what's reverse dropshipping

Reverse Dropshipping in 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start in this video reviewing a step-by

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 13,2023

Reverse Dropshipping in 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

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Reverse Dropshipping in 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in this video reviewing a step-by-step,tutorial for reverse drop shipping what,it is and how complete beginners earning,a hundred dollars to seven hundred,dollars a day with no experience more,with that after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike fasila,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it's the fast and the easiest way,to make money online we literally have a,62 year old woman go from zero to 160,grand profit in 90 days with this new,method check it out now so drop shipping,was literally one of the businesses that,completely changed my life i mean you,could see we recorded our entire process,on my blog right here one of the first,ones we did with drop shipping went from,zero to five grand in 30 days to 1.6,million dollars in sales that first year,and like i said my entire life changed,and i literally use that to for example,start multiple other online businesses,right um and we did a lot of research on,you know better ways to make money with,job shipping some people are like oh,it's too hard it's too complicated and,whatnot which is why we literally,created a complete guide to actually a,new opportunity which is the rise of,reverse drop shipping and what you,actually need to know before you,actually need to use it right and this,is just a new article that we put like,on my blog and if you want to go and,check out this full guide just check it,out in the links in the description now,for most people that are for example,getting started drop shipping has,literally been around in ecommerce world,for ages like so many people have seen,drop shipping videos and like okay,here's like some punk kid in los angeles,making money drop shipping awesome right,and people know what that is but people,understand they're like well what the,heck then is reverse drop shipping and,how are people making money with it well,before we actually get down to the dirty,dirty you got to understand what drop,shipping is and all dropshipping,essentially is the tr,the the traditional way is you literally,have a product that you sell in one,marketplace for example here is ebay 242,and then you wait for a sale when you,make a sale you literally take the 242,dollars and you buy it from the supplier,for a cheaper cost and then you ship it,directly to the customer with the,customers money and information and you,pocket the difference the coolest thing,about that is it's very little to low,risk because you don't have to buy the,product until after you made the sale,and because of that that's why it's like,extremely popular people are like oh i,don't have to be tech savvy i don't need,to have any experience i could go ahead,and make money with this right and,essentially that is all how drop,shipping works you literally get money,without the cost of shipping and storing,items and it beats traditional brick and,mortar stores now which begs the,question,what the heck is reverse,drop shipping right is this a new,opportunity can i make money faster from,this can i make money easier with this,and you can see it's similar to,traditional drop shipping method but,it's a bit different it's reversed right,so the strands are drop shipping works,by ordering products from a low economy,country like india and china and then,delivering them to richer countries like,the us germany australia right that's,essentially how you know people make a,good amount of money from just drop,shipping like okay let me buy a cheaper,place and sell it in a more expensive,place right,that way you get the items cheap and you,can sell for a higher price like for,example a customer orders a smartphone,case for like 20 bucks and you can,literally order this directly from china,for only one dollar like i can literally,go to just type in phone,case and you can see exactly what people,are doing with for example aliexpress,they're selling these for like these,crazy like soccer on fire things for,like 20 bucks but it's only a dollar,from china right so you can see the,crazy profit margins right and you could,see that you'll pay anywhere from like,10 to 20 of the drop shipping service,and you'll make 70,profit effortlessly but you're probably,wondering well how can we reverse it and,turn this model into reverse drop,shipping well it's pretty simple as much,as we want low-priced products in the us,wealthier chinese people seek the,quality and don't mind paying a little,extra for it for example here's,something that's very interesting with,the chinese right like for example here,i live in bali right and there's a bunch,of interesting people here like this 11,year old girl that i interviewed on my,podcast that turned on 30 million,dollars and this guy that makes a,million dollars from profit right but,it's not necessarily just them now i,remember i was like in jiu jitsu it's,like this cool like martial arts thing,that i've been like practicing lately,and there was this guy that literally,came in from china and i was like oh,awesome what do you do and he's like oh,i teach chinese kids english i was like,oh and for me i didn't really think like,teaching english would be that lucrative,because for example you know i lived in,thailand for a bit and the teachers that,teach thai kids english don't get paid,that much like very very little but then,he told me he's like yeah and i make,bank and i was like what teaching,chinese kids he's like yeah i make five,grand a month he was like so open about,it but i was like five grand a month,teaching chinese kids english and that's,exactly what it is wealthy,chinese parents want their kids to learn,english so they pay,good money for americans to teach their,kids english right five grand a month,for teaching english part-time that's,insane right and that's with just,teaching english it's exact same with,products there's literally people,packaging air up in like the uk and,selling it to the wealthy elite in china,like look at this just look at this,selling air to rich chinese man sells,british man sells british fresh air to,wealthy chinese for 80 pounds a jar one,man is making a fortune selling bottles,of fresh air to the chinese right so you,can see like how insane this actually is,this is the whole principle of reverse,garage training it's a drop shipping,model where high quality products are,sourced from countries