when to expect sale from dropshipping site

How To Get Sales On Your Dropshipping Store FAST as a beginner so you want to know how to get sales,

Leon Green

Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Get Sales On Your Dropshipping Store FAST as a beginner

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How To Get Sales On Your Dropshipping Store FAST as a beginner

so you want to know how to get sales,faster you drop shipping store in this,video i'll be showing you how to do just,that running paid ads on facebook or,tick tock can take a very long time to,get sales and identify that winning,product so here's a fast way that you,can get those tales you crave if you're,new here i'm leon and i give away drop,shipping tips and tutorials on this,channel that i'll just charge thousands,of dollars for all i ask is that you,like this video subscribe if you're new,here so i can keep helping you for,completely free go,now,and subscribe okay so you're gonna want,to be doing everything the exact same,way i'm going to tell you in this video,and if you know me i like doing things,that a lot of people aren't doing so i,can then rip the benefits of an untapped,strategy so if you're thinking that,instagram influences is the way to get,sales fast you're wrong well i'm not,saying that you can't get sales fast,with instagram influences i'm just,saying that it's more competitive and,costs a lot more than what i'm gonna,talk about here and show you in a second,and if you're a beginner or if you're,low on cash then instagram influences,ain't for you so remember when i said i,like doing things that a lot of people,aren't doing well years ago back in 2018,when i started drop shipping i saw a lot,of people talking about you know,instagram influences but i then thought,to myself how about twitter influencers,that was great but that is not the,platform you'll be using to get sales,fast today and no it's not tick-tock so,there's this platform that people go on,to look for inspiration for things that,they want to buy this platform also has,influences like tick tock and instagram,so i thought to myself why not contact,an influencer on this platform and pay,them to post my product and promote it,there's literally no competition on this,platform as far as influencer marketing,goes so for example if you're trying to,sell a beauty product you want to make,sure the influencer that you'll be,contacted on the platform,which i'll be telling you the name of,that platform here in just a second you,want to make sure that influencer only,posts like beauty tips and tutorials on,their page the reason may sound obvious,but a lot of people actually make this,mistake when they're doing influencer,marketing like a lot of people the,reason you want to make sure your,product and the content they post both,match is because if you tell a female,influencer that only posts workout and,gym content to post your beauty product,though she's a woman her followers only,follow her for workout and gym content,so that's all they're interested in from,her not beauty you might get some sales,with that gym influencer but you'll get,20 times more sales if you just use an,influencer that only posts beauty tips,and tutorials so if you go on pinterest,which is the platform you'll be doing,this on you can type in makeup tutorials,how to do natural makeup you'll find,loads of influences posted about the,stuff and then you just want to simply,go ahead and click on their pages see if,they have an email or way to contact,them then send them an email or message,saying hey we love your content and,would love to work with you to promote,our new beauty product what are your,rates obviously you need to have your,website done and the email you'll be,using to contact them should match the,name of your website so that way,everything looks you know legit you'd,message tons of influences the same,exact message i mean literally as many,influences as you can find and you want,to make sure they have at least 50 000,followers and make sure when you go on,their pages you know you see that they,get consistent views on their posts and,then when one of them replies you know,what a good price that you can afford,you're simply going to ship your drop,shipping product to them but you're,going to find that product on amazon,because amazon has faster shipping than,aliexpress right and then they'll make,the video and even if your product is a,5 out of 10 because they have an,influence in fans that love them you're,likely to get sales minutes after they,post so how do you start dropshipping,with zero dollars 100 completely free if,you don't have money for ads influencers,or any of that watch this free course to,see exactly how you can do it 100,completely free watch it now peace get,out of here

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