when did facebook offer newsfeed ads to messenger?

How to Stand Out with Facebook Messenger Adsin this video we show you the two types,of facebook mess

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Stand Out with Facebook Messenger Ads

in this video we show you the two types,of facebook messenger ads,you can use to improve your return on ad,spend the facebook messenger placement,and using messenger as a cta button on,your existing facebook ads,and if you stick around to the end of,the video we will show you the best,practices to optimize,your messenger campaigns let's get,straight into it hi my name is john,tanner and i'm the ceo,and co-founder here at social media,college with users seeing an average of,somewhere between,6 000 to 10 000 ads every single day,it's no surprise that advertisers and,businesses are trying to do,everything in their power to stand out,sometimes that means,using a new ad platform as they emerge,or trying to find engaging creatives,that stand out,in other cases it's about finding more,meaningful ways,to try to connect with users on,platforms where they're most active,facebook messenger ads give advertisers,the chance to do this,in multiple ways offering new,opportunities for brands to show up,where users are already at and to,encourage direct communication,with the brands what are facebook,messenger ads,when you hear people talk about facebook,messenger ads they might actually be,talking about one of,two different things both are valuable,and we'll look at how to leverage,both in this video let's take a quick,look at each facebook,messenger ad placements the first type,of messenger ads refer to ads that,appear,in the messenger app itself in this case,messenger is just the placement,just like you can also have ads appear,in stories,a user's news feed and the side column,messenger ads will appear,between messages that you're receiving,from friends,they'll have a sponsor tag underneath,the brand name when users click to open,the message,they'll see the ad copy and an image or,video the content can be clicked to send,users to a landing page,or your website everything you need to,know about the facebook messenger ad,placements let's take a look at,everything you need to know before you,run,facebook ads with the messenger,placement the basics,facebook messenger as a placement is,currently available for all objectives,aside from the boost post options it's,typically added as an,enabled placement by default on all,objectives,at least with the current interface,several studies,show that the messenger ad costs are,comparable to what you'll see elsewhere,on facebook placements overall,they may however have a slightly higher,click-through rate,why can be so beneficial the biggest,reason that messenger ads can be so,beneficial as a placement is that your,competition,from competing advertisers is,significantly lower here,people are also automatically more tuned,in,it's like having the ability to send,emails to your customers,straight to their inbox when on,messenger users aren't just scrolling,mindlessly through their feed,they're paying attention of what's there,because most of what's there,is a private message meant for them,they're likely opening,every single message to at least see,what it says,this is a huge competitive advantage it,can go a long way in helping you to,stand out on the platform,even when users are accustomed to seeing,so many ads,every single day as an added bonus,customers who have any questions about,the ad itself,can just respond to the ad it's entirely,possible that this will generate,conversations that may not have happened,otherwise,this can be your chance to nurture,someone to a potential conversion,and earning an additional sale,keep in mind that there are currently,1.3 billion messenger users worldwide,and around 900 million use the app at,least,once daily there's some exceptional,reach here,how to enable the messenger ad placement,if messenger is available for your,chosen objective,it will currently stand out enabled by,default you can enable or disable it,just by clicking the blue box,your placement now will appear at the,bottom of the ad creation screen,after the recent facebook interface,update when to use it,we recommend that all our students test,messenger ads,on their campaigns to see how they,perform for each individual client,they can be used at all stages of the,digital sales funnel,the users may be most receptive to them,if they're already aware,of who the brand itself is since they,come as a default placement,we recommend leaving it enabled unless,you see,higher cost per click rates with low,conversion or,acquisition rates remember that higher,cpcs,on their own shouldn't rule out a,campaign as they may be,attracting a higher value audience who,either orders more on average,or who retains longer look at all,factors before deciding to stop these,placements,best practices wanting to rock your ads,that are showing up in the messenger,placement,we recommend using the following best,practices number one,choose standout visuals you want the ad,to immediately grab a user's attention,in general,but you really need to sell it if you're,going to show up in their inbox,have a clear image showing exactly what,you're selling,and make sure you split test to see what,performs best,bright colors and plenty of white spaces,will typically be a good call here,number two include offers if you're,using the messenger placement to entice,warm audiences to convert,make a good case for them to do so share,exclusive discounts,or supposedly exclusive discounts coupon,codes,or big sale announcements this can,increase conversions significantly,by increasing urgency while,simultaneously offering an incentive,number three anticipate messenger,responses,your ad campaign will likely drive,plenty of clicks to your site and,hopefully,any actions that you've optimized for,you should anticipate that you may see,an influx of private messages too when,running these campaigns,have someone on your team watching your,pages inbox closely,so they can respond promptly the,facebook messenger ad,objective the second type of facebook,messenger ad isn't a placement,it's an objective instead of having your,ad appear in messenger,the focus of the ad is to get your users,to contact you,through messenger the ads will appear in,other placements including the news feed,businesses and advertisers who could,benefit from users getting in touch,before pushing them to make a sale could,benefit greatly from this,this is particularly true for high value,businesses,educational organizations and b2b,businesses,these may all feel inaccessible to some,curious potential customers,who have plenty of questions for you,everything you need to know about the,facebook messenger,ad objective the basics this objective,allows you to run campaigns with the,primary focus of encouraging users,to send a message through messenger it's,all about starting conversations,at which point some native chat features,can answer basic questions,before a customer service representative,or someone from the sales team,jumps in a university for example might,use a campaign like this to encourage,users,to ask questions to the admissions,department about their applications,this can make the process more,accessible and build rapport,with potential students who may not have,applied otherwise,businesses in high-value high-stakes,fields can benefit from a similar,approach,a real estate agent might be able to use,these ads to build relationships with,customers,who weren't even sure if they could buy,a home just by generating a conversation,their example of businesses getting,users to send them a message,off an ad in order to get a coupon code,which they can,then redeem online or install this can,be incredibly effective,best practices want to run ads that will,get users,in touch through messenger take a look,at the following best practices to,improve your results,number one make a compelling case for,why messaging you,is so important sure people can message,you,what do they get out of it though simply,using the copy,hey where graphic designers shoot us a,message won't be effective,this may be more effective custom,graphic design work might be more,affordable than you ever thought,give your business a facelift shoot us a,message for a personalized quote,people understand why they're messaging,you and what they're getting out of it,number two consider including an,immediate incentive,can you give users 10 off their first,order if they send you a message to,learn more,are you able to offer a free burger or,exclusive access to a special sale,betty's use messenger ads to increase,messages before a big sale,and saw a 17.8 times return on ad spend,number three consider sending follow-ups,through messenger placements,this is where the best of both worlds in,this video collide,if users actually engage with you,through messenger,following your first ad consider using,the messenger replacement,for retargeting handplanes betty's used,this strategy to exceptional success on,the campaign mentioned above,and saw an 85 times return on ad spend,final thoughts both types of facebook,messenger ads,the objective and the placement are,often forgotten,but both definitely have a place in an,intentional facebook ad funnel,they give you new ways to interact with,your audience and both,allow you to stand out amidst all the,other noise on the platform overall,this can help you create a distinct,competitive advantage,especially as you're working to drive,conversations and build relationships,with your target audience want to learn,more about how to optimize your social,media channels to accomplish your,marketing goals,make sure you subscribe to our youtube,channel for all the latest tips and,tricks,and check out our recent blog posts,linked in the description below,to see examples of these strategies in,action don't forget to hit that bell,icon to get notified next time we drop,another video my name is jonathan tanner,ceo and co-founder here at social media,college,thank you so much for watching i'll see,you next time