um like the us,and are sold in countries where they,usually export like india and china it's,completely reversed yet you can still,dropship so you can see what are the,pros with reverse drop shipping i mean,higher margins look at this this guy's,literally drop shipping air from the uk,at age 27 all the way for 80 pounds a,jar right so you can see how insane that,is another one is less competition no,one would really think of like selling,to that case but because that like you,know the traditional ways of drop,shipping the reason why i ended up,pivoting to other multiple business,models is the competition just gets so,brutal after a long time right as well,as an opportunity to build a luxury,brand so you could see that like i said,if this guy's able to sell 80 pounds of,jar to the chinese elite for just air,like you can see that there's so many,different opportunities as well right,the only cons are its difficulty to,market right reverse drop jimmy isn't as,popular as standard drop shipping,because it's challenging to find,suppliers who are willing to be able to,work for you and it's extremely,difficult to market compared to standard,drop shipping right of course additional,costs as well in some countries reverse,drop shipping is hard to do for instance,the common problem is like duties taxes,or similar additional payments but if,you're not sure how to deal that reverse,dropshipping might not be the right,thing for you as well as barrier of,entry right whether you believe it or,not you're you aren't allowed to ship,and sell products at least in not,certain countries now even though you,might get a little bit turned off at all,these things you want to understand that,barrier of entries are actually a good,thing they're probably wondering why,right and for me like what i like,thinking is i'm like what is the hardest,business that i could do that my,competitors would not want to do right,like making all the videos that i make,probably most people wanna won't want to,do it publishing as much blog articles,that i do on my blog you can even see,while creating all this content on,youtube we're actually publishing a lot,on my blog look at this this was this,was september 1st this was also,september 1st this was also september,1st we're publishing a lot on my blog as,well most people don't want to do that,right and because that people are like,oh i don't want to do that it's going to,take so long it's going to take so long,and it's going to be so hard and people,are going to make fun of me and because,of that the barrier of entry actually,gives me a competitive advantage it's,the exact same thing with this when you,see a business and say you want to get,into drop shipping sometimes it's better,than just the hardest thing imaginable,because your competition won't want to,go and do what you do,if it's easy to copy and model you,people will do it okay and even if,you're making good money now it won't be,good money in the future which is,something that you guys always got to,understand when you get into some type,of online business not if you can make,money this week but if you could make,money for the next year five ten years,right,and you can see what's better reverse,drop shipping or standard drop shipping,so there's a lot of pros and cons,there's no clear winner but if you're a,beginner and you have no experience with,standard drop shipping i suggest,sticking with strand or drop shipping as,you can see you know you can literally,go ahead and get started and just test,the waters out but if you start getting,a little bit better sometimes it start,really good to just do the reverse of,what everyone is doing does that make,sense if everyone is drop shipping from,you know china to the us what if you,just did the opposite and it's something,that literally this guy selling air,just did and made a fortune with it so,of course let's just go over the faq as,drop shipping leader nope drop shipping,isn't illegal in any way it's a legal,technique that some companies like,literally do billions of dollars a year,in sales like wayfair right um can you,fail a drop shipping yes like you could,fail at anything you could fail at,becoming a destin dentist you could fail,at college you could most people fail in,most things right but it's how you learn,from those failures what dictates how,good you grow right even a lot of people,fail in dating how many marriages fail,right but you can't let that stop you,from like i said trying to pursue you,know another relationship right so you,could see that you know can you fail,obviously but you could fail in anything,right and you got to choose which,businesses that you want to go out and,fail can you get rich in dropshipping,you could see i did fairly well with,drop shipping right but like i said it,was right time right place where people,write opportunity,depending on when you watch this video,depending on what year it could be a,different story right which is why we,always do like these events all around,the world like this one was in thailand,this one was in bali this one was in,vegas teaching people the latest ways to,make money with the opportunity that's,currently going on right now and by the,way we have a huge um we have a huge,announcement if you want to go to one of,these events for free find out how to,qualify just by joining this free,workshop below um but you could see is,reverse drop shipping profitable on ebay,yes reverse watching is probably on ebay,and you could actually see this is was,the example that we did just with bunk,beds and if you want the full blown,tutorial with that just download the,free 77 passive income cheat sheet below,we'll literally show you a full-blown,tutorial on the ebay method just right,here just by clicking on this button,you'll find out exactly how to go ahead,and do that it's completely free just,download it in the 77 passive income,cheat sheet below right,and is drop shipping expensive no it's,not expensive it can be done within a,couple of clicks and just reverse drop,shipping work for any niche may or may,not work depending on your niche right,remember it has to be something that the,elite chinese want to go ahead and do,and in this case when they had a huge,like for example um pollution problem,wealthy chinese wanted,fresh air from the uk 80 pounds a jar,that would be pretty insane right but of,course one of the biggest things i said,get all the free links in the in the,links below as well as check out my,podcast like this 11 year girl to turn,on 30 million dollars in this guy that,makes a million dollars per month check,it out right here right here hold this,up so we guys see you guys later,you

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