more challenging these days,with facebook's um personality traits,issue because you can't call out,conditions you can't,um assume personality traits that,someone has,um to you know facebook will will stop,those ads or disprove them so you have,to,write creatively yeah absolutely it's,definitely uh,tricky i personally it's funny when um,back in the day when i first started uh,split testing long copy versus long copy,the person inside me thinking uh lung,copy is never going to work you know,who's got the attention span you know,everyone's got you know,attention out of a goldfish yeah and,time and time again i was just,proven wrong that long copy just like,worked over and over again and,almost because i thought about it and,almost because it becomes like a mini,landing page and we tested it,it is it really is it really is,especially,you definitely want to use long copy ads,if you're using a lead generation ad,because that is your only uh lead,generation,ads are the ones that pop up on facebook,that is your only copy that you have,you're not sending people to a website,it's all within that ad itself and so,that's the only place you have to,explain,everything uh that that people will get,if they opt in or,you know are going to get a call from,you or whatever,you're doing for that lead generation ad,so it's um,you definitely want to have longer copy,there that's,um maybe what was my downfall i've never,had great success with the lead,generation ads what i found is the,quality of the leads weren't great,i'll tell you a little story i want some,this is many many years ago when lead,generation ads first came out i thought,oh this is going to be awesome,so i had a client that was like a,personal trainer and so we were running,an offer of like,a week's free personal training or,something with lead generation ad,as i set it all up we're getting leads,it's fantastic and this client was like,really responsive as soon as the lead,would come in uh you know we had their,phone number obviously he would get on,the phone and call them,you know so this lead came in one day,and he calls the guy,this is in australia goes hey mate how,can i help you you know,and uh he's and he says who is this and,he said well,you you registered for you know a week's,free personal training i was just,calling to see,when you'd like to come in for your,first session he goes nah mate,i didn't do that i thought i was just,liking the ad,you know i know there is a lot of yeah,there definitely is uh it's a little,yeah it can be a little dicey,with those but perhaps your method of,doing a long copy ad,is a way of qualifying people a little,bit more,so that they do know that actually,they're signing up for something and,they're,raising their hand and um saying yes i,want more information and you can,contact me as opposed to,shock that uh my client got,when he got you know just kind of abused,on the other end of the phone and he's,like,yeah he's out mate like i just thought,you're registered,anyway all right so we've touched on the,targeting now we've touched on the,creative,uh the differences of creative uh let's,talk about the,offer and in your experience,i i mean you know this is the holy grail,with online advertising,is what was drummed in me many many,years ago is is an offer that converts,you can have the best targeting in the,world you're going to have the most,slick creative yeah you don't have what,people want then no amount of good,targeting and no amount of creative,is going to make it work so it is,a critical critical component to,successfully advertising online,what would you say in your opinion are,certain offers that,consistently work on facebook,yeah i mean you know the the,the one thing that works the best is,instant downloadables things that but,that there also was a caveat with that,because they can work really well but,again,if it is it's like a sugary treat,you know people sometimes don't even,they're just opting into these things,and they,they don't consume them so um,you do it's a balance between like an,offer that that is that is irresistible,has a good hook that has that is really,interesting to someone,versus uh something that is actually,going to do a little bit more,of the sales because on facebook it is,more about lead generation because,you're,you're kind of trying to um you the,targeting is such that you don't know,if someone needs a tennis racket right,now even if they're interested in tennis,so you've got to talk about how,wreck this racket is going to improve,their you know how to improve their,swing,and then all of a sudden this is the,racket for that as well or whatever i,don't even know swing,is that a i don't know tennis i'm i,think i'm doing,tennis and golf mixed up here,you need a good swing yeah yeah yeah,yeah so,uh you know that there is um i think i,like uh i like video content or,webinars or something where they get to,know you a little bit,as an offer that will help them,um sometimes things like summits do,really well because there's a lot of,info you know a lot of great information,in there packed in,um webinars can do amazingly well,as but again they have to be titled,and and offer some transformation,that that person is going to want so it,has to be super clear,on what what's going to change for,someone when they opt into your offer,what do they,where do they want to get to it can't,just be about,information you know it's more about the,the,benefits and the features right so yeah,so,on the webinar thing and i like that,point that you make,that um it's got to educate people into,your brand rather than just like an,ebook which is going to sit on yeah,drive and gather dust and they're never,going to open,on the webinar side of things which,obviously do offer that um,the ability for that transformation and,they can learn things and go yeah,you know i want to learn from this,particular person,do you run um facebook ads to live,webinars or the,automatic webinars or yeah i i've done,both and you know,they can have there's there's different,um components to both,live webinars uh have more of an event,feel to it it's like a certain date,um it's happening that date the the,challenge,there can come if the person's not,available at that time,they'll like oh i'll listen to the,recording well they never listen to the,recording so,you know sometimes something instantly,available can help is what can be good,as well,so that you know that is uh,but then you've got to kind of have some,urgency around whatever you're selling,at that point you can't just say oh buy,this whenever