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Facebook Is CHEAPER Than Instagram Ads (Here’s Why)we're seeing something crazy happen in,the Facebo

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Facebook Is CHEAPER Than Instagram Ads (Here’s Why)

we're seeing something crazy happen in,the Facebook ads and Instagram ads world,right now given where I started in this,industry it's extra shocking but it is,happening in this video I'm going to,explain what it is and what it means for,you as a Facebook and Instagram,Advertiser So Meta isn't exactly the,stock market darling it used to be,there's been some bad press recently,about a reduction in profitability,mainly because meta is trying to build,the metaverse and that's incredibly,expensive and that has led to negative,sentiment around the platform some,advertisers leaving and things like that,I've covered all that and why,advertisers leaving doesn't make any,sense in a separate video so you can go,ahead and check that out I'll make sure,a link is included below but in this,video I want to talk about how that is,causing a real split between Facebook,ads and Instagram apps,now for some reason whenever there's bad,press around meta that only seems to,translate to Facebook as an advertising,platform not Instagram even though of,course both Facebook and Instagram as,our platforms are owned by meta and,differences in profitability and stuff,which doesn't affect advertisers but,that comes from both platforms it,doesn't really make sense but it does,happen and this bad press is definitely,leading to more advertisers favoring,Instagram over Facebook and this sort of,started happening maybe a year to two,years ago and it has only continued to,happen more and more advertisers are,favoring Instagram over Facebook not,advertising on both as I usually,recommend and that is causing a huge,difference in the cost between the two,platforms for a lot of our clients I,would actually say most at this point we,are seeing significantly lower cpms,which is cost per thousand impression,and a good way to measure Facebook and,Instagram advertising cost we are seeing,significantly lower cpms in Facebook,than we are on Instagram to the tune,often of 30 maybe even sometimes 40,difference between the two now this is,particularly weird for me because when I,first started advertising on Facebook in,sort of 2013 1415 it was very much the,other way around everyone wanted to,advertise on Facebook they didn't want,to advertise on Instagram because,Instagram was the young social media,platform sort of serious people that are,going to purchase products and services,weren't there so we saw much higher cpms,on Facebook then than we did Instagram,then people realized that Instagram did,yield good results and you could,advertise there particularly for certain,types of products and services very,successfully and that slowly brought the,cost of Instagram advertising up to the,point where it was very much On a par,with Facebook and that's where we were,from say 2015 through to 2020 2021 sort,of five six year period where the cost,difference between Facebook and,Instagram was fairly consistent there,wasn't a huge difference and most,Facebook advertisers when they ran,campaigns they were going to run ads,both on Facebook and Instagram that is,still the default when you set up a,campaign and you saw similar results on,both platforms and they cost the same,which made sense now the tables have,turned well well how the turntable it's,quite shocking to me to see how quickly,that process happened and advertisers,definitely see Instagram as the the,cooler better place to advertise to,reach the younger demographics I would,question that logic because the older,demographics that are on Facebook they,actually have more disposable income to,spend on your product Services than the,people that are on Instagram for the,most part but that isn't something that,a lot of advertisers think about so you,might be thinking that Instagram is now,a lot more expensive to advertise on,than Facebook simply because the results,on Instagram are better and advertisers,are choosing to spend their money where,they get the best results and in theory,that logic would apply however that's,not what we're seeing so I recently,polled my audience on YouTube and 76 of,people said that Facebook produced,better results than Instagram and that's,really interesting and it is the,complete reverse of what I used to see,where you could have argued say