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How To Create Facebook Messenger Ads [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

How To Create Facebook Messenger Ads [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

1.3 billion people use facebook,messenger each month and they send 8,billion messages a day so if your,audience is on facebook they're more,than likely using messenger 2. so you,can use messenger as to put your,business in front of more targeted,eyeballs and because it's an,underutilized ad campaign we're seeing,higher engagement rates with it,specifically facebook messenger,marketing has 10 to 80 times better,engagement than email and organic posts,on the facebook news feed so today i'm,going to cover everything you need to,know about facebook messenger ads,including how to set them up and start,seeing results,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel i'm brandi with life marketing,the digital marketing agency with a,mission to help small businesses grow,before we get into today's video please,go ahead and like and subscribe if you,want to grow your business and hit that,notification bell so that you don't miss,out on any of the new videos we put out,weekly all right so first i think it's,important to clarify that there are,technically two ways to run messenger,ads there's messenger inbox placement,which is a placement you can select in,the ad set level for many different,campaigns be it conversions traffic etc,these can appear in messenger inbox,between conversations and between,stories but it's important to note that,ads in messenger inbox are currently,unavailable in the us canada australia,and france then secondly there's the,messages campaign which is what we're,going to be talking about today but if,you would like to see a separate video,made about the messenger inbox placement,comment below and let me know alright so,talking about the messages campaign,let's start by defining what it is,facebook says messenger ad solutions,help send people into conversations with,your business which helps you drive the,results that matter so this campaign,shows people ads that allow them to,engage with you on messenger whatsapp,and instagram direct so when people,click on your ad it takes them to one of,those three messaging apps now from here,i want to jump straight into screen,sharing because things will make more,sense as i show you but first here's a,quick message from sherman hey we just,helped a small business make over 1.5,million dollars through facebook,advertising and after managing millions,of dollars in ad spend for thousands of,different small businesses we have,decided to give away everything we,learned to you in a special program if,you want to learn the blueprint to,success the best practices from some of,the fastest growing companies in the,world and all the different tools you,will need then sign up for our social,ads training program today all right so,now i'm going to hop on my computer and,show you how to set up the messages,campaign you're going to head to, forward slash ads,manager and click the green create,button and select the messages campaign,name your campaign in a way that makes,sense for you so that you'll know what,it is at a glance to keep your ads,manager nice and organized then click,the blue continue button you can set,your campaign settings up the way you,normally would and click through to the,ad set level here you'll first need to,select your ad type which can be a click,to message which starts new,conversations or a sponsored message,which re-engages existing connections,sponsored messages can only be utilized,via facebook messenger which makes sense,because you're re-engaging conversations,with facebook users on that platform,whereas click to message ads can be ran,on messenger whatsapp and instagram,direct since facebook owns all of them,you'll also want to make sure you have,the correct facebook page selected from,there you can set your target audience,budget and schedule the way you normally,would now if you need further help with,setting those things up properly you can,watch my how to create facebook ads,video which will give you a more,detailed tutorial on how to set up a,facebook ad in general i'll link that in,the description but for this video i'm,specifically covering the messages,campaign so i want to keep moving and,focus on the parts that are facebook,message ad specific so back to my screen,one thing i noticed was that it let me,select all the automated placements but,then when i got to the ad level it said,that the messages campaign was only,compatible with the facebook news feed,messenger inbox and instagram feed,placements so i'm telling you now to,save you the trouble of having to click,back and forth like i did those are the,placements you'll need to select on the,ad set level then you can click forward,to the ad level so if you selected the,instagram placement you'll need to make,sure you have the right instagram,account selected here from there you'll,want to choose your ad creative like,normal and add your text for the cta,you'll want to choose send message and,you can see facebook is prompting us to,use chat and messenger as the headline,text because you do want to qualify your,audience and make it obvious as to what,to expect that when they click on your,ad it's going to take them to messenger,not a website