you want you know,so there there's has to be a little bit,of um thought,put into if an evergreen funnel,if you're like running an ad or running,ads to a webinar that's always available,how are you creating urgency for someone,to buy something right at that moment,so that's those are the two pieces of,that,um i i think they could each have,success um i think there is,more of an event feel and you can,kind of get behind a big promotion,around,a you know monthly webinar or a,quarterly webinar i have a client who,runs live webinars every other week,and still and we he just does great at,him and has gotten so good at his,webinar pitch he's really improved,his sales because that's the other piece,of it you've gotta you know,you can't just do one webinar pitch one,time and say well,i that didn't work because the art of,the pitch within the webinar,is is huge yeah yeah exactly,one thing i found so obviously i've run,ads,on facebook and on youtube this was more,for a downloadable,was that um i got great cost per lead on,facebook,and you know the numbers were really,attractive and you know,subscribers coming in but they,weren't such engaged subscribers they,didn't open the emails,and they didn't end up converting later,on the final versus,on youtube with the intent based nature,the cost per lead was higher however,they were a much more engaged subscriber,right they opened the emails a lot more,they,webinars came later in the funnel they,actually watched the webinar,you know so it's awesome it's not about,i believe and i don't know if you agree,that not all clicks are created,yeah for sure and sometimes what we're,doing on facebook is instead of,optimizing around that lead we're,actually even though we're driving,traffic to a an evergreen webinar,we might be optimizing further down the,funnel to a purchase,if that is in the you know so that we're,we're trying to get past that you know,cheap lead,right into the intent-based person who's,going to be more likely to purchase,and that happens in audiences too and,that's why you have to track all the way,through the funnel too because,you might be getting cheap leads with,one audience,but the more expensive leads are,actually the ones that are buying and,your,return on ad spend is much better so you,gotta track,all the way through for both both sides,yeah and,i guess you know for our listeners you,might be wondering how would you,track those differences in lead what,some people do is they will create,a duplicate landing page with a,completely different,form so that i can tag people,differently from that form,and then see how they progress through,that,that funnel i guess it really depends,how,granular you want to go yeah yeah yeah,but you know it is,i think a worthwhile uh experiment,because,it it is not just about that top-line,metric of of the cost per lead,i got an interesting story uh for some a,member of,inside teach traffic who i was helping,um,they were running facebook ads uh to,a paid challenge actually a low cost,challenge i think it was like 29,or something and the facebook ads were,were converting really well,self-liquidating offer which is they the,uh,the 29 paid challenge was paying for the,ads itself which is great so they're,scaling that up and they're like,fantastic and i said well you know we,need to diversify platforms because,you know your facebook ad account can,get shut down at any moment,yeah and so we then look to replicate,that same offer on youtube so people who,you know did that targeting method that,i was talking about earlier,and no one was buying it was fascinating,so the same offer,of the paid challenge of 29 we just,created a youtube ad i taught him how to,do it,keyword targeting not one buyer and we,tested it,it was really interesting so i was like,okay so,i think we need to change the offer up a,little bit so we changed the offer,to be a um i think it was a kind of a,free ebook,for the youtube ad so they started,converting and then on the thank you,page of the free ebook,he had a video that said thanks so much,for downloading this ebook,be sure to check your email in about 10,minutes while i've got you here you,might be interested,in this challenge that we've got and it,kind of explains a challenge,and then people started buying,interesting,which was really interesting you know so,i think for our listeners who you know,where you do try and replicate something,from one platform or another if it,doesn't work it doesn't mean that that,platform doesn't work,yeah it actually might mean that you,just need to switch up the offer a,little bit,and it will obviously needed a little,bit more trust building um then to warm,up a little bit and then obviously,emails kicked in and they you know a,number of those people,even actually interestingly bypassed the,challenge didn't take up the challenge,but went straight to his membership,oh wow that's so i mean you know like,it's,you've got to keep the offer is so,important and,it's about you know what offer works on,what platform and yeah,yeah i think it's also worth mentioning,that many people,you know don't follow a linear path and,as advertisers,they try and force people through one,journey and there's actually,many journeys and there's many front,doors into people's ecosystem,right i feel like i feel like that's,just such a beautiful statement there,are many journeys we're all on many,journeys,it's true,in business and in personal life wow,it's getting really deep here oh my god,it's like evening for you and it's,morning for me i mean it's like,so yeah i guess um you know in my,experience with youtube ads you're going,to have to test,different offers and see what works for,your market because there's no,one-size-fits-all for people exactly,exactly,that is so true well i think we have,covered,uh a huge amount and yeah yeah,unless there's something that i have,forgotten to ask you,no this has been this has been so,exciting i've really enjoyed this so,so where can people find out a little,bit more information about you,yeah so people can uh find out about me,at my website,andreavall a-n-d-r-e-a-v-a-h-l,dot and there's some free stuff there,there's lots of blog posts i,talk about a lot of stuff and um connect,with me there,yeah definitely go check out,,you can also find me at,and,thank you so much for listening andrea,thank you so much for your time i know,you're,a really busy lady so i really,appreciate,um you sharing your wisdom and now yeah,for our listeners definitely check out,,thank you so much bye

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