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How to get MORE CUSTOMERS ๐Ÿ“Š with WHATSAPP ADS ๐Ÿ“ข (STEP BY STEP) hi everyone my name is diego and toda

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Updated on Jan 10,2023


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hi everyone my name is diego and today's,tutorial we're gonna go over how to,launch an ad so you can bring traffic or,leads to your whatsapp business and so,we're gonna get right to it and so the,way you launch a whatsapp ad you launch,it just like you're launching an ad on,your ads manager so the first thing you,want to do is go to your business,manager go and open your ads manager and,then you're gonna launch a campaign just,like you're launching a normal ad on,Facebook right,currently whatsapp works with three,objectives conversions traffic and also,messages from my experience what has,worked the best is really using messages,and so conversions don't work that well,just because you can't really convert at,your whatsapp break currently I can't do,sales on my what's up and also traffic,you're bringing just traffic to your,site versus messages you're actually,optimizing your campaigns with messages,and so the first thing you're going to,do is messages and you're gonna select,that campaign objective I'm going to,changes to what's up ad demo we're not,going to over split testing or campaign,budget optimization for this demo but,we're gonna go to continue and go to the,asset level and at the ad set level,you're basically it's gonna give you as,default messenger for your placement of,the ad right or where you want to direct,the traffic in this case I actually want,to have facebook business and this is,gonna ask me to add your Facebook fan,page and so if you've connected your,Facebook fan page to your whatsapp,business and this is something that you,have to do before you do this if you,haven't there's actually a video,tutorial on my channel where you can,check as well and learn how to connect,both but you need to have those in place,and so this is our number that we use,for Marc Ecko,for or whatsapp business for launching,at and forever like a groups and a bunch,of things that we do so you want to,select them the fan page that you're,gonna be using for your ads,you can select your audience just like,you're using any audience right so I can,use saved audiences I can use custom,audiences I can even build one here so,let's say I want to target people in,Canada as well and we're gonna target,people you know visual marking something,really with digital marketing because,we're gonna be selling our course and,whatsapp and so I have close to 19,million people who are in those two,countries that I can target and you can,play around with this we're not gonna go,into details as well but you can do,anything that you want you can use,custom audiences so people that I've you,you know viewed videos who have gone to,your Facebook and you've pixel them with,offline events people who have,interacted with your fanpage Instagram,account there's a bunch of things that,you can do with custom audiences and,look-alike audiences as well you can,also select placement and so by default,Facebook is gonna show this these type,of ads on Facebook and Instagram only,right it doesn't work right now with,audience network and messenger but you,can customize this as well as much as,you want to with the current placements,you can also select mobile devices and a,bunch of other things and last budget,and schedule right so by default,Facebook is gonna optimize your delivery,for conversions right which in this case,the conversions are conversations that,you're holding or you that you're gonna,start on your whatsapp this is something,important because you can't optimize,this just like any other campaigns where,you're doing impressions for example or,even reach here you're optimizing solely,on conversations and so this is a big,difference from the other objectives as,well and this is something that we've,seen that works the best as well the,other thing is that unlike a lot of the,ads you can't really do cost control,right so you can only do bid control and,there's a huge difference between both,cost control is how much am I willing to,pay for that conversion or action bid,control is basically how much am I,willing to bid for that conversion and,those are two very different things,something that you have to be careful,with right because this is not a cost,control it's a big control it's a little,different so we're gonna leave that,blank for now but you can also set up,Dalene like them budget so the one I,want spend five dollars do I want to,spend ten or do I want to spend a budget,you know based on a specific time line,so from like today up to like a month,I'm gonna spend a hundred dollars right,so I'm gonna give a hundred dollars to,Facebook to spend from the 26 to the 26,so a period of one month to bring,traffic to my whatsapp I can run the ad,here all time,or under schedules or specific days and,I'm gonna go with all the time for now,we're gonna go with continue and this is,where you basically do your creative and,you do a couple of changes that are,pretty cool with whatsapp because you,can change many as you can do a bunch of,different things but one is it's gonna,select your fantage by default because,we've selected that on your ad set level,your Instagram account and then you can,do a carousel or you can do a single,image and