in 2015,that Facebook produced much better,results than Instagram as an ad platform,and that's why cpms on Facebook were,higher but it simply wasn't true it was,all Advertiser perception they thought,that's where they were going to get the,better results therefore they ran ads,there we know that the meta ad platforms,Facebook Instagram Etc are done on an,auction so the more competition there is,the more expensive it is that's what led,to Facebook being more expensive let's,say seven eight years ago and that's,what's now leading to Instagram being,more expensive it's not the fact that,they're getting better results on,Instagram it's the fact that advertisers,think they're going to get better,results they're driving up the price and,as you'll see from that poll and we've,seen it with our clients getting better,results on Facebook than Instagram that,represents a huge opportunity for those,of us that are advertising as I would,usually recommend on both platforms,because you are likely to be able to,take advantage of those lower costs,those lower cpms on Facebook and get a,better return on ad spend now I'm going,to explain how you can check this data,in your own ad account in a second,before I do just want to quickly let you,know about a free webinar I've created,called three killer Facebook ad,strategies to double or more your,revenue and in this webinar I break down,three different strategies that we use,all the time as an agency we've,generated more than seven figures,multiple times with each one of these,strategies there very much tried and,tested I'd strongly recommend you go,ahead and check out this free webinar,you want to make sure you are using the,right strategy for your business that's,very very important there's a link in,the description below you can click on,it go ahead and watch it it's about 45,minutes long completely free well worth,your time so if you want to check this,data in your own ad account to see if,you're seeing a similar thing just go,into ads manager and then take a look at,breakdown by platform and then take a,look at your cpm's Facebook versus,Instagram when we do this for our,clients what we often see is that in,terms of advertising efficacy Facebook,and Instagram are virtually identical so,if we put an ad in front of a thousand,people on Facebook and we put an ad in,front of a thousand people on Instagram,we're likely to generate the same number,of conversions however because Facebook,is now let's say 20 to 40 percent,cheaper than Instagram we are therefore,seeing better results on Facebook,something that you might want to factor,into your own advertising decisions you,might want to just go Facebook if you're,seeing that you may want to advertise on,both which is what I would recommend if,you are using a conversion based,objective where you are able to optimize,for your end result if matter is seeing,for example that you're getting better,results on Facebook than Instagram more,of your budget will be diverted there,and vice versa whilst there are overall,platform Trends and I've described those,there's also some reality to the fact,that different businesses will see,better results on different platforms if,you're a powerful based or very much,visual in terms of what you offer maybe,Instagram is a better option if you're,selling something a little bit more,serious to maybe a slightly older,demographic Facebook's almost certainly,going to win for you so you want to be,able to take a look at your own data and,adjust for your business the really,important message here is that if you,are ignoring Facebook and just,advertising on Instagram right now don't,that might be something I'm recommending,in 10 years time if Facebook does,decline but we're certainly not there,yet Facebook being worse than Instagram,for advertisers is a myth and I actually,debunk 50 more myths in this video here,there are Facebook and Instagram,advertising myths all over the place and,they cause real harm to your Facebook,and Instagram ad campaigns if you set up,your campaigns based on false,information that's going to do so much,harm that's going to jeopardize your,results I strongly recommend you go,ahead and check out this video which,will help you avoid those myths and get,things set up properly

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How To Sell Facebook Ads To Customers

How To Sell Facebook Ads To Customers

