what's the difference between hulu and hulu no ads

Hulu vs. Hulu Live: Which Should You Choose? are you looking for ways to save on your,tv and enterta

Hulu vs. Hulu Live: Which Should You Choose?

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Hulu vs. Hulu Live: Which Should You Choose?

are you looking for ways to save on your,tv and entertainment costs,or do you want to cut the cord on cable,legacy hulu and hulu live are likely,two streaming services at the top of,your list but knowing which one to,choose depends on what you want to be,able to watch,in this hulu vs hulu live review we,break down the cost for each,the channels and content you get for,that cost,available add-ons how hulu and hulu with,live tv work,and then we'll wrap up with how to get,your local channels without cable,we'll also weigh in with our honest,opinion on which is best,and what we've done to cut our streaming,costs even more this year,if you want to cut the cord on cable,both hulu and hulu live,are excellent choices now let's start,with the cost hulu costs 5.99 per month,hulu live costs 64.99 a month,that's almost 60 dollars more per month,so let's go over what's different about,the two services starting with content,and channel comparison,now the difference between hulu versus,hulu live,channels is really simple hulu live or,hulu plus as some know it,includes live tv hulu does not that's,why hulu is so much cheaper,let's cover what content you get for,5.99 a month,with hulu on demand you'll enjoy access,to all of hulu's original content like,handmaid's tale,and lots of content from networks,including abc,nbc fox hgtv and more,hulu says it offers nearly 2 000 shows,and more than 1 500 movies,we used to have hulu live but when they,upped the price to 65,a month we switched to hulu on a special,deal for just,199 a month and we enjoy watching,seinfeld,and many of the hulu original shows for,such a low monthly cost yeah nicole,there's a lot of great content on hulu,but there are some drawbacks,first of all they don't have all the,back seasons of popular shows,they may have the first four seasons but,not the most recent two,or they may have last year's but not,early seasons or current content,it really just depends on the show they,also have a lot of ad interruptions,even though it's on demand content it,feels like watching live tv because,every show has multiple commercial,breaks,if you're used to binge watching shows,on netflix,you may be taken aback by that that's,true john but you know it's also how,they keep their monthly cost,low if you really want to watch without,ads,bump up to the hulu ad free option for,11.99 a month you'll be able to watch,most shows on hulu without commercials,it's also worth mentioning that you can,get the no ads,option with hulu live for 70.99,per month that won't disable ads in live,content but it will remove ads from,on-demand shows and movies,right now there are only three shows,that hulu no ad subscribers will still,see commercials during,that's grey's anatomy how to get away,with murder and marvel's agents of,shield,that's a terrific point nicole now let's,cover what you get with hulu live,you get everything that comes with hulu,plus nearly 70 channels of live tv,and you also get local channels when you,launch hulu you'll see an option for,live tv at the top,click on it to see a traditional tv,guide like you're used to with cable,scroll to find something that's on now,or go forward in time to record,something,to watch later yeah that's super,convenient,let's talk about features with each,service and available add-ons,whether you sign up for hulu or hulu,live you can add on show time for 4.99 a,month,hbo max for 14.99 cinemax for 9.99 or,stars for,8.99 yeah it's also true that both hulu,and hulu live have no fees,no contracts no boxes and no dishes,to stream either service all you need is,an internet connection and a laptop,device tablet smartphone or smart tv,you can cancel or switch up to hulu live,or down the legacy hulu,at any time hulu live includes a cloud,dvr,with 50 hours of recording time which,lets you record games and shows you,don't have time to sit down and watch,when they air,you can stream on two screens at the,same time,although hulu live offers an unlimited,screens upgrade for an additional 9.99 a,month,if you want more than 50 hours of dvr,recording time,you can upgrade to their 200 hour option,which is an extra 9.99 a month if you,want both unlimited screens and the,enhanced dvr,option you can add both to the live tv,subscription,for 14.99 a month the enhanced dvr also,lets you fast forward through ads,which is a nice feature if you often,watch tv,with traditional hulu though there is no,option to upgrade the number of screens,and there is no cloud dvr,obviously since everything's on demand,there's really no need for one,now let's talk about local channels you,aren't going to get local channels,obviously with a hulu subscription,because you don't get live tv,but that should not stop you from,cutting the cord,or going with hulu if you want to,streamline your costs,you can buy a digital antenna for forty,or fifty dollars,and you'll get all your local channels,for free for life,we did that years ago and it's been,great if you want to know more about,digital antennas or cutting the cord in,general,we've done videos on both of those,topics so check them out,the nice thing about hulu is that,whether you sign up for legacy hulu or,hulu with live tv you can switch back,and forth between the two,whenever you want with no penalty or fee,like many other streaming services,hulu offers a free 7-day trial to both,its on-demand and live tv service which,we link to below,so check that out and give hulu a try,and see what you think,you can always watch hulu on a laptop,tablet or smartphone,but you can also watch on apple tv roku,all the amazon fire devices,chromecast xbox android tv playstation 4,nintendo switch and samsung and lg smart,tvs,they say they're always adding new,devices too so you really can't go wrong,yeah,there's so many ways to watch it,speaking of watching it let's get into,how hulu works both services are super,easy to get and use,just like you have other apps that you,enjoy on your tablet smartphone,laptop and tv like netflix you can,download the hulu app for free,install it on your device or tv sign up,and start watching,once you launch the hulu app it's really,easy to find and watch your favorite,shows,from the home screen just hit the up,arrow to get to the top menu,where you can watch live tv if you have,a live subscription,you can view programs you've saved to my,stuff or you can browse shows and movies,tailored,to your tastes based on your viewing,preferences,you can also segment content through the,hubs tab and when you click on it it,brings up channels by categories like,entertainment,kids sports news and alphabetical,plus there's a handy search function all,right that covers it but before we go,we promise to tell you what we recommend,and what we've done to save money,all of the features and channels offered,make hulu live a great option,but when they raise their prices to 65,dollars a month recently,we felt that was too much and so we,moved the standard plan,at a good deal on black friday actually,that was just a dollar ninety nine a,month,for a year but we also love football and,news so we signed up for sling orange,at thirty dollars a month both services,are about half the cost,of hulu live and give us what we want,and that's really the key,getting what you want from your,streaming service without overspending,there are more options than ever today,so don't feel locked into one thing,explore what's available and choose the,service that gives you the most of what,you want to watch,at the best possible price that's right,john,if you want to spend less both sling and,philo tv are cheaper options than hulu,live,we've done reviews of both of those,services so if you want a full,discussion of how either works,check out our videos we also link to,philo and sling below,where you can sign up for a free,three-day trial to see what you think so,check that out as well,a final option worth mentioning before,we go is the hulu,plus disney plus espn plus,bundle it's a really great deal if you,like disney content,for just 12.99 per month total,you get hulu legacy hulu disney plus,and espn plus it won't be a substitute,for espn live content,or shows on espn2 or espn news,but it's a nice extra and there's so,much content on disney plus,worth watching that the bundle really,can be a nice substitute for cable,we have a link to sign up for this,bundle below so check it out if it,sounds like something your family would,enjoy,since we've cut the court on cable we've,saved thousands of dollars that we've,been able to put to much better use in,our budget,and we know that you can do the same,leave us your questions in the comments,below and if you haven't already,hit that red subscribe button so you can,be notified of our new content,thanks for watching and we'll see you in,our next video

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