so with single image we're,gonna add a video so I've uploaded,videos already so I'm gonna select this,one for now,we're gonna be using this video for our,current attic and for the current ad,that word that we're using right I can,use a different video for Instagram so,let's say for Instagram I'm gonna,actually be using this one and this is,something that you want to do to,optimize your campaigns right so I want,to use a specific format for Facebook,and a different one for Instagram or the,same but it depends right so these are,best practices that even Facebook gives,you right so up to 15 seconds or less,vertical 4x5 fullscreen vertical,fullscreen horizontal and so it gives,you like best practices of the things,that you need for your campaigns and for,the sizes of your images or your videos,right so this is something that works,not just for whatsapp ads but also for,your facebook video ads and anything,that you're doing so the other thing,that you're gonna be doing is the same,thing as a normal a thread and if you,see,has like less options because by the,fall you're bringing this to messenger,so your call to action is different you,you can't really optimize that and,change it just like other ads but I'm,gonna do a header so go in our course,for example this could be from targeting,or helping doctors if I'm helping,businesses agencies like I can bring,people you know directly to the chat so,it doesn't have to be joining a course,talk to a doctor for example you know,schedule an appointment you can do,anything that you want here primary text,hey digital marketers go in our course,so if you see like it's gonna change the,text at the top of your course just like,any other ones in description as well,they price point and I can add a price,here so that's gonna change the format,of the ad so that you have a title you,have a description and you have a small,description here as well and those are,the things that you can change here,there's a cool thing that you can do is,that you can actually change the initial,message that you want customers to send,you right so you want to give them,options because you don't want to have,before used to say like well you know,this conversation came from this,specific post or ad but there wasn't a,customized way for people to actually,select questions or text that they can,send you and so now you can do this if,you go to create you can change this,right so I'm interested can you tell me,more how much does it cost where is it,located I can add more things I can say,what is the website for example and so,this is a little slow but it should show,me where is the website and add me or,add that option here so when the person,clicks on the ad is gonna show those,options as well so I'm gonna save this,and finish it and I'm gonna save that as,a template so I can use that for other,ads as well and so this is what the user,or the customer will see so once you,launch your,you know they're gonna see this whatever,you configure here once they click on,the send message it's gonna open,basically this menu right here of,options that they're gonna click and,actually send them to whatsapp if I want,a Facebook pixel offline events and if I,want to customize you are L or for your,UTM parameters to track your ad in this,case we don't won't need this just,because we're sending people to whatsapp,so there's no need to do that and I,basically confirm and that's a pretty,easy way to launch ads to whatsapp from,our experience it has helped and works,pretty well for clinics for generating,leads basically if you're in the real,estate as well it's a good way to have,direct contact with people instead of,them just submitting a form you can,start chatting with them immediately you,have their phone number as well so you,can start talking to them and that's key,I think and so that's a pretty easy way,for you to launch your first what's,about the other thing make sure you,actually user we have a lot of free,resources and so if you go to our what,that ultimate guide this is a free guide,that you can download and I'm gonna,leave the link below as well to learn,how to use whatsapp business for,yourself and I'll have I'm gonna leave,this as well but we actually have a lot,of tutorials that we've recorded before,there you can also check on our YouTube,channel and make sure you subscribe by,the way but you can also go to this site,I'll leave the link below but you can,see a lot of tutorials where you can,actually learn you know how to use,automated messages so once people,respond click on the ad what type of,automations can you do like differences,between what's happened what's up,business this is something that we get,asked a ton as well how to integrate,through whatsapp business with Facebook,and so these are all different things,that you can use for your business and,just leverage you know the knowledge so,you can actually increase the results,that you're getting from your company,as well so hopefully that helped make,sure you subscribe to our YouTube,channel if you have questions asked,below join our Facebook group as well as,free you have a big community there are,3000 people asking questions giving best,practices tips as well and on launching,ads on using whatsapp business on the,struggles that they're having as well,make sure you you know join and user,content follow us on YouTube and thanks,for listening guys - see you next time

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