all right now here is,where we start getting to the message,specific setup of this ad under message,template you'll see the options to start,conversations generate leads or create,an advanced setup so essentially when,someone clicks on your ad to chat with,your page via messenger it's not going,to be you responding in real time that,would be extremely time consuming and,not always practical so what you're,doing in this step is setting up the,automated messages that your audience,will receive when they click on your ad,so let's start by looking at the start,conversations option on the left is,where you set everything up and then on,the right is your preview window that,will update in real time to show you,what things will look like to your,audience so first you decide if you only,want text messages to be allowed text,and image or text and video then you'll,want to fill out your opening message,and you can see that facebook,automatically has a conditional blue box,in there for you which updates for each,person to use that person's first name,which is great and makes it personal but,otherwise it's important to note that,everything you're seeing on my screen,all the questions etc are things,facebook has already put in there as a,suggestion to use i didn't type those,things in i clicked create and this is,what the message template opened with so,i would advise in addition to adding,your own questions which we'll get into,in a second tweak the opening and,closing messages to be specific to your,business and target audience alright so,under customer actions this is where you,can suggest questions or replies for,your audience to choose from,or add a button to send them to your,site so you can set up the responses for,your audience to choose from and then,depending on which response they choose,you can set up the corresponding,response for facebook to send from your,page now again facebook is autofilling,some suggested prompts and questions but,you can and should edit these to be,specific to your business and target,market now let's look at the generate,leads template the biggest difference,with this template is the approach,instead of giving your audience,responses to choose from you're asking,them questions first and since this is a,lead generation template facebook,actually gives you the option to,disqualify people depending on how they,answer your questions so if they answer,one way it will lead them to the next,question but if they answer another way,aka if they choose the answer that makes,it obvious that they would not be a good,fit for your business you can disqualify,them and end the conversation and of,course you get to set up what the,disqualification message says so that,you're exiting people in a gentle way,that won't do any brand damage for your,business the advanced option of this,template gives you the ability to,customize your confirmation to pause,messages and reminder messages as well,as set up any tracking parameters if,necessary once you've got everything set,up the way you want it you can preview,and messenger or save and finish the,last template is the advanced option,which i would advise against unless you,really know what you're doing here,because it requires you to input your,customized json code but here's a,glimpse of what that looks like really,quickly now before we move on i want to,quickly go back and select the sponsored,message ad type and then click back to,the ad level you can see the ad level,screen looks a little different and then,it only gives you the one message,template option you can set up your,opening message with or without an image,and you can give your audience responses,to choose from if you choose this ad,type you're following up with people who,previously had a conversation with your,business page so you can kind of think,of these as retargeting messages once,you've got everything set the way you,want it you can hit the green publish,button alright so that's how you set up,a facebook messages campaign before we,wrap up i want to leave you with three,things to keep in mind as you consider,using this campaign number one one study,found that facebook messenger campaigns,helped them achieve an 88 open rate and,a 56 click-through rate and on average,businesses are earning a 60 to 70 open,rate within the first hour these stats,are insanely good and i'm sharing them,with you because it's important to know,how powerful facebook messenger,marketing can be to garner leads when,utilized properly number two part of the,reason this campaign works so well is,because you're making it easy for the,user to give you their information and,answer your questions they don't even,have to type all they're doing is,tapping tapping on your ad and then,tapping on your preset questions and,responses so remember that as you're,setting everything up the quicker the,easier the better and number three i,would advise running a click to message,ad in one ad set and a sponsored message,ad and another so that you can be,actively following up with the leads,that didn't message you back or answer,all of your questions in a timely manner,all right you guys that's all i have for,you today on facebook messenger ads if,you found this video helpful please give,it a like subscribe to the channel hit,that notification bell and i will see,you in the next episode

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