heb je de for marcel in facebook oudste,customer's is like de pik producten de,maar mijn de ff woonlasten tolken bouw,en in this video en het hok you on a,couch uw stijl,facebook uitstuur your customers wat nu,nietes zei ze custom is in orde te gek,blij met de spend money on a big time,which you just me 's morgens ing de for,fine familie of single pageview gamble,uit in orde het zichzelf facebook,uitsturen custom is de jurk nieuws van,bismarck j van sojasaus thaise johnny je,naar de video opnieuw keken headsets cry,bye jason ubs like this and i shall be,kaping van de burgers like you het, kluis vijf weken marketing van,oordeelt op onze webshop for the,triangle over hadden find you first,marketing van ook kasten we met een mean,time lapse trokken we hadden cel,facebook guide to your customers ze,maybe you think de facebook uit alle,fantastisch op achieve your business and,your customers behouden wesley cel wat,student maybe you strak lengte pinguïns,kleins dat een niet te spend money on,facebook uitzicht de orly spending money,on a de ipad rising plafonds of muscat,many customers will guide you yeah right,up for germany werk of liefhadden naar,de agency bevoordeeld in folie werk,houdt nu quinn's stem te spam manier om,facebook uit hadden business 129 het,gaan het money met vijf begrijp,instellingen toe bij custom is een white,kan u wel eens trokken bae bae bae bae,bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae,is de toont uw patiënt youtube uit,spanje zo'n brave imago en works for,some people by belief,if you afstoting of like and a company,and you say ho' i wanna go after summer,camp lees en die band chino is thuis en,dozeman vanuit spannend bij voor biotex,van epicentra dat works for some people,die wekker mijn de natuur naar te,starten v-snaar dekking die stap,met daar is funky your job enorme is not,necessarily,workout hamas people can be spending gun,afgeruimd ze de markt dat wij kunnen,wonen by in stijl manier de think about,why you are my,duizendtallen from on line worden wij,niet de get formulier in,desertie de fazant alles wat bali it's,not necessary just in case of managing,the engine trekkingen voetbal een,spreker om ons en pipa te kunnen won,reports and my bonk ons en crashen,knight is een houdt de pil die uit het,is nog necessary in af 4 dus zij op uw,balkon is kaliber avenue moodle die,spend a thousand ozone traffic will join,the box,be spent time duizend those who het hij,2000 doos,ik nog een sandwich game because it's,klanten broek te schelden aan alle op,businesses uw deur en ik nu doe,let me know in the comments stembureau,het lab te gouda op een je starting a,guide to use us dat pricing maria de,reese nadenkt in case you used a,blessing model is because the way lieske,be using uit agencies and outsourcing de,zwarte then use a de agency's en sap,contract is en in steden focus on the,oven en de pitch en als keuze agency's,hij hoorde ze kosten youtube openlijk,line worden je het sap grange work wit,en waar lk op chronische begrippen tram,us top picks en de benefit's nummer zal,dan kan ik u later in de video,used a met your customers en denk eens,samen wel zijn ex duitse manier sluis,uit spanje de vesting om ons zij is de,juridische be focusing on customers who,olie doodstraf ruwe olie ketting,perfecte de website bij al die gave,apache en php producten this car lease,alex alex alex five fact there is the,only have a traffic cummings de website,bij logan act tussen minimale bij or i,have some fun of ipad rising potje en,hebben foto's sleep de custom car lease,zelfs duistere things wij een religie,ideal gokken video op facebook uit s oh,wees me hebt de lonen selling marketing,van ons is joint roken bij marketing van,als en justice cm wit advising them cel,ipad rising cel de arbeid rising,keepersshirt een social selling,appetizing is duikt obara appetizing fbi,en trok swamis legal or why and people,think it as koelkast mis want en als ik,ze binnenverblijf camera when people say,glorion mashable lawaai op de muis mama, grapje nesting a single sign on,results driven actie en verf little,people think de centrum cel zaal van de,mark i buy now,izak smash still very difficult igate,genuine on-ride van en iconen,marketingactiviteit nog een posible,facebook aerts and i make easy ja maar,het stil die foto's een meisje naar,owatrol,in feite oude archieven even samen de,troep markten sneeuw,de tape en de experts on facebook daily,care and media sales for a long time and,i should come pijn,een sms'je rolde why for having said a,customer santo lees af te dalen,what customers bonte cd vol is vast iets,bij elke porfolio,van customers en trok nu ineens,de economie reflectie things like,profile io kon zijn pridis custom is,testimonials aantal rawai phuket is er,blijer zijn well i'm just your gig at,medisch results daar vol van sam kan af,of ze je kunnen geven zal komen ik your,customers vast je basale,die warme lucht ging voor specifieke,sandwich of spam de aura light,even naar you might be a good seed en,dan een 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zal de yoshi,kevin people and fly by facebook uit,spanje first will increase qualified,trafic geoscience meisjes een squeeze,bicycle shed your customers would you,like and increase in de tribe cola phi,phi phi knopjes wine de caraïben,qualified fun factory show style,spuitjes en scores pages yes please grey,is by far so much as we can increase,conversion lights and car and conversion,rates acrost card producties en opt-ins,de selling and giving away this is why,we liepen langs een blog met customers,who politiek op,somewhere bij alle al businesses and,locking is wel tijd heb voor de mac are,selling like the process of dit boek,soledad garcia fysieke productie never,mind bnn op tracking people coming ons,leefstijl speeltjes en dus remarketing,jullie basic style suffering,truda audience zuur kunt begint de,increased karnt conversion rates om uw,sales person on your point for three,stooges,eveline comes to style spijt en alles,conventioneel of in het tempo zijn er,wonen art and people by free facebook,ads pikachu increase tatami biedt uw,adsense-account patiënt zijn we increase,in de krim buisje light of people who,riley bezittingen chinees ofzo op,kosteneffectief,thery maken en increasing buizen zo'n,kar en stiles love entwined pfiew,customers met losse stad shopping of van,oh god nu leest hoedjes kwijl op je,betrok waarna hun people by te squeeze,feitjes en staf define the people emily,en te staan na een steekbal iemand zei,eens hoe ik een stad topping op je,follow met nieuw lied nieuw subscribers,oh ik een in christus stapje pipeline,noodstop abrupte de find you pipeline,met nu leest huis aan jou kwijt touch,smokey bon deden hun facebook aan zee we,een groots graaf ik word ik bang,is nieuw lied het zal profile and,finally paars my vervingen bij op,facebook uit is je kunt test your mark,kost effect,sorry test your mark ik cost-effective,leek wat is mijn zus,ik liep door de producten hun of data,and the sebel boek in het tests me five,en de box orpheus en baksels zal ik,begon de tess wat heb je gewond is met,de hij winkel is brian uw product diepe,de audio de in china budweiser die flow,en klik van de economisch interesten,gruno de tactiek je de headline,nou eens je keel alpha was een blij met,je woorden in c ook testing je mark,effectief miss barry kost effectieve i,love and creating en lozingen product en,in finding out en oomens de bal zo,kunnen cryptshare ik ken hardcopy te,stamelen ik na vaakst estella in mijn,samsung categorie de verbatim vboc de,wat we selling met facebook uit is nog,de advertising is de results in the,benefits of a cute show you how je,kalfje appetizing by john oude media,while increasing conversion rates and,sides of your guide for its holder while,sitting volleyball feedback for your,potential customers and maybe ionia,281 buyer product online worden thuis en,easy,of voor de bal en effectief why to,increased uit de fora of ten hoor je,vanavond tijd de reason people duinpan,is het because they do like fox is,because i have shown us instagram en of,times om een show wow heb ik heb de,tiger people who greyly demonstrated in,de interest videoproductie hoe de wal en,for dairy and manager play live in en,fuel cells pages ze wordt het,woonklimaat bij is,bridge china uit spanklauwen tot bijna,de media is woningen in feedback to,market research kan het measuring kost,paar kliks en aanklikt number piepschuim,increasing karren conversion rights as,well as binghamton loans nieuw project,for my perry kost effectieve dessert,stelling,het kapitaal belang aan you can use zou,videokasten mensen die zelf facebook,uitslaat minaj we ik vlieg zelf facebook,a big size you custom is in vier vijf,succes we de epifanie,typical amino de comments tumblr in de,mini try guys tanki's amersfoort,chef-koks en free triangle uit en hadden,find your first marketing van ook,customer care for hair academy subscribe,and really helps miguel en oosthuizen,kan de shows mede de video's op welke,manier light is why is this video 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